Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapter: Top Brands Review 2023

Best Bluetooth Adapters For Headphone (2)
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Have you been looking for a Bluetooth headphone adapter? Bluetooth headphones are great, but what if your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth capability? Or maybe you need an inexpensive Bluetooth adapter to use with your favorite wired headphones.

In this post, Hooke Audio will cover the best Bluetooth Headphone Adapter in the world, the reasons why you need it, and things to consider before buying a Bluetooth headphone adapter.

Top Rated Best Bluetooth Adapters For Headphone

Top Rated 11 Best Bluetooth Adapters For Headphone

1. Avantree aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Headphone Adapters

Avantree provides fast connections and low latency thanks to the aptX technology. This will ensure perfect synchronization while watching TV and a great listening experience. The connection range of 33 feet is sufficient for most home setups.

Avantree aptX automatically connects with previous devices, making it easy to use. The Bluetooth receiver is easy to set up. All you have to do is plug it into an outlet and then connect your speakers. The Bluetooth adapter also comes with an AUX cable so you can connect via cables when necessary.

Bluetooth adapters have a charge function that allows you to charge your phone while you listen to music. Avantree is known for producing premium products. The Avantree aptX Bluetooth Adapter is reliable. You’ll also get a 2-year warranty if your Bluetooth adapter fails.

Bluetooth transmitters don’t have volume controls, so you will need to adjust the volume from your headphones. To fully experience the aptX technology, you will need low latency headphones.

The Avantree aptX is an excellent choice as it provides synchronized audio while watching TV. This device connects automatically to your headphones, making it faster and more convenient. The best Bluetooth adapter allows you to charge your smartphone while listening to music.


  • Uses aptX technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • Play music and charge your phone
  • It is a nicely designed adapter


  • Volume Control buttons are not available.
  • Low latency headphones are essential for aptX codec to function.
Avantree aptX Low Latency...
734 Reviews

2. FiiO μBTR HiFi Bluetooth Wireless Receiver

FiiO μBTR is a better-known brand for Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth audio amplifiers, and DAC (digital to analog converters). FiiO’s μBTR supports Bluetooth audio codes, including AAC, SBC, and aptX codec.

The adapter can be clipped to your shirt or pants, allowing you to stow it away when on the move quickly. The only problem with the FiiO μBTR is its inability to support Bluetooth 4.1 over Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter.

Because it does not support Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and nd most audio Bluetooth codecs, we opted for the TaoTronics Bluetooth receiver over the FiiO one.

The TaoTronics Bluetooth receiver has a more excellent value as it can act both as a transmitter/receiver. The FiiO μBTR Bluetooth Wireless Receiver μBTR HiFi Bluetooth Headphones are the best Bluetooth adapter for a low price.


  • Supports SBC and aptX, aptX HD, and ACC
  • Built-in microphone


  • It does not support Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter
  • Only can receive a signal.
FiiO uBTR HiFi Bluetooth...
372 Reviews

3. TROND Bluetooth Transmitter

The TROND Bluetooth Transmitter has a dual-in-one design that allows you to switch between RX and TX modes. Bluetooth transmitter does not have a delay in lip sync, so you can watch TV while wearing your favorite pair of headphones.

Two pairs of headphones can be paired to the Bluetooth adapter. You and your friend can both watch TV simultaneously.

The Bluetooth adapter can be connected up to 33 feet away, so it doesn’t require you to be right next to it at all times. Built-in 500 mAh batteries can provide up to 20 hours of work in TX mode and 12 hours in RX mode. The aptX technology connections can be used throughout the listening period.

The Bluetooth transmitter is made of durable and long-lasting premium materials. It is simple to use, with multiple buttons that allow you to pair headphones, change between modes, and turn on/off the Bluetooth transmitter. The adapter also has LED light indicators that show you the status of the device.

The TROND will not be affordable, so ensure you have sufficient funds. To experience zero delays, headphones must have low latency.

The TROND can transmit up to two simultaneous stable connections. Built-in 500 mAh batteries provide up to 20 hours of TX and 12-hours RX modes. Aptx technology has low latency, which means that you won’t experience any delay while watching movies.


  • LED lights indicate adapter status
  • You can work up to 20 hours a week
  • It is simple to use


  • This is not a budget-friendly option
  • To work with aptX, headphones must have low latency
TROND Bluetooth Transmitter...
375 Reviews

4. Ugreen Bluetooth Receiver

Because it can provide stable connections up to 33 feet, the UGREEN is a great choice. The device uses Bluetooth version 4.1 with EDR Class 2 technology and doesn’t consume much energy while still providing excellent audio quality.

Bluetooth adapters are built-in microphones so you can talk hands-free calling. Multiple technologies are used to ensure clear conversations and reduce background noise. Multiple buttons are located on the adapter that allows you to customize the sound. You can jump between songs or pausing as needed.

Its compact dimensions mean that the Bluetooth adapter takes up very little space. To ensure a durable item, the adapter is made of premium materials. The adapter’s black and metallic design makes it stand out.

You can’t adjust the volume of the adapter without touching your headphones. The connection range is also 33 feet. The range will decrease if objects are in the way.

The UGREEN is an excellent choice because it provides stable connections due to BT version 4.1/EDR technology. The built-in microphone delivers clear sound. The long battery lasts for 4 hours, and it takes just 1.5 hours to fully charge. The connection array measures 33 feet.


  • Clear calls using the microphone
  • Battery life of 4 hours
  • 33-foot connection range


  • To keep the connection stable, you must not have any objects.
  • No volume dial
UGREEN Bluetooth Receiver...
255 Reviews

5. ihens5 Aux Bluetooth Headphone Adapters

Thanks to its advanced technology, the ihens5 Aux Bluetooth Headphone Adapters ensure stable connections throughout your listening experience.

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Bluetooth version 4.1 ensures that connections can be maintained up to 33 feet unless objects are in the way. The Bluetooth adapter can connect to two devices simultaneously so that you can listen to music from both your smartphone or computer.

The Bluetooth adapter’s battery life is 5-hours. This is enough to last for most sessions. It takes only 1.5 hours to charge, so you can plug it in quickly if you forget. The device is easy to set up, as you only need to plug the 3.5mm audio charging cable into your stereo or headphone.

The ihens5 Aux Bluetooth Adapter also has a built-in microphone that allows hands-free phone calls. You can have crystal clear calls thanks to the microphone’s ability to reduce background noise. The Bluetooth Headphone adapters are small and discreet, so they will be hard to miss.

Bluetooth adapters have a standby time of 15 hours, which is much shorter than other adapters. If objects are in the way of the transmitted signals, the connections won’t be stable.

The ihens5 Aux Bluetooth Adapter, which can be used up to 33 feet in length, is an excellent option for budget-minded users. The device can playback for up to five hours and requires only 1.5 hours of charging. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, the built-in microphone allows for crystal clear calls.


  • Stable connections of up to 33 feet
  • Clear and crystal clear calls
  • Compact design


  • The standby time is just 15 hours.
  • Keep objects out of reach of transmitted waves.

6. Avantree Leaf USB Bluetooth Transmitter

Because of its simple design, the Avantree Leaf USB Bluetooth Transmitter makes a great choice. To establish stable connections, insert the Bluetooth transmitter into your computer. The Bluetooth adapter has a long-range of 60 feet, which is sufficient for most setups.

The apt Low Latency technology ensures that Bluetooth audio is played without any delay. You can view movies and favorite music videos without having to worry about bad lip-sync. You don’t need to download drivers for the USB C Bluetooth transmitter. Plug the device in, and you can listen to audio.

Avantree Leaf USB Bluetooth Transmitter’s small size means it takes up less space, so it will be hard to notice. You can personalize the device with two different color options. The Bluetooth adapter’s simple button makes it easy to use.

Bluetooth adapters are not portable, so they can’t be taken on the road with you without a compatible device like a laptop. Apart from the pairing button, there are no volume adjustment, shuffle, or pause/play buttons.

The Avantree Leaf USB Bluetooth Transmitter makes an excellent choice for home use. All you have to do is plug it in and start listening. The 60-foot connection range is sufficient for most home setups.

The apt Low Latency technology causes little or no signal delay. This best Bluetooth adapter is available in two colors, allowing for more customization.


  • Connection range of 60 feet
  • Apt Low Latency technology provides no delay.
  • There are two designs available.


  • Not a portable option
  • There is no volume, shuffle or pause buttons.
Avantree Leaf Class 1 Long...
3,841 Reviews

7. SZMDLX Bluetooth Receiver

The SZMDLX has a range of 33 feet, which is more than enough for most home stereo installations. Bluetooth technology is 4.2. It provides stable connections without distortion or static. There is very little or no significant delay, so you can shuffle between songs and hear the sound immediately.

You can also connect two headphones simultaneously with the SZMDLX, making sharing music from multiple devices more accessible.

With the built-in microphone, you can have clear conversations without any interference or delay. The battery can last for seven hours, so no need to recharge it as often, depending on how much music you listen to.

The clip allows you to attach the Bluetooth adapter to a parcel of clothing. The device also has multiple buttons that will enable you to pair headphones or adjust the quantity.

You don’t need the double connection attribute, as you can connect to your headphones to hear audio. The Bluetooth adapter may be damaged by excessive sweating or water.

The SZMDLX is an excellent choice. It can provide the best sound quality due to its stable connections. The battery life of the SZMDLX is 7 hours, which is more than enough for most musical periods.

It also charges in just 1.5 hours. For a convenient fit, the Bluetooth adapter comes with a clip. The anti-sweat function protects the microchip within the Bluetooth adapter while you exercise intensely.


  • Anti-sweat feature
  • Built-in microphone
  • Long battery life of 7 hours


  • The double connection feature is not necessary.
  • The adapter can be damaged by too much sweat or too little water.

8. KINDRM Bluetooth Mini Wireless Adapter

KINDRM Bluetooth Mini Wireless adapter is a true star and a great way to get people’s attention. It features a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, 3.5mm auxiliary jack, Bluetooth audio adapters, hands-free capabilities, and more. Even after prolonged use, it will still deliver high-quality audio for long periods.

This wireless adapter delivers excellent sound quality every time. The wireless adapter transmits data quickly and reliably while also consuming very little power.

The built in microphone is also high-definition. It is helpful because it allows you to chat with friends or coworkers online and make hands-free calls. The battery is exceptionally long-lasting so that you can enjoy these hands-free features for hours without interruption.

You can charge the adapter in less than an hour, even if it runs out of power. The Bluetooth receiver can be charged while the adapter is charging, which means you will never lose hands-free wireless connectivity as long as the receiver is plugged in.

One reviewer said that the battery life of his wireless mini receiver was not very good. He likely accidentally picked up a defective device that required to be replaced. This is because I didn’t see many negative reviews regarding the battery’s short life. Most reviewers were satisfied with how long the battery lasted.

It doesn’t stick well to clothing. This could mean that you won’t be able to use it while running, hiking, or practicing yoga. The device doesn’t stick well to clothing, so it can fall off while you move around. It works well if you stay stationary.

Apart from everything else, the KINDRM Bluetooth 5.0 Mini Wireless Adapter has a Bluetooth 5.0 EDR smart chip, a 33-foot connection range, and can connect to two devices simultaneously.


  • 33-foot range
  • Clip-style mini wireless receivers
  • Easy to carry


  • The battery life is very short and doesn’t attach well to clothing.
Bluetooth V5.0 Output Audio...
2,084 Reviews

9. KINDRM Bluetooth headphone Adapters

KINDRM Bluetooth Adapter makes a great choice. It is portable, and hands-free Bluetooth 5.0 audio makes it an excellent adapter for car speakers, home stereos, and many other applications. The updated version includes a built-in microphone, a 33-foot connectivity range, and a pen clip that is easy to carry.

The updated Bluetooth adapter has been a huge improvement from the original. Here are a few reasons. It was updated using Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology. This means that you can pair it with up to two devices at once. The adapter also features a built-in microphone so that you can use it as a regular headset.

It works as long as you are within 33 feet of your electronic device. This is a very long distance, and you will have excellent Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with this product.

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It’s also quite exciting to see the pen clip design. It can be clipped to your shirt, belt buckle, pants, or any other place you like, and it is straightforward to use. It is easy to reach while running, hiking, performing cardio, or jogging.

Some reviewers were unhappy with the adapter sticking out. It sticks out so far that it feels like it will break easily, which is a risk if you don’t pay attention or aren’t careful. Keep this in mind.

The KINDRM Bluetooth Adapter is an excellent option for purchasing because it offers HD voice, Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter power saving, and hi-fi sound.

You have an excellent Bluetooth audio adapter. Combine this with two-device connectivity and long-lasting battery life.


  • 3.5mm audio cable adapter with
  • 33 feet of connectivity
  • Very popular.


  • The adapter sticks out and can potentially break
Upgraded Bluetooth Aux...
3,095 Reviews

10 ABRAMTEK Bluetooth Headphone Adapters

Bluetooth version 4.2 is used by the ABRAMTEK Bluetooth Audio Adapter. It provides stable connections of up to 33 feet. The adapter connects automatically to the last pair of headphones you have used, making it easy. Advanced processor chips optimize audio content for clarity and bass.

The ABRAMTEK Bluetooth Audio Adapter makes it easy to use. It has multiple buttons that allow you to control the volume, change between songs and add sound effects.

The Bluetooth adapter features a sensitive microphone that is ideal for hands-free calls. The device also has a GAME option, which improves sound localization accuracy and allows you to hear your enemies better.

The lithium-ion battery that is built into the adapter can provide enough power to playback for 12 hours. The adapter has a frequency response between 20 and 20KHz. This means that you will hear an outstanding balance between highs and lows. Upon purchase, you will receive a premium 3.5mm AUX Cable, Bluetooth adapter, and micro USB charging port.

You can charge your adapter at any time, and the 12-hour playback time is perfect for home use. We recommend bringing a power bank for long road trips as the 12-hour playback time might not be sufficient. If you don’t have a computer, the GAME function is ineffective.

The ABRAMTEK Bluetooth Audio Adapter delivers excellent stereo sound quality and is a fantastic choice. Bluetooth version 4.2 is used to provide stable connectivity up to 33 feet.

The Bluetooth adapter comes with a rechargeable battery which can give playback times up to 12 hours. The device’s multiple buttons and built-in microphone make it easy to use.


  • It is simple to use
  • Stable connections of up to 33 feet
  • 20 – 20KHz frequency response


  • 12 hours of playback may not be sufficient
  • Most users may not be able to use the GAME feature.
ABRAMTEK Bluetooth Audio...
18 Reviews

11. Nulaxy BR02 Bluetooth Headphone Adapters

Two connections can be made simultaneously with the Nulaxy BR02. This allows you to play music with a friend. Bluetooth version 4.2 is the wireless technology that allows for stable connections of up to 60 feet. NFC pairing allows the Bluetooth adapter to pair with your headphone automatically.

The Bluetooth adapter includes a battery indicator that tells you when playback time has fallen below 4 hours. When fully charged, the total playback time is 15 hours and 8 hours talking time.

The standby time is approximately 360 hours. The adapter will not need to be charged every time you use it. The charging process for the adapter is only 2 hours.

CVC noise cancellation technology is used in the Nulaxy BR02. This reduces background noise to a minimum. This technology reduces loop echo to ensure you listen to your music with high-quality audio quality. The device’s simple button design makes it easy to use. It allows for hands-free calling as well as audio control.

You must ensure that you stay within the range of the connection, or the sound quality will be less. You can also play music via a MicroSD card in alphabetical order.

The Nulaxy BR02 is an excellent choice due to its superior sound quality. CVC noise-canceling technology reduces background noise, allowing you to enjoy music with no distractions. The battery lasts for 15 hours and provides 360 hours of playback.


  • CVC noise cancellation technology
  • Stable connections of up to 60 feet
  • Battery life: 15-hour or 360-hour standby.
  • Build quality


  • You must stay within the range of connection.
  • Micro SD card mode has no shuffle option.

12. Mpow Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

Mpow’s adapter is flexible enough to allow you to choose how your Bluetooth 5.0 connection works. This Transmitter and Receiver adapter will enable you to have excellent Bluetooth 5.0 connections whether you’re at work or in your car. It automatically converts devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled into Bluetooth-compatible.

It is a great way to give new life and purpose to wired headphones, speakers, and any other device with the right jack socket.

This Transmitter and Receiver device supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a Qualcomm chip. This will provide you with excellent performance, a stable connection, and quick pairing. This also allows for faster signal transmission speeds. It can operate up to ten meters or 33 feet.

The controls are easy to use and include a multi-function button that can be used for call management and music. The built in microphone is built-in, making it easy to make hands-free calls. A GPS navigation system is built-in, as well as a Siri assistant.

Dual connectivity allows you to make calls and listen to music simultaneously. The doubles pairing will enable you to connect two devices at once. If it is possible, the device will pair up when it is plugged in.

The 170mAh battery offers a very long battery life. A single charge will give you ten hours of music and eight hours of talk time. The total cost takes approximately two hours.

It is sturdy and can be easily carried. The unit measures just two by 5 inches. The package includes a 3.5mm audio cord, audio adapters, and a charging cable.


  • This compact unit has many good features.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm Chip at an Affordable Price


  • It does not support the aptX codecs.

13. CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Headphone Adapters

The Coolstream receiver converts wired items to Bluetooth-enabled devices. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 with a standard range of 10 meters. However, it doesn’t support aptX low latency.

The unit is small and lightweight so that it can be carried around in your pocket. It is also easy to carry with you when you need headphones or other devices. The adapter is well-designed and has a simple on/off switch at the top.

There is also a port for 3.5mm and an LED light at the top. The adapter’s bottom has a 30-pin port and a 30-pin connector that can be used with older devices.

You can make any wired device Bluetooth-enabled using the 3.5mm port provided they have the right socket. Old speakers will fit. It can be connected to docking stations for Apple devices, Bose SoundDock, and older Apple HiFi Docks via a 30-pin connector. Coolstream has a complete list of compatible devices that it can work with.

Although the Bluetooth connection isn’t the best, it is still ok and the sound quality acceptable.

If you have the right connections, it is a handy unit. This unit is only for those who have 30-pin charging cables. It can be charged only by the 30-pin connector.

The 3,5mm socket does not operate the charging port, nor is there a USB port. There are no call management controls or built-in microphones on the device. You will need to use your device to adjust the Volume.

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The battery life is concise, at five hours max. Recharging takes up to three hours.

It seems pretty expensive, considering it is for a highly skilled user.


  • Will make older devices Bluetooth enabled.
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Only for some users
  • The battery life is not as good as it could be. However, the charge time is quite long. It should be the opposite.

What are Bluetooth Headphone Adapters and Why Do We Need Them?

The Bluetooth adapters for headphones are small, lightweight devices that can be made in various shapes, such as square, round, and so on. They come in different sizes and shapes but are small and lightweight, making them very portable.

These adapters come with their controls and sometimes even a mic. They can also be rechargeable. Although the battery life of each adapter is different, it will usually last for 5-8 hours.

Bluetooth adapters receive Bluetooth signals from Bluetooth-enabled devices instead of wired headphones, speakers, or headphones. These adapters usually have a 3.5mm universal port.

This allows you to insert your favorite set headphones or speakers into it and make your wired devices wireless. This will enable you to bring back your old appliances and adapt them to modern life. Some adapters may have multiple ports, but all have at least one port that is 3.5mm.

What are Bluetooth Headphone Adapters and Why Do We Need Them

There are three types of Bluetooth adapters available:

Bluetooth receivers can be used to send the Bluetooth signal from a Bluetooth-enabled device to a non-Bluetooth device. Bluetooth receivers can add Bluetooth functionality to older devices or wired devices that don’t support the technology.

These receivers can be used with either wired headphones or wired earbuds. They also work with your car’s stereo system. Most Bluetooth receivers come with a minimum of one 3.5mm audio connector or charging cable.

These cables are used to connect non-Bluetooth devices to the receiver. If you have a pair of 3.5mm headphone jack earbuds, you can insert the headphone jack into the receiver’s 3.5mm port and then pair the receiver with the Bluetooth-enabled audio device (phone, tablet, or iPad).

You are good to go. If you have wired headphones wireless with a detachable cable, you can purchase a receiver with a short 3.5mm connector. Insert the connector into your headphones’ port, and you are good to go. The exact process can be used in your car to stream music from your smartphone to your car’s stereo system.

Bluetooth receivers

Bluetooth transmitters are identical to Bluetooth receivers but with some minor differences. There are multiple ports on the transmitters. They can also have an optical port, RCA port, or the standard 3.5mm aux-port as well as a micro USB charging port.

They can be physically connected to the non-Bluetooth devices such as a TV, desktop computer, or another smart audio device that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Once the transmitter is connected to these Bluetooth devices, it must be paired to your Bluetooth devices like speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and earbuds. Two transmitters can be used simultaneously, so you can pair two Bluetooth devices with one another to watch a movie together.

The adapters that Bluetooth transceivers use are adapters of dual nature. They can be used as transmitters or receivers by using all of the available ports and cables. To switch between modes, there is one button to press.

This allows you to buy two products at once. As you can see, the products are not very costly and can be used in every home. It is essential to properly prepare the adapter by choosing the receiver mode and turning it on before you turn it on.

If you are reading this article with wired headphones or speakers, both a transmitter and receiver is what you need. Below you’ll find all the details about each and its benefits and drawbacks. We will also help you find the correct adapter for you by guiding you through the purchase process.

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Benefits of using a Bluetooth headphone adapter?

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter makes it possible for you to take the best part of wireless technology with you when traveling, or simply out on your daily commute!

Allow for more mobility and don’t limit you as much with respect to where your music can be played from. You can play any song stored on your audio device on any Bluetooth wireless headphone set!

Provides an easy connection between your phone or other devices, and any pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones that accepts it. This is perfect for those who are constantly switching their devices – you can have a Bluetooth Headset adapter in one bag and your Bluetooth headsets in another without the worry of compatibility!

What to look for in the best Bluetooth headphone adapter?

Easy to use and charge – Bluetooth headsets should not be complicated, so any Bluetooth Headset adapters you buy should come with an instruction manual. The instructions may even be available online if they aren’t included in the package. Especially if Bluetooth headphone adapters are for a child or someone who is not technologically savvy.

Comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual – Bluetooth headsets should be simple and straightforward – if they’re not the instructions should be!

Compatible with your Bluetooth headsets– Make sure Bluetooth Headphone Adapter is Bluetooth-enabled and works with your specific Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Comes in a variety of colors, to fit the style you’re going for! No matter what color – black or white – Bluetooth headphone adapters will be versatile enough to match any outfit. But they don’t just have to color! Bluetooth Headphone adapters can also come in basic black, or fun patterns and textures.

Easy for you to carry around with you – Bluetooth headphone adapters should not take up a lot of space on your person, so keep an eye out for small-size wireless Bluetooth headsets adapters when shopping.

FAQs About Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

FAQs About Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

How can I connect my Bluetooth Headphone Adapter?

Connecting a Bluetooth adapter to an audio device is easy! First, plug the Bluetooth adapter into your TV or another Bluetooth-enabled device. Then turn on Bluetooth on both devices and select them to connect.

Which Bluetooth Headphone Adapter do I need for my TV?

If your audio source and tv both have Bluetooth capabilities, a wireless Bluetooth headphone adapter can allow you to wirelessly stream Bluetooth music from any Bluetooth-enabled device to your TV. If you don’t have Bluetooth on either the audio source or tv, then a wireless Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth headsets are needed.

Should I buy a headphone adapter with aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD support?

Yes, you should. AptX LL adapters are the essential Bluetooth codecs if you want to use your headphones (and adapter) for TV watching or any video content. aptX HD audio codecs are highly desirable if you want the best possible sound quality when listening to music.


At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter which adapter you ultimately decide to go with. All that matters is that your Bluetooth headphones will work properly and sound quality as good as they possibly can. So don’t be afraid to take my advice or make a decision on an adapter at this point in time.

I hope you found this post useful! If not, please let me know so I can better understand what would have made it more helpful for you personally and other readers like yourself. And if there are any questions about any of these adapters feel free to contact us anytime – we’re always glad to help out our customers in any way possible!


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