Best Amplifier For Car Speakers 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Amplifier For Car Speakers 2022 Top Brands Review

Any audiophile knows how good it feels to hear music on the favorite speaker system. Nothing beats the sound quality of a high-quality amplifier. But an amplifier can be costly, even for the best brands. Fortunately, there are great options at lower prices for amplifiers that still get the job done. Here is the Best Amplifier For Car Speakers in 2022.

Top Rated Best Car Amplifiers Brands in 2022

Skar Audio SKv2-200.4D...
69 Reviews
DS18 S-1200.4/SL Car Audio...
360 Reviews
MTX TNP212D2 12' 1200 Watt 4...
812 Reviews

1. Rockford Fosgate P600X4 punch

Rockford continues to be known for making high-quality, powerful car audio equipment with this 4-channel amplifier. Rockford has gone above and beyond to create a product that works with more hardware than many other car audio amplifiers I have reviewed.

The Rockford can accept input from many more sources than other amps, with an input sensitivity of 150 mV up to 12 V. The Rockford is typically 50 mV less and 2 volts more potent than its closest competitor. This amplifier is ideal if you own an 8-track.

The A/B-class amp produces a high-quality soundscape. It’s hard to beat its sound quality. The amp’s S/N Ratio is excellent at 150/85 dB, depending on the setup. However, 85 dB would be more accurate for modern standards.

This amp can drive 150 watts RMS through a pair of powerful speakers with 2 ohms, while a 4-ohm speaker will deliver 75 watts RMS. The amplifier can be bridged so that you can get more power handling through your single-channel amps.

The RCA speaker level inputs can accept both high- and low-level audio signals without the use of an audio signal converter, which gives you greater flexibility in your setup. The amplifier’s CLEAN setup and variable 12dB/Oct Butterworth crossovers ensure that the audio signal is clear to your drivers.

The Punch EQ feature at +18dB 45Hz will please anyone who loves bass. It can provide some severe bass if you have the correct subwoofer.

Overall, the amplifier is of good quality and will enhance any car’s stereo system. The only problem is that it can be pretty expensive and bulky if you have a smaller car. If you are looking for the best amplifier for car door speakers, it is exactly what you wish.


  • Simple setup
  • At 105/85 CEA, dB has one of the highest S/N rates
  • Bridgeable


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

2. JL Audio JD400/4

JL Audio is a well-known brand in the car audio market and has produced some high-quality digital amplifiers over time. These JD400 4-channel amps are another product that has maintained the brand’s reputation. It also includes preamp outputs.

This Class D amp was only released in 2020. It boasts a 4-volt preamp output and allows you to turn the audio signal from your JL 6-channel amps 6×9 setup into a second amp that can be used as a subwoofer.

The amp can output 75 watts RMS at 4 ohms or 100 watts RMS at 2 ohms. You can also bridge the amplifier to increase power and flexibility. This will allow you to push 200W to 2 channel amps into four ohms.

This amplifier is not only powerful, but it also produces crystal clear signals due to JL’s NACD(TM), high-speed switching technologies. This amp delivers loads of power handling with low distortion and excellent efficiency.

Signal processing features include high- or low-pass 12dB/octave filters that vary continuously from 50 to 500 Hz. This allows for greater clarity. And if that;’s not enough, the amp gives you more flexibility with the differential-balanced speaker level inputs that can accept line-level or speaker-level signals.

Are you still not convinced? Clearness is what you want from an amplifier. The Signal-to-Noise Ratio is an impressive 104 dB. THD is less than 1% at 2-ohms.

The amp is fantastic, and you have many options, thanks to the bridging ability. Although it isn’t the most affordable car amp, it isn’t the least expensive. This JL amplifier is the best amplifier for speakers car if you need something compact and efficiently drive a clear signal.


  • Compact and nice
  • Clear and crisp reproduction
  • Bridgeable


  • There is no internal fusing

3. MTX Audio THUNDER 75.4

MTX continues to make a name for itself in the world of car audio. American audio manufacturer MTX has been producing high-quality equipment for over three decades. The Thunder 75.4 4-channel amplifier continues to be a strong brand.

The Thunder series of amplifiers have been around for over twenty years. Their evolution keeps MTX Audio at a top place when it comes to powering severe volume.

If you connect to two channels, this amp will produce a fantastic 175W 4 ohms. This will provide enough power for the MTX Terminator dual 12-inch subwoofers. This little beast can power dual subs of any size.

You can have all four channels running with one pair of 6.5″ car audio systems and two x 6x9s to provide a wide range of mids/highs and lows. 75W RMS x4 can power each car audio system 4 ohms or 100W RMS.

This 4-channel amp produces the most amazing soundscapes, with a 15-25 kHz frequency range – approximately 5 Hz lower than the average.

Because of its small size, it can be easily installed in almost any vehicle.

At this price, the crossover is expected. Variable LPF 50Hz to 750Hz Rear, Variable HPF 10Hz-20ZZ (Front), Variable HPF 50Hz-750Hz Rear, 12dB/Oct. However, it is good to know that MTX doesn’t skimp on controls after offering so much power.

Although the S/N Ratio is standard at 80 dB, it’s still entirely usable. However, with the Total Harmonic Deformation below 1%, you are getting an energetic amplifier.

This four-channel amp is limited by its tendency to heat up quickly. This is normal with A/B Class amps. If you need something that fits tight, this might not be the right choice.

This MTX Audio Thunder75.4 amplifier is a powerful 4-channel amp. Although it doesn’t win in every category, it is a powerful amplifier. If you are looking for the best amplifier for active speakers car, this amplifier is the right choice.


  • More power
  • Excellent THD
  • It is possible to have a wide frequency range from 15 Hz up to 25 kHz.


  • Produces more heat than most amps

4. Kenwood KAC – M3004

Kenwood is another brand that has been making high-quality car audio equipment for decades.

While some may say that the company has lost its luster in recent years, I find it still finds niches in the market where it shines. This 4-channel amp is outstanding, and it can be used for automobiles, boats, or motorbikes.

This amp is compact enough to fit into any corner of your car, boat, or motorcycle, regardless of your needs.

Conformal coated main PCB (printed circuit boards) is a benefit to the amp. This provides extra protection against moisture and damp air. It’s the perfect amp for those who will be in contact with natural elements frequently.

The amp is a Class D amp, so it is highly efficient in power usage. Although the RMS continuous power loss might seem low at 50×4 4 ohms and 75×4 2 ohms, the amp can be bridged and deliver 150W at 4 Ohms on two-channel amps.

Installation is straightforward because the amp can accept signals from almost any source.

You have the option to switch between adjustable crossovers. This gives you more control over the sound system. However, the S/N Ratio of the amp is low at 76 dB. You won’t even notice if you are riding in a high-powered vehicle like a boat or motorcycle.

Overall, while this amplifier is not the most powerful nor even the best, it can significantly impact any vehicle for a fair price. It’s the best 4 channel amp if you are into off-road sport.


  • It’s easy to set up
  • Compact
  • Ideal for Marine life, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.


  • Not the strongest
  • Low Signal to Noise Ratio
Skar Audio SKv2-200.4D...
69 Reviews

5. Alpine MRV F300

This MRV300 Alpine amp is seen as the very best car amplifier 4-channel. Compact Alpine V power amps are 40% smaller than their predecessors. They can be fitted in almost all cars and even under or behind the seats.

Alpine is miles ahead of many of its car audio competitors in terms of innovation, even though they are smaller. All Alpine V car amplifiers pack power and punch.

The crossover frequency range is 50-400 Hz. This means that lower frequencies will be directed at your woofer/subwoofer than most amps. However, any subwoofer partnering should not exceed 100W.

The Bass EQ function and the LPF give you greater control over the bass and allow the woofers the freedom to play the frequencies they are made for.

THD can drop to 0.03 percent, depending on the configuration of your Alpine amplifier. However, if you have a 4-channel amp configuration, it will fall to the standard 1 percent.

The 4-channel amp is more efficient thanks to the Class D circuitry and a MOSFET power source. Additionally, the Thermal Management Processor ensures that it never gets too hot. This allows you to pound out your music for hours without any distortion, and most importantly, no interruptions.

This 4-channel Alpine amplifier produces the same sound quality as you would expect. When paired with high-performance car audio systems or a subwoofer, the amp will produce crisp, clear highs and powerful bass.


  • Compact and nice
  • My list has the most extensive crossover range at 50-400 Hz
  • Excellent THD starting at 1% and ending at 0.03% depending upon configuration


  • A ratio of S/N of 98/81 CEA/dB is relatively standard
  • Pricey

6. Memphis Audio SE1200.4

Memphis Audio, a well-known name in the audio industry, has produced high-quality products at an affordable price for 50 years.

This amplifier is just as powerful as you would expect from a Memphis Audio amplifier. You can get 50W per channel if you run all four channel amps at 4-ohms. You can push 75W one channel if your amp is unstable at 2-ohms.

Although not the most powerful, it is powerful enough. You can bridge the amp by using your car’s stereo system. Making it into a 2-channel amp with 4-ohms will give 150W RMS x 2.

This amp is the Best 2 channel car amp for anyone who wants a full-range sound at high volumes. It also features all the mod-cons that you would expect from a quality amplifier. These include High Pass and Lower Pass Filters, which ensure no distortion when your music moves high to low.

The THD is 0.1%, while the S/N is acceptable at 85 dB. The 20 Hz – 20k Hz Frequency response is standard. However, you shouldn’t expect everything for your money.

Variable Crossovers are also available, as well as a 0 – 12dB bass boost at 45Hz and an Infrasonic filter, which creates a distortion-free and loud soundscape.

The amplifier can get very hot, so an Extruded Aluminum Heatsink will be a necessity. While the fittings and terminals may not meet the highest standards, spending a little more money will solve that problem.

Although this amplifier won’t win any prizes, it’s a great deal for the money. You can push it to the limits without worrying too much.


  • THD 1%
  • Very affordable
  • Bridgeable


  • You can get hot!
DS18 S-1200.4/SL Car Audio...
360 Reviews

7. Rockville dB45

This week’s first review is a Rockville amplifier that produces a powerful 3200 watts RMS (800 WMS) and is robustly constructed.

Overall, the dB series is a very impressive amp. The components are of high quality and can compete with top-of-the-line Rockford Fosgate or Kicker amps.

This 4-channel amplifier is affordable and provides high output, low impedance power for your car’s bass car audio systems. The amplifier features a subsonic filter and a fully adjustable crossover with differential circuitry to adjust the low bass beats to your liking.

The delay soft start technology, built into the system, prevents it from turning on at total volume. This protects drivers and helps to avoid driver injury.

To ensure high-quality distortion-free playback, they are protected by professional-grade peak limiter-controlled peak circuitry. It is seen as the very Best car amplifier 2022.


  • High-speed power supply
  • Protection with complete IC control
  • Full control over bass equalization


  • None

8. Planet Audio Anarchy AC1200.4

This Planet Audio Anarchy amplifier is the very Best car amp for the money for those who want a 4-channel amp that costs less than $100 but still makes an impact.

This 4-Channel Class A/B flexible 2-to-4 Ohm bridgeable amplifier will power your car’s stereo system and produce impressive and clear volume at the lowest price on my list.

The MOSFET power supply is a benefit to the amp, which improves power efficiency. When running all four channels at 4-ohms, you can push 113W RMS for each channel. You can also get a stable amp at 2 ohms, giving you a tremendous 225W RMS per Channel.

The amplifier can be bridged, so you will be able to push incredible power out depending on the configuration you choose. You can bridge it to a 2-channel amplifier 4-ohms for a car-shaking 450W RMS. You can’t believe it!

You might think that you would have less control over something this cheap. But Planet Audio is known for providing value for money.

Variable Low Pass Crossover, Fixed Hi-Pass Crossover, and Bass Boost allow you to control the sound system easily.

The Frequency Response is set at 20-20kHz, but the S/N Ratio of 102 dB is stunning. This ensures that you have a crisp full range at high volumes.

Despite being a low price, there must be some drawbacks. This Anarchy series amp has poor power terminals and fittings.

Although the A/B setup can make it a bit hot, the amp’s heavy-duty black anodized heatsink helps combat the heat.

It’s known that it can get too hot in hotter climates. However, this is something you should consider depending on where you live.

You get the best 4-channel amplifier for less than $100. It will improve the listening experience in your car’s stereo system and make your vehicle stand out.


  • Extreme: 450W RMS
  • Very affordable
  • S/N Ratio 102 dB


  • It’s easy to get hot

9. Pioneer Class D Mono Amplifier (GM-D8601)

Pioneer’s Class D mono amplifier offers 1,600 watts RMS max power in a compact design. This allows for many installation options. RMS power ratings are 800 watts RMS per channel at 1 ohm or 500 watts RMS per channel at 2 ohms.

Three hundred watts RMS per channel at 4 ohms. Pioneer’s “Protection Control System” digital amplifier circuit is featured in this amp. It senses the amp’s internal temperature and adjusts the input level accordingly. This system prevents circuit shutdown and allows you to connect multiple subwoofers.

The Class D amp has a variable low-pass filter that allows for greater flexibility. This helps to adjust the audio frequency according to subwoofer characteristics and your personal listening preferences.

The passed filter can be changed from 40 Hz up to 240 Hz. The amp comes with a wired remote control to adjust the bass level. It is seen as one of the best products on the market.


  • Extremely reputable
  • Compact
  • Powerful Protection Control System
  • Class A amp, wired Bass Boost Remote included
  • 500 watts RMS per channel at 2 ohms


  • Some users report overheating issues.
MTX TNP212D2 12' 1200 Watt 4...
812 Reviews

10. BOSS Audio Riot Monoblock Power Amplifier

BOSS Audio’s first recommendation is the Riot Monoblock Power Amplifier. There are a variety of maximum power outputs that you can choose from, including 1,100 watts RMS up to 3,400 watts RMS.

These 1-channel amplifiers have MOSFET power supplies that provide high and low speaker level inputs, variable low-pass crossover, bass boost, and subwoofer control. These amplifiers are great for anyone looking to improve the sound quality or add bass to their car’s stereo system.

These amplifiers are intended to power subwoofers so that they can perform as they should. The wired remote can be used to control the level of the subwoofer.

This allows you to adjust the sound quality for superior sound. You can control the frequencies that are transmitted to the subwoofer using the variable low pass filter.


  • Wide range of power outputs,
  • MOSFET supply power supply, wired remote


  • Numerous amp owners have witnessed their amps fail after a short period of use.

 Best Car Subwoofer Amplifiers For 2021 What is a Car Amplifier

What is a Car Amplifier?

Every car equipped with a stereo system has an amplifier, regardless of whether you know it. The fact is that most factory amplifiers are integrated into the car’s head units so that you don’t even know they exist. An amplifier is essential for a stereo to function correctly.

In its most basic meaning, An amplifier is a device that increases the power of a signal. An amplifier is a device that amplifies audio signals to drive your new speakers. The amplifier’s power will determine how loud your car audio systems can take it.

Why Do I Need a Car Amp?

You might wonder what the point is of buying an aftermarket amplifier if you already have one. Factory amplifiers that are integrated into a head unit are not very good.

Many car buyers didn’t base their purchase decision on the quality of the car’s factory stereo. This means that automakers don’t have strong reasons to use high-quality components.

Some vehicle owners may find that simply upgrading the car speakers can improve the cabin’s sound quality. To make your car speakers stand out, an aftermarket amplifier is a good option. If you want to add a subwoofer, an aftermarket amplifier will be a necessity.

It is worth noting that an amplifier may not be necessary, depending on your listening preferences. An upgraded head unit may be enough to provide sufficient power for your car speakers to sound good enough to suit your needs.

 Best Sellers in Car Amplifiers Benefits of Car Amplifiers

Benefits of Car Amplifiers

Volume increases. A weak audio signal is almost always a problem with factory car stereos. A car amp can increase the volume and stereo signal to levels that factory speakers and stereos cannot reach. A car amp can also produce the desired bass boost.

You have more tuning options. You have more options for tuning than your standard factory stereo. Amplifiers are great for music lovers and anyone who wants the best sound.

High-quality amplifiers for cars come with a USB port to allow you to tune your device, while others have a control panel. You can customize your sound by using different amplifiers.

Subwoofers and aftermarket speakers require power. An amplifier is essential to ensure that your car can handle the energy needed to power aftermarket speakers and subwoofers.

An amplifier controls the power consumption to run a new system. To install a kit or subwoofers, you will almost always require a car amp of high quality.

Because your car battery cannot control power input or output, they act as batteries for these two systems. This can cause your car to drain quickly and cause damage to your car audio systems.

What Does a Car Amp Do?

An amplifier is an electronic transistor circuit that uses capacitors and resistors for adjusting the electron flow. An amplifier takes a small voltage signal and then uses it to control an even larger voltage signal.

This effectively boosts an inaudible line-level signal from your car stereo’s head unit until it can power your speaker’s drivers to move their cones.

A majority of head units can’t drive a loudspeaker. An amplifier is the best option if you need a good quality sound for long trips with no buzzing or synthetics. For those who love their bass to roar, a subwoofer requires a lot of power, and a standard car stereo isn’t suitable for this purpose.

Most of the MOSFET power supplies we reviewed have been listed. It stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors. This is a field-effect transistor that features a gate separate from the body and an insulating layer.

The voltage requirements can be gauged to adjust the conductivity. If the voltage falls below the threshold, it generates very little conduction between the terminals and the drain-source.

They can also change the voltage to amplify and switch electronic signals safely and smoothly.

A MOSFET power supply ensures that your system runs efficiently and there is no wasted energy. You can also avoid overpowering your car audio systems, which can cause distortion, overheating, and other long-term damage.

Types of Car Amplifiers

Best car amplifier for sound quality 2021 Types of Car Amplifiers

Mono Channel Amplifiers

Monoblock amplifiers, also known as one-channel amplifiers, are simple to use. They typically support one or two speakers. These amplifiers are not designed to be used for car audio systems.

They are more affordable but don’t always provide the power you need. If you need to power more than one speaker or subwoofer, we recommend a multichannel amplifier.

Multichannel Amplifiers

Multichannel amplifiers come in a variety of sizes, with the most common being four channels. Four-channel amplifiers can be used to pair a set or small subwoofer with aftermarket speakers.

You can connect more prominent speakers and a subwoofer to boost the bass. A five- to the six-channel amplifier is the best choice if you plan to add subwoofers.

Class A

Class A amplifiers produce the best sound quality and are easy to operate. However, it is the most inefficient when it comes to power consumption.

The Class A amplifiers run at maximum power output and can produce a lot of heat. They also consume most of your car’s power. These amplifiers are usually larger than other types of amplifiers.

Class B

Class B amplifiers are smaller than Class A amplifiers, and they produce less heat. It’s also more efficient than Class A. Because it uses a push/pull system, Class B amplifiers use only half of the power they produce at once.

They switch between two full-power outputs at once, reducing power consumption. A common problem with Class-B amplifiers is their ability to distort audio quality.

Class A/B

The best of both Class A/B and Class B amplifiers is combined in Class A/B amplifiers. It’s more efficient than Class A and produces less distortion than Class B. Some car amp manufacturers have technology that prevents overheating. However, Class A/B amplifiers can heat up.

Class D

The Class D amplifiers (also known as switching amps) produce a steady, fast-paced output electronic on/off signals. This makes them up to 90% more efficient. These amps are smaller and produce less heat. They have the highest quality audio, although there may be distortion at higher frequencies.

Best car amplifier for bass Key Features Car Amplifiers

Key Features

These are the important factors in choosing the right amplifier for your car speaker.


Bridgeability is a crucial feature of the best car amplifiers. This means that you can add more amplifiers to boost the power supply. You can increase the bass boost by adding more amplifiers to bridge more amps.

Low-pass Filter

Nearly all the top car amplifiers include a low pass filter to prevent higher frequencies from reaching the speakers and subwoofers. It will filter out signals above the chosen frequency and block high frequencies from reaching speakers or subwoofers.

High-pass Filter

This filter is used in conjunction with the low pass filter. It prevents lower frequencies from reaching speakers or subwoofers. It rejects signals higher than the chosen frequency and passes passwords that are lower than this frequency.

Band-pass Filter

Band-pass filters can be used with either high-pass or low-pass filters to create an uninterrupted frequency range. To maintain the highest audio quality, it keeps the signals constant between low-pass and high-pass filters.


Each amplifier comes with a wattage rating. Important to remember, do not to exceed the amp’s maximum wattage. If you have four speakers that need 350 watts RMS each and a 1000-watt RMS amplifier, your amp might not be able to provide the power required. Your speakers could also fail.


Make sure you have enough space in your car to accommodate an amp, speakers, and subwoofer. Some amps can be tiny, while others are quite large.

The quality copper condensed wire is essential to power an amp. Your amp’s performance will depend on the quality of your wire. A 4-gauge consumer wire has copper condenser wire. This is not aluminum. Bad wiring can lead to electrical fires, overloading wires, and electrical shortages.


This is the constant wattage that your amplifier needs to keep it powered up. Each amp and subwoofer has an RMS rating. Always check this rating.

Peak Power

An amp can produce the maximum power before it fails or stops working. An app can only be run at peak power for about a few seconds before it becomes damaged.

Best Car Amplifiers: FAQs

Best Car Amplifiers FAQs

Can you use a car amp to drive home speakers from a turntable at home?

It is possible to use a car amp to drive home speakers from a turntable at home. Some amplifiers, such as the Crown VZ10 amplifier, which can output 250 watts RMS of power, might suffice for this task.

However, these amplifiers are often designed for vehicles, not for use with audio equipment. A better option might be the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1D2 3-channel amplifier.

What is the best five-channel car amplifier?

A 5 channel car amp is a device that is used to send an audio signal to five speakers, one for each of the front, rear, and each of the two side channels.

A 5 channel car amp for a car sound system is a device that is used to send an audio signal to five speakers, one for each of the front, rear, and each of the two side channels. Some five-channel car amplifiers can be used to connect just four speakers to the end, however.

Some car amp manufacturers, such as the JVC KW-X900BT portable car amplifier, have five built-in channels to help separate the main channels from the front, rear, and side channels.

Will an Amp Affect My Car Battery?

Amplifiers can drain a car battery because the more amps you need from the alternator, the less power it can deliver, which means a car will have a slower start and a shorter distance the car will go before it needs a recharge.

How Much Air Space Do I Need for My Amplifier?

An amplifier needs space around it to avoid the need for extra cooling that could otherwise take up space or require other modifications. An amplifier needs space around it to prevent the need for additional cooling that could otherwise take up space or require further changes.


For best quality sound, you need to pick out an amplifier and a set of speakers. A properly designed and installed speaker system is the essential element of a vehicle’s audio system. It provides high-fidelity sound reproduction with both spatial and time accuracy.

If you want to get the best possible sound from your car, then you’ll need to pick out an amplifier and a set of speakers. Hookeaudio hopes that our article can help you make the right choice.

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