Best Car Subwoofer Under $200: Top Brand Reviews 2023

Best Car Subwoofer Under $200: Top Brand Reviews 2023
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Having great sound in your car is hard to achieve without the right audio equipment. This is because sounds are channeled through the car speakers instead of being amplified separately through a speaker. It’s difficult for some cheaper models to have the noise level of higher-end models, so this can be quite frustrating when you are listening to your favorite music or radio station. One option to try to remedy this situation would be to buy a car subwoofer.

In this post, Hooke Audio will help you find out what is the best car subwoofer under $200 in the Audio market.

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Top Best Car Subwoofer Under $200 Reviews

Top Best Car Subwoofer Under $200 Reviews

1. Pioneer TS-A300D4

Best Subwoofers For Budget

Pioneer’s subwoofer has a single unit with a maximum power handling capacity of 1500 Watts and 400 RMS. It is the highest-rated product and delivers powerful, loud, and clear bass.

The best thing about this car subwoofer for me is its sound clarity. It produces a great level of audio clarity at 1 kHz. The top-mount depth is 5.8 inches. It can easily be installed in either a sealed or port enclosure. To make a powerful bass tube for your car, you can get a pair.

This budget-friendly subwoofer has an excellent 88dB sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, it will need less power to achieve a high output level. Simply put, subwoofers with a sensitivity between 80 and 100dB will sound louder.

This subwoofer can be installed easily with its 4-ohm single-voice coil. It’s covered with Mica Reinforced IMPP (interlaced injection molded polypropylene) cone. It delivers the perfect bass without any noise distortion thanks to its rubber surround.

2. Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Best compact car subwoofer

Monoprice’s 60-Watt Powered subwoofer offers the perfect blend of price for money, simplicity, and decent bass.

This subwoofer is a great option if you want to add bass to your home theatre system without spending a lot. Monoprice car subwoofers are affordable and of amazing audio quality. This means you will be able to enjoy years of uninterrupted playback without spending a lot.

This subwoofer can be integrated seamlessly into your home theater system. It also has multiple inputs to easy installation.

The car subwoofer also features a low pass crossover that can be adjusted from 50 to 150Hz. This allows you to integrate it with existing speakers and soundbars.

It also has an automatic on setting which will put your subwoofer to sleep after two minutes and then wake it up when you need it. This is very user-friendly and won’t increase your power bills.

Monoprice’s subwoofer comes in a compact size, with an 8-inch woofer as well as an amplifier that can deliver 60W.

The car subwoofer has a special feature called impedance-matching circuitry. This feature doesn’t affect the power of the front speakers or cause any problems with the way they work.

The subwoofer’s exterior is beautiful and can be matched seamlessly to your existing speaker’s system.

The Monoprice Sub only covers 50-250Hz. This is our only gripe. It misses a lot of lower frequencies but is still a great option if you are looking for a subwoofer that’s affordable and reliable.

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered...
1,915 Reviews


  • You will enjoy years of reliable customer service with this budget subwoofer for your car.


  • Only a limited frequency response

3. Kicker CompC 10″

Best Car Subwoofers

The kicker is a famous name in the world of car audio. They are known for making unique products with great quality and reasonable prices.

This 10″ car subwoofer is pre-installed in an enclosed 4 ohm thin vented enclosure. It can be easily stored in your trunk even if you have small cars.

It can handle 600 watts and RMS 300. This subwoofer’s most notable feature is its 93.8dB sensitivity. It is completely safe from exploding. It is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), which is most commonly used in subwoofers on the market at a lower price.

The cone is made of polypropylene. These materials make subwoofer lightweight and virtually distortion-free.

Venting slots are provided to allow air to flow through the head unit, which maintains the temperature of the subwoofer. The installation is simple. You will need to connect some wires to the subwoofer. The subwoofer does not come with an amplifier so you will need to purchase it separately.

KICKER 44CWCD104 CompC 10' 500...
477 Reviews

4. Sony SACS9 Active Subwoofer

Best Subwoofers For Car

The Sony SACS9 compact unit is ideal for smaller homes. It can be tucked away and free up floor space. The smaller size of the unit means that distortion is eliminated, which results in a clear, crisp, and deep bass.

The 10-inch driver also features this anti-distortion design. It has a cone made from Foamed-Mica Cellular material, which is strong, minimizes vibrations, and doesn’t deteriorate like paper.

The enclosure’s interior also has a vibration-reducing design and damping material. This absorbs pressure waves from the rear sub. The Sony SACS9 will deliver natural, precise bass.

The frequency range it covers is decent, with 28 to 100Hz. This allows it to pick up low frequencies, adding dimension to your films. The 115W amplifier has external circuits to reduce distortion and vibrations.

The SACS9’s sleek, contemporary design can blend seamlessly with any decor. It is an easy-to-integrate subwoofer with your home theatre system thanks to its excellent crossover capabilities.

The only problem is that the automatic on/off feature is not perfect. Some users also reported problems with its functionality. It is easier to operate the subwoofer manually. The SACS9 by Sony can add an extra dimension and excitement to your movie night.


  • A small subwoofer that produces big, clear bass.


  • Problems with the auto power off/on feature

5. Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer

Best Subwoofers For Car

The PSW10 from Polk Audio can seamlessly integrate with any existing home entertainment system. The car subwoofer has multiple inputs and outputs.

There is also a phase switch for when you are using more than one subwoofer. This allows for easy connection to your soundbar and speakers.

You can also use the subwoofer to integrate with your speakers for a rich, balanced bass that will enhance your existing setup.

The subwoofer’s sturdy design is optimized to reduce resonance and ensure smooth playback. The Dynamic Balance driver is a 10-inch unit that moves quickly and has a rigid structure. This eliminates distortion. Internal bracing and damping eliminate resonance.

The enclosure can also be tuned to handle low frequencies without causing distortion. The sub’s sound is maintained by a specially designed port that allows air to be expelled from it without interfering with its overall sound.

The Klippel distortion analyzer is a great addition to the system. It optimizes the motor structure and alignment of the voice coil as well as the suspension according to laser-based analysis. This technology produces a natural and smooth sound that is rich and full of the bass you love.

The frequency response, which covers 40 to 160Hz, is our only complaint. Although it misses the lower frequencies, this is still more than sufficient for the price. The PSW10 is an excellent value for money.


  • A subwoofer that produces clear, punchy bass without requiring much effort.


  • There is a small range of crossover options.

6. Rockville RW10CA

Best Car Subwoofers

We now have the Rockville RW10C. Rockville also makes great car audio products. This time, however, they made a subwoofer that is very modern. Let’s find out more.

This sub is powered with an adjustable input sensitivity which means you can adjust the sensitivity as you like.

The peak power is 800 Watts and the RMS is 200 Watts. This car subwoofer has a maximum sensitivity of 90dB. This subwoofer also has a short-circuit protection circuit and a thermal protector. It also features low-level RCA inputs as well as high-level inputs that have auto turn-on technology.

Rockville made it easy to install. The bass boost and low pass filter are two of the most popular features. Low pass filters have a frequency range of 50Hz to 150Hz. This allows you to adjust the frequency for both left and right speakers. Although the bass boost can make sound good and louder, some claim it can distort if used too often.

Rockville RW10CA 10' 800 Watt...
4,281 Reviews

7. MTX Audio Terminator TNE212D

Best Car Subwoofers under 200

Do you want to increase the bass power in your car audio, but without spending a fortune? You should consider the MTX TNE212D. The subwoofer’s cone, made from polypropylene, is durable and has a rubber surround.

The subwoofer enclosure measures 12 inches and is sealed and double-sided. The subwoofer is made from 5/8 inch MDF and coated with a black rug for a premium, rugged look. Its compact, durable design allows it to be placed in any location in your car.

The Terminator TNE212D can handle 200 watts of RMS power handling per unit (that’s a total output of 400 watts). This compact subwoofer produces crisp and clean bass, depending on what music you are listening to.

The spider plateau vent keeps your voice coil cool and prevents it from overheating during prolonged play. The speakers are protected by a rubber surround and a 48-ounce magnet with 2-inch aluminum coils.

MTX has been making stereos and audio speakers for more than 40 years. You can trust them with their extensive experience and high recommendations.

MTX Terminator 12 Inch 1200...
3,770 Reviews


  • Durable construction
  • It is a great value for the features it offers
  • The subwoofers produce a great bass.


  • For better audio, you will need to purchase an amp wire kit
  • It overheats easily

8. NVX VCW124

This woofer is multi-functional and built to the highest quality standards. Cone distortion is minimized by the custom High Roll foam surround and woven fiber-pressed paper cone.

Next is the dual 3-inch aluminum voice coil. This woofer’s triple-stacked motor structure makes it extremely efficient at high power outputs. 1000w RMS power will bring your enjoying music to life.

The VCW124 subwoofer has all the engineering elements mentioned above and produces a better sound than subs that cost twice as much. The VCW124 subwoofer will also sound great in a sealed enclosure if you don’t have much cargo space.

NVX VCW124v3 12' 2400 Watt...
175 Reviews

9. Pioneer TS-WX1210A Car Subwoofer

Best car subwoofers under 200

Pioneer subwoofer features a unique trapezoid design that is both functional and attractive. The external is durable and rigid, while the internal structure decreases internal standing waves. It can be easily slipped under your seat or in your trunk and delivers high-quality and powerful bass.

You can also enjoy many years of enjoyment by having the exterior carpeted. It prevents slippage and protects against damage.

The subwoofer is capable for handling high bass and has a great frequency response. The sub’s 12-inch size includes a Class D amplifier, which can handle 350W and a bass response range of 20 to 125Hz.

It can pick up lower frequencies than other subwoofers in this price range, resulting in a bass experience that is right under your skin.

The TS-WX1210A is easy to install and use in your daily life. The knob or mounted control can be used to adjust the input gain. Additionally, the sub includes controls for LPD and phase control as well as variable bass boost. You have control over the playback and can create the high-quality sound.

The Pioneer HTMLX1210A subwoofer claims it can handle 350W. However, some users claim that it is closer to 150W. This is a big difference and more than enough to fill your truck or car.

Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12' Sealed...
812 Reviews


  • A small car subwoofer capable of handling very low bass at high volumes.


  • There are discrepancies in the advertised volume.

10. JL Audio 12W0V3-4

JL Audio is a well-known brand in the car audio market. They were established in 1975 and offered a variety of car, marine, and home audio products.

Jl Audio is a supplier of all components for car audio. They offer everything from subwoofers and car speakers to amplifiers and accessories. Their best-known product is their high-quality car subwoofers.

JL Audio’s 12W0V3-4 car subwoofer is among the most affordable under $200. The subwoofer has something called “Elevated Frame Cooling” made by JL Audio. This helps to keep the speaker cool so it works well and lasts a long time. It does this by letting cool air flow through slots right above the speaker’s voice coil. For strong power handling, it uses a 2-inch voice coil.

This shallow mount subwoofer from JL Audio is powerful enough that you can hear and feel subtle effects. It has 300 watts continuous power and 600 watts bursts.

The subwoofer’s excellent excursion capabilities and linearity are thanks to JL Audio’s Dynamic Motor Analysis system. It was introduced in 1997 and has been refined over time to address the problem of speaker motor linearity.

This innovative sound system allows for precise and linear cone movement. This reduces distortion and accurately reproduces transients simply tight, clear, and accurate bass.

The JL Audio 12″ subwoofer has a durable, high roll foam surround and a polypropylene cone. This ensures consistent and refined bass output. The cone’s extended excursion allows it to hit deep notes without distortion. The 2-inch voice coi helps it work really well even when it’s very loud or hot.

JL Audio designed this sub so that it could operate in a small 1.375 cu. 38.9 l) sealed enclosure or 1.75 cu. ft. (49.6 l) ported enclosure. We recommend a mono amp rated between 200 to 300 watts RMS power at four ohms to drive the single subwoofer.

11. Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4-12

The Rockford Fosgate 12″ subwoofer is worth looking at if you are looking for something larger than $200. This is one of the most affordable subwoofers for cars under $200.

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 was designed to produce deeper and louder bass. This unit can deliver 600 watts of continuous power.

This subwoofer features anodized aluminum cones to protect it from heavy play while remaining light and responsive.

The P3D4-12 use “VAST” (Vertical Attach Surround Technique), this technique increases the sub’s cone by up to 25%.

It allows the sub to push even more air, resulting in a sub producing a larger bass. Technically, this is achieved by changing the way the surround attaches to the basket. The result is a greater bass output and a more musical character.

Rockford Fosgate fitted this sub with an aluminum subwoofer former to prevent it from failing. This heat sink dissipates heat buildup during high SPL conditions.

The subwoofer has special venting that keeps the voice coils cool, consistent and reliable bass performance.

This Punch P3 sub also features an extended pole piece with bumped backplate. It allows for a more comprehensive and heavy excursion so it can hit deeper lows without “bottoming.”

The Rockford Fosgate 12 inch subwoofer P312 will work in a sealed or ported enclosure. It’s up to the user to decide what kind of bass they want.


12. JBL GT-BassPro12

The GT-BassPro12 has been designed to withstand extreme use. This gives you the freedom to blast your favorite songs to your heart’s delight. A die-cast aluminum basket houses the woofer.

It is extremely durable and prevents rattling and distortion. This allows for smooth and punchy bass. Venting prevents the motor from overheating at high temperatures. A slipstream port allows air to be released at high-pressure frequencies without distortion.

The powerful amplifier in the 12-inch subwoofer can handle 150W. This allows you to fill your car with jaw-dropping tunes. Dual stacked magnets increase magnet flux, allowing for greater output and excursion.

The progressive spider adds high output at low frequencies while maintaining suspension. These elements all work together to provide heavy-duty playback and consistent quality regardless of volume or frequency response.

The JBL unit has controls that allow you to adjust the sound level. These include input level, low pass, and bass boost. Phase control is also available.

You can adjust the sound from your car via remote control, which adds to its convenience. The GT-BassPro12 also has an automatic power-on that works by signal sensing.

The JBL GT–BassPro12 sub has one major problem. It is heavy and requires a lot of setting up. If you have the space and patience to adjust the sound levels over time, you’ll be rewarded with a sub that is extremely heavy-duty and has a strong bass.

Buying Guide

Car Subwoofer Buying guide

Are you unsure of the factors to consider when buying a subwoofer? We have put together a comprehensive buying guide to assist you.

Power Output/handling

When purchasing a subwoofer, the power rating is another important factor to consider. The subwoofer’s power rating is the amount of power it requires to run on the main power source and the music system. There are two types of power ratings: the RMS or full powers.

The peak power is twice the RMS rating. If you have 150 watts RMS power, your power peak rating will likely be 300-watt. This is in contrast to the 150-watt amplifier rating. The sub’s maximum power output in short bursts is called the power peak.

The RMS rating refers to the maximum power the speaker can handle. The 150 RMS subwoofer would be a great choice.


A subwoofer’s impedance is its resistance to electricity flowing at full speed. The subwoofer’s impedance is a measure of how efficiently it follows an electric signal. Subwoofers are usually equipped with an impedance between 2 and 4 ohms.

If you are looking for high-quality results, we recommend a Subwoofer that has less impedance such as 2 or 4 ohms. To provide the best bass quality and moderate impedance, an 8-ohm Subwoofer is a good choice.

Frequency Range

This frequency range is a periodic audible vibration in hertz. It allows you to determine how low a subwoofer is capable of performing and how much you can get out of it.

Subwoofers generally have a frequency range between 20 and 250 hertz. A subwoofer with a higher frequency can give you more control over the sound spectrum.


First, examine the subwoofer’s cabinet size. You need to consider your needs and the available space to determine which size subwoofer is best to buy.

You don’t have to be concerned about how big the subwoofer will fit in your space. You should always choose a larger subwoofer to achieve great volume sound. For setting up large areas, the subs should be between 15 and 18 inches in size.

You should consider smaller, compact subwoofers if you are short on space or need to mount them on a vehicle. These subwoofers are affordable and have a high volume output. A sub 8-12 inches would be the ideal size for a small space.


The enclosure of subwoofers is another important factor to consider. Although you may think that it is only a place where the subwoofer is located, it can have a significant impact on the sound quality. You can choose from ported or sealed enclosures for subwoofers.

Ported enclosures are best if you love your music to rock and shake your car panel. They are more efficient than sealed enclosures and produce more power from an amplifier.

Price and warranty

While you are looking at the features and qualities of subwoofers, it is also important to verify whether they offer a warranty for their use. A subwoofer’s warranty will provide you with peace of mind when it is in use.

It is important to consider whether the product offers features that are included in the price tag. This will ensure you don’t waste your money on the wrong product.

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FAQs about Car Subwoofer under 200

Are Square Subs Better Than Round?

Square ones can move more air, but round ones are better at using the air to make sound. The subwoofer’s control is more precise, the better the reproduction of sound quality.

What Size Subwoofer Has The Deepest Bass?

15-inch Subwoofers provide the best bass and power due to their large size. However, they lack the responsiveness and power of smaller subs. These subs can take up a lot of cargo or passenger space, which is why they are often used in large trucks and SUVs.

How Long Should You Break In A Subwoofer?

20-24 hours is a good time frame for a solid break. It can be set with a clean signal overnight. You can now install it and get on your way.

Do Subs Become Louder When They Break-In?

Subwoofers shouldn’t get louder when they break-in. They will adapt to the different frequencies and play the best sounds.


Subwoofers are an integral part of any car audio system because they generate the bass that is so crucial for you to feel the music. Over the years, these speakers have become more advanced. If you’re on a budget, it may seem daunting to get the best subwoofer under $200.

The tricky thing with these powerful pieces of hardware is that they can be expensive if not chosen wisely. We hope that you find it useful in this article to choose the best one on a tight budget. Thank you for reading.

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