3D Audio Clips

NOTICE: For A Full 3D Audio experience, watch with headphones on

When you listen to the 3D audio clips below, please take note of how the sound moves when the video perspective moves. It should feel as if you are both seeing and hearing from the cameraman’s perspective. In these videos, you do not just hear audio to the left and right, but behind, above and below.

This is 3D Audio, captured by Hooke Verse.

These videos are designed to showcase the many use cases of 3D Audio and Hooke Verse. Whether you’re on vacation, at a concert, recording your band, making a movie, recording a podcast or snowboarding down a mountain, your memories will come to life like never before. When you listen back to your 3D audio recordings, they will transport your vacation, that epic concert or your wicked snowboarding run again and again.

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3D Audio Music Clips

Hear the Difference

3D Audio Travel Clips

3D Audio Concert Clips