808 Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

808 Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You

08 Audio is a California-based headphone company that was launched in 2013. Their products are available for purchase through their website, Amazon, and their official eBay store.

Their most popular model is the 808 Audio Performer BT, made with over-ear headphones with Bluetooth capabilities. If you are investing in this device, keep reading our 808 headphone review to determine if these are worth the cost.

808 Headphone Review: 808 Audio Performer BT

808 Audio Performer BT Review

  • Brand: 808 Audio
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Wired
  • Form Factor: Over-ear headphones
  • Driver: 40mm
  • Notable design feature: Flex-Fit suspension cable
  • Included accessories: 3.5mm tangle-free detachable cloth cable with in-line microphone, USB charging cable
  • Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 6.6 x 7.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.1 ounces

Pros And Cons


  • Capable of delivering clean, deep bass on certain tracks.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can be used wirelessly or in wired, passive mode.
  • 15 hours of wireless playtime between full charges
  • Super comfortable silicon headband and spring steel frame
  • The headband is sweat resistant


  • Thin overall sound.
  • Audible hiss at lower volumes.
  • Lacks auto-off feature for Bluetooth.

Setup & First Impressions

Setup & First Impressions

The first thing that came to mind when I first pulled out this set of headphones was, “ how is it possible for them to fit so comfortably on my head?” I do not expect these to be so comfortable nor so lightweight.

The flexibility of the ear pads allows the pair of headphones to rest comfortably on your head without causing any discomfort. It prevents your ears from sweating, thus prolonging the life of the headphones.

The new 808 Audio Performer BT Bluetooth headphones have an all-metal cover with both earcups that can swivel the full 180-degrees for one-ear monitoring. The headphones have a 1/4″ jack with a 3.5mm stereo jack for other devices.

Design & Build Quality

808 Audio Performer BT: Design & Build Quality

The design and build quality of the 808 Audio Performer BT wireless headphones is pretty similar to the original but with a few minor changes.

The first and most obvious difference is the new design for the headband. The original had a simple elastic band; it has an adjustable metal clasp with a plastic bit to stop it from moving around.

This gives the headphones a much more solid feel when wearing. You can enjoy your music wirelessly with Bluetooth or plugged indirectly with one of two included cables

The ear cups of the 808 Audio Performer BT Bluetooth headphones also received a design update, but that’s all that’s changed.

You can use one cup on an ear and the other ear-free to monitor room sound with DJ-style ear cups that swivel backward or forward on a hexagonal hinge on the headband.

The ear cups can also be removed, although you’ll need to put the headphones back on the headband before doing so.

As with the original, these headphones will work with any 3.5mm headset jack and any headphone that has a 3.5mm port.

A power button, status LED, and mic USB connection for the included charging port are located along with the outer side panel of the right ear cup, as is a built-in microphone.

The charging micro line connector is on the end of a 15-inch, two-meter-long line, and it can be used to charge or transmit sound from your smartphone or tablet.

Holding your right ear cup to your ear and gently shaking it causes the volume of the ear cup to be disrupted, allowing you to toggle between volume and track navigation quickly.

When you’re listening to music or a podcast, a built-in microphone next to the power button picks up sound commands and allows for sound commands in your headphones when connecting to an iOS device via Bluetooth.

The volume controls work independently of your device’s master volume controls levels. You can also be answering calls or end phone calls by pressing the 808 logo button.

808 Audio Performer BT: Frequency Response

Frequency response tests measure how much focus headphones place on each frequency in the audible spectrum. We use a steady tone of 78dB to measure the frequency played back.

The Performer BT Bluetooth headset was strong in the sub-bass (20-60Hz) and sounding around 75-80 dB. The Performer BTs boost the bass elements by a little, reaching 80 dB. The bass is decent without distortion even at full volume.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), often just called distortion, is often present in speaker production as a byproduct of musical mechanical energy during a speaker’s movement. The result can be clipped harmonics or fuzzy, unclear bass elements.

This slight emphasis on bass allows for a fabulous bass presence without over-boosting. It is perfect for casual and serious listeners.

The mid-tones and the treble range are rockier, but there is a noticeable drop in emphasis between 2kHz-7kHz, where many high-pitched instruments, and many overtone series, live.

These 808 performer BT Bluetooth headset is the essential elements of sound, providing bass and mid-tone instruments as well as vocals. They sound great. However, they lack the sparkle and presence of certain sibilant essentials, dampening their overall sound quality.

Noise Cancelling

808 Audio Performer BT: Noise Cancelling Features

The 808 Bluetooth headphones were average in this noise-canceling test. This means that they naturally reduce upper mid-range and high-pitched sound levels by up to 35 dB. This headset is unable to silence bass and midrange sounds due to its looser seal.

808 Audio Performer BT: Battery life

808 Audio Bluetooth headphone estimates the Performer BT’s battery life to be roughly 15 hours, but the amount of time the battery will last vary.

The performers do not automatically power down after a period of inactivity, so beware of leaving them powered up by accident, which can waste battery life.

808 Audio Performer BT: Usage

The box 808 Performers Bluetooth headphones are fabulous for listening and can handle almost anything. My days of analyzing frequencies are long gone. Instead, I listen to a variety of music. My testing includes jazz, classical, hip-hop, pop, alternative, and country music.

Many critics fail to realize the importance of the music they listen to and the headphones they use. My minimum use of high-quality Google Play Music playback is limited, but I listen to most of my music through TIDAL’s HiFi service.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony sounds sophisticated, Dr. Dre’s Still D.R.E. Blake Shelton’s voice is twangy and thumps. Bob Marley said it best when he sang, “Don’t worry about anything” in Three Little Birds.

The 808 Performers Bluetooth headphones are all about sound. They balance the highs and mids with a slight emphasis at the low end. They take about 20 hours for the headphones to get comfortable.

They are the most fun headphones I have ever listened to. High-end audio can be very analytical and lose the joy of sound, which 808 Performer BT does not allow.

Although the shape isn’t my favorite, I can see people liking the steel frame made of metal. Although the Performers can be a bit loud in design, the sound quality is worth it. I prefer to wear more subtle accessories. Some people may call me boring and old for this.

With minimal background sound, the mic works well. After a conversation lasting about an hour with my mother, I was not one bit disappointed by the quality of the call.

Due to their large size, the 808 Performers pair of Bluetooth headphones will remain in my pretty good sound product collection. Closed drivers don’t leak sound, so background sound is kept to a minimum.

808 Audio Performer BT: Performance

Headphones are fabulous for tracks that have powerful sub-bass content like The Knife’s “Silent Shout.” They deliver a resounding bass thump but don’t distort even at high, unwise listening levels.

The Bluetooth headphones have a lot of high-mid edges, perhaps too much, to match the deep lows. This is a well-crafted sound. The bass is fully delivered but not exaggerated as the higher frequencies.

Bill Callahan’s track “Drover” has a lower bass and sounds more highs- and mids-focused than any other. Although the drums can be loud and unnatural when listening to this track with bass-heavy cans, they say almost like they could benefit from a little more bass presence via the Performer BT.

Callahan’s baritone vocals lack the strong low-mid presence that they often have. This is not a problem as the track’s vocals can be muddy due to the high-volume lows and low mids. The overall sound is too sculpted in high-mids, highs. It can sometimes sound thin or tinny instead of crisp.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” give the kick drum loop many high-mid edges. This allows its attack to shine through the dense mix and shows off its sharpness.

The vinyl crackle is sometimes heard, but not as much as it used to be. The vocals aren’t harsh or sibilant. However, the track sounds thin. The sub-bass synth hits don’t have the same power as those on The Knife track, making things sound a little weaker.

The Performer BT produces most audio with an audible hiss. You won’t hear your music if it is sufficiently loud, but it is not impossible in this price range.

Customer Feedbacks on 808 Audio Performer BT Headphone

These Bluetooth cans are fabulous. The audio quality, bass, and clarity are all great. These cans were recommended by my boyfriend, who already owns the speakers of the same brand. The fit is perfect, easy to controls, and can use for many hours. It is also very comfortable when using on the ears. Best price.

This pair of headphones are fabulous for the price. I have tried many, and they still sound great and comfortable. The only thing I would change is the button click noise. It isn’t enjoyable. Overall, the best sound headset for listening to music and use in the studio or podcasts. Very good price. 

Latest news: This has been a lot of work. It is lightweight and still makes fantastic bass sounds. It is worth buying again, as I damaged the charger port. If you are searching a good headphone, then it is for you.


There’s nothing terrible about the 808 Audio Performer BT headphones, but its feature is not outstanding enough to become the winner on the market now. But if you compare the elements and audio quality in cost, it is the right choice. Hooke Audio hopes that our review can help you learn more about these headphones.


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