Best Gaming Earbuds For In The World: Top Brands Full Review 2022

Best Gaming Earbuds 2022 Top Brands Review
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An avid gamer should never go without the best gaming earbuds.

After all, it is a gamer’s responsibility to take care of their ears, and the only way they can do that is with hearing protection. Keep reading our post, HookeAudio will help you find the right device for your needs, no matter what level you are at!

Looking for Better Gaming earbuds?

It’s hard to know what you should be looking for in gaming earbuds as it’s all so subjective. Some people prefer big bass, while others like a crisp, clear sound.

There are some general things that you can look out for, though, to make sure that the earbuds sound good and stay comfortable at the same time.

Headphone Frequency Response (Hz)

If you’re not too familiar with this term, don’t worry about it. It tells you how much specific frequencies are allowed through into your ears when wearing the headphones.

Best gaming earbuds will have a range between 15 Hz – 25000 Hz, which is more than enough, but if possible, check the frequency response of any product that you’re thinking of buying.

Looking for Better Gaming earbuds


This is the headphone’s resistance to electric current. In general, headphones gaming have between 16 ohms and 32 ohms, although they vary a bit depending on brand or product.

The higher the impedance, the more power you’ll need to drive them, which is why an amplifier will improve their decent sound quality significantly.

However, if they’re too high, they could cause your ears to discomfort during prolonged use – this depends on your sensitivity, though, so don’t worry about it if you’re not too sensitive to in ear headphones in general.

Driver Size

Driver size refers to the range of frequencies that a specific pair of in ear headphones can reproduce accurately.

Best Gaming Earbuds: Buying Guide

1. Compatibility with Different Platforms

If you want to play your favorite games, you need a pair of good gaming earbuds that will work for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac computers. You also need to make sure that all the controls are compatible with what you have or that they will be easy to fix if they aren’t.

2. Style & Design

Styles typically include colors: red, black, or grey; however, new ones are added each year that allow designers to add more color into their creations. They also make it possible to personalize your design while giving it a professional look at the same time.

Designs can range from over-ear headphones and around-the-ear bunny ear headphones (such as those made by Razer) or even use the soft piece on the inside of your ear to enhance sound and give you better quality during gameplay.

How to Find the Best Gaming Earbuds – Buying Guide

3. Comfort

One thing that can be overlooked when it comes to gaming is comfort. If a pair of headphones or earbuds are not comfortable, there is no way you will want to wear them for more than an hour or two at best, and this defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.

It also means that people will simply stop using them if they feel heavy after 30 minutes because wearing discomfort becomes unbearable over time.

The headbands, memory foam padding, and even nylon straps with velcro fasteners. Padded leatherette earpads or gel-filled cushions for each ear will keep you comfortable during long sessions.

This is important to consider because comfort can make a difference between winning and losing as the game goes on, especially if other people in the room don’t want to listen to what you are listening to. If you aren’t comfortable, then it’s simply not worth it to play.

4. Noise Isolation and Ambient Noise

There is a difference between noise isolation and noise cancelling earbuds and headphones regarding gaming; however, they both come with pros and cons depending upon how they work within your particular needs.

Those who play multiplayer games online often like gaming earbuds that will cancel out all other background noises so they can hear what others are saying.

5. Budget Limitations for mobile gaming earbuds

The budget you have good headphones for gaming is also vital to take into consideration as well. There are many low-cost options available on the market, but being more affordable does not always mean better quality or durability when it comes to gaming gear.

In that case, the chances are good that just because the price is lower does not mean there won’t be any problems with the product.

6. Drivers

If you’re looking for high-quality gaming earbuds, then it is a good idea to look at what kind of headphones they use and how many drivers are in each set.

The more there are, the better quality you can expect during extended gaming sessions or listening to music over your phone while doing daily chores.

In some cases, you having only four drivers might be enough, while others require eight or 12 with larger woofers and smaller tweeters than those on cheaper models.

It all depends upon how much money you want to spend for them and whether or not you’ll need this level of actual sounds quality with all that power going into them.

How to Find the Best Gaming Earbuds – Buying Guide (1)

7. Great Sound Sound profile

Not everyone wants the same kind of sound profile for their gaming earbuds, but the one thing they all have in common is that they want something more realistic than what comes with most smartphones or portable devices.

This includes drums and high-quality surround sound audio that will give you an edge over your opponents because you can hear things they cannot while also blocking out background noise so those around you don’t have to listen to it themselves.

One thing to remember here is that if you aren’t willing to pay a little extra for better quality and a richer tone, then there’s no way you will get the same result as someone who invested in a superior set of wireless earbuds.

Not everyone wants to support this kind of money into their gaming gear, but if you do, then the results can be well worth it when it comes to your auditory experience as you play.

8. Wired Vs Wireless

If wired earbuds are a problem during extended gameplay sessions or those who prefer not to have wires running around their heads and necks, then wireless models will be the next best thing to consider since there is no longer any drag.

Wireless gaming earbuds also come with receivers that can plug into standard audio jack along with game controllers. In contrast, some even have microphones attached so users can speak in real-time as they play against others over the internet.

The choice is entirely up to you, but if you like the freedom of wireless earbuds while also having a consistent connection between the headphones and your unit without any lag in sound or image quality, then these are worth investing in.

Top 15 Best Earbuds for Gaming

1. HyperX Cloud Earbuds

  • Switch-friendly design
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Weight: 19g
  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch (3.5mm only), PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile (3.5mm only).
  • Mic: Yes


  • Eye-catching design
  • The mic is solid at the price
  • Decent bass performance


  • It is not great for music playing

It’s pretty good for gaming, and it works well for video calls on the laptop. The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are surprisingly affordable.


Best gaming earbuds With Boom Mic

  • Battery life: n/a
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Weight: 108.86g
  • Compatibility: Android, Switch, and Xbox.
  • Mic: Yes (detachable).


  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for mobile phones gaming
  • Included is a detachable microphone


  • Sound is fundamental

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds, which are super portable and affordable for those who use Nintendo Switch, Turtle Beach Battle Buds is designed for mobile phones gamers and Nintendo Switch users. There will be trade-offs, but these gaming earbuds are portable enough to use on the move.

Although the bass is not great, and they struggle with relaying the noise of open-world games on the Xbox or PS4, they are fine if you are on the way home from school or streaming Netflix on your commute.

They won’t provide immersive experiences due to the lack of active noise cancelling (external noise) and the awkwardly-shaped housing that holds the 10mm drivers. They won’t slip out of your ears due to the ear grips. You can also change the rubber tips to make them more comfortable.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds is great if you have a limited budget or want the best gaming earbuds for handheld or mobile gaming.

3. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

AirPods Alternative: Best Wired Earbuds

  • Battery life: 4 Hours (12 with the charging case).
  • Bluetooth connection (up to 10m/30ft)
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Weight: 45g
  • Compatibility: iPhone, Android, PC
  • Mic: Yes


  • Build quality amazing sound
  • Sleek design
  • Controls with a fluffy touch

Razer Hammerhead Wireless earbuds look a lot like Apple’s AirPods. They have angled tips and a narrow stem. However, they are more affordable than Apple earbuds and offer better sound quality.

They don’t have active noise or an in-canal sealing, but you will get an impressive balance with powerful bass and a volume that you can crank up to block out the outside world.

The built in mic is great for taking calls or discussing strategies for your next multiplayer game.

The touch-sensitive controls on the gaming earbuds are one of the best features. While many touch commands can be confusing, they are very responsive.

These are great alternatives to AirPods and can be used for gaming at home and on the move.

4. EPOS GTW270 Hybrid Earbuds

  • Switch: The best earbuds 2022
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Connection: Low-latency Bluetooth
  • Noise cancellation earbuds: No (Noise isolation instead).
  • Weight: 384g (total box weight).
  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, PC, Mobile.
  • Built in Mic: Yes

Unique sound Flexible connectivity Premium fit Excellent battery life

EPOS GTW70 Hybrid wireless gaming headsets are designed to provide a premium audio experience for Switch and mobile games.

The gaming earbuds have the same audio quality as EPOS’s hardware. They are as good at playing games on the Switch or PS5 as they listen to your favorite tunes on your phone. The GTW 70 comes with a charging case that can provide up to 20 hours of battery life.

The dongles come with a USB C dongle that you can plug into your Nintendo Switch or PS5 and a cable that you can plug into your PS4. They also support Bluetooth so that they can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Although they have an in-built microphone for audio, it only works if you connect via Bluetooth and not the USB-C dongle. The dongle’s focus is on low-latency audio.

5. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

Best Gaming Earphones for Tablets, Laptops, and PC Gaming


  • Metal – Durable and reliable
  • Great sound clarity
  • Excellent finish
  • Compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices
  • Include multiple ear tips
  • Include a carry case
  • Intelligent control technology
  • Luxurious packaging is perfect for gifting


  • Tangle easily

1MORE Triple Driver earphones from 1MORE are perfect for those with multiple devices and prefer earphones that come with a wire. They offer a lot of features for a price that is much lower than $100.

The earphones are made from metal. They have a sophisticated look thanks to their aluminum finish and fit snugly into your ears, thanks to the multi-sized silicone ear tips.

1MORE Triple Driver earphones include six sets of silicone tips and three sets of foam tips. The foam ear tips fit perfectly into your ears because they are held at an oblique angle.

These gaming earbuds are also perfect in audio quality.

They have three drivers, two balanced armatures, plus a dynamic driver. They make clear, precise lows, highs, and mids.

The control panel/module is located in an easy-to-use place. You won’t accidentally press one button instead of the other.

6. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

best gaming earbuds with the Best Bass


  • Loud sound – Great for bass earbud lovers
  • Four sets of ear tips in different sizes: XS, S, and M.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The tangle-free cord
  • Reliable and well-constructed
  • High-quality calls
  • Great audio quality
  • Available in three colors
  • Ideal for Android users


  • Heavy bass is not for everyone

Sony is a well-known brand when it comes to creating headphones for music lovers. MSRXB50AP does not disappoint. This model is an excellent choice for gamers because of the low price and ease of use.

They are not heavy despite their large size. Even though the other end sticks out slightly, they comfortable fit into the ears. Drivers are 12mm tall and require a larger casing.

The gaming earbuds are also very comfortable, they have many different sized ear tips, provided you select the correct size ear tips. In comparison to the cost of the gaming earbuds, the noise isolation (outside noise) is excellent.

These gaming earbuds also include a 1/8 inch TRRS audio cable and an inline remote mic compatible with the Xbox One and playstation 4 controllers.

If you have a gaming headset adapter, or a 3-pin audio connector like those found on many tablets, laptops, and phones, they will work with your PC.

7. Flydigi Cyberfox True Wireless Bluetooth 60ms Low Latency Gaming Earbuds

Best Gaming Earbuds For FPS Games


  • Water-resistant earbuds
  • Low latency of 60 ms
  • Dual-mode game/music
  • The Bluetooth connection that is reliable and long-range
  • Clear sound with active 16mm drivers
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Battery life is long
  • Ideal for PUBG or other games.


  • Maybe poor performance.

Flydigi’s Cyberfox T1 wireless headphones come in black and grey and have three different-sized ear tips. These gaming earbuds are ideal for mobile gaming such as PUBG, and others.

The Cyberfox T1 wireless headphones were created for gamers. They offer a great gaming experience and are compatible with all major mobile platforms.

Best gaming Earbuds are sweating- and water-resistant. This is amazing! It’s unnecessary to worry about your performance during intense games or when you run or exercise in the gym.

These gaming earbuds also have the lowest latency (60ms) for mobile gaming. They are, therefore, one of the most reliable and fastest valid gaming headset in terms of connectivity. Pairing the earbuds is easy.

These True Wireless Bluetooth 60ms Lower Latency Gaming Earbuds are a great gaming earbud for FPS. They have 16-hour battery life.

8. XIBERIA W3 True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds with Mic

Best True Wireless Gaming Earbuds


  • Low latency of 50ms
  • Earbuds with a bar-shaped shape ensure a secure fit
  • Multi-use charging case
  • IPX4 is water-resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • Model ultra-lightweight
  • One-step quick pairing
  • Battery life is excellent

Another wireless Bluetooth earbud is the XIBERIA W3 True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming headphones With Mic. They are designed for both gamers and athletes. They are marketed as gaming earbuds.

The gaming earbuds have a unique design that fits comfortably in your ear canal. Apart from the original pair, they come with two additional teams of ear tips.

The second benefit is that you can connect them instantly with the one-step pairing. Although the charging box may be a bit large, it is excellent for viewing movies and videos on your phone.

These gaming earbuds also deliver 7.1 surround sound.

XIBERIA W3 True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds have a microphone that is incredibly lightweight and has a low latency (50ms), which is great for gamers, especially FPS. When taken out of the case, these gaming earbuds are instantly connected. They are lightweight and comfortable.

9. BlueFire 3.5mm Wired Gaming Earphone

Best Gaming Earbuds For PS4


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • A microscope that can be rotatable at 120 degrees, long and flexible
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Multifunctional
  • Noise-isolating
  • Excellent call quality
  • This is an excellent tool for communicating while playing
  • High-quality audio and bass
  • Three pairs of ear tips are required for a perfect fit
  • Available in 3 colors


  • To connect these gaming headphones to the older Xbox One version, you will need an additional Microsoft adapter

Gaming earbuds at a low price are a common desire.

The 7-foot cable allows you to sit when playing video games comfortably. The gaming earbuds are compact and can be worn by most people.

BlueFire 3.5 MM Wired Gaming Earphones is a top-rated gaming earbud for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo DS.

10. Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is a great pair that can be used for gaming and a highly personalized listening experience.

  • Enjoy immersive sound effects using the active Noise technology.
  • The AirPods can also be used with an innovative transparency mode that allows them to hear outside sounds. You can listen to the outside world while also playing your game.
  • Body build that is water and sweat resistant
  • Automatic tuning of music to fit your ear using the Adaptive Equalizer
  • When the case is removed or placed, it automatically turns on and off.
  • Double-tap to skip tracks or pause/turn on essential functions like picking up or declining calls
  • Quick Siri Access by saying, Hey Siri.
  • 24-hour battery life and wireless charging case


  • Apple Design and Trust
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 year.
  • High durability.


  • Pricing

11. Bose QuietComfort 20

  • Battery life: 16 hours with a single charge
  • Connection : 3.5mm
  • Noise canceling: Yes
  • Weight: 44g
  • Compatibility: Android, Switch, Switch, Switch, PC
  • Mic: Yes


  • Noise cancellation
  • Amazing battery life
  • Secure Fit


  •  Expensive

The QuietComfort 20 headphones are Bose’s first in-ear noise canceling headphones. You will need to charge them regularly to reap the benefits of this feature. You can listen to the music for up to 16 hours with the built-in rechargeable battery, or you can use passive mode to continue gaming if you forget.

Although it’s great to drown out the noises around you so that you can concentrate on the action, it can also help you stay absorbed in the world.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 earbuds are our top choice if you want to enjoy gaming, your commute, and a pair that can cancel out noises. These are some of the most popular gaming earbuds.

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12. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

AirPods Alternative: Best Gaming Earbuds

  • Battery life: 4 Hours (12 hours with the charging case).
  • Connection to Bluetooth (up to 10m/30ft).
  • Noise canceling: No
  • Weight 45g.
  • Compatibility: Android, iPhone
  • Mic: Yes


  • Expressive audio quality
  • Sleek design


  • None

Razer Hammerhead Wireless earbuds look a lot like Apple’s AirPods. They have angled tips and a narrow stem. However, they are more affordable than Apple’s AirPods and offer better audio quality.

They don’t have noise canceling or an in ear canal, but you will get an impressive balance with powerful bass and a volume that you can crank up to block out the outside world.

The mic is great for taking calls or discussing strategies for your next multiplayer game.

The touch-sensitive controls on the gaming earbuds are one of the best features. While many touch commands can be confusing, they’re incredibly responsive.

This is a minor criticism considering that It offers a low-latency gaming mode with a 60ms input delay. This is faster than Apple’s AirPods. It’s a solid contender to be the best gaming earbuds when paired with its sound quality.

These are great alternatives to AirPods and can be used for gaming at home and on the move.

13. Razer Hammerhead Duo

Best gaming earbuds balanced sound

  • Battery life: n/a
  • Connection : 3.5mm
  • Noise canceling: No
  • Weight: 17g
  • Compatibility: Android, PC, Xbox series


  • Dual drivers for balanced audio
  • A comfortable fit


  • High-frequency sound is missing

Razer Hammerhead Duo earbuds are simple-looking, but they’re made of quality materials. They’re easy to store in a bag or on your living room table. They are made of aluminum and have a braided cable that transitions to rubber tubing when it splits.

Dual driver technology is the star of the show. They can distinguish deep bass frequencies from mid and high frequencies. However, they can struggle at the higher ends, which can be a bit shrill.

The inline mic and controls are simple but effective. They have volume control play/pause. This means you don’t need to take out your gaming earbuds or fiddle with your smartphone or console volume controls before you can start a conversation.

The Razer Hammerhead Duo is a bargain for the price; they have a balanced sound, simple-to-use controls, and a high-quality build. These are some of the most potent gaming headphones available.

14. ASUS ROG Cetra

Gaming earbuds for the Switch with ANC

  • Battery life: N/A
  • Connection Wired USB-C
  • Noise canceling: No
  • Weight: 26g
  • Compatibility with: Switch, Mobile, and PC


  • Active noise canceling headphones
  • More sizes
  • Handy to Switch and Mobile Use


  • Pricing

Are you looking for some extra features to play on the move? You might consider some (albeit very light) noise cancellation. This is not something you’d find on gaming headphones, mainly if you don’t spend over 100.

This unit also has a good mic, which can be helpful in online multiplayer games on the Switch. It’s easy to volume control, pausing music, or activate the ANC/ambient mode via the console controller.

The drivers of 10mm are very boomy for bassier elements, and the small details don’t get overlooked. The ASUS ROG Cetra is an excellent choice for users who need gaming earbuds that fit well. It has four different sizes of wings and tips, making it easy to find the right size for you.


A Comfortable Option

Logitech G333 is a more comfortable option for in-ears that have an in line microphone. Although their sound quality is not as neutral or accurate as the 1MORE triple driver, they are lightweight and don’t pressure your ears.

Their flat silicone audio cable and metal gaming earbuds ensure solid build quality. You can use the included adapter to connect to an older smartphone that does not have an audio jack.

Although their bass-heavy sound can help to emphasize sound effects in action-packed gaming, some people may find them too loud and muddy.

While the 1MORE triple driver’s in-line mic isn’t as effective, it does a good job recording your voice. It struggles to distinguish your voice from loud environments, however.

If you are looking for in-ears that have a neutral sound, the 1MORE triple driver is your best choice. If you prefer more comfortable in-ears, the Logitech is a good choice.


1. Are earbuds for gaming?

Earbuds are more than likely not better for gaming overall.

Using traditional over-the-ear or on-ear headphones generally provides a much better sound output and will allow you to hear things that gaming earbuds just cannot deliver. An easy example of this would be an enemy moving behind you.

If you use a pair of headphones with an open design (no isolation from the outside world), it will be easier to pinpoint exactly where they are based on the sounds of their footsteps alone. This kind of situational awareness gained by listening can make all the difference in competitive games.

Are earbuds for gaming

2. Why do pro gamers wear earbuds?

The idea that pro gamers wear earbuds might surprise you if you thought that they always wore headphones.

However, there are a few reasons why pro gamers wear earmuffs instead of full-size headphones, which we’re going to go over below.

Noise Isolation Ear muffs block out ambient noise while intense gaming sessions, so the only high sound you’ll be hearing is your game.

This means that your in-game focus will remain at a high quality sound because you won’t be hearing ambient noise like people talking or even music playing off in the distance.

Of course, this means that it’s hard for others to listen to what you’re saying, but if you have teammates who are using microphones, this shouldn’t matter as everyone can still speak through them.

Small and Portable Having a pair of lightweight earmuffs can be very advantageous for pro gamers.

If they’re traveling across the country to compete in an e-sports tournament, then it’s going to be more convenient if they have a smaller pair of earmuffs instead of taking their extensive audio equipment with them.

They might even get noticed by sponsors if they win the competition, which could lead to better offers afterward. In short, your day job doesn’t need to suffer because you want to game as well – gaming devices are still considered work by some people!

They Remain Comfortable Even After Long Hours immersive gaming experience within Ear muffs feel comfortable while holding a solid seal on your ears.

There’s no pressure like headphones, which means that they won’t cause your ears to feel irritated or even become red.

There’s a reason pros wear earmuffs instead of regular headphones – it’s because they’re just more comfortable overall.

Why do pro gamers use earbuds

3. Are earbuds bad for gaming?

No, it just depends on the individual and what they like. If you find a set of earbuds that work for you, then, by all means, stick with them because, as far as I’m concerned, there is no wrong choice when choosing your headphones.


HookeAudio hopes this guide will help people who prefer earbuds choose the best gaming earbuds and music by highlighting some of our favorite models and explaining what features they have.

The options on this list vary greatly in cost, and going with a more high-end choice can give you that professional sound you’re looking for.

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