1Voice Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

1Voice Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

1Voice Bluetooth wireless earbuds are a new and innovative way to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. They’re also sweating and water-resistant, so you can work out with them or take a walk outside without worrying about damaging the product!

1Voice is not only affordable, but they sound fantastic as well. The quality of their bass is unmatched by any other company on the market. Click here for our full 1Voice Bluetooth wireless earbuds review of these beautiful earbuds! 

1Voice Wireless Fitness Earbuds

The 1Voice Wireless Fitness Earphones include additional ear tips of different sizes, a dual-headed MicroUSB charger, and a hard-shell carrying case.

These cordless earphones are made of sturdy plastic and fit snugly in your ear. It is easy to put them on by simply securing them around your ears. They stay put even after intense workouts, thanks to their latch-like design.

They are designed so the actual weight of the devices pushes the earbuds down into my ears. This also helps keep them in place and helps cut out any outside noise. They sound great and make me feel sturdy.

1Voice Wireless Fitness Earbuds reviews

Each earphone has a set volume and power buttons on the back. There’s also a MicroUSB charging port and an LED light that shows when your earphones are charging and turning on.

You can use one earphone to listen to music or make phone calls using the built-in mic. You can sync them in stereo mode by turning two earbuds both on simultaneously. This will give you an excellent wireless stereo sound.

It comes to having a truly immersive audio experience, whether that’s for watching movies and/or Series, for listening to your favorite tunes, for gaming, or even to just voice chat with friends!


1Voice True Wireless earbuds are excellent value for money. These earbuds would easily cost $200+.

The clarity is excellent, the volume is louder than many wireless earphones, and it has excellent sound !… Shocking! These are quickly becoming our favorite wireless fitness earphones, thanks to their snug fit.

Bluetooth is used to connect each bud. We were able to get about a 30-feet range. They performed better than any wireless earphones with higher prices, with very little latency and a few hiccups.

The 1Voice True Wireless Fitness buds are close to solving the wireless Bluetooth skipping problem.


The battery life is fantastic. They have an advertised battery life of 7-8 hours. It could be used continuously for at least 6 hours and still have life for another couple of hours with a single charge. It’s possible to get quite a few runs on one charge.

They are definitely worth the investment, mainly if your interests include fitness and travel. In recent years, wireless earbuds prices have dropped significantly.

Wireless buds are more flexible and can be connected to many devices. The latest wireless earbuds offer a great range, memory, and long battery life.

Price And Value

1Voice’s earbuds offer a refreshing change from the current crop of go-to brands, with their accessible prices and undeniable audio quality.

While the cost of 1Voice’s earbuds is still not as low as some other brands, they do offer a much better value for their higher price range.

1Voice’s Bluetooth wireless earbuds are well worth the investment considering the excellent sound quality and Bluetooth technology.

Their sound quality and practical design make them a solid choice in this competitive market.

The price range of the 1Voice Bluetooth wireless earbuds is also perfect for most budgets.


What should I look out for when purchasing wireless earbuds?

Eight Things to Know Before You Buy a Pair of Wireless Earbuds

  • Cost. Although many wireless earbuds are cheap, I would advise you to stay away from them.
  • Codecs.
  • Ear-Tips
  • Battery Life
  • Controls
  • Noise Canceling.
  • Charging Case
  • Volume

What’s the difference between Bluetooth and wireless headphones?

An adaptor is required to attach wireless headphones to a device. Bluetooth, however, is usually built into the device by default.

Bluetooth headphones transfer audio signals using radio waves, while wireless transmits audio signals using radio waves or infrared.

Can Wireless earbuds be harmful to your brain?

There is no evidence to suggest that Apple AirPods, or any other wireless headphones, increase your risk of developing brain cancer. Bluetooth earbuds emit less radiation than cell phones.

Wireless earbud

How long does an earbud last on average?

How long should earbuds be good for? Earbuds should last between 3 and 6 months, depending on how frequently they are used. Even though there are no apparent signs of damage, the first sign is loss of sound.

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1Voice Bluetooth wireless earbuds are relatively good quality for the price. Unfortunately, they’re not the best. They have an excellent design, but, unfortunately, they fall out of your ears easily.

At the same time, the sound quality is pretty good for the price. Another thing to consider is that they are pretty comfortable earbuds.

Whether you’re running around the city or taking a walk outside, these earbuds should work out nicely.

Hooke Audio hopes you found our article helpful in making an informed decision about what to buy next time around!

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