Audio Technica Microphone Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Audio Technica Microphone Review 2023 Top Full Guide
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Audio-Technica has been a manufacturer of dynamic microphones and other audio equipment for more than several years. They produce a variety of microphones, from home studio to handheld to kick drum, all of which are sold for a wide range of prices.

One of the most popular products from Audio-Technica is the AT2020 mic. The Audio Technica AT2020 is a decent condenser microphone favored for its smooth sound reproduction, flat frequency response, and detachable cables.

Take the time to read the Audio Technica microphone review of Hooke Audio to ensure you know how great the product is before buying it.

Overview of The Audio Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone is a rare mic that offers excellent audio quality at an affordable price. This good mic is a reliable workhorse, as we mentioned in the introduction. It has many strings to its bow. Every mic locker should have a selection of cheaper (not cheap) mics, and this one is a solid condenser mic stand to add to your collection

It works well as a vocal mic. It can reproduce every subtle change in voice applications. It is perfect for recording vocals and acoustic guitars or other acoustic instruments because of its attention to detail.

It can handle the more delicate stuff, but it also has a wrong side. It can be placed in front of a cabinet, and learn how to handle a heavy-driven guitar. It can handle it all.

Overview of The Audio Technica AT2020

It works great in the studio, too. This cheap mic is ideal for any small home studio, new or old. You might also upgrade your ‘lead mic’ later. While the Audio Technica AT 2020 is not a replacement for professional instruments, it will still work with and record other instruments.

Audio Technica AT2020 stringent quality and consistency standards set the AT2020 apart from another new mic in its class.

It is versatile and superb as a studio microphone and can also be used to record live vocals or musical instruments. This is all at a street price. We’ll get to this more later.

The Build

It is best to make the room mic difficult if you plan to create it. You might have it in a safe and comfortable studio. It must be designed for the road. This great mic has no such problems. Audio-Technica 2020 is made like a tank.

It measures 9.6 inches by 2.6 inches in length and weighs only one and a quarter pounds. It is made of all metal and features a metal grille. It is easy to connect to the computer.

The Build

This mic is not only tough-looking, but it also has a professional appearance. The mic has a threaded, pivoting stand mount that can be removed if not required. However, the threaded stand mount mic does provide secure and stable positioning of the mic in the position you choose.

It is a well-built microphone, and there is no doubt about it.

The Design

The Audio-Technica 2020 microphone is a cardioid polar pattern condenser microphone. It is not clear which microphone is better, a condenser microphone or a dynamic one. For stage work, dynamic mics are better than condensers. However, studio work is more complex, and the condenser can be used in a better environment.

The cardioid condenser microphone is more effective at recording high frequencies and gentler sounds. However, the dynamic mic performs better when recording loud sounds. Condenser microphones require external phantom power. These features were once a problem. However, Neumann invented phantom power.

(Phantom power is required, and there are no battery replacements available. Studio vocals 4.5 The AT2020 is a fantastic choice for vocalists.)

Recording with the cardioid polar pattern is a pretty good option. It is the most common type of polar pattern. It is sensitive to sound sources right in front of the heart, rejecting sound from the sides. This cardioid pattern is sensitive to good sound quality, but it is much less audible when it comes from the sides.

The Design

The Audio Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone is ideal for vocal use and can be used in home studios. Audio-Technica 2020 features a low-mass diaphragm. It will reject any off-axis sound.

Good frequency response is essential for a mic to be effective. Audio Interface Technica AT2020 can deliver frequencies between 20Hz to 20kHz. This allows signals to be collected over a wide frequency range.

The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is another crucial aspect. How loud a sound wave is will depend on the pressure it contains. The pressure will determine how loud the sound is. Therefore, a high SPLrating may be necessary. The ear doesn’t hear volume, and it hears pressure.

Audio Technica AT2020

A speaker emits a certain level of sound. The pressure (or the volume) decreases as you move closer to the speaker. It increases as you move closer. This is the difference in volume and sound pressure. The volume has not been adjusted, but the pressure has.

To work effectively, microphones require a high SPL level. A higher SPL level means that the mic will not distort as pressure increases.

This is an essential attribute for recording loud sources like screaming vocals, female vocals, drums, or distorted guitars. The 2020’s SPL is 144dB. This, combined with its wide dynamic range, allows it to record louder signals without distortion.

These are just a few of the many benefits that this mic has. The great mic has low self-noise, which makes it ideal for digital recording. The diaphragm’s low mass also improves the transient response. This is crucial for vocal recordings quality because it allows abrupt changes in level to be accurately reproduced.

One example is a cymbal, which can produce a sudden surge of sound. Transient response is the ability of a mic to pick up these sounds. The Audio-Technica 2020 cardioid condenser microphone is no exception. It is faster, and that is what makes it so great. It will also produce better quality on the stage and in the studio.

On vocals AT conveyed an airy, breathy, and roomy sound with almost zero proximity effect recording a male basso profundo-type voice performing vocal arias from Bach.

You will end up with a microphone which should be much more expensive if you consider all of these design features. It performs at a much greater level than its low price tag suggests.

Where Is It Best Used?

This mic allows us to speak wherever we like. It should be considered a versatile tool rather than a workhorse. Let’s not paint a picture that the microphone is perfect.

It can be used in project studios and on stage, in static positions with its shock mount. It is excellent quality for studio vocals but not outstanding for lead singers who have to hold it. However, these are short in-studio recordings. The best mic is not designed to be held in hand and can only be used on a stand.

Audio-Technica 2020’s head is made of a wire mesh with heavy-duty. It protects the device as well as any other equipment in case of an accidental drop.

Where is it best used

The mesh allows sound to be collected, but it is not a replacement for a pop filter. It will reduce unwanted sounds, but it won’t replace a pop filter. They are not deal-breakers, though.

This is the best place to record lead vocals. However, you can also use this mic to record acoustic, electric guitars, and strings. This mic is designed and built to excel in all of them.

From electric guitar amps to toms, the Audio Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone is generally flat, with a slight rise in the high end — but it’s a very slightly better job.

A studio is its most ideal environment. We wouldn’t be surprised to see our little workhorse performing on a stage, but it is unlikely that he will hold the microphone.

As a low-cost, general-purpose capacitor mic, the AT2020 is hard to fault other than on account of its noise level.
Because the mic doesn’t hype the character of the original sound too much, it’s more likely to work well with a wide range of singers

General Home Studio Use

The Audio Technica AT2020 has a low-mass diaphragm, which allows it to handle high SPL (Sound Pressure Levels) better than other condenser microphones.

General Home Studio Use

The capsule is also more miniature (16mm) in diameter and has a black-electret capsule. This gives it a subtle brighter sound that compliments specific applications such as female vocals, closed-miked microphones, drum overheads, and small-bodied acoustic guitars.

The components are also protected by a contemporary-looking exterior of cast metal that is easy to store and see. This wouldn’t be our first choice to record bass guitar or anything that has prominent frequencies under 100 Hz.

Recording Acoustic Guitar

This Audio Technica AT2020 mic is an excellent entry-level microphone for recording acoustic guitar.

Audio-Technica AT2020 reproduces the high-frequency zing of spruce-top acoustics very well, without you having to dig a hole in your pocket.

Recording Acoustic Guitar

The Audio Technica AT2020 mic’s small-diaphragm size allows loud instruments to be handled well, with a maximum SPL of 158dB without a pad. This good microphone is also much more affordable than other mics with small diaphragms. The AT2020 has a brighter sound, which makes it ideal for steel-string acoustics.

The Performance

This has been discussed before, but it is worth repeating. This condenser mic is of high build quality and will produce professional results.

The Performance

The amazing price point was briefly mentioned in our overview. The price for a microphone of this quality is very high. For a microphone of this great quality, you would expect to pay more. You get a product with remarkable and great value for money and many applications.

The Extras

It is unlikely that you will find additional accessories, such as a microphone. It does include a shock mount that can pivot into any position. This allows you to use it in many environments.

The pouch can be stored and carried around in the included pouch. It may not seem like much protection. We have already said that it is designed like a tank. It can withstand most things.

Studio Tests

Despite its modest price, this mic produces a mature, convincing sound on both voices and instruments. As a vocal mic, it has the lower mid-range warmth that most vocalists like, along with a very delicate presence peak that adds ‘air’ and clarity without being harsh or sibilant.

Because the mic does not overly emphasize the nature of the original sound, it is more likely to function well with a diverse variety of vocalists. Although the noise figure isn’t impressive by today’s standards, noise isn’t a concern when close-miking vocals or instruments. I doubt Audio-Technica would suggest this mic for capturing classical instruments from many meters away. Still, if the concert is sufficiently loud, you may be able to get away with it.

When tested on an acoustic guitar, the mic produced a well-balanced sound right away, and it was quite simple to discover a sweet spot where the instrument’s acoustic sound approximated the miked sound. There’s enough depth and clarity, but none of the scratchy honkiness that some microphones seem to like.

This mic’s off-axis properties also pleased me, with extraordinarily strong rear-axis rejection and decent rejection of sounds entering from 90 degrees off-axis. This might be excellent news for those who work in studios with computers since keeping computer noise out of the microphones can be a real pain.

Pros And Cons


Many users are pleased with the Audio-Technica AT2020’s high 144dB sound level and its ability to handle a loud sound source without losing much of the low-end or overall sonic quality.  It simply sounds great.

Pros And Cons

Many online reviews confirm the mic’s reliability and solid build. Its worry-free operation is a huge plus for users. Many users compare the analog sound to the Shure SM58 dynamic microphone when it is used with vocals.


Some people complained about the headphone-out feature. They said that the sound was lower than they expect. Some people aren’t happy with the slightly brighter sound, mainly when the vocalist is too far away from the microphone.

Compared To Other Condenser Mics

Before you decide on the AT2020, examine the following microphones. You may also look at our suggestions for the best cheap condenser mics under $100.

AT2020 vs. Audio-Technica AT2035

The AT2035 is the AT2020’s bigger sibling. It has a slightly greater maximum SPL but about the same frequency response and character – but with a few tweaks.

The AT2035 has an 80 Hz roll-off switch and a 10 dB pad.

If the money is worth it to you, the AT2035 might be a terrific alternative. However, they operate similarly.

AT2020 vs. Blue Yeti

While the Blue Yeti may seem to be an excellent pick on paper, bear in mind that it is a low-cost microphone that provides much more than one would think.

The result? A microphone that does nothing especially well. Because this is a USB mic stand, latency will always be a problem. We go with the AT2020.

AT2020 vs. AKG P120

The AKG P120, in our view, is not worth it. Choose between the AT2020 with an AKG P220 or an MXL 990.

AT2020 vs. Hyperx Quadcast

The AT2020 has a superior-sounding microphone. It is the preferable alternative for professional musicians since it is much more intricate and has a larger polar pattern.

Even though the Quadcast has various advantages, such as an integrated pop filter and multi-device and chat application compatibility.

The Quadcast is aimed squarely toward Twitch broadcasters or Discord users. However, the AT2020 is likely to perform a better job. This protects it as much as anything else in case it is ever dropped. It allows the sound to be collected, but the mesh is not really a substitute for a pop filter.

Some recommendations: Play guitar for my own entertainment. Co-lead a local Ukulele Group of seniors. Play music on my front yard patio during the pandemic. I have had it only a couple of days. So far it sounds good. Looks nice. I’m just experimenting at home with it. 


Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser microphone is a great budget-friendly mic option for studios looking to record loud sounds. This mic is excellent for supplementary use if your condenser has a large diaphragm. It can also be used as a general microphone if you need to record percussive and wind instruments.



Are Audio-Technica mics good for recording vocals or acoustic guitar?

Although there is plenty of competition for Audio-Technica, they are well-respected for their engineering and high-quality mics. This reputation can be a big help when you have to choose from similar-price microphones.

Audio-Technica microphones good

Audio-Technica is better than Yeti USB mic?

Blue Yeti USB mics have been crowned the winner after multiple rounds of testing. It offers four recording options, compared to Audio Technica’s one. Both two mics are sounded good and excellent in terms of performance, but Yeti’s USB mics sound quality is slightly better than AT2020.

Is Audio-Technica microphone good?

Audio-Technica has fierce competition, but they have a reputation for superb engineering and decent-sounding microphones. A little reputation goes a long way when choosing between similarly priced microphones.

What microphone is better than blue yeti?

If you need a portable microphone or one that won’t take up too much desk space, the Shure MV5 is better than the Blue Yeti and the Amazon Basics mic.

Does Audio Technica AT2020 have a mute button?

There is no mute button on the Audio interface AT2020. There is no built-in mute button on either the XLR cables or USB microphone versions of the AT2020 condenser microphone. However, there are methods to silence a microphone without one. An internal mute switch is ideal for individuals who need to silence the microphone rapidly.

Which Yeti microphone should I buy?

Despite the Blue Yeti Pro’s better sample and bit rates, the Blue Yeti is still the best option for most consumers. Depending on your circumstances, it will work well for podcasts, live recordings, and recording instruments. It’s also the simplest setup since it doesn’t need a driver to be installed.


This review has been very informative, and now you know how to find a quality microphone. You can now buy a microphone that is right for you as well as the perfect microphone for your home studio.

This will ensure that you can capture and produce your best music and sound and enjoy doing it.

The microphone will help you with comfortable sound quality and a reasonable price.

Good luck finding the perfect microphone for your home studios! Remember to read through the Audio Technica microphone review before buying.

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