Aria Waterproof Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Aria Waterproof Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Aria Waterproof earbuds are ideal for those who exercise or participate in other active lifestyle activities. These earbuds were initially designed to be used while swimming, and they offer a quality, comfortable experience.

Aria waterproof earbuds are popular because they allow wearers to enjoy music and the sound it produces during activities like running and swimming.

Many people enjoy using these in-ear headphones while they exercise because it provides excellent sound quality. However, like other types of earbuds, there are certain things most users need to consider before buying these headphones.

In this blog post, we will show you Aria Waterproof Earbuds Review and give our thoughts on whether they’re worth the investment!

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds

There are a million ways to make earbuds. There are many options. Some are better than others. xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds offer a distinct advantage over similar audio equipment in many ways.

These earbuds have one of the most compact and portable charging cases on the market.

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds Review

Technically, xFyro Aura was created alongside the most advanced consumer-grade technologies available.

These include Bluetooth 5, the latest wireless technology, a better-than-average battery life, and many common-sense features that make things easier.

Audiophile equipment is not included. xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds are an intelligent entry point for wireless earbuds. This is a point where you can invest a fair amount in features but never lose sight of the value.

This is not the right choice for everyone, but it is certainly appealing to many people.

Pros And Cons


  • Audio quality that is balanced and enjoyable
  • A great fit that lasts
  • Fully waterproof IP67
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Magnificent magnetic charging case
  • Affordable price (for early supporters around $100)


  • Although quick charging is possible, the battery’s capacity is less.
  • Battery life is not as long as promised, but it’s still good at five h
  • There are some connectivity issues
  • Push-in controls are annoying

What’s Inside The Box?

  • xFyro Aria true wireless earbuds
  • Magnetic charging and carrying case
  • Three pairs of silicone eartips
  • Two pairs of ear wings
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • User manual

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds Review

Build And Design

These earbuds aren’t very special. Each earbud has a slightly different shape; they are a little cone-shaped. Their black matte finish could be mistaken for hundreds of thousands of other earbuds.

However, if you look closely, you will see that these earbuds are pretty different from your usual pair.

To help prevent earbuds from falling out or getting lost, the outside has a magnetic case. This lightweight design helps optimize their battery life and eliminates the need for unnecessary buttons. There are no springs, buttons, or messes.

 Design And Build Quality

Each earbud’s exterior is made from ABS plastic and partially with an aluminum shell. The aluminum shell has been polished to match the matte finish on the ABS.

It is generally high-quality and can withstand minor impacts, resist scrapes, as well as stay together. You can also add or remove ear-tips from the base of the earbuds. This is often difficult without a design like this.

xFyro Aria earbuds are waterproofed to IP67, thanks to their construction. Although you could submerge the earbuds in water, it is best to limit their exposure to water for a few feet and not do so for an indefinite time.

However, if you don’t intend to go for a swim with the earbuds, that should be sufficient.

Notes About The Charging Case

It measures 6.25×1.0x.75 inches. This is a very compact case. It looks almost like an oversized pen. This case is quite ordinary, aside from its unusual shape.

On the sides, you will find a dual charging interface that includes micro USB and USB ports. It’s pretty intuitive.

They chose such an unusual shape for the case. It has to do with maximizing space. You’d be amazed at how little space was left or what materials were wasted if you took a look at the blueprints.

This is, for better or worse. It’s as compact as it gets to make an earbud pair while still using a charging case.

Audio Quality

Many earbuds can sound good and very similar. They sound the same because they use similar essential technologies or slight variations of very similar technology.

Many of their limitations are also shared. People who decide which earbuds they want to be based only on their appearances aren’t crazy, especially if they shop outside the audiophile price range.

Audio Quality

xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds are pretty typical for their price. There are a few things that highlight their sound, which is different from similar headsets.

These earbuds are very powerful out of the box. The mid-highs are particularly powerful, which can help to boost vocals.

Although the higher end of treble isn’t well represented, it’s not uncommon for earbuds to do so. If you prefer, you can adjust the volume or reduce the bass to normal.

xFyro Aria earbuds do not provide an equalizer or sound profiles that you can switch between. These are minor issues, as not many people use them.

Noise Cancelling

We often write about active noise cancellation for headphones, but it is not always true.

This is not true for the xFyro Aria true wireless earbuds. However, we need to clarify some things.

They claim that they have noise cancellation, but in reality, they mean passive noise isolation. Passive noise isolation is good and will block out most background noise. You can find the best noise suppression headphones here

CVC is only suitable for mics, not earbuds.

In case their marketing misleads you, here are some facts. You now know the difference.

Noise Isolation

We’ve clarified that the xFyro Aria earbuds do not have active noise cancellation, but they are passive noise isolators. The Aria headphones support stereo calling xFyro designed the ear-tips in a way to completely seal off the ear canal.

They will also block the majority of ambient noise so that you can listen to your music privately.

You can blast your music outside and in the interior with almost no noise, so it’s safe to enjoy your music without worrying about others hearing it.

Make sure you get the correct eartips. It would help if you made sure that the tips fit your ear canal. You’ll get only mediocre sound isolation without them.

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Battery Capabilities

These earbuds are small and compact and rely on a modestly sized power bank of 850mAh. It’s only about half the size of some charging cases, so the xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds have shorter battery life. It’s not a significant weakness.

Regardless of their case, the battery life of earbuds should be capable of providing approximately 8 hours of listening time. This is much more than the average wireless earbuds.

These earbuds can last between 20-30 hours after the battery life has been removed.

The difference between 20-hours and 30-hours depends on how loud you listen to music, how frequently you answer phone calls, etc. If you take many calls, chances are you will end up closer to the 30-hour mark.

Battery capacity

You might be closer to the 20-hour mark if you take fewer calls and listen to your music at maximum volume.

Although the 8-hours of use from each bud are pretty long, the 30-hour average is a bit low. You can double or triple that amount with headsets of a similar price. These headsets end up causing problems in other areas.

You’ll be able to live with 20-30 hours of listening time, and the battery’s rest will meet your higher expectations. The battery takes about two hours to charge, provided you use the included charging cable entirely. Standby time is around 300 hours. It’s not bad at all.

Comfort Options

The xFyro Aria earbuds come with a standard assortment of ear tips. There are two sets in each sixes. There is a noticeable difference in the sizes.

While many earbuds only have marginally different sizes, you will find distinctly small, medium, and large buds here. This may be a better option for those who have had trouble finding the right size in their past.

This kit does not include memory foam ear tips. These are becoming more popular and can offer some passive noise protection. The included tips can block the nose better than silicone eartips.

People don’t want to have to change between different types of tips. It’s not a significant hassle unless you need extra sound isolation.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 5 is used to establish a wireless connection between the xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds and their Bluetooth 5. This includes an EDR chip, as well as all the benefits of wireless technology.

These earbuds will automatically pair after a short setup. You’ll be able to pair them quickly with other devices and get the battery-saving benefits of this format.

Wireless Connectivity

There is one problem with this wireless connectivity: it only runs for about 30-feet. This is pretty standard for earbuds of this type, but it’s worth considering for those who need more range.

Microphone Quality

The xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds are built with a relatively standard Bluetooth microphone. Nothing to be proud of. The microphone comes with a few handy extras. CVC 6.0 noise canceling is one of them.

This tech works by reducing ambient noise to your voice and allowing people to hear you speak. It can reduce sound by around 25dB.

These xFyro Aria true wireless earbuds have some handy calling features. You can answer, reject, and redial calls with them. They will also pause and resume your music when you answer calls. It’s nothing special, but it’s good to know the basics.

Automatic Pairing

Automatic pairing is misleading. The initial pairing of your headphones and your device does not happen automatically. Apple AirPods can do this because of their tight integration with iOS.

Jaybird RUN, Jabra Elite Active65t, and Aria earbuds automatically disconnect and connect when you take them out of their charging cases. It’s still a very convenient feature, as it eliminates the need to turn them on or off manually.

Automatic Pairing

These Aria earbuds don’t have multipoint connectivity. If you want to pair them up with multiple devices, you will need to switch to pairing mode every time you change the connection.


Pre-orders for the xFyro wireless earphones via Indiegogo are now possible at a discounted price of $109, significantly lower than its competitors.

xFyro plans on selling them for $200 once the Indiegogo funding campaign has ended. This puts them ahead of their competitors.

These headphones are not worth $200.

xFyro Aria True Wireless Earbuds Review: Other Considerations

The xFyro Aura Wireless Earbuds come with a charging case, ear tips, and a manual. They also have a 1-year warranty.

xFyro Aria earbuds are not prone to high failure rates, so people don’t need to worry about getting a warranty. A little more security is always a good thing.


Are waterproof earbuds safe to use in the shower?

Waterproof earbuds like the xFyro Aria earbuds are waterproof and can withstand water for up to 30 mins. This means that the longer they can be used under the water, the better their waterproof rating.

How can you make your earbuds waterproof?

  • Foam covers can be placed over your headphones’ headpieces.
  • All the wiring can be wrapped in electrical tape.
  • Put the headphones on your head, and then slide a winter hat around them.
  • To reduce the amount of water reaching you, use a shade or an umbrella.

Are wireless earbuds worth it?

They are definitely worth the investment, mainly if your interests include fitness and travel. In recent years, wireless earbuds prices have dropped significantly.

wireless earbuds worth it

Wireless earbuds are more flexible and can be connected to many devices. The latest wireless earbuds offer a great range, memory, and long battery life.

What is the sound signature for the Aria?

Although I am not an audiophile, I do like the sound these earbuds make. The sound quality isn’t booming, and it lacks bass. It can sometimes be challenging to hear vocals in noisy environments, such as airports.


The Aria Waterproof Earbuds are an excellent purchase for those looking for an inexpensive and dependable set of earbuds. The price is excellent, and the sound quality is also excellent, making these a wise purchase.

Aria waterproof earbuds have excellent noise cancellation, are very comfortable to wear, and are sweat-resistant. These are the best earbuds for active lifestyles, but they’re probably not the best choice for professional use.

With this article, Hooke Audio hopes that you found some helpful information about these headphones!


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