Best 3 Way Car Speakers 2023: Top Brands Review

Best 3 Way Car Speakers 2023 Top Brands Review
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Whether you are looking to upgrade your car audio system or build one from scratch, finding the best 3 way car speakers is essential. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right ones for your needs.

However, by taking into account factors such as power handling, frequency response, and sensitivity, you can narrow down the field and find the perfect speakers for your car.

Top Rated Best 3 Way Car Speakers in 2023

Top Rated Best 3 Way Car Speakers in 2023

1. Kicker DS693 Car Speakers

Kicker’s DS693 3-Way is a top-selling pair.

The DS693 speakers are exceptionally well made and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a solid 3-Way that can continuously handle a large amount of power handling.

Kicker 3-way DS693 6’x9″ speakers have stiff polypropylene cones supported by robust and heavy-duty polyester foam surrounds. The 2″ poly dome midranges bring out the dimension and depth of musical instruments. The 1/2″ balanced soft dome tweeters amplify high-frequency range details and give your music energy and ambiance.

The speakers’ narrow frequency response would be my main complaint. The DS693 speakers, unlike most other 3 way speakers that can reach up to 30 Khz or 40 Khz like the other speakers we have listed here, only reach 20 Khz.

But, high frequencies above 20 kHz are too far beyond human hearing capabilities so that most people won’t notice any difference. It is one of the best kicker door speakers. 

KICKER 43DSC69304DS 6x9 720...
182 Reviews


  • 30-20,000Hz high frequency response
  • Neodymium magnet tweeters
  • Decent bass performance with low-impedance
  • Attractive
  • Great sound quality


  • Bulky
  • Follow the instructions of your manufacturer.

2. JBL GTO939 3 Way Black Car Coaxial Audio Speakers

JBL is a formidable brand and makes some of the Best coaxial speakers on the market. The GTO939 3-way speakers are built to last and deliver excellent overall sound quality.

These good speakers feature a Plus One woofer cone, butyl rubber surround, flexible mylar–titanium tweeter, and super-tweeter. They can handle 300 watts peak power handling and have an RMS rating of 100 watts peak. The mounting depth is only 3 inches.

The JBL’s excellent overall sound quality is reflected in the rich, crisp highs. The super-tweeter also makes the lows more precise and smooth.

The speakers can withstand high volumes without distortion for long periods. However, the bass may become muddy at higher volumes. These car doors are one of the best car speakers without amp and come at a higher price. This keeps them out of our top two spots.



  • Superior audio quality and construction quality
  • Woofer Cones for Specialized Plus One Woofers
  • High power handling rating
  • Super-tweeter with adjustable settings For crisp highs


  • Expensive
  • High volumes can produce a muddy bass sound.

3. Infinity KAPPA 93iX

Infinity’s Kappa Series of Speakers elegantly combines premium quality and top-of-its-class sound while remaining affordable.

These speakers have a glass-fiber woofer cone paired with a hi-roll butyl rubber surround and soft dome tweeters.

These woofers boost the high frequencies and keep up with the broader cone of 6”x9″ woofers. The Kappa’s glass fiber-woofers are made to maintain their shape even when you crank up the more power handling. This allows for a punchy, defined bass. Glass fiber is also lightweight, so it doesn’t require a lot of power handling.

Edge-driven textile dome microphones, on the other hand, have impressive dispersion properties and improve stere-imaging. These silk dome tweeters can be set up with a bass output level switch. You can choose between +0 dB (flat) or +3 dB.

Infinity KAPPA93iX speakers are capable of producing 110 watts RMS and 330 W at peak. They have a 96 dB sensitivity (at 283 volts) and a 35Hz to 30kHz frequency range.

This allows them to produce rich sound with energetic bass and a remarkable low-frequency response that gives off a feeling of realness. If you are looking for the best car speakers for bass and sound quality, then it is for you.

Infinity KAPPA-93iX 6 x 9...
19 Reviews


  • Great sound quality, well-balanced sound
  • Simple to manage
  • The strong bass


  • None

4. Kicker 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

Kicker’s 6×9-inch is one of our best 3-way 6×9 speakers. These speakers have an RMS power handling rating of 90 watts peak and a peak power rating of 360 watts peak. They fit easily into standard car audio kit fittings thanks to their thin profile.

The tweeter is flush with the speaker and has a minimal protrusion. The Kickers are not very powerful, but the higher output provides clear and superior audio quality without distortion. They are renowned for their crystal-clear middle frequency range, which allows for excellent vocal reproduction and sharp and cutting highs.

These best mids and highs car audio coaxials are lacking in bass. Although you would not expect a lot of bass from a 3-way speaker, Kickers’ bass is still disappointing.


  • Thin profile design
  • It is very little to no tweeter protrusion.
  • Superior quality


  • Bass reproduction is not available.

5. Alpine SPJ-691C3

The Alpine SPJ-691C3 speakers are very affordable. These are the most affordable 6X9 3way speakers you can purchase if you have a tight budget. These speakers sound great. The lows, best mid speakers for car, and highs all sound clear and crisp. There is almost no muddiness in the audible range.

The Alpine SPJ-691C3 car audio speakers are capable of handling up to 60 watts peak continuously. They also have a 90dB sensitivity rating. These speakers can be paired with your factory speakers to provide a dynamic sound improvement and be connected to an external amplifier or aftermarket stereo for enhanced performance.

These Alpine speakers have hybrid pearl-mica injection woofer cones, and air-injected butyl rubber surround. They also feature balanced titanium dome tweeters.

These speakers aren’t as impressive as their type R counterparts. However, unless your serious audiophile is on the fence, Alpine SPJ-691C3 speakers will work just fine. It is seen as among the Best car speakers 2020. 

Alpine SPJ-691C3 Alpine 6 x 9...
118 Reviews


  • Affordable price
  • Good design
  • Well balanced sound system
  • Bass is a great instrument.


  • It’s not too much

6. Pioneer TS-A1676R

Pioneer has made a name for itself in the loudspeaker market. Pioneer offers a wide range of speakers: from Hi-Fi speakers for living rooms to soundbars, home theater systems, and the underlying system for a car stereo.

Pioneer is our top-recommended car sound system brand. The TS-A series of speakers seems to be the perfect fit for many guys. This is probably due to their middle-high pricing.

Pioneer TS-1676R 3 Way Speakers are a great alternative to OEM speakers. They offer superior audio quality and exceptional value.

These woofers are equipped with Mica Matrix woofer cones that are highly rigid and have deeper bass. They also feature paper cone tweeters which produce crisp highs and optimized sound at higher volumes without becoming shrill or harsh.

Pioneer TS-1676R speakers have a 90dB sensitivity rating and can deliver up to 50 W per channel. Although they can be used with your stereo, the Pioneer TS-A1676R car audio speakers will shine when connected to an external amp.

The Pioneer TS-1676R 3 way car audio system is one of the best car audio brands 2020. They sound great and are loud. It is the best item for you to replace factory-installed speakers.



  • Good design
  • Good sound
  • Good bass response
  • Surround of Lightweight Elastic Polymer


  • High volumes can produce a muddy bass sound.

7. Pioneer TS-A1670F Max 3-Way

Pioneer’s TS-A1670F three-way speakers are great-looking and sound great. These speakers have a peak power rating (320 watts) and an RMS rating (70 watts peak), which is enough power for most audiophiles.

The multi-layer mica matrix used to make the woofer cone ensures optimum audio quality and long life. The cellulose fiber is used for the midrange speaker cone, while the PET (polyethylene terephthalate hard-dome) tweeter is made. It is an actual 3-way speaker that will produce punchy bass and soft middles, and crisp highs.

Users report distortion at low volumes and a muddy, barely audible bass response. High volumes can also cause the speakers to rattle. It is one of the very best car speakers under 100


  • Decent power output
  • Low, medium, and high separation
  • Well balanced sound


  • Muddy lows
  • High volumes can cause distortion and rattling.

8. Sony XSFB1330 3-Way Car Audio Speakers

If you want to replace your factory speakers, the XSFB1330 three-way Sony speakers are a great choice. They feature a foamed-mica cell reinforced woofer cone, a 1-inch tweeter, and a 3/4-inch piezo super tweeter.

They have a 35 watts RMS rating and a peak of 240 watts peak. These stock speakers are powerful and can deliver a deep bass response with clear highs.

These stock speakers have a rich, precise bass response but lack power. These speakers won’t produce much bass thump even with EQ tuning. However, a super-tweeter can give you incredible highs, so that a subwoofer might be a good option. If you are looking for the best cheap car speakers, it is the best item for you to replace factory-installed speakers.

Sony XSFB1330 5.25-Inches 240...
1,233 Reviews


  • It’s affordable
  • Good build quality
  • Piezo super-tweeter


  • Bass’s response is lacking.
  • Low power consumption

9. JBL Stage 963 3-Way Coaxial Car Audio Systems

JBL’s Stage 9603 coaxial speakers have a stunning aesthetic that looks as good as they sound. They can pack a punch with an RMS rating of 70 Watts and peak power rating of 210 Watts.

Thanks to the injection-molded polypropylene cone, PEI balanced dome speaker, and piezoelectric ultra-tweeter, these speakers have smooth, warm middle and crystal-clear highs. The JBL speakers have names and the low price makes this a great deal.

Many users report a lack of bass response and distortion at high volumes. However, they can sometimes have a tinny sound masked mainly by EQ correction. If you are searching for the best car speakers for sound quality, you should try this speaker.

JBL GX963 300W 6' X 9' 3-Way...
376 Reviews


  • It’s affordable
  • Amazing-looking
  • Decent power output


  • Poor bass response
  • Without EQ adjustment, the sound is thin and tinny.

10. Rockford Fosgate Full Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker

We choose the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Coaxials as the best 3-way speaker for the price. These coaxials have a mounting depth of 2.15 inches and a width of 6.5 inches.

They come with mounting hardware and attractive front speaker grills. They include high-pass crossovers and polypropylene cones. The RMS rating for each speaker is 45 watts peak, and the peak power rating is 90 watts.

These speakers have a robust mid-range response and clear and sharp highs. After a little EQ tweaking, the bass response is excellent, and these speakers have a surprising kick.

They are not as durable rubber surround as premium speakers and will need to be replaced every few years. They are not in our top ten. If you are looking for the best item for you to replace factory-installed speakers, it is for you.

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime...
3,186 Reviews


  • It’s affordable
  • Amazing bass response
  • External Crossovers with integrated high-pass
  • Mounting hardware and speaker grills included
  • Best 3 way 6.5 speakers


  • Sub-par construction

What are 3 Way Speakers?

The 2-way speaker, also known as coaxial speakers, usually includes a tweeter and a woofer. However, 3-way speakers, also called tri-axial or tri-axial speakers, add the middle-range component speakers. It’s similar to a woofer but is a bit smaller.

What are 3 Way Speakers

The primary function of the mid-range is to reproduce sound frequencies between the lows and highs of a tweeter and the woofer. This includes instruments, such as trumpets and saxophones, and most importantly, human voices. The majority of sounds in this range are familiar to the human ear.

There are exceptions to this general rule, however. Some manufacturers use a super-tweeter instead of a midrange driver to increase the high-frequency response of speakers or add more detail.

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

If you’re looking to replace your factory-installed speakers, a 3-way speaker might be a good option. A 3-way speaker can provide decent sound quality without costing a lot and taking up little space in your car. You can get decent bass and a clear and smooth middle-range from a set of 3-way sound systems.

The highs are crisp, and the bass response is good. This is cheaper than buying separate component speakers, which require multiple crossover and separate amplifiers. However, there are many important things to choose the right car speakers for your vehicle


Higher power bass output doesn’t always mean more volume, and it doesn’t necessarily translate into better sound quality. The volume output depends on the type of amplifier you use, how your speakers are wired, and where your speakers are placed inside your car.

Another confusing factor is the peak vs. RMS ratings.

RMS ratings refer to the continuous power a speaker can use, while peak power ratings are how much it can handle quickly. The RMS rating is a more accurate representation of a speaker’s capabilities. This number should be your primary concern.

Sound Quality

Without actually being able to hear the speaker, it can be challenging to judge its decent sound quality. Other than apparent factors like brand names or material quality, there are a few key considerations:

Coaxial vs. Triaxial: A 2-way coaxial speaker will typically provide highs and a bass/middle-woofer. Triaxial (3-way speaker) will include a woofer, a tweeter, and a middle speaker. A super-tweeter can be added for clear highs.

Frequency range: Speakers with frequencies between 20Hz to 22,000Hz will produce the best audio reproduction.

Crossovers: A crossover separates the incoming audio signal from the different bands of frequencies. A 3-way speaker with a built-in crossover can sound better and save you the effort of installing a separate unit.

Best SQ Car Speakers FAQs

Best SQ Car Speakers FAQs

How do I connect a 3-way speaker to a stereo amplifier?

When it comes to music, most people use a stereo system. A 3-way speaker is a perfect option for a stereo system, and it will work well in a car. The first step is to connect the wires from the rear of the speaker to the amp.

Then plug in the amp to the car’s power source. Plug the wire from the continuous power source to the amp. Turn on the stereo and then set the volume to a comfortable level.

Press and hold the volume and then the bass/treble control and then adjust the volume. The volume can be adjusted through the stereo system’s user interface, but you might want to use the car’s built-in speakers for this step.

What are the best 5-way speakers?

The 5-way speakers are a great way to have a vehicle sound amazing. They offer a full range of sound that you can hear from every angle in the car.

The good thing about them is that they take up less space than three-way speakers, which allows the other parts of the car to be more spacious.

For this reason, they are also more efficient than 3-way speakers.

The tweeters are the topmost set of speakers in the 5-way system. They are usually made of neodymium magnets that are placed on top of the woofer.

What is the difference in sound quality between a two-way and a three-way speaker?

Typically, a three-way speaker has an additional, dedicated tweeter and one or two midrange drivers. So the sound quality is better because it has a broader range of frequencies.

The difference in sound quality between a 2 way and a 3-way speaker is that typically, a three-way speaker has an additional, dedicated tweeter and one or two midrange drivers.

So it allows the treble to extend higher. This is why 3-way speakers are more expensive than 2-way speakers.

Below, you will see two diagrams of how the tweeter and midrange speaker get their power from the rest of the speakers in the car.

Do 3-way speakers have bass?

A subwoofer is an additional driver that covers the low frequencies or bass range of a three-way speaker. This setup has the advantage of adjusting it for different music styles and will sound great with any type of music.

Do you need a crossover for 3-way speakers?

Crossovers are used to split the audible frequency range spectrum between speakers. The crossover configuration is critical to the sound quality of a speaker system, whether it is a 2-way speaker system or a 3-way speaker system.

Does a crossover improve sound quality?

Coaxial speakers are a whole system that uses small crossovers. You can reduce distortion and improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system by making sure the correct frequencies reach the speakers.


The 3-way speakers are a must for any car. These speakers offer the best sound quality and will make any drive much more enjoyable. So make sure you install at least one in your car.

The 3-way speakers from Kicker are the best choice if you are still confused about making a decision, and the Rockford Fosgate R165X3s is the best product for you if you need a good speaker at an affordable price.


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