Able Planet Headphone Review 2021: Is It Worth a Buy?

Able Planet Headphone Review 2021 Is It Worth a Buy

The Able Planet Linx Fusion is a new and improved version of the popular model and has many improvements. The battery lasts up to 10 hours before recharging; this is double that of the old model! With an integrated microphone for hands-free calling, you can use your earbuds comfortably while maintaining complete control over your phone.

This sleek headset also comes with noise cancellation technology, so you can enjoy listening to music without being distracted by outside noises. Keep reading our Able planet headphone review to determine it is worth investing in?

Able Planet Headphones Review: Able Planet Linx Fusion Headphone (NC2000BCM)

Able Planet Linx Fusion Headphone

  • Bone Conductive ViviTouch 4D
  • Noise Filtering Function
  • Active Noise canceling headphones
  • InWire In-Line Mic and Remote
  • Weight: 13.4 oz
  • Cable length: 74 in

Pros And Cons


  • The unique sound performance uses skin- and bone-conduction, as well as drivers, to transmit sound with natural bass response.
  • Noise-canceling headphones.
  • Inline remote control and microphone for mobile devices.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • It can be used in passive mode.


  • It can vibrate to the point of buzzing or sounding distorted on tracks with a solid bass presence.
  • Bulky and heavy.

The Linx Audio noise canceling headset is the enormous headphones from Able Planet. With a behind-the-neck ear loop shape, these headphones are efficient for all types of use without compromising comfort during a long period of listening sessions, perfect for the office or home.

First, it means you can disconnect the cable and stow the headphones in the included bag with the cable nicely wrapped and tied by a zip-tie or in a small separate bag.

The Linx Audio uses ViviTouch 4D technology to reproduce audio with a level of realism never experienced before.

You can choose between 3 listening modes: music, movie, and vocals to adapt the audio to your favorite activities. The earbuds are covered with a soft foam that perfectly fits in the ear canal for maximum comfort.

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Setup & First Impressions

The setup of the Able Planet Linx audio headphones (Able Planet Linx Fusion NC2000BCM ) is straightforward and intuitive. It comes with a USB audio cable for charging and a small setup manual to guide you through each step.

First Impressions

When you first open the box, you’ll see two small boxes on the left side: one contains all the accessories necessary to use your new earbuds (including the charger cord and three extra pairs of ear tips), and another has extra pair of batteries. They also come with a carrying case and adapters to use in planes or on setups with larger 1/4-inch jacks.

The first impression when I saw this pair of headphones was pretty good; The able planet Linx fusion has an excellent style, very light material with an ergonomic shape, and it’s pretty comfortable to prevent uncomfortable pressure.

The controls are mounted on the right headset so you can operate them efficiently, the build seems pretty good, but we can’t be sure if they are strong enough for long-term use.

Design & Build Quality (1)

Design & Build Quality

The Able Planet Linx Audio noise canceling headphones are made of a soft plastic that doesn’t give them the quality of other more robust materials. The earbuds are covered with foam and covered by silicone to ensure maximum comfort during a long period of use.

While the black headphones with metallic accents are bulky, they still manage to offset some weight with very comfortable plush earpads and a well-padded headband. The headsets are very flexible, so you can easily fold them to take along with you.

The leatherette padding on the headband and earcups isn’t the cushiest we’ve come across, but it’s sufficiently soft to prevent uncomfortable pressure.

Also, the headband is not overly tight, so the earcups do not press uncomfortably against the jawline. The over ear headphones offer a couple of extras that some users may appreciate.

The right earbud is where the controls of your Able planet Linx fusion noise canceling are located to prevent uncomfortable pressure. Using the tactile buttons under a rubberized coating, you have access to power on/off/pairing mode, play/pause and skip forward tracks / backward tracks.

The only complaint I have is that when you press the button to turn on or off the pairs, it gets confusing for which passive mode you set.

The outer panel of the left earcup holds a power switch that lets you select the good sounds, medium quality for phone calls, and offsetting that saves power when you don’t want to use the headphones.

The detachable sound cables are a little clunky. They have all we need from an audio cable, such as an inline remote control with line volume control and a microphone for mobile devices. The controller on the right ear cup also adjusts the volume of the headset.

However, they aren’t in the exact location. This can result in an awkward fit when you have the line wrapped around your neck. This is a little more considerable downside for me, and I hope they can solve this issue with an update of their drivers.

The Volume dial is placed in the same spot where iOS devices have their Ring / Silent switch. No big deal here, but make sure you know what to expect when you press this area; If your headset is plugged into your PC or Mac and your phone’s ringer is off, for example, pressing can silence a call or alarm on your smartphone.

Performance Feature

I tested the following headphones with my desktop PC through USB 3.0. The DAC chip being used is the Cirrus Logic CS4398. Now keep in mind, this is a relatively old DAC chip.

So I can’t guarantee that this will sound quality and clarity as good as a DAC chip from the new generation of DAC chips. I didn’t test how these headphones perform over Bluetooth, but I’ll update this review if that changes after the speaker market has been settled.

The bass response is highs, and mids are incredibly crisp and perhaps a bit too sculpted, making the higher register strings on this track sound exceptionally sharp and edgy.

As for the mid, they seem to be just right. Able planet headphones are probably one of the best sounding DACs I’ve ever heard. The clarity is nothing short of spectacular.

No distortion is present until relatively high volume, and the DAC chip has a power limiter to ensure that it’s not being abused. Also, it has a lovely EQ profile for adjusting the track sound quality, as well as a mini-HPF or high-pass filter that lets you select your preferred level of bass boost.

It can be said that These Able Planet NC200 Clear Harmony headphones are very well-crafted with crisp highs and booming bass.

This pair of headphones also have a hard to predict tendency to buzz or distort in specific frequencies. Harmonics are digitally created to allow listeners who might have lost hearing in the highest frequencies to enjoy their music better. at full volume.

This pair is difficult to determine how bone conduction contributes to bass distortion. The Linx Fusion noise cancellation headphone is powerful but inaccurate from a pure sound performance perspective.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation Feature

The active Noise cancellation in these cans is pretty good, but it won’t block all of the background white noise. If you’re trying to listen to music in a busy environment, you’ll need to keep the volume lower than usual since the track sounds from cars, TVs, and other people will come through.

The controls for the active noise cancellation technology are located right on the front of the headphones. The controls consist of a single button and a switch. When you press the button, it activates and deactivates the active noise cancellation technology which helps eliminate ambient noise and improve your listening experience. The controller on the right earcup also adjusts the volume of the headset.

AAA Battery life

The Linx Fusion pair of headphones have an outstanding performance; I’ve tested them in various situations for a few days, and the rechargeable battery only needed 3-4 hours of charge each time and can use in 15 hours. You get two extra batteries with your order, so you’ll have enough juice for a full day of use.

Able Planet Linx Fusion NC2000BCM: Conclusion

Overall, I think these Able Planet Bluetooth headphones have quite a price ratio, and they are definitely worth the investment, you will please with the difference in sound. But, If you need a headset with an excellent battery, pretty sounds, and noise cancellation tech look no further like AKG K 490 NC or Bose QuietComfort 15 are excellent options with an affordable price. Hooke Audio hopes that our review can help you learn more about this device and have a better decision.


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