Best 6.5 Car Speakers 2023: Top Brands Review

Best 6.5 Car Speakers 2023: Top Brands Review
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Are you in the market for new car speakers? Are you at a loss regarding what models are best for your needs and which ones are worth the money? If you are one of them, this is an excellent place for you. Here are our Best 6.5 Car Speakers in 2023, and Hookeaudio will detail each of their benefits and drawbacks, so you know car speakers exactly which model will be the best choice for your needs.

Top Rated Best 6.5 Car Speaker in 2023

Top Rated Best 6.5 Car Speakers in 2023

1. Focal K2 Power

Best buy car speakers 6.5

Focal K2 high input power 165KRC 6.5 speaker are powerful speaker that can handle 160 watts peak. It also has a superb frequency response range and a good sensitivity (93 dB). This set of coaxial speaker is undoubtedly the best on the market and will blow away any competition.

The 165KRC 6.5 speakers have woofers made from Aramid foam, glass fibers, and foam. They are specifically designed to play all kinds of music with precision. Non-magnetic baskets made from zinc-aluminum alloy are used to mount the woofers, eliminating interference.

Focal tests each model during assembly to make sure they are up to Focal’s high standards. It is expensive so that it may be a bit costly. The Focal K2’s coaxial speaker is worth the investment if you have the money. If you are searching for the best car speakers without amp, why are you trying this car audio world?

Focal EC 165 K 6-1/2' K2 Power...
9 Reviews


  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Innovative design
  • Coaxial speaker are great
  • Wide sound stage


  • There’s not much to be noted

2. Hertz Hcx 165

Best 6.5-inch car speakers

Hertz makes high-performance car audio equipment. These HCX165 high-energy two-way 6 1/2 coaxial speakers are a great example of this. As with all high-end products, the price is also essential.

These 6.5 speakers are top-rated for motorcycles because of their quality of sound and volume.

These speaker feature large magnets and pure copper extended voice coil that produce higher energy and better speaker performance. This results in power perfection-geared notes.

High-performance 6.5 speakers feature a damped mesh fiber cone with aerodynamic gaskets. This helps to eliminate unwanted distortion and ensures a superior natural sound. These six 1/2-inch speaker are also equipped with well-engineered cones that provide smoother feedback and broader bandwidth. This ensures long-lasting performance.

These speakers have a high power handling of 100W at 4 ohms impedance and a frequency response of 50-22kHZ. They also produce crystal clear high and mid-bass at loud volumes.

The speakers have rotary high frequency range contours that allow drivers to tilt the tweeters towards them. This allows you to customize the sound to your taste. They also have a sleek design that looks as good as their great sound.

Although these Hertz HCX165 6.5 speaker can be expensive, I recommend them for those who have the budget. These speakers are perfect for motorcycle riders. This brand is one of the best brands car audio industry.


  • Tweeters with angle turntables
  • Highs are bright and clean.
  • Lows are powerful
  • Very good sound with crisp and clear sounds


  • Prices high

3. Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6

Best mid range 6.5 car speaker

Rockford Fosgate is a leading manufacturer in the car audio market. This PPS4-6 is a continuation of their legacy in the U.S.A.

These 6.5-inch midrange automobile speakers have a high S.P.L. (Sound Pressure Level) and offer exceptional sound.

Thanks to the motor structure’s large size and high-temperature voice coil, you have more control over the sound. This gives you greater power, which allows you to perform better over more extended periods.

The speaker’s fiber reinforced paper cone surround and corrugated-treated cloth surround reduce distortion dramatically and deliver a high sonic qualities level.

These 4 Ohm 6 1/2 speakers have 400 watts max power per pair and 100W R.M.S. This ensures that they deliver high volumes. Although the frequency response is limited at 85Hz-5kHz, these 6.5 coaxials are not for lows. You get great mids and highs, with no distortion, at 92.5 dB.

These Rockford Fosgate’s midrange speakers are my top picks. They are available in pairs, but you can also buy one speaker. This is ideal for anyone needing to replace an existing speaker.

These grills are available with attractive grills and universal mounting hardware. When used with a stock sound system, these are great, but they shine when powered by an external amplifier.

These aftermarket speaker are best used in a complete setup and can produce high-quality midrange sound. Your listening experience will be exceptional when you pair them with the deep bass response from subwoofers or two and highs from your tweeters. All of this is driven by a quality amplifier. If you are looking for the best 6.5″ car speakers, it might be for you.

Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 Punch...
519 Reviews


  • Potent midbass and low midrange
  • Your sound system can be taken to a new level


  • Without an amp, you can’t unleash their full potential.
  • Installation problems may arise from large magnets.

4. Alpine R-Series R-S65

Best bass speakers for car

The Kenwood speakers are an excellent choice for a low price, but these Alpine R-Series speakers are my favorite automobile speakers. If you have the budget, this 6.5 speaker will provide you with excellent bass and sound.

The Alpine R-Series6.5 coaxial speaker has a lot of great features. They feature hybrid fiber woofers with multi-role rubber surrounds. This enhances the clarity and tone and provides a punchy, clean bass with minimal distortion.

The speakers also have silk tweeters measuring 1 inch in size that are highly responsive and allow highs to soar. They also cover the lows and mids perfectly.

This speaker can deliver 110 watts R.M.S. and provide extreme sound when you need it. These speakers are an excellent upgrade to stock stereo systems. If you pair them with 6×9 speaker in your car’s stereo system, the sound will be exceptional.

These Alpines can be expensive but produce clear, crisp lows and highs that are well-balanced for a full range sound. This is rare in a speaker with a 6.5.

You will have to spend a lot to get a high-performance speaker. However, these 6.5 speaker provide more headroom, top-end detail, and deep bass. If you are searching for the best 6.5 inch car speakers for bass, let’s try it right now.

Alpine R-S65.2 R-Series 6...
168 Reviews


  • Highs are bright and crisp clear range.
  • Excellent bass from 6 1/2 speakers
  • Great sounding speakers overall


  • Expensive
  • Plastic basket

5. Kicker 43DSC6504- Best 6.5’’ Coaxial

Best sounding 6.5 car speaker

Kicker 43DSC6504 2Watt Coaxial Speakers are a popular choice because they provide a significant improvement in the superior quality of sound and can be upgraded to factory car speakers without the need for an external amplifier. They also come at a very affordable price.

This Kicker DS speaker sounds crisp and balanced thanks to its 6.5-inch rigid polypropylene cone woofers and zero protrusion pei balanced dome tweeters.

The speakers are supported by a stamped steel frame and a UV-treated, ribbed foam surround. This ensures that the speakers produce crisp highs and excellent midbass.

The speakers have a sensitivity of 90 decibels (dB), a frequency response range of 40 Hz to 20kHz, and an impedance of 4 ohms. Kicker recommends amplifiers with a maximum power of 60 watts R.M.S. For example, the Kicker CXA800.1 Subwoofer amplifier.

KICKER’s D.S. coaxial speakers are known for being easy to install. They can fit almost any vehicle door. This makes them an excellent choice for a factory speaker upgrade.

The difference in sound between the 6.5 and 6.5 automobile speakers is impressive, and they are among the most affordable on the market.

The 6.5 speakers also have modern grilles, high-quality sound clips, wire connectors, and high-quality screws. This is a rare feature in new car speaker sets. These speakers are fantastic and will improve the soundscape in your automobile.

Pair Kicker 46CSC654 CSC65...
2,270 Reviews


  • The factory speakers are no match for the sound quality, clear sound
  • Clear, crisp highs with the P.E.I. Domed Tweeter
  • Great midbass sound with the polypropylene woofer
  • Reasonable price


  • Bassheads will not like the sound of electronic bass, so they will need to have a complete system in place.
  • Too tight a push on the connectors could cause damage to the metal tabs of the speaker.

6. Infinity Reference Series REF6522IX

The Best Full Range Coaxial 6.5 Inch Car Speaker

Infinity REF6522IX speakers are ideal for replacing factory-worn 6.5-inch speakers. These full-range coaxial drivers are compelling and feature large polypropylene cones with hi roll rubber surrounds. They deliver a higher level of bass output and better midrange performance.

These six 1/2-inch Reference automobile speakers feature 1-inch textile dome tweeters. They deliver clear and smooth highs. The sister speaker set also has an adjustable tweeter output control for high-frequency range optimization.

Infinity’s Reference speakers, audiophile-grade tweeters, deliver a smooth, non-fatiguing tone at power output levels.

Harman’s Plus One woofer architecture is featured in the speakers. This provides a greater overall speaker-cone area than any other cones of its class. It also ensures higher sensitivity and better music reproduction.

Crystal-clear sound is possible because the cones of the speakers are separated from the magnets and tweeters. The speakers’ power handling of 55W R.M.S., 3 ohms Impedance and 3 ohms is ideal for loud and transparent bass, especially in the mid-to-high range.

Two types of mounting brackets are provided with the speaker, making it easy to fit them in almost any automobile door. These speakers are compatible with both stock stereo systems and can handle large volumes at low and high volumes.

These speakers are an excellent quality audio enhancement that can handle low and large volume levels with stock stereo systems. They also have a very affordable price so that you will get a distortion-free sound.


  • These speakers are great and have excellent mid-and high-range sound.
  • Every penny is worth it
  • Mounting brackets universal
  • Excellent sound from O.E.M. head unit without an additional amp


  • Too short wiring connector
  • Low bass speakers don’t work well with speakers. If you have an HPF, use it.
Pair Kicker 46CSC654 CSC65...
2,270 Reviews

7. Polk Audio DB652

The Polk Audio DB652 is a fashionable pair of speaker. It also boasts 300 watts of peak power handling per speaker. The DB652 wins the Car AudioNow Best Price award for its excellent frequency response range and sensitivity (92 dB) and a price tag of $70-the 80s.

Before the DB652, their predecessor, DB651, was our favorite. Their previous winner is still our favorite, the DB652. The newer DB652 is only an improvement on the DB651.

These woofers are made of polymer/mica composite with rubber surrounds that resist heat and moisture. They won’t crack or fall apart.

The tweeter is a 3/4″ liquid-cooled silk/polymer dome equipped with Neodymium magnets to produce crisp, precise high-frequency response sound reproduction. You can even turn the tweeters to point them where you want. The DB652s, like all Polk speakers, are waterproof and marine-rated. These speakers are great for putting in your boat.

Polk Audio DB652 DB+ Series...
1,353 Reviews


  • Use in marine environments (water-resistant)
  • Great power handling
  • Stylish grills
  • Smooth and natural sound


  • High temperatures can be quite harsh

8. Kenwood KFC 1653

Best 6.5 marine speakers

The Kenwood K.F.C. 1653 MRW marine speakers are renowned for their 6.5-inch two-way flush mount marine speakers. They have incredible audio capabilities and provide the peak power and range you need.

They have a frequency response range of 60 to 20,000 hertz and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. They also feature polypropylene cone-woofers with Santoprene rubber water resistance woofers and balanced dome tweeters measuring 1-inch. These speakers are sensitive at 86 decibels so that you won’t hear any squeaks in your favorite music.

This exceptional car speaker is an excellent choice among the many best 6.5 inch speakers. It can add a stunning look to almost any vehicle.

It can withstand the harsh effects of salt, water, and sunlight without causing any damage. Durable UV-resistant grilles and composite speaker baskets with stainless steel hardware provide outstanding performance over a long time.

These two-way speakers are great for relaxing on the boat or out at the marina. These speakers are superior to factory speakers, and they are easy to install. They are inexpensive and can withstand repeated abuse, surprising considering how few 6.5-inch automobile speakers are available. It probably is the best buy car speaker installation.

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5' 2-Way...
1,637 Reviews


  • Cone woofers that are water-resistant
  • Excellent audio qualities
  • It is easy to install


  • The mid-range output isn’t very high.

9. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Best cheap 6.5 car speakers

The Rockford Fosgate Rockford Fosgate 6.5 Car Speaker R165X3 is a top-rated speaker. It has a 2.15 mounting depth and excellent range.

The 6.5-inch automobile speaker is an excellent combination of sound and exceptional audio range. What’s more? This unique product is built with Rockford Fosgate’s legendary Rockford Fosgate construction.

It also comes with mounting hardware and integrated high-pass crossovers and grilles. This makes it easy to integrate in a way that suits your taste. What could be better than a speaker that listens to your needs?

This product is considered to be the best 6.5-door speaker. It features the silk dome Piezo tweeter, also known as the polypropylene cones.

It can replace factory speakers with fantastic sound. These speakers feature oversized motors with heat-resistant voice coils and fiber-reinforced papers cones that give them a new level of durability.

These speakers are also equipped with a 4-ohm nominal penetration and can produce a high-quality mid-range sound. Corrugated treated cloth is another great feature of this product. This allows you to make your music more than just a song. And are you looking for the best car door speakers, it is for you.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime...
5,044 Reviews


  • High-quality build
  • Excellent mid-bass and low middle-range


  • Large volumes can cause sound distortion
  • A giant magnet can cause installation problems

10. JBL CLUB6520

The JBL CLUB6520 is an excellent addition to your automobile if you are one of those people who can’t function without music playing. J.B.L. quality is a partner that will make your work experience exceptional.

This is the best 6.5 speaker for the price. It’s made from durable, UV-resistant polypropylene and one woofer. These jbl speakers are an excellent choice for all genres because they have a frequency response range of 55 to 20,000 hertz.

The woofers can withstand continuous vehicle vibrations. These speakers are classified as 6.5 speakers with excellent bass. They can also produce well-balanced highs thanks to the P.E.I. balanced dome Tweeters. This makes them a popular choice for those who love classical music.

They look great in almost any vehicle. The J.B.L. speakers can also be connected directly to your car’s radio for added versatility. This speaker is conjoined to handle constant vehicle vibrations while maintaining balanced sound delivery

It is essential to mention that J.B.L. speakers are made in Mexico. They have a high-quality design but not too much power. Their max power rating is around 150 watts. These jbl speakers are easy to set up and come with black grilles that enhance their appearance.

It is seen as among the best jbl car speakers in 2023. 


  • It is straightforward to install
  • Exceptional design quality
  • Can withstand continuous vehicle vibrations
  • Good full range sound


  • The loud volume makes a rattling sound
  • The sealing tape is fragile
Blaupunkt 6.5-Inch 360W 4-Way...
1,659 Reviews

11. Kenwood KFC-1665S

These Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5 inch speakers are the best budget 6.5 car speakers if you have a tight budget.

These 2-way flush-mount 6.5” Sports Series 2-way automobile speakers are unmatched in audio quality at this price point. For anyone, not a severe audiophile, they make an excellent factory upgrade.

The speakers feature polypropylene subwoofers with cloth surrounds that enrich the music. 1-inch balanced dome tweeters deliver sweet highs for the ears.

These speakers can handle a peak power handling of approximately 300W. However, the R.M.S. power rating is 30W which is quite low for most audiophiles. But again, for the price, you don’t have to complain.

The frequency response is between 35-22kHz, and the nominal impedance is 4 ohms. Sensitivity is 92 decibels.

These speakers were very easy to install and affordable. Although factory-installed radios may not always be the best, these speakers are excellent O.E.M. replacements, and for the price, you can’t find better speakers. Are you need a car speaker for under $100? it’s Kenwood KFC-1665S.


  • It is easy to install
  • Very affordable 6.5 speakers
  • Install an amp if you don’t want to.


  • Terminals/lugs can easily be bent because they are thin and fragile.
  • Low R.M.S.
  • Low output in the mid-and bass ranges
Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5' 200W...
6,220 Reviews

12. Pioneer TS G1620F

Best 6.5 car audio speakers

Pioneer T.S G1620F 6.5 inch automobile speakers are an excellent replacement for your factory speakers. These standard car speakers feature powerful injection-molded polypropylene cones woofers that provide enhanced sensitivity and less distortion.

These speakers also feature the progressive, flexible suspension system (P.F.S.S.), which dampens significant cone vibrations and improves sound reproduction.

There are two parts to it: the hard and the soft. The soft part smoothens the movement and produces a clear sound, while the hard part controls excessive vibration and prevents movement errors.

The balanced dome tweeter of 1-3/16 inches produces highs with outstanding performance. It is combined with the Conex damper for more excellent power handling and deeper bass.

They have a sensitivity level of 89 decibels and a nominal impedance value of 4 ohms. They can also be heard at frequencies ranging from 31 to 18,000 hertz.

The speakers have a 1 3/4 inch top-mount depth and 300-watt maximum output power. It is easy to install these speakers in many vehicles due to their shallow mounting depth. These speakers don’t come with grilles. These speakers are the best cheap car speakers but can be challenging to install.

Pioneer TS-G1620F 6-1/2' 2-Way...
1,034 Reviews


  • Excellent mids and highs with quality of sound is incredible
  • Directional tweeter
  • The progressive flex suspension system


  • Installation can be a bit difficult
  • Grilles are not included

Buyer’s Guide

Do you feel confused about choosing the right 6.5 speakers for you? We have a guide that will help you make the right choice. Here are some things to choose the right car speaker for your vehicle. Does that sound great? Continue reading to make the right decision.

Buyer's Guide 6.5 car speakers

Coaxial and Component Speakers

Before you buy a speaker, you need to decide whether you want a coaxial or component design. The choice will affect the quality of sound and price and how your car’s music would play. Coaxial and component speakers are the differences. This is the difference.

Coaxial speakers can fit 2-way speaker systems into one speaker assembly, while a component speaker works independently and is mounted on its own.

Although the sound of the coaxial speaker may be lower than that of the component speakers, it compensates for this by being smaller in cost and fitting into a smaller area.

  • A Coaxial speaker has lower power ratings than a component speaker.
  • Coaxial setup is easy to set up and can be used without external assistance.
  • The quality of sound and design of a component speaker is superior to the rest.

The Speaker’s Sensitivity

It is crucial to consider the speaker’s sensitivity requirements before you make the purchase decision. If we are talking about a low-powered car stereo system, the best option for sound great is high-powered.

Sensitivity rating over 90dB You can choose speakers with a lower sensitivity rating if you have a high-powered system. You can be sure your sound quality won’t suffer by this choice.

Power Handling

The common belief is that more power equals more watts. This isn’t always true. Although loudspeakers of 100 watts are generally louder than those of 30-watts, there are many other factors to consider. Volume can also be affected by the quality of your speakers and how they are wired.

Peak vs. RMS ratings is another factor to be aware of. Many speaker companies will mislead customers with a power rating. They may show the combined speaker power rating but not clearly state it, or just the peak rating.

RMS power (or mean root square) refers to the maximum continuous power that a speaker can handle. Peak power rating refers to how much the speaker can handle in short bursts.

The RMS power rating, which is usually lower than the peak rating, better represents the speaker’s capabilities. A speaker with an RMS power rating (30 watts) and a peak rating (60 watts) can be used comfortably at 30 watts with occasional peaks up to 60 watts.

A standard car stereo with low power will work well with speakers with a low RMS rating. To reach their full potential, speakers with a higher RMS power (100 watts and above) will need an amplifier.

The most important rule is not to overpower your speakers. To prevent damage to components, make sure they are accurately matched.

Materials for Speakers

The materials used to make your speakers are one of the most significant determinants of how good your sound quality will be. This will also affect the quality of sound and durability. These are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the music genre.

Woofer: To help you produce low notes in your music

Tweeter material: A refined or slightly mellow sound

Surround materials: This surround will allow the sound to move freely and produce a more robust bass.

Crossovers With External Parties

It is essential to consider whether the speakers you choose will be the best fit for your needs. To ensure that your sound quality is not compromised, choosing the right combination of external crossovers is essential.

The Perfect Match for Your Car

We started this article by finding the right music partner for your driving trips. Let us conclude the article by finding the perfect speaker for your car.

To find the right speakers for your car, it is essential to consider the dimensions and build of the vehicle. It is essential to ensure that the speakers are the same size as your car.

Sound Quality

Without actually listening to a speaker, it can be challenging to determine if it sounds good. Other factors can help you get an idea of the sound quality of a speaker, such as brand name and material quality.

First, you need to know if the speakers are the best 6.5 coaxial automobile speakers. This means that they are full-range speakers. Coaxial speakers combine a woofer and either a tweeter or additional mid-range performance component.

A coaxial will often include a specially matched crossover network to separate the high, middle, and low frequencies. A 6.5-inch speaker is usually a two-way, consisting of a tweeter and woofer. Or a three-way speaker, which includes all three components.

There are a component speaker that includes separate woofers and mids for dedicated audiophiles. These are more costly and require more work to install.

A component system is best for bass-heads. Although it won’t provide much bass, coaxial speakers can produce crisp, precise high frequencies and mid-bass.

Build Quality

The woofers of speakers are made from flexible but strong and durable materials like polypropylene. Speaker of higher quality will have metal thread and other durable materials reinforced.

The speakers should be housed in a pressed metal casing. The tweeters can be made of softer materials such as cloth or a butyl rubber surround. You can get waterproofing and dust proofing features on high-quality speakers.

The build quality influences sound quality. It will make your speakers last longer and prevent them from being damaged or distorted.

Your Budget

When shopping for replacement speaker, it is essential to consider your budget. But don’t buy a speaker because it is cheap. It doesn’t necessarily mean the best speaker is the most expensive. First, determine the features that you require in a speaker. Next, narrow down the speakers that fit your needs and budget.

 Best 6.5 Inch Speakers For Bass And Sound Quality Why Buy New Car Speakers

Why Buy New Car Speaker?

Do you have doubts about replacing your stock speakers? Many people find upgrading factory speakers easy. However, choosing the best automobile speakers for your vehicle is not an easy decision.

Car manufacturers often place a lot of emphasis on safety and performance, so car audio components are usually discarded. To keep the car’s price down, they are usually kept to a minimum.

High-quality aftermarket parts can provide superior sound quality. It’s that easy. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming for someone new to car audio.

You can find highly-sophisticated aftermarket parts such as tweeters, woofers, and midranges. These speakers can be used in conjunction with your stock stereo or other aftermarket stereo parts to produce crisp highs and punchy lows.

Other car speakers upgrade can be expensive, but a pair of quality 6.5 coaxial speakers is a significant investment that will bring you noticeable improvements.

Even better, most of the 6.5 coaxial speakers can be installed quickly, making it easy for anyone new to car audio upgrades. And, of course, it’s cheaper.

Best 6.5 speakers 2020 How Much Power Do I Need In New Speakers

How Much Power Do I Need In New Speaker?

The power ratings of speakers are one of the most important differences. Most manufacturers offer both RMS (root means square) and peak power ratings to their customers.

A speaker’s continuous power rating, also known as an RMS (or continuous power rating), is the amount of power it uses throughout its performance.

Remember that speakers with low RMS ratings work well with factory-installed radios with low power. Speakers with higher RMS ratings are best paired with high-powered aftermarket amplifiers.

You should make sure that your speakers are compatible with your car amp or receiver. Too much power can cause damage to these components. It is better to overload than underpower your speaker.

The Peak Power rating on your speakers is part of their specifications, but it should not be considered a deciding factor in whether you buy them. Peak Power refers to the maximum power that your speakers can use in a brief period.

Although this power can be used safely without damaging the speakers, manufacturers are more of a marketing tactic.


Best 6 1 2 Car Speakers FAQs

What are the best car speakers for bass and sound quality?

When it comes to listening to quality music, nothing is better than loudspeakers. Not only are the best automobile speakers the ones that produce excellent audio quality, but they also have a more comprehensive range of frequency response bands for you to enjoy music at all volume levels. Being able to trust your speaker is an essential aspect of enjoying your favorite artist.

Here are some excellent automobile speakers for bass in 2023:

  • JL Audio CS-690TX 3Way
  • Alpine SPR-69 2-way Best Coaxial
  • Kicker CSC674 Car Audio
  • Polk Audio DB651s
  • Kicker 40CS654 2-Way Car

best 6x9 car speakers

What are the best 6×9 car speakers for bass?

There are thousands of car speakers out there that can improve the bass of your car. You must find the best ones because not all of them will be good for you. Think about what other people need, and buy them according to their needs.

The best 6×9 automobile speakers for bass are the ones that can produce excellent sound, meaning you get to enjoy everything perfectly without having too much volume.

Here are some excellent 6×9 automobile speakers for bass on the market now:

  • Pioneer TS-A6996R
  • JBL GTO938
  • BL GTO939 Series 6×9″ 300W
  • Kicker D-Series 6×9 360 Watt 3-Way

What is wattage speaker best for a 14 watt RMS 50 watt peak x 4 channel car receiver?

You may want to double-check that your new component audio system has enough power if you’re replacing an older head unit in a vehicle. Usually, automotive audio systems are rated according to what they can handle at 4 ohms or 2 ohms RMS.

The wattage rating means the speaker’s peak capacity – the most continuous power designed to work with. Find out exactly what type of speakers are right for you by double-checking the graph where input voltage and load are shown together.

What is the best way to measure a car speaker?

The best way to measure car speakers is to use the graph/graphs generated by the speaker specifications. However, it is much easier to evaluate by comparing several graphs of two different speakers (same high-frequency audio, different size).

If you decide to purchase speakers online, spend some time looking at the graphs and familiarize yourself with this data type.

Remember, the graphs will probably be for different applications and use, so there may be a market for them somewhere else if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Is upgrading your door speaker worth it?

Upgrading your car door speakers will make a massive difference to the quality of sound coming from your car stereo. However, many people are putting their hard-earned money into upgrading their front dash speakers without taking advantage of an even better upgrade.


Some people love big sounds, so they listen to music while driving. Others find the soft, romantic music very relaxing while commuting to work. Therefore, it is essential to get at least good quality speakers for your car.

If you are shopping on a lower budget, you should look for at least quality Rockford Fosgate speakers. A set of these can provide you with a rich stereo experience without spending too much money.

The key factors desirable in a decent set of car speakers are a 3-way class to cover a better frequency response and a high volume level. Since these features come with a lot of money, you should not be searching for too much and settle for something that is still good and delivers quality sound.

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