Best 4X6 Car Speakers 2023: Top Brands Review

Best 4X6 Car Speakers 2023 Top Brands Review

Having the best audio system possible in your car will change how you feel while driving, regardless of what you use to produce it. Different people have different needs, but there are numerous options for upgrading with a 4×6 size. Here are some of the Best 4X6 Car Speakers on the market, which are very affordable and deliver excellent sound quality.

Top Rated Best 4X6 Car Speakers Brands in 2023

Top Rated Best 4X6 Car Speakers Brands in 2023

1. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462

This Rockford Fosgate product is a great way to begin our list of the best 4×6 speakers. The P1462 punch could be the set for you if you’re looking for new speakers that are not only reliable but also pack a big punch.

The speaker set includes Rockford Fosgate’s Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST), which increases the Speaker’s effective radiating area without increasing its size. This technique allows for a 25% increase of active radiating cone area compared to standard 4×6 speakers.

RP1462 full range speaker features a flexible fit basket that uses slots instead of single screw-sized holes This allows for a slight adjustment to the Speaker once it is mounted.

Rockford Fosgate punch p1462 4×6 speakers features Integrated Concealed Crossovers (ICC), which hide the built-in crossover within the basket. This ensures a neat look and makes installation a little easier.

Multi-OEM Adapter plates allow round components or full-range car audio in specific OEM openings. This is one of the best features of this speaker pair. This means that you can fit the speaker pair in virtually any vehicle.

The speaker is worth mentioning the Speaker’s construction. Excellent sound quality is assured by the polypropylene injection-molded cone, mineral-filled surround, and butyl rubber surround cone.

The Rockford Fosgate p1462 punch loudspeaker is the car sound system you should consider if you want the best car speakers for bass.


  • Rockford Fosgate’s VAST provides 25% more surface space than standard 4×6 speakers.
  • Excellent performance in the low-end frequency response band.
  • A Multi-OEM adapter is highly convenient.
  • Crisp and clear audio
  • Sleek design


  • A little higher than usual.
  • It is a questionable matter how long you live.

2. Polk Audio DB461P

These Polk Audio speakers are compassionate at 91dB. They also have a giant magnet that provides a powerful kick and great overall sound quality. The high-quality sound is crisp and maintains its clarity even at high volumes.

The cone is made from a dynamic balance polymer/mica combination, which reduces vibrations while providing additional stability.

As with most 4×6 speakers, the bass could use an amp and a subwoofer since they are too small to bang. These Polk Audio speakers stand out with a solid audio experience with excellent sensitivity and incredible sounding highs and mids. If you are looking for the top car speakers without amp, it is exactly what you wish.


  • Solid RMS power handling up to 40W
  • They are highly durable and even certified marine, which means they can withstand all weather conditions.
  • Highs and mids that powerful sound great
  • High-quality materials


  • Some improvements are needed in the more bass
  • They can’t handle an amplifier with a peak wattage of 120W.

3. Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 600W

Our fourth Speaker is the mid-level, but they are still solid and reliable speakers that will get the job done. Pioneer TS6986R speakers deliver powerful, solid speakers that exceed your expectations. These 4×6 speakers are 600W and provide exceptional audio power.

These are great new speakers for all occasions that will perform well and significantly improve stock speakers. This 4×6 4-way loudspeaker can be fitted to a wide variety of vehicles, although we did find that some customers had to modify their cars to make them work.

The soft-dome, waveguide tweeter, and soft-dome driver also provided excellent sound quality for lower wattage usage. These are the best 4×6 car audio speakers, and we highly recommend them if you’re looking to save money.

Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6'...
100 Reviews


  • Solid and all-round Speaker
  • 600W for incredible audio output
  • 4-way full-range speaker
  • High-end speakers


  • A mid-level speaker is slightly more expensive than the average.
  • Maximum output will cause distortion.

4. Pioneer TS-A4676R 4×6 3-Way full-range Speaker

Pioneer speakers are the best car 4×6 speakers in the industry. Pioneer used the same material for the spider as their PRS series great speakers.

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These Pioneer speakers are small and lightweight, making them very easy to fit into your car stock speakers and have a peak power handling rating of 200W.

Their 88dB sensitivity is slightly lower than many other entries on the list. However, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t as sensitive as other speakers. You need to crank up the volume to achieve the same sound quality as speakers with higher sensitivity.


  • Cone of multilayer mica that is well-suited for high volumes
  • Use with amplifiers and receivers up to 200W max
  • Easy to install and lightweight
  • Compatible with many car models
  • Great sound


  • Sensitivity is slightly lower than comparable units
  • Only 30W can be handled regularly
  • Grills are not available

5. Kicker KSC4604 KSC460 Coaxial Speakers

Kicker has been in-car audio for over 50 years. While their listening experience is not as extensive as Pioneer’s, it is safe for us to say they are well-respected in the speaker department. The Kicker KSC4604 Coaxial Speakers are a solid choice for a 4×6 speaker for under $100.

The Kicker KSC4604 coaxial speakers are equipped with a Polypropylene Woofer and butyl rubber surround. This ensures durability and excellent audio performance even under stress. It shines in the lower-end spectrum.

These Kicker speakers have a thin-mount design that is one of its best features. It can be installed behind factory grilles easily, thanks to its thin-mount design. You will love its clean appearance.

The speaker pair includes silk dome tweeters. This results in exceptional high-frequency range performance. The pei balanced dome tweeters produce clear and crisp audio that is among the best in the class.

The Kicker KSC4604 4×6 coaxial speakers are powerful. It is the most speakers on our list, boasting a peak power output of 75 Watts RMS. It is deafening but does not stutter when listened to at maximum volume.

Kicker speakers have another winner in their arsenal. These 4×6 speakers are exceptional in the highs and mids. The low-end performance might not be enough for bass lovers. It is seen as one of the very best 4×6 kicker car speakers in 2023.

KICKER KSC4604 KSC460 4x6 Coax...
167 Reviews


  • We are impressed by the performance in the highs and mids.
  • It is the loudest item on our list thanks to its 75 Watts RMS power.
  • It can be installed behind factory grilles thanks to its thin mount design.
  • Well balanced sound


  • It is not an outstanding punchy bass performance. It’s adequate at best.
  • It is difficult to predict long-term reliability!

6. JBL 6420 Club Series 2 Way Speaker

A list of the Best Speakers would not be complete without JBL products. JBL is a leading brand of in-car audio, and it’s not surprising why. The Club 6420 comparable speakers may not be the most expensive JBL speaker, but it is comparable to the best in its price class.

The speaker pair includes a UV-resistant, acoustically dampened polypropylene cone. This ensures a clear, unresonant powerful sound. You don’t lose any audio durability.

Like the Infinity 4×6 speakers, we reviewed previously, this product comes with Harman’s patent Plus One woofer cone design. This helps to increase the speaker cone area by a factor of four, resulting in higher sensitivity and better low-frequency response output. This means you will hear crisp, clear audio.

The JBL Club 6420 excellent speaker includes PEI balanced dome tweeters. This produces clear, smooth highs with excellent dispersion. All Club speakers are compact and can be installed in any vehicle.

The JBL Club 6420 may not be the best, especially in terms of bass quality. If you can overlook that, the speaker pair delivers excellent performance in both the middle and high-frequency response bands. It is seen as one of the best jbl car speakers in 2023.


  • It is loud enough with its 70 Watts RMS power handling output.
  • PEI balanced dome tweeter creates crisp, clear highs.
  • Harman’s Plus One woofer cone design allows for a larger cone area than standard 4×6 speakers.


  • Bass’s performance isn’t up to the Rockford Fosgate speaker that we previously reviewed.
  • It would be more helpful to have better instructions for installation.

7. Infinity REF-642cfx

While there are many great things about the Infinity REF 6422cfx, the bass response is my favorite. It is so powerful that the low-end can be felt as well as heard.

The Plus One design, which doubles the surface area of a woofer cone, is responsible for this. The cone can extract more frequencies, which allows for as much detail as possible. The cone also pushes out more air, making the bass sound thicker and punchier.

Despite their lower dampening capabilities, I love the way they make high sound quality. I listen to a lot of treble-dominated music, such as rock and metal. Silk dome tweeters remove the harshness from the upper frequencies, allowing the subtleties in heavy guitar riffs and harmonies to shine through.

The Infinity REF6422cfx has a maximum RMS power handling of 45 watts RMS and can take a bit more peak power rating than other 4×6 speakers available. But, I wouldn’t pair it with a powerful speaker because it might cause it to go too loud, potentially damaging it.

The REF-6422cfx isn’t going to need much, as it has the highest sensitivity (92dB) of all the speakers on this list. You can still get louder volume by connecting it to a low-powered speaker.

This Speaker also uses True Four Ohms Impedance technology. This means that while the Speaker’s impedance is 3 ohms, the speaker wire adds 1. This brings the total resistance to the amplifier up to 4 ohms. It is seen as the very best sound quality speaker.

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  • High clarity and peak power in the details.
  • Highs of warmth and refinement
  • High Sensitivity


  • Loud volumes can make high frequencies seem harsher than usual.
  • High-powered audio systems are not compatible.

8. CERWIN-VEGA Mobile HS746

Enjoy the soothing melody of this Speaker by CERWIN-VEGA. The coaxial arrangement of the Speaker means that high-quality audio can be diffused in all directions so everyone can hear it.

The combination of red and black makes it attractive. The CERWIN-VEGA Mobile HS746 coaxial speakers are seen as the best budget speakers.


  • Value proposition
  • Rich sound
  • Good color combination


  • It’s not a well-known brand.

9. BOSS Audio CH4630 3W Full Range Speaker

Boss Audio is another brand that provides excellent value. Although the audio quality is not as good as Pioneer or Rockford Fosgate Punch, it is still very affordable. It is also better than standard stock speakers.

A 3 Year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty is a great feature. Boss Audio is not as reliable as Rockford Fosgate Punch and Pioneer, so this warranty gives you peace of mind when purchasing the product.

This model can support a maximum of 500W per 2 pairs. It will ensure that you are never short of power in highs and lows.

The brand strives to provide durable products that last the test of time, so its build quality is good despite its lower price. With the combination of red and black, the product’s visual appeal is worth praising.

The cone material plays is a critical factor in the audio quality. The red poly-injection cones are a great way to ensure the woofer is at its best. The butyl rubber surround sweetens this deal.

It weighs just 6 pounds and can fit into most cars and trucks. It would help if you were cautious when installing them as they are lightweight and fragile.

The BOSS Audio CH4630 4×6 speaker system is an affordable entry-level model that won’t break the bank. This model is one of the best cheap speakers for car for those with low expectations.


  • For those looking for something more than the stock sound, consider investing in decent starter speakers.
  • Both eyes and ears will find it attractive.
  • It is straightforward to fit because of its small size.


  • Pairing amplifiers with car speakers is not a good idea. Be careful not to damage the car speakers.

10. Pyle PL463BL Mid Range Triaxial Stereo Speaker

Although they may not be directly comparable to the car speakers above, the last two brands make a compelling case for their value. The Pyle PL463BL car stereo system is an excellent value for money, especially considering its current price. But is it worth the investment? Let’s find the answer!

Good performance in the highs and mids is ensured by the 3/4-inch piezo and neodymium-film dome midranges. The excellent audio quality at this price.

The Speaker’s woofer has a very flashy blue poly injection cone that is lightweight and quite stiff. Its sturdy construction guarantees that it will not fail in stressful situations.

THE Pyle PL463BL car stereo speakers set includes a 1-inch ASV voice coil ready to handle high temperatures and high wattage conditions.
The speaker pair includes a non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround that protects the car speakers and extends the product’s life.

PL463BL speakers may not be for everyone. The stereo quality will not impress audiophiles. This is one of the very best car speakers under 100 if you’re looking for a pair of speakers that are reasonably priced and have clear sound.


  • It is pretty loud.
  • The blue poly injection cone has a lightweight and is very rigid.
  • Reasonable price


  • The sound quality is average.
  • It does not perform well in high volumes.

If you are want to purchase a new car speaker, you should measure its location carefully first:

Things to Consider Before You Buy The Best 4×6 Speakers for Car

Things to Consider Before You Buy The Best 4x6 Speakers for Car

Choosing the right speakers to replace your factory speakers is not as hard as you might think. All opinions aside, you only need to pay attention to three main things: power handling, sensitivity, cone materials, and price.


Sensitivity is the measurement of the speaker’s sound about its power handling. Factory-installed speakers are low-powered (often 15 W or less per channel), so high-sensitivity speakers with 90 dB and more will benefit them. Car speakers with larger power systems (16 W RMS) or more would have a lower sensitivity.

Power handling

This unit is used to determine the speaker’s power handling capability. Your stock speakers do not have to be able to withstand high power if you have a low-powered stereo. Speakers that can handle a powerful external amp will need to have a power handling capability equal to the amp’s output.

Quality of the woofer cone: A low-end frequency range woofer’s size and frequency range reproduction capabilities directly affect its quality. Manufacturers experiment with different cone materials to increase output, as car speakers are limited in scope. Before you buy car speakers, make sure to check the cone type.


Last but not least, price is something that everyone should consider. Although this review was intended to help you find affordable and high-quality products, you mustn’t hesitate to compare other products, even if they are less expensive. You never know what system might change your factory car stereo.

Frequency range

Frequency response is an important indicator of sound quality. Speakers with a wide frequency range are essential if you want powerful bass and vibrant mids and highs. Speakers with frequencies between 50 and 100 Hz will work.

Subwoofers are a great way to increase the low-frequency response range of speakers. However, you need to pay close attention to speakers’ frequency range as this can be an indicator of quality.

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Material and shape

Be sure to check the dimensions and shapes of your factory speakers before you start looking for speakers. Many speakers are not designed to fit into your factory stereo speaker. Oval-shaped speakers often come with square plates. However, you won’t have to modify your car audio system to do them. Look for car speakers that have many drilling holes and plates.

The cone material influences sound production. Stiffer materials will produce fewer vibrations, but all things are equal.

Sound Quality

This is the most critical aspect of choosing a speaker. A speaker with poor sound quality is not something you want! When buying a speaker, you should look out for speakers with great sound control and distortion control.

While some speakers have excellent power handling, they don’t offer excellent distortion control. It’s challenging to control distortion at 600W. It all depends on what you are looking for in speakers!


Listening to your favorite song is the best way to test your 4×6 speakers. Your ears will tell you if your speaker is good enough by listening to the music, the bass, and the vocals.

To get the best audio from your stock speakers, make sure you listen to great music. Your speakers may not be capable of capturing all the details in compressed music files.

You might pair 4×6 speakers with a subwoofer and an amplifier, as they are not designed for bass. You can install the subwoofer inside your trunk to get the lower frequencies, while your 4×6 speakers will deliver the highs and mids from the front.

Type of Speaker

Type of Speaker

You have two options when it comes to choosing a speaker: Full-range or Component. Let’s take a look at each type.

Full-Range Speakers

The car audio, in its simplest form, only contains a dome tweeter or woofer. This is the minimum necessary to handle lower and higher frequencies of music. For more complex models, an additional sound driver will be added.

This is usually a super dome tweeter or midrange driver. The first handles the middle frequencies, which determine how the sound will sound: the latter processes the extended upper frequencies, the very high-pitched sounds.

Full-range car audio can be installed quickly and come in a range of price points.

Component Speakers

The crossovers in component speakers separate the signal into bass, middle, and treble frequencies. They then direct it to the appropriate sound driver.

This results in better imaging. The speaker will be able to accurately reproduce the location of the instruments in the original mix.

High-quality component speakers can create a more live experience by delivering a greater sense of authenticity to the music. It’s almost as if you are sitting in the middle row at a concert hall and watching a performance.

The quality of component speakers is usually higher than that of full-range models. They are often more expensive because of this.

Best 4×6 Speaker 2023 FAQs

FAQs about Best 4x6 Speaker 2023

Will a hole in a subwoofer noticeably affect the sound?

Whether you are working on your sound system or that of a loved one, some things may be apparent to the musician that aren’t obvious to the rest of us.

There are two critical questions about these sorts of issues that need to be answered for the sake of accuracy. First, how large is the hole in this subwoofer? Second, was there one more than one of these holes? While most people think that two or more holes will change the sound of an audio device, this isn’t always the case. One spot will not sound noticeably different than one hole.

As long as the subwoofer is not too small, there isn’t anything wrong with having multiple holes. Many subwoofers do not have many holes at all.

However, small subwoofers may have various spots, so take the extra hole into consideration when trying to decide how it will affect the sound of your stereo system.

What is an Ohm?

If you know anything about electronics, the word “ohm” may sound familiar. So what is an ohm? It’s not something that many people outside of the technical realm are thoroughly familiar with. Here is a short, simple explanation.

If you were to connect your iPad to the wall outlet, you would see the voltage (or strength) of the current (or flow) coming out of the outlet. The current goes through the wires hooked up to the outlet, which is how you can get electricity into your device.

How much power output does my 4×6 speakers need to be?

So you’ve gone ahead and bought your pair of 4×6 speakers, but how do you find out what size amplifier to use with them? First of all, check the type of impedance that comes with the speaker. It will tell you how much power they need. For example, 4 x 6″ 50W RMS Sound Systems are the ones I’m currently using.

What is the bass performance of a 4×6 speaker?

When purchasing speakers, it is imperative to know the specifications of your desired speaker. It would help if you considered things like how many watts RMS can be put into the speaker system before there is damage, the range of the bass performance, and what sound quality you desire from your speakers.


If you are in the market for new car speakers, here are the top best 4×6 audio. There are many factors to consider when shopping for car speakers, but these brands are generally quite reasonable if budget is no object.

And Punch p1462 is one of the best sellers on the market now.  We hope that the information presented has helped you to be more educated when making your next purchase.

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