About Hooke Audio

Changing the way you record and remember the world.

“A new standard: recording sound the way we hear it with Hooke.”

Hooke Audio Was Founded On The Belief That Sound Matters

(Novel concept, right?)

Technological advances in photo and video have enabled us to record our lives vividly through filters and advances in image processing. What about sound?

Mobile phones cannot record stereo audio. Currently we are recording our experiences in mono, when we actually experience them in stereo. Poor quality audio means that only half of the story is being told.

It’s time to enable our smartphones to record audio like we actually hear it.


Hooke Audio brings professional audio recording technologies to any mobile device. It is both a hardware and a software solution.

Hooke Audio enables consumers to bring their stories to life with 3D Audio on their social media videos, podcasts, and music recordings.

Hooke Audio has also been referred to as ‘the GoPro for sound.’ Having presented at Midem, NAMM, SXSW, Northside, CES, Taiwan Beats, NYVR Expo and various VR meet-ups as the audio thought leaders in the VR and 3D audio space since 2014. Hooke Audio has been featured in Fast Company, Digital Trends, Wired, Tech Crunch, Recording Magazine, Pro Sound Magazine and Gizmodo.

Founded by Anthony Mattana who started his career in sound as a theatrical sound designer and composer. Cited by Live Design Magazine as “Young Designer to Watch,” Mattana is a professional at telling stories through audio in both large and small-scale productions. At the tender age of 25, determined to bring the professional audio tools he had access to in the theatre to smartphones, he invented Hooke Audio, a recording platform designed to change the way we record the world.

“I am 63 years old and started out with a webcore reel to reel recorder. Your technology along with the iPhone however is as revolutionary as the CD.”

DonNational Federation For The Blind

“I tried it yesterday, it blew my mind. I see all kinds of potential for it with Jazz Night and NPR music more broadly.”

JosieNew York

“I've just been walking around the museum with my hooke verse on and my mind is blown! I said to my wife it's like having glasses for your ears.”


“Not only is this an excellent product but the customer services is out of this world. The quality of the sound is crystal clear and these headphones work exactly as advertised.”


“Oh. My. Word. It's fabulous! I just received mine today and it's everything I wanted. Thanks again for all of your hard work!”


“I love its “Verse”atility! With the audio only option, it works everywhere, mobile & hands free!”

NathanielKickstarter Backer

“It’s a real practical piece of gear when you need to travel light. I love it, I sold my Sennheiser Ambeo!”


“I use my Hooke Verse everyday. I've put it through the paces, it's the ultimate Bluetooth headphone.”

JustinNorth Carolina

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Using the Hooke Verse for the first time confirmed what I already knew — binaural recording is F%^&*#@ cool!


Once in a while, you get a piece of technology that blows your mind. For me, that piece of tech is the Hooke Verse headphones by Hooke Audio.