Best Computer Soundbar 2024: Top Brands Review

Best Computer Soundbar 2024 Top Brands Review

If you’re looking for the best computer soundbar, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best soundbars for your PC, from the best budget pc soundbar options to high-end picks. Whether you’re looking for better audio for music or gaming or want to upgrade your computer’s sound system, one soundbar is sure to do the trick.

Top Rated 14 Best Computer Soundbars for Your PC or Mac

Top Rated 14 Best Computer Soundbars for Your PC or Mac

Creative Stage Under-Monitor Sound Bar

Creative created the Under-Monitor sound bar to work with your home theater system and PC.

This soundbar measures 23.7 inches, making it the longest we recommend. But it is well worth the effort. This 2.1 soundbar offers a pair of drivers and a subwoofer. To work, the subwoofer must be wired to the soundbar. If you are considering this option, ensure enough space under your desk.

The best thing about this sound bar is its large range of connectivity options. You can connect it via an aux input to a computer. It also supports Bluetooth streaming and Bluetooth audio.

Creative’s computer soundbar is wall-mountable and has more inputs than any other soundbar or speakers for PC we have reviewed. This feature is great if your computer can be hooked to a large television or you want to play games on consoles.

You can even connect your flash drive to the soundbar and access music files. Creative Stage has given the soundbar a remote control, so you can use its basic functions (power, volume, play/pause) without ever touching it.

Creative offers a variety of portable soundbars and can be used in the living room.

Sound BlasterX Katana Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

Sound BlasterX Katana Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

Top Pick: The BlasterX is a gaming and entertainment soundbar. The soundbar is flat and slimline, with four drivers. It includes two drivers for mid-bass, two tweeters with high excursion, and one driver for the subwoofer.

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A DSP-controlled amplifier powers each driver for ultra-precise sound. You can also use an optical cable, Bluetooth, or USB as input on the Katana.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Multichannel 5.1 sound and virtual 7.1 sound
  • RGB backlighting
  • Simple setup and connection
  • Quick switching between different sound sources
  • Superior build quality and excellent materials
  • Software that is easy to use


  • Software not compatible with Mac desktop

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini

The Polk Magnifi Mini soundbar is small and can be placed in any room. It is much smaller than a standard 14-inch monitor, so it almost disappears in the visual. The wireless subwoofer provides deep bass.

Even for people sitting on the monitor, the soundscape is larger than you can imagine. The sound quality in movies and video games is amazing, and the music is great. It sounds the best, no matter what music you are listening to.

It has both Bluetooth and Google Cast built-in. The soundbar can be used in several different applications. Although it isn’t as good as top soundbars at the same price, the soundbar has the advantage of being very small.

A 34cm audio system is almost inaudible, yet it adds a new dimension to your sound. This contrasts with the poor audio quality from flat-screen TVs or PC monitors. This dimension is what you are looking for.

You can play the music files from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and on TV. A pleasant surprise awaits vinyl fans. Bluetooth can connect the device to turntables.

The device can be connected to turntables with Bluetooth so that you will hear the legendary hits of Black Sabbath and the Beatles in a new way.


  • The system is compact, so it will not take up too much space in your room.
  • Modern and beautiful design
  • It is easy to set up.
  • For loud music lovers, high power is required.
  • Polk Audio MagniFi Mini’s balanced soundbar and subwoofer deliver rich, thick sound.
  • The main advantage is the detailed midrange.
  • Club music lovers will love this powerful bass.


  • The sound volume varies between quiet scenes in movies and battles.
  • Frequency distortions of a slight degree
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Doss PC Soundbar

Doss PC Soundbar

Doss’s PC Soundbar reviews, an inexpensive solution, improves desktop and laptop speakers.

It measures 17.7 inches in length, making it the middle of the pack. The stereo system is 16 watts. Doss’ soundbar features physical play, pause, and next track buttons. This allows you to shuffle through songs in a playlist without looking down. This is a great quality feature we didn’t expect to find in a soundbar below $40.

Doss’ PC Soundbar is notable for its lack of connectivity options. It can be connected to your computer via a USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth. You can also play audio from a flash drive, microSD card, or USB cable. The soundbar can play songs from external media, so you can use it when you aren’t at your computer.

If you want a computer soundbar that can replace your Bluetooth speaker in another room, Doss’ is the best.

RAZER Leviathan Soundbar and Subwoofer

Best budget computer soundbar

Runner-Up: Experience a full-range, 5.1 – best computer surround sound environment with the Razer. The compact soundbar can be placed under any desktop monitor. It comes with four drivers that are tuned for amazing virtual surround sound. The Razer Leviathan has a powerful name and looks. It is designed to deliver deep, impactful bass.

Panasonic SoundSlayer Gaming

The SoundSlayer is a great addition to any TV or PC gaming system. The Dolby Atmos technology will give you a 3D immersive sound experience that will place you right in the center of the action.

This speaker can provide a realistic sound experience, whether playing FPS or RPG video games or watching movies. It also features three sound modes that optimize audio for different listening situations and genres. The SoundSlayer can also be used for movies and music.

SoundSlayer takes up very little space, so it is a great fit for people who enjoy gaming or working on a computer.

The Panasonic SoundSlayer is a great gaming speaker.


  • Three sound modes for games
  • Powerful and immersivesound
  • Dolby Atmos/DTS: X/ DTS Virtual: X
  • Compact design and powerful sound
  • 2.1-channel 3-way speaker system with built-in subwoofer


  • The quality of remote builds is poor.
  • Expect more features for the price.

Bluedee Computer Soundbar

Bluedee’s Computer Soundbar will give you better sound quality, but it’s not too big.

It measures 16.4 inches and is the smallest soundbar we have reviewed. However, it has all modern features, such as Bluetooth support. Bluedee’s soundbar can be bus-powered, meaning it draws electricity from the USB-A port on your computer. You won’t have to plug it into a wall. This saves even more space.

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The RGB light strip on the front of this computer soundbar is its most impressive feature. The strip can change between various lighting modes, including one that pulses to the music. This is an excellent feature for entertaining friends.

Bluedee’s Computer Soundbar has one potential drawback. It can only play stereo music, which is understandable given its small size. Bluedee’s Computer Soundbar will work well if you have limited desk space.

Creative Stage Air 2.0 Compact Under-monitor Soundbar

Best Value: This soundbar is one of the most affordable in its price range. Creative is known for its high-quality sound systems, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The two drivers make strong sound, and the passive radiator makes great bass without a subwoofer.

You can also enjoy music for up to 6 hours without needing to connect to a power source. An AUX jack of 3.5mm allows you to connect to certain analog devices via wire.

This soundbar can be placed under a computer monitor. Thanks to Dolby Atmos surround technology. You can also combine it with the Creative subwoofer to get a three-dimensional simulation of sound intensity.

YAMAHA SR-C20A Soundbar

YAMAHA SR-C20A Soundbar

This soundbar has a key advantage: its compactness. It is also compact and can handle low-frequency playback. It also has its control software and a range of sound profiles. The SR-C20A can be a great tool for those who value every inch of space on their TV, tablet, or computer.

The soundbar is sleek and stylish. Good build and finishes are a Yamaha hallmark.

It is easy to get the soundbar ready, especially if it is not placed on the wall but something. The only thing left to do is connect the power cable to the sound source and choose the type of link. Interfaces include HDMI output (ARC and CEC), two optical S/PDIF, and Bluetooth.

The Yamaha features three speakers – two MF/HF and a 60-watt subwoofer. This case has a total power output of 100 watts.

It comes with remote control and the Sound Bar Remote app, which allows you to set up the soundbar more precisely. It does not support wi-fi, but it is affordable for its class.

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  • For Desktop Use, Compact Size
  • Virtual Surround Technology
  • Rich Bass Reproduction (Built-in SW, Passive Radiator x2, Bass Extension)
  • 4 Sound Modes, including Game Sound Mode
  • Sound Bar Remote App


  • No wi-fi support

Redragon GS560 Adiemus RGB Desktop Soundbar

The Redragon GS560, despite its price tag, is a great sound partner. Two 4W pro audio drivers provide rich music, gaming, and video sound.

The Redragon is beautiful and easy to view. The light projection is synced with the music and has a great display. The volume knob allows for precise volume adjustments and is simple to use. It can be connected to any device via the USB or 3.5mm jack.

Dell Stereo SoundBar AC511M

The AC511M is a unique product. The soundbar is small enough to attach to any monitor or laptop using the mount provided. It provides stereo sound and doesn’t take up much space.

It’s USB powered, so you don’t need batteries or extra power cords. The Dell Soundbar AC511M lets you play games, watch movies, or just listen to music with great sound.


  • Space-saving design
  • Stereo sound with rich stereo sound
  • USB powered
  • Simple setup


  • Some users might hear white noises when the computer turns on, no matter how loud the volume is.

LG Ultragear GP9 Soundbar

The GP9 portable soundbar looks like a Star Wars speaker. The LG soundbar is excellent audio with HiFi DAC and 3D gaming modes that will keep you in the game zone.

Other devices can be connected via Bluetooth, USB C, or optical inputs. You can still play for up to five hours without needing to plug it in.

SOULION R30 Soundbar

The Solution R30 Computer Speaker is here! This powerful speaker can be used with any laptop or PC. It delivers powerful sound and a unique booster technology.

The sound is stunning, clear, and captivating, even at low volumes, thanks to the two full-range speakers with a 30° inclined design.

The RGB rainbow lights on each side’s sound bar add style and flair. Plug the USB port into your computer for power, and plug in the 3.5mm audio jack to hear the sound. Compatible with smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops. USB powered.


  • portable size
  • Speaker powered by USB
  • It’s easy to use
  • Excellent sound quality for the price
  • Modern design
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  • Not compatible with iMac
  • Poorly constructed wires
  • Volume could be higher.
  • Best for Audiophiles

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar is also an excellent system. This soundbar is unique and close to the sound quality you’d expect from a true sound system. This soundbar will deliver superior audio quality and depth to any previous stereo system.

This single soundbar has the superior sound quality to your TV. The Solo 5 TV sound system can be set up easily and operated with minimal effort. This TV audio system gives you the best service, promises your satisfaction all day long, and uses the latest technology. This solution will deliver clear sound, which TVs can’t.

The system can even use a dialogue mode, which allows every word and phrase to shine through. This mode is great for viewing films and experiencing the most dramatic moments. You can stream music wirelessly from your device via Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a wired connection to connect to the TV. You can connect it to the TV via an optical audio connection.


  • There are many input methods.
  • Superior sound quality
  • Convenient remote control


  • Additional speakers can be purchased separately.

What to Look for When Buying a Computer Soundbar

What to Look for When Buying a Computer Soundbar

A computer soundbar is an excellent option if you enjoy the music and playing games through speakers but don’t have much space at your desk. There are many options available, including different sizes and prices. These are the top considerations when choosing the best soundbar for your computer.

  • Space: Computer soundbars are preferred over speakers and TV soundbars because they have a smaller footprint. Computer soundbars can be easily placed under computer monitors. This allows for powerful audio and saves space.
  • Connectivity: A computer soundbar with the best quality will be able to connect to many devices via optical, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm audio cables.
  • Compatibility and battery life: Make sure your soundbar works with your Mac or best PC surround sound. You will need a portable soundbar that can provide the sound you require, even if you are not using it for more than a few hours.
  • Sound: No matter how large or compatible your soundbar is, you still need the best sound. A subwoofer is an option on high-end soundbars, such as the RAZER Leviathan. This will give you a 5.1 surround sound system.
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Consider how you’ll be using the soundbar. If you’re a passionate gamer, opt for a gaming-friendly soundbar rather than a budget one.

Some relevant posts:

Best Computer Soundbar – FAQ

Best Computer Soundbar – FAQ

How to connect the soundbar to your PC?

Many options are available for connecting the soundbar, depending on the type of connection. They can be connected via Bluetooth or an HDMI cable. The HDMI connection: This pairing is simply the soundbar connected to a computer via a cable.

HDMI is a standard connector for all devices. The cable should have the same plugs. Bluetooth connection: This solution allows for a wireless connection to your computer. No additional wires or adapters are needed if the soundbar is paired with a laptop. A Bluetooth adapter must be used to connect to a computer.

What soundbars are best for gaming?

Gaming is incomplete without sound. It is the heart of gaming and the key to a great experience. High-quality surround sound channels and immersive audio provide a rich experience for gaming.

Many gaming soundbars have bass modules, which produce low-frequency sounds that provide an immersive experience. This is especially important for games that require explosions or other unusual effects to enhance the excitement.

High-quality soundbars have features that are specifically tailored for gaming. These include equalizers and software for voice enhancement. This can help you get the best gaming experience possible. An excellent soundbar will give you the best gaming experience.

Also, pay attention to the soundbar dimensions and the corresponding space on your computer’s desktop. This is especially important if you use a PC or laptop.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbars, RAZER Leviathan, Panasonic SoundSlayer Gaming, and YAMAHA SR–C20A are some of the most popular gaming soundbars. In our top picks, you can find the detailed overview and highlights for each model listed above.


After reading this article, you should better understand what to look for when purchasing a soundbar for your computer. The best soundbar for your needs will depend on your living room’s size, budget, and personal preferences. However, all the soundbars featured in this article would be a great addition to any computer setup. Thanks for reading!

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