Top Australian Comedians: Net Worth, Age, Rank And More

Top Australian Comedians Net Worth Age Rank And More

G’day humor lovers! Ready to roll on the floor laughing? You’re in for a treat as Hookeaudio explores the top Australian comedians. These blokes and sheilas are the crème de la crème of the comedy world Down Under.

From stand-up legends to hilarious screen icons, we’ll uncover the funniest Aussies who’ve conquered stages and screens worldwide. So, buckle up for a hilarious ride with the best laughs from Australia!

Who are the top Australian comedians 2024?

Are you now curious about the top Australian comedians of 2024? Stay tuned as we unveil the humor maestros dominating the comedy scene down under this year!

NameAgeEstimated Net Worth (in millions)
Eric Bana55$40M
Paul Hogan84$25M
Rebel Wilson43$22M
Rodney Rude80$10M
Jim Jefferies46$9M
Chris Lilley49$6M
Carl Barron59$6M
Glenn Robbins66$3M
Kitty Flanagan52$2M
Adam Hills53$5M

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Who are the top Australian comedians 2024

Eric Bana – The Hulk of Humour: $40 Million

Starting with the big gun, Eric Bana, a man who’s had us in stitches and on the edge of our seats. From the gritty Chopper to the epic Troy, Bana’s versatility on screen is as impressive as his net worth. No joke, this bloke’s worth a cool $40 million!

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Paul Hogan – The Crocodile of Comedy: $25 Million

Throw another shrimp on the barbie for Paul Hogan! The legend who introduced us to the wild world of Crocodile Dundee sits pretty with $25 million. Hogan’s not just a fair dinkum entertainer; he’s an Aussie icon, right up there with kangaroos and Vegemite!

Rebel Wilson – Pitch Perfect Pocket: $22 Million

Next up is Rebel Wilson, the powerhouse of Pitch Perfect fame. She’s been cracking us up from Down Under to Tinseltown, and her bank account is as robust as her humor, boasting $22 million. Go on, Rebel, you’re our bell!

Rodney Rude – Rude Riches: $10 Million

Rodney Rude, known for his no-holds-barred comedy, has been ruffling feathers and filling up his nest egg to the tune of $10 million. Controversial? Maybe. Loaded? Absolutely!

Jim Jefferies – Laughing All the Way: $9 Million

Jim Jefferies, the man who’s made a career of pushing boundaries, is laughing all the way to a $9 million bank. His razor-sharp wit and unapologetic style have earned him a spot in our hearts and a chunk of change!

Chris Lilley – Comedy King: $6 Million

What is Chris Lilley Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

Chris Lilley, the mastermind behind multiple mockumentaries, has been keeping us in constant chuckles. With a net worth of $6 million, he’s certainly turned his satirical sketches into a pretty penny!

Carl Barron – Observational Opulence: $6 Million

Carl Barron, the king of observational comedy, has been making the mundane hilarious for years. His relatable humor and laid-back style have accumulated a cool $6 million. Not too shabby for just pointing out the obvious!

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Adam Hills – Happy as Larry: $5 Million

Last but not least, Adam Hills, the ever-smiling, one-legged wonder of the comedy world. Hosting gigs and stand-up specials have led him to a cheerful $5 million. And that’s no joke!

Glenn Robbins – Upper Middle Cash: $3 Million

Glenn Robbins, known for Kath & Kim and Upper Middle Bogan, has been making Aussies laugh for decades. His comedy chops have earned him a cozy $3 million. Good on ya, Glenn!

Kitty Flanagan – Funny Fortune: $2 Million

Kitty Flanagan, with her sharp and witty antics, has been a staple in Aussie comedy. From Full Frontal to Utopia, she’s not only carved out a hilarious career but also a $2 million nest egg.


And there you have it, mates! A round-up of the funniest, wittiest, and most iconic Australian comedians.

These stars from Down Under have not only filled theaters and living rooms with laughter but have also showcased the unique Aussie humor to the world. Their wit, charm, and relatable stories remind us why we love comedy.

Keep laughing and exploring, as there’s always a new joke around the corner in the world of top comedians!


Steve Abbott

Anthony Ackroyd

Craig Anderson

Wil Anderson

Pam Ann

Anyone For Tennis?

David Argue

Aunty Donna

Joe Avati

Axis of Awesome

Tom Ballard

Tracy Bartram

The Bedroom Philosopher

Dick Bentley

Rachel Berger

Peter Berner

Carrie Bickmore

Big Al

Jonathan Biggins

Tahir Bilgiç

Mark Bin Bakar

Billy Birmingham

Hamish Blake

Dave Bloustien

Grahame Bond (Aunty Jack)

Shane Bourne

Fifi Box

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Paul Brasch

Scott Brennan

Noeline Brown

Brendon Burns

Dave Callan

David Callan

Damian Callinan

Michael Chamberlin

Doug Chappel

The Chaser

Charles Firth

Andrew Hansen

Dominic Knight

Chas Licciardello

Julian Morrow

Craig Reucassel

Chris Taylor

Santo Cilauro

John Clarke

The Cloud Girls

Club Veg

Gerry Connolly

Jan Cornall

Mary Coustas

Joel Creasey

Raymond Crowe

Andrew Curry

Stephen Curry

Lance Curtis


Ross Daniels

Darren & Brose

Tommy Dassalo

Christina Davis

Bryan Dawe

Andrew Denton

Catherine Deveny

Anh Do

George Dodd

Scott Dooley

Doug Anthony All Stars

Jon Doust

Des Dowling

Marg Downey

John Doyle

Denise Drysdale

Jamie Dunn

Matthew Dyktynski

Gary Eck

Craig Egan

Joff Ellen

Col Elliott

Ben Elton

Jon English

Mary-Anne Fahey

The Fantastic Leslie

Randy Feltface

Tim Ferguson

Noel Ferrier

Richard Fidler

Marty Fields

Maurie Fields

Greg Fleet

Drew Forsythe

Chris Franklin

Heath Franklin

Alice Fraser

Ron Frazer

Gen Fricker


Hannah Gadsby

Sandy Gandhi

Jim Gerald

Nick Giannopoulos

Andrea Gibbs

Russell Gilbert

Amos Gill

Max Gillies

Tom Gleeson

Tom Gleisner

Elliot Goblet

Reg Gorman

Libbi Gorr

The Gorskys

Corinne Grant

Ugly Dave Gray

Leo Grills


Kym Gyngell

Imaan Hadchiti

Jane Hall

Justin Hamilton

Hamish & Andy

Hamish Blake

Andy Lee

Happy Hammond

Tommy Hanlon, Jr.

Andrew Hansen

Mary Hardy

Wendy Harmer

Tracy Harvey

Guido Hatzis

Peter Helliar

Geraldine Hickey

Tegan Higginbotham

Claire Hooper

Dave Hughes

Steve Hughes

Barry Humphries

Simon Hunt

Nazeem Hussain

Dan Ilic


Sammy J

Hugh Jackman

Steven Jacobs

Cameron James

Clive James


Matthew Johns

Pommy Johnson

Ed Kavalee

Peter Kelamis

Sarah Kendall

Graham Kennedy

Jane Kennedy

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Justin Kennedy

Simon Kennedy

Gretel Killeen

King Billy Cokebottle

Jean Kittson

Cameron Knight

Dominic Knight

The Kransky Sisters

Tania Lacy

Dawn Lake

Colin Lane

Don Lane

Lano and Woodley

Meshel Laurie

Dave Lawson

Josh Lawson

Andy Lee


Jack Levi (Elliot Goblet)

Lawrence Leung

Chas Licciardello

Mark Little

Paul Livingston (Flacco)

Los Trios Ringbarkus

Bruno Lucia

Judith Lucy

Ciaran Lyons


Trevor Marmalade

Richard Marsland

Tony Martin

Paul McCarthy

Lulu McClatchy

Campbell McComas

Julie McCrossin

Paul McDermott

Garry McDonald (Norman Gunston)

Kate McLennan

Rove McManus

Garth Meade

Merrick and Rosso

Shaun Micallef

Mikey Mileos

Gabby Millgate

Tim Minchin

Tony Moclair

Mick Molloy

Peter Moon

Anthony Morgan

Julia Morris

Julian Morrow

Mr. Flotsam and Mr. Jetsam

Andy Muirhead

Maureen Murphy

Paul Nakad

Brian Nankervis (Raymond J. Bartholomeuz)

Glynn Nicholas

Joy Nichols

Ross Noble

Fiona O’Loughlin

Dave O’Neil

Ben Oxenbould

Joel Ozborn


Celia Pacquola

Simon Palomares

Sam Pang

Matt Parkinson

Eddie Perfect

Charlie Pickering

Greig Pickhaver

Sue-Ann Post

Terri Psiakis

Puppetry of the Penis

Rod Quantock

Geraldine Quinn

David Quirk

Jordan Raskopoulos

Carol Raye

Roy Rene (Mo)

Craig Reucassel

Harry Rickards

Gina Riley

Victoria Roberts

Mikey Robins

Drew Rokos

Alex Romano

Gabriel Rossi

Peter Rowsthorn

Roy and HG

Jim Russell


John Safran

Akmal Saleh

Terry Scanlon

Scared Weird Little Guys

Denise Scott

Phillip Scott

Nish Selvadurai

Yahoo Serious

Jordan Shanks

Max Sharam

Marty Sheargold

Ryan Shelton

Sam Simmons


George Smilovici

Vince Sorrenti

Adam Spencer

Andrew Startin

Steady Eddy

Jason Stephens

Gregor Stronach

Richard Stubbs

Nick Sun

Magda Szubanski

Jenny Talia

Chris Taylor

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Austen Tayshus

Josh Thomas

Dave Thornton

Kai Tier

Matt Tilley

Emma Tom

Mark Trenwith

Mark Trevorrow (Bob Downe)


Jane Turner

The Twelfth Man

The Umbilical Brothers


Subby Valentine

Michael Veitch

Steve Vizard

Stuart Wagstaff

John Walker

George Wallace

George Wallace Jnr

Dan Walmsley

Felicity Ward

Angela Webber

Lindsay Webb

Garry Who

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Andrew Wolfe

Frank Woodley

Working Dog

Santo Cilauro

Tom Gleisner

Jane Kennedy

Rob Sitch

John Xintavelonis

Julia Zemiro

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