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3D Audio App Transforms Your Phone Into A Binaural Recorder

Before Hooke Verse, there was no such thing as a Bluetooth microphone let alone a Bluetooth 3D audio microphone. No existing Bluetooth codecs allowed a device to send dual channel, high quality audio (20Hz – 20 kHz) over Bluetooth to Android and iOS…until now.

Hooke Verse uses a proprietary Bluetooth recording codec to stream rich, dual channel, high quality audio (20Hz – 20 kHz) over Bluetooth to Android and iOS with .0042ms of latency. A revolutionary new recording platform.

Since Android and iOS are not (yet) natively set up to receive our codec, we use our mobile apps to make the handshake with our recording codec. The result is a fully stacked mobile app designed to change the way you record the World.

Sound Filters

Instagram filters, but for sound.

Hooke Sessions

An in app public feed where any one
can share and experience 3D audio.

Key Features

1080 & 4K Video Capture

Lossless .wav or .mp3 audio capture

Ability to lock camera focus

Ability to lock camera exposure

Shoot 24fps video.

Video image stabilization when shooting

Dual lens zoom



The Hooke 3D Audio App allows you to wirelessly capture binaural 3D Audio using the Hooke Verse. Turn your device into a professional field recorder with the Hooke Audio app.

The Hooke Audio app accesses your camera to bring your smartphone videos to life in 3D Audio. It also doubles as a field recorder, put your device in your pocket and record 3d audio on the fly.

Seamlessly pair high-quality audio to your video camera with zero latency and listen to concert videos, podcasts, adventures and home videos come to life like never before.

Share your 3d audio videos and sound recordings via email, social media and text message straight from the app.

No special speakers or algorithms required. Sound matters. Be heard. Change the way you record the world.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

It’s audio captured identically to the way we hear the world. Imagine The Beatles walking in a circle around you whilst singing in beautiful 4 part harmony. Your ears naturally give you the ability to sense where The Beatles are at any moment. With a 3D Audio microphone like Hooke Verse, you have the ability to capture that moment exactly as it sounded, to experience again and again as if you were there.

Nope! 3D Audio recorded by Hooke Verse can be experienced on any regular pair of headphones or speakers (tho we recommend listening on headphones for best effect).

Hooke Verse can record wireless 3D audio over Bluetooth to iPhone (iOS 11 and above) and Android (8.0 and up, Except Samsung a/o October 2019).

Hooke Verse can also record 3D audio to GoPro, DSLRs, field recorders, mixing consoles and more using the recording cable included with every purchase.

In the app, you can select one or multiple 3D Audio recordings. Then press the share button. You can share to YouTube, email, Twitter, Facebook, text message and more, straight from app! Hooke Audio can even sync to Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to store directly to the cloud and keep your phone’s hard drive free of space!

Can Hooke Verse record to my other apps?

Yes! But not wirelessly. As long as Android and iOS don’t support our wireless recording codec (boo) you will have to use the app to record wirelessly.

You can record to your other apps using the included recording cable that comes with purchase. Learn more

Yes! Since Hooke Verse is also a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can adjust your monitoring level by pressing the physical volume buttons on the phone.

Yes! Mic gain can be adjusted by sliding one finger up and down on the phone’s screen during or before a recording. Learn more here.

Click here! Remember to watch with headphones on!