Best Component Speakers For Car 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Component Speakers For Car 2023 Top Brands Review

Sound quality is essential for the best possible experience in one’s car, and a great set of component speakers can make a huge difference. These speakers are the best option if you want a clean, crisp sound that will make a journey a whole lot more enjoyable!

In this article, Hookeaudio will share a list of the Best Component Speakers For Car. Keep reading to find out which components of speakers are considered the most suitable car speaker for your vehicle.

Top Rated Best Component Speaker For Car Brands

Top Rated Best Component Speaker For Car Brands

1. Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO

Best car component speakers for sound quality

Focal PS 165FX is a new Focal technology that aims to give you a speaker that produces a more natural sound and dynamic sound. Focal has a reputation for continuously developing technologies that allow its engineers to provide high-end speakers to the industry.

Focal PS165FX features a lightweight woofer cone of hollow flax fibers, which are woven between thin glass membranes. The woofer cone is suspended by a sturdy butyl rubber surround. Flax design ensures superior strength and resistance to unwanted resonances.

Focal PS 165FX has a phase plug specifically designed to eliminate frequency response dispersion. This unit features Focal’s inverted magnesium alloy dome speakers and innovative woofers to deliver exceptional natural sound.

Inverted component tweeters act as small woofers, dispersing high frequencies extensively and producing crisp, rich audio. For increased durability, the dome tweeters come with the poron suspension.

The component speaker system PS 165FX has crossovers that can be used to adjust the speaker’s output. You can change the system’s sound quality by using crossovers. They offer midrange frequencies and tweeter control as well as 2-position tweeter level controls.

If you are searching for the top car speakers without amp, why don’t try them?

HERTZ Mille Pro Series MPK...
26 Reviews


  • Innovative technology
  • High power handling
  • No distortions
  • Bi-amp system
  • Natural sound and accuracy
  • Long-lasting, reliable construction material
  • Good frequency response


  • Large magnets require more space for installation
  • The high end of the price spectrum is where prices are.

2. Alpine R-Series R-S65C

Best component car speakers for the money

Alpine speakers are a trusted brand in the car audio market. Alpine speakers have been installed in many BMW and Mercedes factories, and this is not surprising.

The 6.5 component speakers come with two woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers. They are 100W RMS, 4 OHM extended Frequency Response, and can play loud, clear music.

Alpine’s Type-R legacy speakers are known for their loudness. The company has taken the best parts of Type-R and improved them with R-Series speakers, proving Alpine continues to deliver.

The speaker features an Ultra Smooth 1″ Silk Dome Tweeter that produces high fidelity and a new ring-type voice coil for greater efficiency and better tonal balanced sound throughout the sound spectrum.

It is combined with Alpine’s WaveGuide technology, a phase jack located in the middle of the woofer cone. This enhances sound dispersion in cars and helps eliminate phase distortion. This allows the driver to deliver crystal clear sounds at high volumes.

The frequency response of 6.5 speakers is limited at 65Hz-29kHz, but it’s not impossible to buy them for their bassline.

Type-R speakers are known for their reliability and sound. These R-S65C speakers are made of good materials that will provide long-lasting enjoyment and the best 6.5 component speaker in their price range.


  • Excellent overall sound
  • Strong mid-range


  • To get the best from these, an external amp is required.
Alpine R-S65C.2 6.5 Inch...
98 Reviews

3. Rockford Fosgate T2652 S

Best 6.5 component car speakers for the money

Rockford Fosgate’s T2652S system is a 6.5″‘ unit designed for peak power ratings. These cones are made from carbon fiber and polypropylene injection-molded cones, which produce a precise sound. They are protected by a butyl rubber shell and mounted in a billet-machined aluminum casing.

The 1″ tweeters are also made with high-grade aluminum. They have three mounting adjustment options for all installations. Rockford Fosgate also offers external crossovers that enable you to bi-amp components and tweeters. This allows the speakers to produce more power. The T2652 S is a powerful car speaker.

Rockford Fosgate T1650-S Power...
77 Reviews


  • Excellent sound clarity and power handling capabilities
  • Solid construction
  • Attractive from the aesthetic perspective
  • Reasonable price


  • In some situations, mounting tweeters can seem too bright for their intended audience.
  • There are no screws required to mount speakers, tweeters, or crossovers.

4. Focal PS165FX

Focal PS 165FX 6.5 component speakers are a new Focal technology that aims to give you a speaker set with a more natural, dynamic sound. Focal has a reputation for continuously developing technologies that allow its engineers to provide high-quality speakers to the industry.

Focal PS165FX features a lightweight cone of hollow flax fibers, which are woven between narrow glass membranes. The woofer cone is suspended by a sturdy Butyl surround. Flax design ensures superior strength and resistance to unwanted resonances.

Focal PS 165FX component systems have a phase plug specifically designed to eliminate frequency response dispersion. This unit features Focal’s inverted magnesium alloy dome speakers and innovative woofers to deliver exceptional natural sound.

Inverted tweeters act as small woofers, dispersing high frequencies extensively and producing crisp, rich audio. For increased durability, the tweeters come with suspension.

The component speaker system PS 165FX 6.5 component speakers have crossovers that can be used to adjust the speaker’s output. You can change the system’s quality of sound by using crossovers. They tweeter and mid-range control as well as 2-position tweeter level controls.


  • Innovative technology
  • High power handling
  • No distortions
  • Bi-amp system
  • Great sound quality and accuracy
  • Long-lasting, reliable construction material


  • Large magnets require more space for installation
  • The high end of the price spectrum is where prices are.
Focal PS165FX Flax 6.5”...
54 Reviews

5. Rockford Fosgate T1650-S

This is my third Rockford Fosgate selection. Although I am not a Rockford Fosgate salesperson, these speakers are excellent, even though they are expensive.

These 6.5 component speakers are made from durable materials. These 6.5 woofers are made of injection-molded carbon fiber and polypropylene cones with Santoprene type rubber surround. This makes them more durable than standard rubber surround.

This increases the durability of the product as standard rubber eventually cracks and becomes brittle. However, Santoprene is firm and can be used for boats and motorcycles.

The cones are made from a combination of carbon and polypropylene. This material is solid and resists wear and tear. It also helps the speaker system to produce crisp, accurate melodies.

These 6.5 component speakers are one of the best for quality of stereo because they have a 1-inch. The clear highs and heavy bass balance the speaker’s loudness well. The dedicated 2-way crossover network has selectable tweeter levels and axis switching to adjust the high frequencies.

The speaker’s power handling is impressive at 80W RMS. This ensures that the speaker produces a clear soundscape over long periods. Although the frequency range of 47 to 20,000 Hz is somewhat limited, subwoofers are recommended if you need deeper lows.

The separate mid-range improves the quality of music reproduction and allows the driver to distribute the music throughout the vehicle efficiently.

This component system can be used with many types of stereos and joint head components. However, a sound amplifier will make all the difference.

These speakers can give your soundscape that energetic boost it needs, no matter what you choose. Even though the bass frequencies are exact, they can be used as part of a car stereo system. If you need some Best 6.5 component speakers for the money, you should try them.

Rockford Fosgate T1650-S Power...
77 Reviews


  • Clear vocals and a clean bass
  • It is easy to setup
  • Built to last


  • Expensive
  • Crossovers can be a bit overwhelming

6. Infinity Reference 6530CX

These inch 2-way component speakers are 6.5 inches in length and cost a reasonable amount. The speakers were first launched in 2018 and are a great sounding product thanks to their edge-driven textile tweeters, which deliver clear sounds with a well-rounded tone.

These 6.5 component speakers are powerful at 90W RMS and can be used with or without an external amplifier. However, the frequency rate of 53 Hz to 21k Hz is much smaller than most speakers on my list.

Infinity’s Plus One large subwoofer is used in the six 1/2-inch speakers. This produces a better bass output and a more even sound distribution throughout the vehicle, regardless of its size.

Indeed, the bass is not as deep as you would expect, even though the 6.5 component system is not designed for it. If you are looking for deep bass, then the 6.5s is exactly what you wish. They will provide fantastic all-around sound quality.

These baskets are easy to install, making them an excellent factory speakers upgrade. These provide perfect highs and a clear, crisp midbass. It is seen as a very good car component speakers 2023.


  • Factory head parts can be used with speakers.
  • Clear audio, clear highs, and a prominent mid-range
  • Speakers that OEM manufacturers make the sound better


  • Even for 6.5 speakers, the bass is not as good as it could be.
  • The crossover could be smaller.
  • Mounting will require additional speaker wire and connectors.

7. JBL Stadium GTO600

JBL created the new Stadium series system when it was time to replace their 6.5-inch speaker systems. The speaker-in-a box package includes almost everything needed for a factory-style installation in nearly any vehicle or truck.

JBL provided two 6.5-inch woofers, two tweeters, and a switchable gap crossover. JBL also included all the screws and clips, gaskets, gaskets, as well as speaker grills.

JBL’s sound engineers swapped the composite woofer material from the old model for a lighter and more durable glass fiber material.

The glass material provides a broader range of sound reproduction and an enhanced bass “feel.” The GTO 600C can reproduce sounds from 45 to 25,000 Hertz thanks to the new glass fiber woofer material.

This is a significant improvement over the previous model. High volume levels can produce crystal clear sounds and lows that are throbbing. JBL’s exclusive Plus One+ technology and a high-roll rubber surround ensure speaker performance for a lifetime.

JBL improved the performance of these speakers through an increase in the speaker’s power handling capabilities. The GTO 600C 6.5 component speakers can pump out tunes at high volumes with little distortion, up to 100 WMS power. Although 10 watts RMS may not seem like much, it makes listening more enjoyable.

JBL also decreased the impedance to the speakers to 2.5 ohms. This allows the speakers to be used with any factory head unit or factory wiring. JBL markets these speakers as an affordable factory components upgrade.

The new speaker grills look much better than the old, more industrial-looking ones. JBL’s sales representative said that the new speakers look like upgrading from a Corvette or Ferrari to the new grills.

JBL Stadium GTO 600C - 6.5'...
22 Reviews


  • Seamless mixing of highs, middles, midbass, and tweeter dynamics
  • High-quality sound clarity, focus, and accuracy
  • Convenient convertible mounting system to mount tweeters


  • The design of some items on this list isn’t as fashionable as others.

8. Polk Audio DB6502

Polk’s DB6502 6.5 component speakers are described as rich, clean, and full-range on the internet. They are a descendant of the Polk Audio DB6501 speakers, which were on our previous list.

Their versatility is what makes this set stand out. Polk designed them to be able to work in any environment. They are great for anyone who drives a Jeep or has a daily driver and needs to replace the OEM speakers.

These set speakers are great for any situation and perform well. They are also waterproof. They have an IP55 rating, making them dirt- and water-resistant.

It is also UV-tolerant and polypropylene, making it an excellent choice for outdoor usage. These speakers are great for cars and boats. The DB6502 is the most affordable on our list.

Polk Audio DB6502 DB+ Series...
62 Reviews


  • The speaker’s outer and inner surrounds are waterproof
  • They are ideal for outdoor use and can be used on both cars and boats.
  • The affordable end of the price spectrum is reached.
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Installation might be more challenging than other types
  • Highs can be a little harsh

9. Kicker 46CSS654

Best budget component speakers for car

Kicker 46CSS454 is among the best car speakers under 100 for owners to upgrade their factory systems without spending a fortune. Kicker’s latest components feature an upgraded independent voice coil, titanium tweeters, and clear highs. The component system has been treated to stop ultraviolet light degrading the polypropylene material.

The 46CSS454 system has a redesigned crossover that addresses customer complaints. Due to its large size, customers had difficulty installing the crossover.

The new crossover is smaller and slimmer overall, making it easier to install in most cars without any modifications. The 46CSS454 system tweeters can be easily fitted to almost any vehicle. They can be mounted using a flush mount, surface mounts, and angled with the included mounting hardware.

The 46CSS454 system comes with two 6.5″ speakers, two tweeters, and a redesigned crossover. It also includes all other miscellaneous items necessary to make a factory-looking, clean installation.

The detailed instructions make it easy for the home installer to achieve professional results. Kicker’s technical support can help you figure out why things don’t go according to plan.

The Kicker 46CSS454 system is not only affordable but also has a remarkable sound quality. Kicker cs series speakers sound engineers spent hundreds of hours listening to the system, tweaking it, and making sure that the price was affordable.

Although the Kicker system might not be as durable as high-end units due to its low cost, most car owners will find it difficult to distinguish between the Kicker 46CSS454 or more expensive models. To improve speaker performance and longevity, Kicker has upgraded the neodymium magnetics. It is seen as the Best component speakers 2023.


  • Decent price
  • Installation is easy with smaller crossovers
  • A 12dB crossover and 100W continuous peak power provide significant sound quality for the price.


  • Boring metal speaker grills
  • Only 4 Ohm Resistance
KICKER 46CSS654 6.5' 6 1/2'...
138 Reviews

10. JBL CLUB6500C

This JBL CLUB6500C component speaker system is an excellent deal if you are looking for a reliable and high-quality speaker to replace your car’s original speakers.

The set of 6.5-inch speakers comes with two woofers and two tweeters, and all necessary mounting parts, such as brackets and screws. To avoid any wiring issues, make sure you have the correct speaker wires.

An OEM radio can pull peak power efficiently with a 3-ohm impedance. The 50W RMS power rating of each speaker is 50W. This makes them not the most influential speakers, but they are great for those who like to crank up the volume.

They do produce some beautiful melodies and are not lacking in midbass after they’re mastered. The tweeters are high-sensitive and create crisp high notes.

These new speakers aren’t for audiophiles, to be fair. However, the sound quality is fantastic if you’re not an audio enthusiast. The mid-bass will deliver a clear audio and vocals, while the overall sound quality is quite warm sound.

A subwoofer and component system can be combined with a good external amplifier and car speakers. Your car’s stereo system will shake if you choose that option. These speakers should be accompanied by a subwoofer at least 10 inches in length. It is seen as one of the best cheap speakers for car.

JBL CLUB6500C 6.5' 360W Club...
4,143 Reviews


  • Smooth, precise, and attentive to detail
  • Bright tweeters
  • Tiny crossover


  • It can take Bass time to breakthrough
  • You won’t be the loudest unless your system is wholly upgraded.

What are Component Speakers?

What are Component Speakers

You may be overwhelmed by the number of options available when you shop for car component system replacements. Coaxial speakers have the benefit of packaging both the woofer and tweeter into one speaker opening, but as you can imagine, there are compromises, splitting the tweeter and woofer while adding a crossover to make each speaker perform better.

Although these speakers offer the advantage of combining the woofer and tweeter into one speaker opening, they also have some drawbacks. Audio enthusiasts who desire clearer, better sound are attracted to car speakers.

Some vehicles may be challenging to install car speakers. This could also mean that you will need to do custom work depending on the factory speakers.

When shopping for component speakers, keep in mind that you may be charged additional labor costs, either for the installation or the extra time it takes.

This is how a component audio system operates:

Your music is first transmitted through the head unit. Then, it sends your music to your amplifier as a low-level signal. Many head units allow you to adjust the bass, treble frequencies, and other settings.

Your amplifier then amplifies the signal and sends it through your crossover network to the tweeter or your mid-range frequency device. By balancing all components, they work together to provide optimal audio quality.

You have more control over the way your speakers audio. You can enjoy a better sound from component speakers than factory-installed or coaxial speakers.

What Are the Advantages of Component Speakers?

Remember that any speaker set in which the tweeters, mids, and crossovers are all separate components is called a “component speaker.”

To create the best surround sound experience, mount your tweeters from separate components inside your car. Your car will audio better if you place your tweeter at different locations. This will dramatically improve your listening experience.

Coaxial speakers can produce excellent audio, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy them. Coaxial speakers stereo better all-around than component speakers.

What Factors Should You Consider To Choose The Best Component Speaker For Your Car?

What Factors Should You Consider To Choose The Best Component Speaker For Your Car

This week’s buyers guide will address two critical questions regarding the purchase of a great set. But first, let us compare the facts to identify the differences between component and coaxial speakers. Then we can determine the advantages of the former.

And these are the important factors in choosing the right car speaker for your vehicle:

Component V’s Coaxial?

This topic is often a hot topic in-car audio, social groups. It is also a complex argument to settle since it is subjectively dependent on your taste. Let’s get to the point.

The main difference is that the one has speaker drivers stacked together, while the other has mid-range drivers divided into separate pieces.

Sometimes, coaxial speakers are called full-range speakers. These are the speakers that you already have in your car. They come in a 2-way class and include a woofer/tweeter combination. They are self-contained and easy to install.

You can configure your equalizer to make component speakers sound better. Each driver is a dedicated speaker for a specific purpose. You can separate the tweeter and woofer to give you greater control over their placement, optimizing their sound.

The best post of the woofer and tweeter can mean that you need to modify your vehicle’s interior. This can make a big difference in how they sound.

Splitting them can take longer to install, and wiring them up to the proper channels may require more thought and care.

Although there are many benefits to using component speakers, it is difficult to say if they are better. The speakers are generally considered superior and audio better.

Component speakers tend to produce better audio than a coaxial set of the same price. You can also customize your audio with component speakers. Their crossovers allow you to adjust the volume to your liking.

The amplifier you need and the car you drive (if it isn’t modified) will determine which you require. Your lifestyle, preferences, and skills will also be necessary.

Coaxial is a good choice if you want a quick and easy car speaker installation. However, if you aim to increase the volume or are an audiophile, components are your best option. As long as you don’t mind the challenges of installing the component,

Common Speaker Terms & Ratings

Common Speaker Terms & Ratings

CarAudioNow considers many factors when deciding on the Best 6 1/2″ Component Car Speakers. Let’s talk about some standard terms and criteria that are used to rate speakers.

Power Handling: This is the manufacturer’s measurement to determine how powerful a speaker can handle. It can be expressed in two dimensions, RMS (or Peak) and MAX (or Maximum).

The RMS power rating refers to the peak power that the speaker can handle continuously. The speaker’s Peak Power rating indicates how much power it can use in short bursts. RMS Power handling is the most relevant and essential rating when comparing speakers.

Sensitivity: The speaker’s sensitivity rating measures the speaker’s sound with the given peak power handling. Higher sensitivity means that the speaker will be more efficient with the energy it is given.

A higher sensitivity rate is required for lower-powered systems. A lower sensitivity is needed for higher-powered systems. Speakers with lower sensitivity ratings are better suited for handling higher power handling.

Frequency Range is at which the speaker emits sound. It is usually measured in Hz. These ranges represent a frequency that is low to high. For example, 20 – 22,000. (22k) HZ. This is how high or low the speaker can emit sound.

Design and Materials for Speakers

Woofer: The woofer of the speaker determines its responsiveness and quality. The speaker will be more efficient if it is made of a stiffer material.

The woofer cone is made of polypropylene. High-quality speakers can also be made from woven fabrics like kevlar. Good speakers can also be made from aluminum and titanium.

Woofer Surrounding is also an essential part of the speaker system. It can also affect the quality of audio. To allow the woofer’s movement with as little energy as possible, durable, lightweight, and non-moving materials are used.

It is also crucial for long-lasting speakers. The woofer surround can be damaged by humidity and wear and tear as speakers age and get used.

The most durable and highest performing surround is usually rubber. Foam and cloth surrounds are less expensive but have lower performance and shorter lifespans.

Crossovers: A crossover is usually included in a set of component car speakers. An external crossover is used to reduce distortion in a speaker’s sound.

By separating the frequency inputs, they accomplish this. The signals can pass through the coated wiring, causing distortion. An external crossover system can limit the distortion caused by signals crossing through coated wiring.

Read more:

Top Component Speakers for a Car: FAQs

Top Component Speakers for a Car FAQs

How do I correctly match up 3-way component speakers for car audio?

When setting up an in-car music system, matching the speaker with your head unit is just one of many considerations. After you have decided how much money you are willing to spend on the equipment required, the next thing to think about is matching 3-way speakers for car audio.

The easiest option would be to purchase a pre-built car audio package from a store, but these systems will always be more expensive than buying components separately and attempting to match them yourself.

What are the best car speakers for bass and sound quality?

When you’re shopping for a new stereo system, quality audio is the top priority. However, most speakers that create powerful bass have a hefty price tag. Not to worry. These four incredible car speakers produce deep and powerful audio with clean and crisp acoustics without breaking the budget.

Here are the Top car speakers for bass and sound quality in 2023:

  • JL Audio CS-690TX 3Way Speakers
  • Alpine SPR-69 2-way Best Coaxial Speakers
  • Kicker CSC674 Car Audio Speakers
  • Polk Audio DB651s
  • Pioneer TS-M800PRO

Do component speakers sound better?

If you are into audio engineering or appreciate great sound, then one of the topics to be discussed might be how component speakers are better. The speakers are easy to set up compared to traditional 2-way box speaker systems.

Component speaker, audio systems, also known as “3-way” audio systems, are commonly built around three drivers or even five drivers, unlike other audio devices that generally contain only two or four drivers. The term “component” is used in the audio industry to describe a speaker system with three or more drivers.


If you plan to buy or replace your car audio system, you should learn more about different speaker options. Components have distinct features that make them ideal for improving your sound system’s quality.

Their appearance is also enhanced with the installation of speakers compared to using other speakers. Drivers are now also choosing component speakers as an alternative because high-performing choices are still compatible with stock stereos.

When deciding to shop for components, take time to read reviews. We hope that this article has helped give you some insight into the best choice of component speakers. It will be an excellent choice if you have a car audio system that is powered by components.

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