Auvio Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Auvio Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Auvio Earbuds are perfect for the active outdoor lifestyle. Sturdy construction, long battery life, and sweatproof materials guarantee your satisfaction. Earbuds are ideal for anyone looking for earbuds that can stand up to constant usage.

Earbuds are constructed with the ideal combination of performance and style. Lightweight, durable materials were used in earbuds construction. These options are perfect for anyone on the go.

Auvio Earbuds are an excellent accessory for anyone who is looking for comfort and reliability. The earbuds have a comfortable fit, which ensures the maximum durability of these earbuds.

Read on to see our full Auvio Earbuds Review and find out if you should buy these earbuds or not!

Auvio 330352 Earbuds Features, Benefits, and Pros

Strain Relief Stems

These look very similar to the Pearl Buds that we reviewed here. However, they have a stem that runs the cable through each ear speaker’s bottom.

Easy Grip Removal

The stem provides some strain relief for the cords, which the Pearl Buds didn’t have. It also makes it easy to pull on these buds to get them out of your ears without having to pull on them. These Auvio 3300352 Earbuds are a significant improvement.

The Auvio3300352 Earbuds feature In-Ear Design

The Element earbuds reach the entire length of the ear canal. This makes them a little more intrusive than the Philips Earhook Earphones or iPod stock buds.

Auvio 330352 Earbuds Features, Benefits, and Pros

Extra Cushions Included

Auvio offers two types of tips. These are for those cases where the standard ones don’t fit. With this set, we had to get the larger ones. These Auvio buds were a nice touch.

Cord Manager

You will also receive a black storage bracket, called a cord manager. This is where you can store the buds or take up any excess cord you don’t need. Each end has slots to allow you to wind your cable. Reduces tangling.

Adjustable Y Split

The Y’s vertex has a slider that allows you to split the audio cable into two separate cables. This slider can be moved up and down so that the two legs of Y don’t get tangled.

The Auvio 330352 Earbuds Are Feather-Light

The Auvio 330352 earbuds have a lightweight design and are therefore extremely comfortable.

Truly Private Listening

They can keep the music playing and any outside noises out of the room. These drivers are barely audible at maximum volume controls. These drivers offer excellent sound isolation.

Highly  Flexible Cable

The fragile, flexible cable is ideal for in-ear designs. It reduces microphonics well below moderate volume control music.

Highly  Flexible  Audio Cable

Reliable Gold Connector

The connector can be made from 3.5mm of gold-plated. Headset manufacturers should offer this standard. Why? Because of the reliability and longevity of the connections.

Quick Change of Ear Cushions for these Auvio 330352 Earbuds

We switched the medium-sized, installed ear tips to the larger. These fit us better. It took only 20 seconds to change the ear tips for both ears. This set was much more straightforward than other sets. Auvio provides instructions on how to change the ear tips.


Limited Warranty of Ninety (90), Days

Sound Transparency

Other than the added bass, we heard minimal sound coloration. There was no harshness, unusual resonances, or distortion at the maximum volume buttons. The distortion was limited to the lowest frequency response. It only occurred in songs that were recorded loudly or had a lot of deep, boomy bass.

Great Vocal Reproduction

The Auvio 3300352 earbuds have excellent speech reproduction. We were also impressed by the musical quality of these wireless headphones after reviewing other Auvio(r). We believe that the 3300352 is their flagship product.

No Ringing Heard From These Auvio 3300352 Earbuds

There was no ringing when the program audio made abrupt, loud-to-quiet changes. These phones appear to be well-dampened.

No Ringing Heard From These Auvio 3300352 Earbuds

Ear Speakers for Stereo Listening

Auvio identified the left and fitting earbuds by writing L and R letters, respectively. These are located in the middle of the strain relief stem. They are challenging to see. These letters are tiny.

Auvio states that the headphones will last for up to 9 hours of talk or music playback.

Plenty Loud and Dynamic

Adequately Long Cable

The cord is just over 4 feet long, enough for most of the applications this earphone unit can be used.

Highs Surprisingly Clear at the Price

The Auvio3300352 earbuds reproduced the high frequencies of Madonna’s Material Girl song quite well. Ding ding! True, the sound is a little less than our HD 650 wireless headphones. Pleasantly Surprised, there was minimal treble roll-off.

The Auvio 3300352 Earbuds fit equally well in either ear

Without compromising comfort or fit, you can swap between the left and right earpiece. These drivers look identical in form.

Auvio 330352 Earbuds Specifics

Frequency Response: 20 – 22,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 105 DB plus or minus 3 DB.

Impedance: 17 ohms.

RoHS compliant

Auvio3300352 Earbuds Advantages, Cons, and Limitations

Stems Go Too Far

It is not comfortable to lie on with one ear against the pillow as the stems extend beyond the ears.

No Carrying Case

As mentioned, the Auvio 330352 earbuds have a bracket for cord management.

Auvio3300352 Earbuds Advantages, Cons, and Limitations

Strain Relief Sleeves Look Too Rigid

The strain relief stems are a little too rigid for our tastes. These would not protect the audio cable against pulling, twisting, bending, or bending.

Specs Incomplete

Let’s see some examples of harmonic distortion figures.

No Microphone

Our Rating of the Auvio 330352 Earbuds

These are a great deal for $13 per earbud set. These Auvio(r), Element earbuds have few negative points. They are delightful. It is ironic considering their low cost. These are high-fidelity audio equipment. They are rated 98/100 by me.

Where can I buy Auvio 3300352 Earbuds?

You can find them at stores or online. They are also available online at Amazon and eBay. Look for them in the clear plastic heat-sealed box with blue insert cards showing through the plastic that describe these great-value-for-the-dollar earbuds.

Customer Opinions

Customers typically gave the Auvio 330352 Earbuds 3 out of 5 stars in reviews. They liked that the cord was long enough to go around the neck. The only thing is the lack of volume control.

Most customers noted that it is loud enough for what they need.

They recommend these earbuds for anyone who is a fan of listening to music while working out, walking the dog, or going to the gym. It is the best audio gear with a sturdy frame. One of the best applications for rechargeable batteries.

Customers liked that the cord was long enough to go around the neck. The build quality is not impressive. Customers said that they were loud enough for just what they needed. These earbuds have an 8-foot long cord, so you can wear them around your neck while doing other things.

Many customers said that it has great sound quality for this price. Customers liked that they were not expensive. Most customers noted that the sound is not up to par with some higher-end earbuds, but it is evident and crisp for the great price.

Customers liked that these earbuds are simple to the first pair with any phone, tablet, or music device.

Overall, customers loved these earbuds. They have a wide range of great price points, so there is a style for everyone. The sound quality is clear and crisp, and they are an excellent value for the price.


Are earbuds worth it?

They are definitely worth the investment, mainly if your interests include fitness and travel. In recent years, wireless earbuds prices have dropped significantly.

Wireless earbuds are more flexible and can be connected to many devices. The latest wireless earbuds offer a great range, memory, and long battery life.

How can I select true wireless earbuds?

These are our top tips and considerations to help you choose the right pair.

  • Pricing is important.
  • The codecs used will determine the sound quality.
  • It would help if you are looking for a sturdy charger case and has good battery life.
  • Choose ear pads that have the right ear-tips, volume controls, and design.
  • Wireless earphones can cancel out noise.

Select true wireless ear buds

Are wireless headphones safe?

Are Bluetooth headphones safe? Bluetooth headphones emit deficient levels of non-ionizing radiation. The human body is safe from low levels of this radiation.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, non-ionizing radiation is generally considered harmless by humans.

How long will wireless earbuds be good for?

Average models have a battery life between 2 and 4 years. This does not mean that you should buy expensive models. It’s not wrong to have significantly reduced playtime four years ago.

Why does only one of my Bluetooth headphones work?

If one speaker side is not working when connected via Bluetooth (wireless), one of the small mechanical triggers at the jack port is in a halfway position. This will tell your wireless headphones speakers to function via the audio cable and not Bluetooth technology.

Maybe You Need: How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works?


Auvio Earbuds are a good option for those looking for an affordable pair of earbuds without many features. These in-ear wireless headphones offer a secure fit, sturdy frame, and clear sound with no issues in that department for the price.

However, some users might be turned off by the lack of options available on this product, especially if they’re willing to spend more money or have never had experience with wireless Bluetooth products before.

If you’re not too picky about what your earphones can do but want something pretty comfortable and reliable instead, Hooke Audio hopes you found our article helpful!

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