Amazon Echo Sub Review: Top Full Guide For You

Amazon Echo Sub Review: Best choice for you

The Amazon Echo Sub review is a subwoofer that can be used to improve the sound quality of your existing Echo speakers. It’s a great addition to any home theater setup and one of the most affordable subwoofers on the market. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some bass to your music, the Echo Sub is a great option.


  • Small and low-cost
  • When used with an Echo or Echo Plus, it successfully smooths out the low-frequency response.


  • Not extremely strong or loud.
  • It only works with Amazon Echo speakers.
  • It is not compatible with Bluetooth connections to Echo speakers.

Amazon Echo Sub Reviews

Amazon Echo Sub Reviews


In comparison to most other subwoofers, the Echo Sub is rather small. It’s roughly a quarter to half the size of the wireless subwoofers with soundbars, measuring 7.9-by-8.2-inch (HW). It also only weighs 9.3 pounds, while most home theater subwoofers weigh more than 15 pounds.

It seems to be a larger version of the Echo Plus, with the same curved edges and fabric grille around the sides. The subwoofer is only available in black, with no white or gray variants, like with the Echo Plus, Echo Dot, or Echo Show 5.

Bring Your Echo

The Echo Sub review has no wired inputs and cannot function independently. It must be linked with an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus (or two in a stereo pair) to work. Through the Alexa app, the pairing procedure is easy.

Plug in the Echo Sub and follow the same steps as you would set up a conventional Echo speaker in the app. Although it will not talk to you, the app will recognize the subwoofer and display it as connected to your network. Once connected, you may link it with one or two Echo speakers that are compatible.

It should be noted that the Echo Sub cannot be used over Bluetooth. Even if your Echo speaker is Bluetooth-linked to your phone and connected to the Echo Sub, audio will only play via the associated speaker.

This restricts the types of music you can listen to, with the Echo Sub only giving more bass to Alexa-compatible services or available through the Alexa app. It’s an odd and disappointing absence, but maybe it can be fixed in a future version.


When combined with the second version of either the Echo or Echo Plus speakers – one or two, depending on your hunger for stereo imagery – this gurgling footstool provides significant weight to the presentation, with output reaching as low as 30Hz.

The Echo Sub includes a four-liter closed chamber holding a down-firing 15cm woofer and 100W of Class D amplification and is wrapped in charcoal fabric to match the design of the newest Echo speakers.

Except for power input and a pairing button on the rear, the Amazon Sub review gives overall control except for the bass response to its linked speakers. It’s about the size of a bloated, featureless LEGO head, measuring 20cm tall and 21cm broad.

You’ll require the Alexa app to connect the Echo Sub to your home network, after which a helpful movie will play on your smartphone to assist your future usage. Making a 1.1 or 2.1 system is straightforward; however, if listening in stereo, be careful to pick the correct speaker for the right and left channels; otherwise, you won’t hear a suitable soundstage.


We were pleased by how nicely the Echo Sub and our first Echo Plus worked together. This isn’t a slapdash approach of dialing in low frequencies and hoping for the best; the presentation is nicely rounded and tonally well balanced.

The Sub’s performance as part of a 2.1 system, on the other hand, is more spectacular. The Echo Plus is a wonderful musical performer in its own right, but it cannot generate the scale heard here.

Including stereo vision and low frequencies expands the dimensions in all directions and provides tremendous power without overpowering the Sub. A wireless three-piece is unlikely to challenge established hi-fi class leaders, particularly at this price. Still, this configuration goes well beyond what we may have anticipated from Amazon just a few months ago.

Of course, it isn’t ideal. The Echo Sub loses a star because it lacks the clarity and definition of its co-stars. It remains a great companion for people who want the entire range of Alexa’s functions with a brawnier sound than the Echo Plus can provide, although its relative corpulence does stand out to our ears.

However, better-performing options for this setup are scarce and not comparable. You could pair an Echo Dot with a low-cost amplifier and speakers or obtain a powerful wireless performance from a class-leading speaker like Audio Pro’s Addon C10 but without the broad dispersion.

Music Performance

The Sub’s 6-inch, 100-watt driver, produces noticeable bass, bridging the low-end gap left by the Echo Plus and smaller Echo speakers. However, don’t expect a comprehensive home theater system to be as low-cost as a decent soundbar and a separate subwoofer. We tested the Echo Sub with a pair of Echo Plus speakers, and the loudness and bass performance was comparable to bigger single speakers like the Google Home Max.

The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” our bass test track, receives some wall-rattling wallop from the bass synth notes and kick drum impacts, but the Echo Plus would only provide an almost distorted punch on its own. The Sub delivers great sub-bass performance for tiny speakers but lacks the thundering, room-shaking levels seen in most wireless subwoofers bundled with soundbars.

The constant heartbeat-like drum beat of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” becomes perceptible with the Echo Sub, giving the Echo Plus the room-filling low-frequency rhythm required to balance the track’s high-mids and highs. Again, it won’t rock the house, but it compensates for the comparably weak bass of the Echo Plus and smaller Echo speakers by providing enough low-end to convey a wonderful impression of power.

A Solid Addition to Echo-Heavy Homes

A Solid Addition to Echo-Heavy Homes

The Echo Sub competently shores up the rather weak bass of the Echo and Echo Plus speakers, but it fails to amaze compared to any other sound system with a dedicated subwoofer. Furthermore, the inability to broadcast Bluetooth audio to an Echo and Echo Sub combo is an aggravating limitation.

Even so, it’s an excellent method to increase the sound quality of your existing Echo speaker(s), especially if you don’t use Bluetooth streaming very frequently.

Suppose you don’t already have an Echo speaker. In that case, the Echo Show is a one-piece stereo device that not only gets extremely loud with a very excellent bass response but also features a 10-inch touch screen for visual information. When you combine complete Bluetooth connectivity with a $250 pricing, you have a tempting combo that costs less than purchasing an Echo Plus and an Echo Sub combined.

The $400 Google Home Max is another one-piece gadget that can pump out some enormous sound in a smart speaker without a screen, but it swaps the Amazon Alexa Subwoofer review for Google Assistant.


Nothing beats its simplicity when it comes to utilizing the Amazon Echo subwoofer review. Aside from plugging it in and connecting it to your Echo-enabled device(s), the majority of the functionality is controlled by your voice.

Now on to the setup:

Although we have yet to run the Amazon Echo subwoofer through the Modern Castle testing lab, we have seen various third-party evaluations.

According to most evaluations, the setup is not difficult, but the execution is not very user-friendly. Users must plug in the speaker and link it to their smartphone or tablet’s Alexa app.

This is when the difficulties begin. Most reviewers mentioned that the Bluetooth appeared a little flaky, as they could not connect the speaker to their Echo(s) or smartphone on the first attempt. It did connect after a few attempts.

Okay, but overall, was it easy to use?

According to our observations, it is really simple once the speaker is set up. Ask Amazon Alexa-enabled devices (Echo and Echo Plus) to stream or play music, and the Echo subwoofer will do the rest. That’s all there is to it in terms of general use.

Is the Echo Subwoofer worth it?

Based on what we’ve seen and heard about the Amazon Echo subwoofer, I’d say it’s an excellent buy and worth the money. The price is reasonable, and the sound quality and performance are above average.

The option to link two Amazon Echos to the speaker is an interesting feature that gives consumers complete control over the sound output by the subwoofer.

However, I am worried about several early complaints of difficulties connecting the sub. Things seem to be alright once linked. However, I would expect Amazon to provide greater usability.

To summarize:

Overall, the sub will find a welcoming home inside the Amazon smart home family. It’s not cheap but also not costly at this price point. It’s an excellent approach to improving the overall sound quality of your house.

Who Should Buy the Amazon Echo Subwoofer?

The Amazon Echo subwoofer is a well-rounded speaker that can offer deep bass to practically any space. If you want to improve the sound quality of your existing Echo, the new Echo subwoofer might be a smart addition to your house.

If you’re seeking the following characteristics in a speaker, I’d suggest the Amazon Echo sub:

If you want to add some bass to your Echo’s sound, do the following: The echo plus and sub review both provide terrific sound. Still, the Echo subwoofer offers a cleaner, more powerful bottom tone to the music played via both devices.

Would you want to be able to fill a space with dynamic sound? The Echo Sub is a wonderful option if you want to fill a space with powerful sound from a speaker. This speaker works nicely with existing Echo devices to spread the sound around a space.

You don’t need a high-end subwoofer: While the Amazon Echo subwoofer is a good product, it cannot compete with a high-end home theater subwoofer. It’s excellent at what it does, swiftly and simply delivering music to practically any room (or even outdoors), but audiophiles are likely to be dissatisfied.

More information about the Amazon Echo subwoofer may be found here.

Why Did The Echo Sub Score So Low?

  • Design – Excellent aesthetics and a straightforward, clean approach.
  • Performance – Good sound performance, specifications, and features. It’s not a home theater replacement, but it’s adequate for the price.
  • Quality – As one would expect from Amazon, the quality is good.
  • Usability — Many third-party reviews continue to report connectivity issues with echo devices. Once connected, it’s fantastic. However, for the time being, this is perhaps the largest disadvantage.
  • Value – A low-cost approach to delivering rich, balanced music to any environment.

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What does the Alexa sub do?

The Echo Sub is a wireless subwoofer that works with one or two Echo speakers to provide low-end rumbling that the speakers can’t produce on their own. At $129.99, it’s a reasonably priced wireless subwoofer with decent sub-bass output.

Does Amazon Echo DOT have good bass?

For its size and affordability, it sounds quite excellent. The Dot lacks true bass, but it is nevertheless enjoyable to listen to music, the radio, and Alexa’s voice at a level sufficient to fill a small room. The Dot may be linked for stereo sound and grouped with other Alexa-enabled speakers for multi-room audio.

How do I get more bass on my Echo Sub?

Tap Sound in the General menu, then Equaliser in the Media menu. You may adjust the bass, mid-range, and treble with the sliders. When you’re finished, press the back arrow.


The Amazon Echo Sub is a great way to improve your home’s audio experience with its simple design and easy-to-use features. Whether you are looking for a small, discreet speaker to add some bass to your music or an assistant to control your smart home devices, the Echo Sub is a great option. Thanks for reading!

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