Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Review: Best Choice For You

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Review: Best Choice For You

Alpine is a well-known name in the car audio industry and their newest product, the PWE-S8, has been called the “perfect starter kit” for those looking to upgrade their factory sound system. With numerous upgrades, such as increased power and increased amplifier ratings, this kit should be perfect for any audiophile.

Read on our Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Review to learn in-depth about this masterpiece.

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Review

Alpine PWE-S8 subwoofer Review

Alpine Electronics is known worldwide for its long-lasting products and high-quality sound. The Alpine PWE-8 subwoofer lives up to its name. Although it is the smallest subwoofer from their cast aluminum-housed line, it packs enough power for your favorite songs to sound incredible.

You’ll be able to hear new aspects of your favorite music with a wide range of sensitivity, and enough power for reproducing even the smallest details.

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  • Cast Aluminum Enclosure. The cast aluminum enclosure houses the subwoofer as well as the amplifier. It’s heavy, but it is extremely durable and can be used under your car seats for bumpy roads.
  • Low Profile. This Alpine Electronics subwoofer is only 3 inches tall and will fit in even the smallest spaces.
  • Corded bass booster controller. This subwoofer has a corded knob that lets you adjust the amount of bass you get on the fly. Velcro is included to mount the controller.
  • Built-in Amplifier. You don’t need to buy a second amp if you don’t want to.
  • Dual Inputs. Connect your system with both speaker-level and RCA inputs.


  • The price. This subwoofer is more expensive than other subwoofers of the same class due to its aluminum enclosure. The subwoofer is still of Alpine quality but the aluminum enclosure raises the price.
  • Short power cord. Some users complained that the power cord on the Alpine PWE–S8 was too short for their needs. You’ll need an extender to use the harness that came with the sub.
  • Low power. The PWE-S8 is less powerful than other subwoofers of its class.

Feature #1 – Accessories Included

You may need to buy the wiring harness separately for some subwoofers. Or, you can use an existing one. The Alpine Electronics PWE-8 doesn’t require you to buy any extra accessories to mount and wire the subwoofer.

The box contains the subwoofer, brackets, bracket screws, mounting brackets, and a fuse. There is also a power wire harness and remote bass control knob. Velcro to attach cords to the box. All accessories you require are included, which are both convenient and economical. You won’t need to buy additional hardware or harnesses unless your needs change.

It is important to note that the subwoofer’s power cord is quite short. If you intend to mount the power cable further back in your vehicle, it is worth looking for an extender.

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Feature #2: Durable Aluminum Enclosure

The housing of this subwoofer is not made from plastic, like many other models. The housing is made from aluminum. Aluminum castings are stronger and more useful for subwoofers inside your car, especially under your seats. Many people believe that speakers with aluminum enclosures will sound terrible. However, this is not true.

The aluminum enclosure is protected by a polypropylene membrane. Rubber surrounds the sub. These two materials work together to offset the mechanical sounds the aluminum enclosure would normally pick up. This results in a box that sounds great, but is durable and won’t be damaged by any external trauma.

Feature #3 – Multiple Control Modes

The subwoofer gives you all the control you need over the sound of your music right from the case. The enclosure’s side panel has knobs for phase, gain, low pass crossover, and remote sub-level.

You can also hook up the wired remote to your sub with a 15ft long cable. This allows you to adjust the bass from any place in your car. The included Velcro strips can be used to attach the cable and place the controller wherever you are able to reach it.

The bass boost control has a range of 0 to -20dB. This is the same as the gain setting for the subwoofer. The specifications section of this review will go into greater detail about each range, but the fact that you can customize your sound means that you can hear exactly what you want.

Dual Inputs

Dual inputs are available on the Alpine PWE-S8 subwoofer. This subwoofer can be used in your system with either speaker-level connectors or RCA connectors. This means that you can use the subwoofer in your system regardless of what input device you use – factory stereo or head unit, or even a connection from your phone, tablet, or other media device.

Before you buy, make sure you understand which inputs your car’s audio system uses. This subwoofer is supplied with all cables and connections. However, it is worth finding out if you will need a splitter to make this subwoofer work.


Alpine PWE-S8 Review

Subwoofer Size

A subwoofer’s size can have a significant impact on how loud it is. A subwoofer 8 inches in size is the smallest available and will usually be the same size as your car’s factory speaker. Even the smallest subwoofer can make a huge difference. Subwoofers of 8 inches usually offer a deeper sound and a slight increase in bass. An 8″ sub will not take up too much space in your car.


Your subwoofer’s sound quality can be affected by the material of your enclosure. The PWE-S8’s aluminum enclosure sounds great, thanks to its coating, insulation and surround material (which will be discussed later). Aluminum is very durable, but it is heavy. An aluminum enclosure can make your sub last longer.

Enclosure Type

There are two types of enclosures for subwoofers. They can be sealed or ported. The smaller subs, including the PWE-S8, are more easily accommodated in a sealed enclosure.

These enclosures have a lower frequency response which allows them to enhance your music without taking up as much space as a ported box. It makes the bass sound tight and controlled and helps keep the cone’s movement under check.


The surround of a subwoofer protects the cone and other components from damage during movement and flexing. You want a surround made from a durable, flexible material. Rubber is a popular choice (as seen in this sub). This surround increases the durability of the subwoofer. Rubber will protect the subwoofer from damage and prolong its life.


When you are deciding where to place it, the dimensions of your subwoofer will be very helpful. These dimensions are indicative of the enclosure size. This subwoofer is ideal for installation under-seat due to its low profile (the S8 measures only 3 inches high). It is small in footprint but produces a great sound.

Power Output

Subwoofers can be measured in two ways. This is the power output you will be using the most. This is the constant power output for the subwoofer. The Alpine PWE-S8’s RMS power is 120 watts, which means it can handle 120W.

Peak Power, on the other hand, is an indication of how much power a subwoofer can handle in short bursts. This is the Alpine PWE–S8’s power at 240 watts. This means that the sub can run at 240 watts for short periods of time. However, it will not be able to handle more power for long periods of time. You can push the sub even further on occasion.

Frequency Response

The Alpine S8 has a frequency response between 25 and 152Hz. The system can produce a clear, rich sound at any frequency within this range. This means you’ll hear more detail on your favorite tracks.

Low Pass Crossover

Low Pass crossover lets you determine the subwoofer’s high and low ends. A higher number will allow your system to reproduce sounds it hears at a lower level. This feature lets you adjust the parts of your favorite songs that you wish to highlight. The Alpine PWE-S8’s Low Pass Crossover can be adjusted between 50 and 150 Hz.

Variable Control

You can add power delay to your audio signal with a phase control dial. This is why you would do it. Your sub will integrate better with your other audio components, creating a more harmonious sound. You can adjust the delay and balance subwoofer with other parts of your car’s audio system using the variable control dial.

Input Sensitivity

The Alpine PWE-S8’s input sensitivity is between 0.1 – 0.4V for the RCA inputs and 1.5 – 30V for speaker-level inputs. Higher input sensitivity will result in less distortion and interference. Clearer sound comes from a subwoofer with a greater range.


A warranty guarantees that the product will function for a specified time. The company will replace the product at no extra cost if it fails. Alpine offers a 1-year part and labor warranty on the Alpine S8. Alpine will provide a free replacement if the PWE-S8 fails in normal use within the first year.


Alpine’s new budget 8-inch subwoofer is a great deal. It performs as well as a driver twice its price, and is easy to mount in a smaller box. The low price point makes it a great option for those on a budget, or for those who want a sub that can squeeze into a smaller enclosure.

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