3D Audio Recording App

The Hooke 3D Audio Recording App allows you to wirelessly capture binaural 3D Audio and 3D Sound using the Hooke Verse bluetooth 3D audio and binaural recording headphones. Turn your device into a professional field recorder with the Hooke Audio app.

3D Audio is sound captured identically to the way your ears hears audio. When you listen back (with headphones) you’ll feel like you’re there.

The Hooke Audio app accesses your camera to bring your smartphone videos to life in 3D Audio. It also doubles as a field recorder, put your device in your pocket and record 3d audio on the fly. Seamlessly pair high-quality audio to your video camera with zero latency and listen to concert videos, podcasts, adventures and home videos come to life like never before.

Share your 3d audio videos and sound recordings via email, social media and text message straight from the app. No special speakers or algorithms required as long as you’re wearing any pair headphones.

Sound matters. Be heard. Change the way you record the world

iPhone App

Android App


For other tutorials on how to use the app:

How To Record: iPhone

How To Record: Android

Hooke Verse Support


For Visually impaired users, Hooke Audio is 100% accessible using VoiceOver on iOS and Talkback on Android.

Visually impaired users can find helpful recording tips by pressing the settings button inside the app or by listening to tutorials here:

Hooke 3D Audio App: How-To for Blind Users