What is Benjyfishy Net Worth In 2023: Bio, Age, Fornite, Family, And More

What is Benjyfishy Net Worth In 2023 Bio, Age, Fornite, Family, And More

What’s the deal with Benjyfishy and his net worth? This young Fortnite prodigy has taken the game world by storm, gaining million followers and making a lot of money.

At just 19, Benjyfishy has already become a household name among esports enthusiasts. But how much is this gaming superstar worth?

Brace yourselves because you won’t believe the mind-blowing figures we’re about to reveal. Benjyfishy’s bank account is on a whole other level, thanks to his huge tournament win and lucrative marketing deals.

So, grab your favorite gaming chair and dive into the thrilling world of Benjyfishy net worth. It’s time to see just how much this young Fortnite phenom is rolling in dough.

What is Benjyfishy’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

What is Benjyfishy’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Full NameBenjy David Fish
Popular NameBenjyfishy
Birth DateApril 2, 2004
ParentsDavid (Father), Anne Fish (Mother, YouTuber, Content Creator)
SiblingsCharles Fish (Younger Brother, Streamer)
Birth PlaceEngland, United Kingdom
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net Worth$1.5 million
Source of WealthProfessional Fortnite Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer
Height5 ft 11 in or 180.5 cm
Weight73 kg or 161 lbs
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Benjyfishy, whose real name is Benjy David Fish, is a professional Fortnite player and content creator from Britain. He has made a significant name in the esports industry at a young age.

As of 2023, Benjyfishy has an estimated net worth to be around $1.5 million, a substantial increase from the $426k estimated in 2022.

Benjyfishy’s earnings come from various sources. He is a successful Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator. It is believed that he makes between $19,500 and $22,000 a month, or $234,000 to $264,000 a year, just from advertising on YouTube.

His Twitch earnings are also impressive, with an estimated monthly income of around $6660.10 directly from the platform.

Benjyfishy’s Overview: Why is Benjyfishy Famous?

Benjyfishy's Overview Why is Benjyfishy Famous


Benjyfishy began his gaming journey at a young age. When he was only seven, he played Call of Duty, his first first-person shooter game, on Xbox.

He started taking gaming seriously in March 2018, focusing on Fortnite. In November 2018, he started streaming officially and playing duos with MrSavage, who is also known as a top Fortnite player.

This partnership led to a significant boost in his popularity, and by June 2019, he had over a hundred thousand followers on Twitch.

In March 2019, Benjyfishy signed with NRG Esports, further enhancing his reputation in the gaming world.

He became one of the first players globally to secure qualification for both Fortnite World Cup events. This happened after he placed 3rd in the Week 1 Solo Qualifier event and 1st in the Week 2 Duo Qualifier event.

His success continued post-World Cup, dominating Season X with Mongraal and Mitr0 (MMB) and in duo tournaments with Mr Savage and solos. By the end of 2021, he was ranked No.1 in Europe Cumulative for PC on Gamepedia.

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But in June 2022, Benjyfishy made a big change in his job. He quit playing competitive Fortnite to become a professional Valorant player.

He left NRG in December 2022 to take the next step in his career and is now playing with Enterprise in the Valorant Challengers League East. Despite this shift, he remains with his esports organization, NRG, creating Valorant content for them.

Personal Life

Benjy David Fish, better known as Benjyfishy, was born on April 2, 2004, in the United Kingdom.

From a young age, he showed an interest in sports and gaming. He played rugby, cricket, and soccer and even won several 10-pin bowling trophies, a sport he started playing when he was three.

But he had to stop playing sports because he had two major leg injuries and was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter and Sever disease. This led him to focus more on video games.

Benjyfishy’s mother plays a big role in his personal life. She acts as his manager and even has her own YouTube page where she streams herself playing Fortnite.

Tragically, his father passed away when Benjyfishy was just eight months old. Despite the challenges, Benjyfishy has expressed interest in buying a home for his mother in the future. This gesture shows his deep appreciation for her support throughout his career.

FAQs about Benjyfishy

FAQs about Benjyfishy

How old is Benjyfishy?

Benjyfishy was born on the 2nd of April, 2004 and that makes him 19 years old as of 2023.

How did Benjyfishy get famous?

Benjyfishy gained exposure for being one of the top players in Fortnite’s WC.

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How much does Benjyfishy earn from YouTube?

Benjyfishy is estimated to be making around $6.3k to $7.5k a month, and $75.6k to $90k annually from his YouTube channel.

How much does Benjyfishy earn from Twitch?

Benjyfishy makes around $2.5k to $5k every month, and $30k to $60k a year from his Twitch subscribers.

How much money does Mr Savage make?

MrSavage won $433,483.40 in cash prizes from 115 games before he turned 18. 93.12% of his total prize money was won before November 12, 2022.

What is Mongraal net worth?

Kyle Jackson is well-known in the game world as Mongraal, which is his online name. Mongraal has an estimated net worth of between $2 and $4 million in 2023.


In conclusion, Benjyfishy’s net worth is a testament to his incredible talent and success in the gaming industry. As he continues to dominate the gaming scene, we can only expect his fortune to soar even higher. Keep an eye out for this young prodigy, as he’s undoubtedly on the path to even greater success and riches in the future. Game on!

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