Best ASMR Microphone 2024: Top Brands Review

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You’re scrolling through youtube and find a video that starts with someone whispering. It’s soothing, calming. You don’t know what they’re saying, but the sounds are filling you up in a way you never thought possible.

You’ve found ASMR videos, and there are hundreds to choose from! But which microphone should you buy?

Let us help – here is our list of the best ASMR microphone for content creators. We give pros and cons for each one so you can make an educated decision on which one will fit your budget and needs.

Top Best ASMR Microphones 2024


The following microphone in our expert series is the Sennheiser MKH416. It’s a high-end microphone that costs a lot but offers excellent value. This microphone is designed for professionals who are familiar with ASMR music. This microphone is commonly used to record voice-overs and for a variety of movie photos.

The microphone records the cardioid path. Because it’s a firearm capacitor microphone, some sounds can be captured. You must be careful when recording noises. Make sure your neighbors are quiet.

It has a very durable, all-metal body that is highly robust in terms of functional dimensions. Her polar pattern of pickup is super-cardioid/lobar. In the free field, there is a signal-to-noise ratio level of 13 dB.

The sensitivity is 25mV/Pa +-1 dB. This professional microphone requires an external audio recorder as well as an XLR cable.

Professionals who wish to upgrade their gear with this microphone are strongly advised.


  • Extraordinary standard
  • Very fragile
  • Healthy eating is vital.


  • It does not support a USB power supply.


Although the Neumann TLM 102 microphone is the most expensive on the list, it’s also the best option for ASMR mics if you have the budget. This professional-grade condenser microphone is perfect for studio use.

It has the highest level of clarity and extremely low self-noise. Neumann is the most trusted brand in studio microphones. Let’s discuss why the Neumann TLM102 is so amazing.

Neumann’s would be everywhere if you walked into any ASMR recording. It’s not surprising. It is the best cardioid microphone.

Some may argue that it’s too much, but they’re the best ASMR microphone choice. They offer the best combination of high sensitivity and low self-noise for natural-sounding tracks.

Unmatched balance in the high-end frequencies. The professional microphone will bring up the mid-range frequency response and lows to create a natural sound quality.

It gives you the feeling of being in the same place as your listeners. ASMR pros should ease their listeners and not remind them that they are listening to ASMR recordings.

The Neumann TLM 102 microphone is one of the most affordable models by a renowned microphone manufacturer. This is the best ASMR microphone available if you are willing to spend this much.


  • It’s absolutely amazing and gives you complete control over what 3D sound comes from and how loudly you want them to talk.
  • It’s the best binaural microphone ASMR and if you want to have binaural sound in your videos, this is the only way.
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  • It’s really expensive


Valve microphones are like amps in that they respond to subtle nuances from the source of the recording.

Rode K2 has a precise, warm tone resulting from the valve circuitry in the ‘A Class’ and a hand-selected twin-valve 6922.

With the various polar models, this valve circuit ensures that both sound sources travel side-by-side. Each whisper, binaural sound, source, and the cause is accurately depicted.

Although it is expensive, you can still get the best ASMR microphone at a fraction of the price.


  • It feels warm and smooth.
  • Available.
  • Beautifully made and fashionable.


  • There is no other option than to cut at low frequency.


Because of Shure’s superior engineering, the Shure SM7B has the strongest ASMR microphone quickly.

It’s no surprise that a microphone this flexible and strong is also the best ASMR microphone available.

The Shure SM7B can handle voice-related issues. Most other ASMR microphones are too far away from the water to blast the controlled frequencies.

Shure SM7B has a removable windscreen that allows direct communication with the microphone pod. This is ideal for communicating calmly.

The dynamic cartridge produces crisp sound quality with a smooth frequency response. Your voice will be precise thanks to the mid-range focus and low bass roll-off.

The Shure SM7B, although slightly more expensive, is the best ASMR microphone due to its internal cardioid and windscreen.

Their electromagnetic security feature is highly effective in thwarting all electrical detectors in your phone. If you can afford the highest sound quality, this preference is better.


  • Great sound quality
  • Rich highs, refined quartz
  • Quite straight levels


  • It would help if you had a mixer or tube amplifier that is powerful.


Zoom H4N handheld recording unit. It is a complete package that functions as an ASMR microphone, storage device, and audio system.

The ZOOM H4N produces superior, high-quality sound. An auxiliary input can be attached to the ZOOM H4N as a recording device. It can also be attached as an auxiliary input.

The ZOOM H4N Pro comes with a 140-dB SPL Stereo Mic Setup. The ZOOM H4N Pro comes with two high preamps that combine XLR and one-half-inch inputs.

The ZOOM H4N can simultaneously capture four audio channels at a much higher quality and rate than the CDs. An audio interface is recorded in both mp3 or wave formats.

The ZOOM H4N Product provides storage options with a micro SDHC Card and a USB link that allows you to transfer the data to your device. AA batteries can power it for up to 12 hours. To attach small headsets such as Lavalier, it has a 3,5mm connector.


  • The specific covert ASMR channel requires that ASMR artists be discreet and slim.
  • These features include compressors, bass cutouts, fx, and others.
  • Remote control for start and stop recording from far away


  • Phantom power control for the external best ASMR mic can quickly drain your aa batteries.
  • Strain filming can cause discomfort.


Rode NT – USB is a very common USB microphone that has a high standard Rode signature. The Rode NT-USB, like all Rode products, is extremely well built and has high-quality internal parts. This makes it comparable to other best ASMR microphones in the same price range.

Rode NT-USB microphone has been the most favorited brand. They are focused on making the most critical sound and being strong and lean.

There is no need for flashy features or many flexible parts. Keep your capsule simple and only one competent capacitor.

Although it may seem unexciting to those seeking a flashy microphone, consistency is crucial when choosing the best ASMR microphone.

It sounds amazing. The Rode NT -USB microphone has the best audio, from low noise to controlled higher frequencies. You will receive a pop shield that protects your audio interface from any plastic noises (such P, T, and T), as well as a stand for your laptop.

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  • Excellent audio recording
  • All the gadgets have excellent features that are not included in the box.


  • If necessary, the mic stand does not need to be folded.


Buck’s favorite microphone bang is the Rode NT1-A. It sounds almost like an expensive ASMR microphone. The mic’s low self-noise is what makes ASMR videos so unique.

It makes almost no background noise. It is well-known for recording audiobooks all over the globe, and it can also record ASMR images. Rode NT1-A is a leading voice microphone. This kit contains two of the best ASMR microphones so that both left and right channels can be captured separately.

The Rode NT1-A cardioid microphone has a 5dBA of microphone self-noise which is fantastic for ASMR. Specialist music producers use it to record sound with low self-noise.

Rode NT1A has a single-inch diaphragm, which offers a wide frequency response range and a low S/N ratio. The NT1A RODE is not capable of connecting to a USB port. It requires phantom power from an XLR connected recording/adapter.

This is the favorite mic used by many famous ASMR artists for recording videos.


  • Extraordinary clarity/pure tonal quality
  • An extended neutral approach to frequency
  • Self-preservation is very poor (4.5 dBA).


  • Supports only USB power supply


It is our top choice overall. It offers the best balance between sound quality and price. The AT2020USB is a popular microphone for the ASMR artist. It can capture vocal recordings of speaking, singing, and whispering.

It is side-addressed. This means that instead of speaking into the top, condenser mics pick up sound from the sides. This microphone’s USB capability allows you to connect it directly to your laptop. The microphone also features volume control and a headphone jack for easy monitoring.

It is the perfect ASMR microphone. The higher-frequency tones are incredibly crisp. The results sound natural and present when recording whispered ASMR like you don’t even hear it.

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB’s versatility and clear sound, combined with the ease of plug and play. These features make it easy to see why this microphone is so popular in the ASMR community.

This microphone is highly affordable for the value it provides, as we have said before. You’ll soon discover that it can be used for more than one purpose if you play or sing guitar.


  • Affordable price
  • Not requiring a separate adapter to plug into your computer, plus it comes with its own stand.


  • Not as great for binaural recording audio because it only has one cardioid polar pattern setting.


The quiet sound is one of the essential characteristics of recordings. For complete immersion, you should completely ignore background noise. The SE Electronics X1 Studio Microphone Package is available.

This bundle includes:

  • USB condenser SE Electronics microphone
  • RF-X Reflexion filter
  • Shock installation
  • An incorporated pop filter

It provides complete insulation and rejects any plosive or background noise in the mixture.

Promotion and protection of the human ear and USB microphone. It has a 20 Hz to 20 kHz high-frequency range and 30 mV/Pa flexibility (30,5 dBV), allowing even the most subtle sounds to be detected reliably. You will be heard if you speak, touch, or pluck.


  • The X1 microphone is solidly built and capable of producing decent results for vocal and acoustic music.
  • Project Studio Filter is well-suited
  • It’s a great buy.


  • The Reflexion Filter mounting hardware should be installed carefully to avoid any stand loss.


The Tascam DR-40 is currently an ASMR microphone. You can anticipate a lot with the Zoom H4N recorder/first ASMR microphone.

The ASMR group was informed about the excellent inventory network and central independent best microphone to ASMR links. These can be used to attach the best condenser microphone for high-quality ASMR recording.

The Tascam DR-40 ASMR microphone is particularly impressive in a reasonable price range. A robust ASMR microphone should have a clear and distinct sound, even though there are many views.

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The ASMR microphone evaluation was positive, even though it was far more straightforward than the previous one.

This model is ideal for musicians because it has one of the best microphones for ASMR processing inputs and different replay speeds. The internal effects and 50 amps for guitar make this model an excellent choice for music lovers who don’t want much space.


  • Stereo microphones with a high-quality, one-way design
  • +4dBu line level/+48V compatible XLR/TRS inputs
  • 4-channel mode for dual recording


  • None


Blue Yeti X, another powerful USB condenser microphone, has impressive recording capabilities. This high-end product is ideal for creating ASMR channel content at your home or in an off-site studio.

The LED metering, which allows you to track your voice levels in real-time, maybe something that you will appreciate. Although the intelligent knob is not intuitive at first, it is exact and allows you to adjust the mic’s gain or mute it as needed.

The Blue Yeti X also offers vocal effects via the Logitech G Hub App. The effects have been created to enhance the ASMR experience and improve production quality.

There are four polar patterns available, including an omnidirectional one that is perfect for ASMR recordings.

The LED lighting can be customized. Although this feature isn’t handy for production, it is a great one. If you want to create a unique atmosphere in your studio, this is a great option.


  • Multi-functional smartwatch
  • Four polar patterns
  • Superior audio quality
  • LED metering and custom lighting


  • Price a little higher


Fireworks are a favorite choice for many ASMR video artists because of their great inline focus and excellent off-axis rejection. Shotgun mics can be very quiet. If you are looking for this, the Audio Technica AT875R may be a good option.

The AT875R small shotgun mic for ASMR has a range of less than 7. It is a versatile microphone with a lightweight XLR platform that can be used for voice and video. These are an outstanding choice for ASMR musicians because they have incredible self-noise.

The best microphone for ASMR does not have any integrated control buttons. There is no headphone jack, unlike specific USB versions. This allows for real-time control. An XLR-to-US adapter is required to attach the best microphone for ASMR.


  • Recognized in a very narrow area
  • Excellent filtering of off-axis noise
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • There is no control or headphone jack aboard.


The HyperX QuadCast is a cardioid condenser microphone. It has impressive functionality for recording ASMR videos. QuadCast’s vibration and gain controls allow for precise ASMR video creation.

Included are four polar trends, which can move quickly between them even while a record is playing. The mic is resistant to -36db and has a width of 20Hz to 20kHz.

The mic can thus capture all subtleties necessary for a highly reliable ASMR experience. A 9.8-foot USB cable is included with the mic. To get the best acoustics, you should arrange your space.


  • Four Polar Variants
  • Great defense against vibration
  • Incompatibility


  • Quite expensive


The H1 uses high-quality formats to meet your needs. The H1 features a stereo microphone setup that records excellent stereo sound images. The H1 has a built-in speaker, which allows you to hear the recordings immediately.

The audio is stored on the SDHC and SD flash hard drives. These drives are usually capable of 32GB. To get started, the H1 provides 2GB. The H1 can store MP3 audio at up to 320kbps and VBR speed.

One AA battery powers the H1. It can last for 10 hours. The H1 has a line input mic/mic that can be used to attach an external microphone.

You also matched pair headphones and other speakers with the 3.5mm headset output. You can quickly transfer data from your laptop to the USB 2.0 elevated audio interface.


  • The H1 automatic level function uses current gain to avoid distortion and overwhelm.
  • The H1’s intuitive interface allows you to record one button and an LCD backlight that displays essential information.
  • The H1 features an integrated low-cut filter that eliminates boom noises and pops.
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  • Time concern


Blue Yeti Nano microphone is well-calibrated and straightforward for recordings. It’s easy to stream and use as a podcasting or streaming mic.

Radius III Shock-mount will improve recording quality accuracy. The boom arm helps stabilize the microphone and reduces vibrational noises that could ruin audio.

It’s simple and easy to use. Blue Yeti Nano is an excellent option for the ASMR content artist on a budget. It has a plug-and-play design and PC compatibility. In terms of durability and interference shielding, the USB cable is very high quality.

It is also significant that the program includes two polar patterns. You can use the Omni-directional pickup and cardioid patterns for recordings. It would help if you had enough sample rates of up to 48kHz to meet current standards.


  • Sample and bit rates high
  • Two polar-pattern
  • Superior vibration and shock mount protection
  • Zero-latency output


  • It is not the most rugged design


Blue Yeti is a top-rated brand of USB microphones. It promises extraordinary genius and an easy plug-in. The Blue Baby Bottle Microphone, like other models in the series, is intended for use with your computer and is a cost-effective time-saving solution for achieving high-quality recordings.

You can find the Blue Yeti in many sizes and shapes, depending on your budget. They all share the same polar template mode. What does this mean? What does this mean?

Polar patterns monitor the location of audio being recorded from the microphone. This means that a cardioid polar pattern is only captured in front of a microphone while both sides record omnidirectional patterns. Your condenser’s ability to monitor polar patterns is vast.


  • Audio with excellent clarity and a significant carrier frequency
  • Two of these ASMR mics would make binaural recording much easier, as we don’t need to consider the effect of proximity.
  • Blue Yeti is very open-minded and produces a lot of energy.


  • None


To transfer data to the server, the system includes a USB connection. It can be used to document any software. An XLR cable is included with the ATR-2100 to be connected to a regular tube amp or analog amplifier.

It has a 3.5mm output line that allows you to attach your headset. The AD adapter is high-quality and can handle up to 48kHz and 16 bits. It is a template for sustainable value metals.


  • Many reviews have praised the music’s crisp consistency.
  • The spatial microphone can record clear audio from unusual background noise.
  • It doesn’t take up too much pulmonic, so a popup filter does not need to be used as long as it is used within a specific range.


  • ASMR artists complained that the booth was fragile and the USB connection was too short. They will need to purchase a stand and a USB cord that fits the microphone well.


ASMR musicians often use dual microphones for ASMR in their recordings to achieve spatial and 3D sound effects. Some use multiple mics, while others prefer binaural recording microphones. If you’d like to try recording binaural ASMR videos, the LyxPro SDPC-2 might interest you.

LyxPro SDPC-2, LyxPro’s fourth-best binaural microphone for ASMR. These are the best ASMR microphones, perfectly balanced in one. They can be fitted with condensers and regular XLR connectors. They do not have an SDPC-2 best microphone to be used in ASMR settings.

The method consists of three pellets, each with an insulation coating. You can choose from super-cardioid or cardioid antennas. It includes two speakers, two windshields, and two smooth-tile clips.


  • Can capture interaural ASMR videos
  • Polar pattern exchangeable pellets
  • Outstanding information


  • It might be a bit sturdy.


Because of its small size, the Samson Go is both the cheapest and most convenient choice. Samson Go is my favorite ASMR microphone. It produces strong ASMR with the high specificity of the Go.

Don’t be intimidated by the visual difference between the microphones on this page. The Samson Go microphone is small but mighty. Before putting it on our list, we checked recordings.

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Samson GB’s cardioid and omnidirectional mics are two of its most notable features. One captures audio from the front while the other captures audio from all angles. You can adjust the settings of your ASMR audio by using this flexibility.

The extended frequency response of the microphone enables the balanced management of high, mid, and low frequencies resulting in a harmonious and smooth tone.

The Samson Go is a quality microphone for learners on a tight budget. Although I recommend extending the Audio Technica At2005USB, this powerful condenser microphone is not a problem. A Samson microphone is a great choice.


  • Cheap
  • It is a clear, strong signal. It is powerful.
  • Different stands can be used to make notebooks or as desk tables.


  • There is no button to gain.

Selecting Right ASMR Microphones

Your ASMR microphone is a key part of growing your ASMR platform, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Your ASMR stream might not improve if you use a cheap microphone or buy an ASMR microphone because a friend told you to. Best ASMR microphones are available in many shapes and sizes.

You should learn the technical terms and features of your microphone so you can better understand it and decide if it’s the right one for you. Would it work as well as you want?

We have compiled a list of ASMR microphones to make your life easier. These ASMR microphones were tested by two of the most prominent ASMR musicians in the industry.

You can save time by reviewing these ASMR microphones. What type of recording ASMR videos do you prefer?

Before we get into the details of each of the best mics for ASMR, we want to share some important technical information about them.

Selecting best ASMR Microphones

Things to consider before buying the right ASMR microphone

There are three main reasons you should look at your ASMR mic to get the best ASMR microphones knowledge.

  • Self-noise microphone
  • Recording Microphones
  • Source of control

Every ASMR musician must have a self-noise mic. They will need to reprocess the audio to improve performance if they don’t have a good microphone. This takes more time than purchasing a new mic.

Low-level movements from your microphone make it hiss and bubble. This is called “self-rusting.” This is a problem that requires better tools.

Two technological terms are used to calculate microphone self-noise: self-noise (Noise Ratio Sign) and S/N(Noise Signal). However, the two terms are the same. The dBA unit, which is self-noise in the technical term, is calculated.

The dBA unit is calculated to be less self-rushing. A 15 dBA or more miniature best microphone for ASMR is ideal. OR you can calculate the signal-to-noise ratio w.r.t. S/N.

Self-hurling is the reverse. It is measured in decibels. The ASMR mic should have an S/N ratio of 80dB or higher.

Microphone Recording Method

There are many types of directions for microphone capturing, but the most common are Omni-Directional or Binaural ASMR.


Audio is often obtained from around the world in such ASMR microphones. These best ASMR microphones are used for recording, clicking, and shaving. This type of microphone is known as the Blue Yeti.


ASMR uses this fantastic method, using two microphones separated by a room. Each microphone records the right and left channels separately.

Binaural microphones can be used for voice, ear purification, and mouth noises. The best binaural recording microphone example is the 3Dio Free Space Pro.

That way, instead of creating the plain stereo sound, you’ll get the proper 3D sound in both channels. Viewers will have the impression as if they’re a part of the video recording.

You can opt to buy two separate omnidirectional microphones or you can buy a matched pair. If you opt for the former, make sure you buy the same model.

Source of Control

There are two types of power outlets for the best ASMR microphones: Phantom Power and USB Power.

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Source of Control

Phantom Power

For the increased impact, a link known as the XLR is required. This link is then connected to a different recording/adapter, which provides sufficient phantom power to the cell phone.

This external power – phantom power can be regarded as extraordinary power. ZOOM H4N is a recording device.

Control USB

These are microphone types that require essential USB input and power. To log, you can only connect to the machine. They are easier to mount and more efficient.

What is a Microphone ASRM?

An autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, also known as ASMR, is a sensation that causes a tingling sensation on the skin.

It’s most commonly felt in the neck and upper back/spine. These sensations can also be triggered by unique auditory or visual stimulation.

What is a Microphone ASRM

An ASMR microphone can have a full-euphoric state and, most importantly, relaxes in the natural world. Many people use it to sleep. The ASMR microphones play an essential role in the capture of ASMR videos.

While some ASMR microphones can be attached directly to computers, others require a proper installation and an XLR link.

What Is The Best Microphone For ASMRs?

A decent standard ASMR microphone is sufficient to cover the ASMR platform from beginner stage through advanced.

An ASMR microphone must have a polar pattern. These features will allow for an ASMR mic of good quality.

What Do ASMR Videos Need To Do?

To produce high-quality recordings, ensure that your speech is caring and compassionate. ASMR musicians talk.

An quality ASMR Video

For ASMR sensitiveness, you need to use the best microphone. This will increase your voice density and give you the feeling that you desire.


You must be a creator or someone who looks forward to creating ASMR videos. The ASMR mic is the most critical component of your system.

To produce the best ASMR images, you need an ASMR headset that meets all your requirements. A good mic for ASMR will not only make your ASMR videos more efficient but will also help you to get more support from your followers. This will increase your website’s visibility and traffic.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best ASMR Mic:


Is there a specific mic that you require for ASMR?

The Binaural Recording Technique

Two (condenser mics) are the key to binaural recording techniques. Two microphones are your ears. It’s essential to keep some distance when you start whispering into the ASMR microphones.

What should I look out for in an ASMR microphone?

A microphone with a low noise level is essential for ASMR recording because it isolates your trigger sound. ASMR triggers can be quiet and subtle. To capture the tingling properties of each sound, you’ll need a sensitive microphone with low self-noise.

What should I look out for in an ASMR microphone

How can I record ASMR audio?

Gentle whispering is the most popular form of ASMR recording. This is meant to reproduce the effect of someone speaking directly into your ears. To pick up delicate whispers, your microphone should have a wide dynamic range.

Is it possible to use any microphone with ASMR?

For ASMR recordings, it would be a good idea to use condenser microphones rather than dynamic mics.

microphones are more sensitive to external sounds, which is essential for binaural ASMR recordings. If you have the funds, XLR microphones are better than USB mics.

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Is it possible to use any microphone to ASMR


The microphone is a complicated piece of equipment, and there are many factors to consider. But with enough patience and the right tools, you can make your ASMR sound great!

Hooke Audio hopes that this article was able to simplify some things for you. If not, we’re happy to help with our blog posts and any other questions or concerns about microphones in general or recording high-quality audio content specifically. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!

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