Best Headphone Mic Combo 2024: Top Brands Review

Best Headphone Mic Combo 2024 Top Brands Review
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If you are searching for the Best Headphone Mic Combo cheap and the perfect microphone to go with it, then this is an excellent place for you.

Hook Audio will be discussing the features of our favorite headphones and microphones to make it easier to find the perfect match.

Also, we’ll add new information on a regular basis so that customers always know what’s available. Keep reading our article to see complete details.

Best Headphones Mic Combo 2024

1. Plantronics B825 Voyager Focus Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics’ mid-to-high priced product is one of the best headphones for work environments.

It combines lightweight, portable design with comfort that can be used for many hours per day.

The Bluetooth connection is 4.1 and can be used up to 30 meters range. It will last approximately 12 hours of battery life if you talk and up to 15 range for listening.

Active Noise cancellation which can cancel out unwanted sounds in noisy office environments does a good job. If the ambient audio is needed, this feature can be turned off.

Three directional microphones are built into the boom microphone, giving you clear audio that will be heard by anyone listening.

The handy mute alarm feature allows you to know when the microphone has been turned off, even if you are still speaking. This is especially useful if you are recording voice.

Despite focusing on conversational quality, these Bluetooth headphones with a mic have a good mic.

The overall sound quality is excellent and should not disappoint audiophiles. While some models offer better call quality, the price is reasonable.

A desktop charging station is a great addition, making charging convenient and straightforward. You also get a travel case.

The Plantronics Voyager is primarily designed for office use. However, it can also be used for listening pleasure. It is seen as the very best headset microphone for speaking. 

Plantronics B825 Voyager Focus Bluetooth Headset


  • Excellent Bluetooth range
  • Ideal for video calls
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Excellent voice delivery
  • Comfortable for extended use


  • No direct wiring option
  • Battery life is shorter than others

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Noise Cancellation

Through their built-in microphones, Bose’s high-end headphones deliver good audio and call quality.

Although not explicitly made for calls, these microphones are capable of handling them on the go. However, a boomed mice will provide you with the best results if you want a professional setup.

The active noise cancellation, which provides three levels of noise cancelling, is the best earphone of all the models. Bose QuietComfort 35 is what you need if this is your primary concern.

Bluetooth mode will give you 20h of battery life, and the wire will provide you with double that time.

The battery life should last for at least 20 hours of pin life in Bluetooth mode. Bose QuietComfort 35 is not necessary to sleep, as we all need to get our work done.

Their sound quality genuinely distinguishes these headphones with a mic. The headphones’ well-balanced bass, mid-wireless range, and treble provide a diverse soundtrack. These noise effects are significant for music, video calls, and gaming.

Is the Bose as comfy as its name implies? It’s a clear yes. Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless gaming is probably the best Bluetooth headset and comfortable of all the models reviewed.

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You won’t feel any discomfort on long-haul flights or during lengthy gaming sessions. They won’t cause any pain to your ears. This is why they get top marks.

Even in urban settings, noise-rejecting microphones can filter wind and outside noise. This allows your voice to be heard clearly. Users generally have very positive video calls experiences.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 will cover most users’ microphone requirements. The Bose QuietComfort 35 is the Best Headphones With Microphone because of its excellent built-in mic.


  • Superb audio
  • Battery life is long
  • Most comfortable
  • Best noise cancelling headphones
  • Both Bluetooth and wired connection modes are possible


  • It is too expensive to mass-buy
  • Batteries that can be replaced

3. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancellation

The WH-1000XM4 wireless headphone of the Sony brand was the successor to Sennheiser-slaying and Bose-baiting. The WH-1000XM3, a highly acclaimed pair of headphones, is the most loved on the planet. These headphones are a huge deal, and they live up to the hype.

How do you know? These are as comfortable as ever and make it easy to use for long video calls. They also have helpful features that enhance the user experience. And, the best part? You get a significant increase in voice quality for your money.

They are still as passionate about music and their enthusiasm as ever. However, you will notice significant improvements in all areas. It is also seen as among the very Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

They are composed and confident, especially with lower frequencies. This is good news for music and makes them great for Skype or Zoom conference calls.

The headphones can block out noise, so you can concentrate when you need to. It uses a new algorithm with a new System on Chip (SoC). These headphones are perfect for both work and play. It is seen as the very best headphones mic combo.


  • Dynamic, rich, and detailed voice
  • Amazing timing
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • It is not waterproof
  • No aptX support

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4. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The name of Bose’s latest wireless headphones reflects their focus on noise canceling.

The 700’s noise-cancelling system features improved acoustics and digital signal processing. All of this runs off Bose’s NC chip.

Four microphones pick up and isolate your voice calls, canceling out any external noise. This means you don’t have to shout to people or call your family. The most important thing is that the person you’re calling can hear you.

Voice control is the built-in mic. Simply press a button on your earcup to call Alexa or Google Assistant. We found that the voice built-in mic was clear, loud, and straightforward when we listened to music.

The Sony headphones have a more powerful sound than the ones above. They come with a strong microphone boom and good sound quality all in one package. The 700 is among the Best wireless headphones for making calls for the most advanced and versatile noise-isolation tech available and touch controls.


  • Next-gen noise-cancelling
  • Fashionable and comfortable
  • Transparent, clear sound calls
  • Intuitive touch controls


  • Inadequacy of class-leading insight
  • Rivals have a longer battery life
  • Expensive

5. Plantronics Voyager Focus B825 Noise Cancellation

Plantronics has excellent audio. It has warm, rich audio with subtle bass enhancement, treble, and high-end clarity. This is among the best headphones mic combo, delivering a listening experience.

For active professionals who use a computer, mobile communications, or a smartphone in noisy environments, this headset can be comfortable and easy to use.

The active noise cancellation tech is excellent for noisy offices.

The headset also has intelligent sensors built to automatically mute/unmute music and answer/hang-up calls by simply taking it off.

The microphone’s mic-arm can be moved to either the left or right ear. Soft foam earpads are incredibly comfortable, making them easy to use for many hours of battery life each day.

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Plantronics Voyager Focus B825 Noise Cancellation


  • Great wireless headset for office work
  • Good active noise cancelling
  • Enjoyable, well-rounded voice


  • Docking position impractical

6. Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth Headphones

The affordable Sennheiser HD 4.40 wireless headset is a good all-arounder.

The mic is good enough for basic tasks, but they lack noise cancellation  technology, making them unsuitable for noisy work conditions.

The Bluetooth headset is not intended to be used for speaking but rather provides exellent sound delivery. The sound quality is clear and full-bodied, with deeper bass than many headphones. The voice is stable even at high volumes.

A good battery can last up to 25 hours, depending on how much you use it. Although the wireless range is limited to 10 meters, it works well and connects range when you stay within this range. There was no skipping or faltering.

Comfortable with ample padding in the over-the-ear design is acceptable. You may find the headband too soft and uncomfortable.

If you plan to use your headphones for long times, this is something to think about. The headband folds down so that the headphones can be carried in the protective case.

If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones that emphasize voice rather than quality, this is one of the very best headphones with mic wireless for you.


  • High-end audio
  • Low price point
  • Battery life is long
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent Bluetooth range


  • There is no noise-canceling technology
  • Microphones are not recommended for use in an office setting

7. AKG Y500 On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The AKG headphones are small and light, and they cost the same as the Sennheiser headphones. The headphones are compact and packed with many high-tech features. Ambient Aware is a noise-cancelling technology that works well to reduce background chatter.

Other clever features also distinguish this model. The best earphone will automatically pause music tracks when you take them off and resume playing when you put them on again.

If you have more than one device, the AKG can pair to them all at once. This is useful if you are using both one and two phones at once.

The sound quality is excellent with clear voice quality. These won’t disappoint audiophiles too much, but they don’t meet the same high standards as the Sennheiser HD 4.40 wireless headset.

On a single charge, the cordless headphones can be used for up to 33 hours. This is the longest of any of our wireless cans.

There is still room for improvement in comfort. Many customers have reported discomfort when using the product for more extended periods.

The microphone has controls on the cans that allow you to manage your calls. Omnidirectional microphones can pick up some ambient noise, which will enable the caller to hear it. This Bluetooth microphone is more suited to answering simple calls than any other professional.


  • These clever features are a plus
  • Great audio
  • Great battery life
  • Portable
  • Excellent value
  • Excellent Bluetooth range


  • Professional use of the microphone is not possible
  • Comfort issues after hours-term use

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8. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Bluetooth Wireless headphone

These headphones are the Best headphones/mic combo for gaming with a clear microphone and a well-balanced audio output.

The Arctis design was created with extended hours in mind. This Bluetooth headphone offers comfort that is easy to use after long hours.

These materials are more breathable than other models, which means less heating and sweating at the contact points. You won’t feel uncomfortable because the battery life lasts for 24 hours.

The performance of the boom mic is excellent. Reasonable ambient sound control will allow speech to be understood in both quiet and loud environments. This is particularly important when you are using your address at a noisy gaming event.

You can adjust the equalization and surround audio settings using the accompanying software. You can also change the microphone quality settings here.

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You can save different voice profiles for other games. The surround sound capabilities are genuinely excellent when gaming.

The Arctis 7’s musical performance is not as good as that of other models, which should not surprise dedicated gamers who use them.

It is among the best headphones to turn off surround sound as it can confuse when to listen. After this, they will provide good sound acceptable to audiophiles.


  • Ideal for gaming
  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Precise microphone
  • Battery life is long hours


  • The sound quality of the music is not the best

9. Audio-Technica BPHS1

Even though the headset was designed for vocal action, the audio quality is remarkable. The 40mm driver ensures a balanced voice and a wide frequency range.

The high-quality, over-ear headphones provide natural and focused vocals. They are ideal for professional broadcasting or live streaming.

This closed-back stereo headset has a dynamic cardioid mic for natural vocals and a full frequency response range.

They are sturdy and will last for many years. These headphones are very quiet due to their closed-back design.

The boom mic can also be placed left or right. The Audio-Technica BPHS1 is one of the top-picked headphones with a great function that makes listening enjoyable.


  • High-quality professional microphone
  • Built tough with detachable cable
  • Good vocal clarity and balance
  • Good price


  • XLR cable demands purchasing extra equipment

10. Jabra Evolve2 65 UC

Although the sound is slightly V-shaped, it has an outstanding balance between highs and lows. The pair of headphones can deliver a powerful bass punch and sound sparkly.

The Evolve265 UC Bluetooth headphone is specially designed with microphone performance in view. Video calls are crystal clear and reliable, even in noisy offices.

They fit well, despite being on-ear. They can be worn for many hours without having to be taken off.

The UC-certified headphones let you use many communication systems, such as Microsoft Teams.

They have a battery life of 37 hours and can be quickly charged to 8 hours in as little as 15 minutes. It is seen as the very best headphones mic combo.


  • Great microphone clarity
  • Microsoft Teams compatible
  • Comfortable on the ear
  • Fun, V-shaped audio
  • Amazing hour battery life
  • Long wireless range


  • Only SBC Bluetooth codec

11. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Noise Cancellation

The S1 speaker drivers deliver super-natural audio, with bright highs, warm mids, and present bass.

The DTS HeadphoneX enhances the virtual surround sound effects. It’s not supported on PC.

The Arctis 7 wireless cans are perfect for gamers who are looking for a reliable headset. The headset combines excellent audio with beautiful looks and a precise boom mic.

The 2,4GHz connection provides spot-on wireless audio at low latency and no interference. ClearCast, a Discord-certified mic, offers clear voice quality and excellent background noise isolation technology.

The bluetooth mic can sometimes capture your breathing and produce annoying wind noises.


  • All platforms compatible
  • High-quality audio quality
  • Immersive virtual surround
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Good price


  • Certain features may require an app.

12. Razer Kraken X for Voice and Video Calls

These cans can be used in games with a need for a bit of bass rumble or opponent footsteps. The treble can be rolled off quickly, which prevents sibilance and also helps with details.

These are the best headphones if you want a complete package that can be used for gaming or video calls.

The cardioid microphone picks up your voice and with no tininess. The chat quality is excellent for the price.

They aren’t the best-built Razer gaming headsets, but they are lowest-priced under $40. However, the thick memory foam earpads will provide a good amount of comfort. It is seen as the very best budget gaming headset. 


  • Broad compatibility
  • Great value
  • Good Audio
  • Comfortable
  • Good price


  • Construction in all-plastic

13. Mpow 071 USB Headset

The Mpow 071 model is among the best budget headphones on our list. It’s primarily dedicated to voice-based services. An excellent choice for anyone who is looking for lightweight headphones that can make a phone call quality.

This is a perfect option for call quality center and office businesses that need bulk purchases and doesn’t care about audio quality.

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This mic is one-directional and can carry your voice calls well. It also has ambient noise reduction capabilities that are useful for calling in noisy environments.

This one does not offer Bluetooth range options. The wire contains essential volume and calls controls. It’s comfortable enough to use for daily use, and it is affordable.

This cheerful and affordable model is great if you have a tight budget and will only use the best headphones to make video calls, Skype, or conference call quality.

Mpow 071 USB Headset


  • It’s absurdly expensive
  • A good microphone
  • It is comfortable enough
  • Lightweight
  • Faster connection
  • Low price


  • Music with poor audio quality
  • It is not built to last
  • Only for video calls

14. Vtin PA081A Headset With Microphone

Another set of wired headphones from Vtin, this one is among the best headphones with affordable and very practical.

It’s designed for office environments and video calls centers. The microphone is unidirectional and transmits your voice calls.

The Vtin does not make any claims about the audio quality of its output. If you are looking for headphones that can complement your favorite music, listeners should look elsewhere.

The Vtin headset is more comfortable than its less expensive counterparts. Soft protein memory foam is used to mold the earpads. Comfort should be maintained even after prolonged use with the padded headband.

These headphones can be connected to a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone through USB or 3.5mm jack.

The wire also contains the volume and mute controls. It is well known as among the very best sound quality headphones for video calls.


  • Extremely affordable
  • The price is suitable for the level of comfort
  • Noise reduction technology that works
  • Solid construction
  • Dual connection feature
  • Good of battery lifespan
  • Faster connection


  • The audio stereo quality is poor
  • Only for voice calls

15. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Noise Cancellation

This standard wired connection headset from V-MODA is on the other end of the price range. It has a stylish design and a lot of great features.

The M-100 microphone is a great mic that can handle both voice calls and video calls, despite its primary focus on sound quality.

You can buy a separate boom mic to make this headset better for streaming, broadcasting, and other business uses.

These headphones are a favorite of international DJs and are among the most full-sounding V-MODA cans. These headphones were the first to be designed by Roland’s engineers after V-MODA was acquired.

Two 50mm speakers produce a punchy, powerful bass that is free from distortion. Voice clarity is maintained in the high and mid ranges.

Durability was also taken into consideration. These cans are strong enough to withstand many knocks. This is a great trait. The customizable steel plates, Steelflex headband, and Kevlar cables show that the company wants to prolong the product’s life. These should be used extensively.

Comfort is also a top priority. The M-100 has enough adjustment options for any head, including a headband and ear pads.

These headphones are comfortable to wear for hours, thanks to their delicate balance and soft materials. It is said that one of the very Best wired headphones with mic. 


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Solid build quality
  • It’s professionally equipped with a boom mic
  • Bose is as comfortable as it gets
  • Portable and foldable
  • They should last for many years
  • Competitively priced
  • Faster connection


  • BoomPro microphones must be purchased separately
  • Bluetooth is not available

Best Headphones with Microphone Buyers Guide

The term headphones with a mic combo refer to headphones that have a microphone integrated into the cord. It may be detachable or not.

An in-line mic is found on many on-ear and even some over-the-ear headphones. Running headphones and workout headphones work best with the latter because it has greater padding.

Best Headphones with Microphone Buyers Guide

It isn’t just about sound, though. Preferred audio characteristics are essential when considering what kind of headphones with a mic you buy.

So we’ll start with noise canceling and frequency response, which determines bass production, before moving on to fit and battery life. Then we’ll finish up with a review of our top picks.

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It is essential when it comes to wearing your headphones companion a mic for long periods. Whether you’re gaming or listening to music, uncomfortable headphones will ruin the experience.

In-line mics plug into your device’s headphone jack and have a button to answer calls or stop/start playing. They usually have volume and play/pause remote controls.

These are better than built-in mics because they can be controlled with one knob on the headphone cord instead of two buttons (one for video calls/pausing music, conference calls, and another for volume).

A mic with an in-line remote depends on your device’s audio jack, so if it doesn’t work, you’ll have a broken remote.

Earphones’ inbuilt microphones are more accurate than cans’ since they fit closer to your mouth.

The disadvantage here is that you cannot attach the mic somewhere else (outside your bag).

So go for this option if you know how to move about without touching the headphone cord.

This way, even when there’s accidental contact/movement of the cords, you won’t end up accidentally muting yourself or moving around too much and causing static.

Battery Life

Try to buy one with good pin life to ensure you’re not running for charging right when the action starts! Also, when out of power, wired headphones with a mic allow you to use another device if there’s no outlet nearby easily.

Fortunately, most modern wireless headphones have lithium batteries with at least 8 hours of playtime and are rechargeable.

Frequency response

The frequency response of a pair is how the drivers produce sound. In general terms, the more extensive the range a set of headphones with a mic can make, the more accurate (and full-bodied) audio technical it will have (concerning actual sounds in real life).

For example, in gaming: small ranges mean low bass and muffled sound; large ranges mean crisp, distinct sound with great bass. So buy one with a frequency range that suits your needs!

Frequency response

Ambient Noise-cancelling

Suppose you buy a set with active noise-cancelling. In that case, it will block out annoying sounds by using special mics that can tell when sound is coming from your surroundings.

These cancelation mics counteract undesirable sounds with an opposite sound wave.

So buy one if you like peace because they won’t let any pesky noises into your earpiece! This way, even if you’re at a noisy construction site, the engines won’t distract you or your teammates.

The other kind, passive noise-cancelling, uses an extra layer of padding and ear-proofing to block out sound waves. This way, you don’t have to buy batteries and buy a cheaper headset without active noise cancellation tech.

If someone calls you on video, you can still hear outside noises while playing video games.

When plugged in, cover both ears with these headphones and a mic to totally block out outside noise.


Connection refers to what type of wire the headset uses. If you buy a pair with a USB connection, it can only be used for PC gaming and not Xbox or PlayStation.

These types of headsets transmit sound through USB cables (and have extra functionality built-in like virtual 7.1 surround sound). So buy ones that use audio/headphone jacks to connect to your computer and other devices!


Impedance refers to the amount of ‘resistance’ the soundcard will face when sending sounds from your computer through the wire.

If there isn’t enough impedance, latency will delay what you hear and what happens in-game (such an adversary springing out at you).

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Wireless headsets with a mic have become quite popular as more and more manufacturers are trying to avail them.

These days, there’s a wide variety to choose from with both high-quality sound and excellent battery lasting at an affordable price.

Generally speaking, buy Bluetooth earphones for mobile devices if you want something portable that does not require wires (such as making phone calls on your smartphone).

In contrast, buy a dedicated gaming headset if you want better resolution/quality audio while playing games on PC (there’s an extra input option, so buy one with the right connector type!).

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For example, buy ones that use USB connectivity to translate 7.1 surround audio into stereo headphones with a mic! And this way, buy ones that can transmit sounds without causing l or hiccups in-game (if you buy one with an impedance of 10, make sure your soundcard is compatible with it!).

Audio Excellence

Audio Excellence

If you buy a set with superior audio, you’ll hear every detail when playing games (such as the rustling leaves in Halo or footsteps in Call of Duty).

On the other hand, buy ones with average noise quality if you want something cheap but still great for gaming! Buy sets that are good enough because you won’t need an expensive location to enjoy video calls or games, phone calls.


FAQs Best Headphone Mic Combo

What is a Noise-Cancelling Mic?

If you’re wondering what a noise-canceling microphone is, you’re not alone.

Many people out there are wondering what this new feature means for them or why it’s necessary. If you’re reading this post, you’re undoubtedly curious about the noise isolation Microphone!

Noise-canceling microphones, notably those in popular headphones, are growing more common.

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Noise-canceling mics enhance video calls and music and video playback.

When using headphones without a mic, noise-cancelling microphones eliminate background noise and make you more audible on Skype and YouTube.

What is the Difference Between a Headset and Headphones

What is the Difference Between a Headset and Headphones?

Headphones and headsets may appear like they perform the same thing, but they’re actually extremely different. Many people interchange these two words.

However, headsets and headphones differ in subtle ways.

Headphones: A headband (or no headband) lets you move the cups away from your ears laterally.

This is wonderful for watching movies while lying down since it keeps the voice in front of you without generating annoyance and lets you focus on other things.

These headphones don’t separate sound, so if someone approaches or starts talking, you’ll hear them.

Headsets: Gamers that prefer to chat use headsets. They have open earcups like headphones.

However, unlike those, they have a built-in microphone and volume control to adjust voice levels coming into and out of your ears.

These items were designed to reduce background noise so you can hear others in games or on Skype.

If a player is having fun and trying to Skype with buddies, he’ll need a way to change both volumes while listening.

Gamers use headphones and cans to converse with their buddies, focus on games while watching movies, and stay open to new people.

Why Do You Need Headphones With A Mic?

There are many different reasons that we might need headphones with a mic. Maybe you want to become a game streamer so you can hang out with your pals online while enjoying games and discussing about what’s happening, or maybe you want to watch movies on your laptop in comfort.

Why Do You Need Headphones With A Mic

Watching a live concert or sporting event on your phone while waiting for the bus is a good idea since the voice is flowing straight into your ears without being diluted by extraneous sounds. How about conversing and listening to music?

If any of those seem familiar, you’ll need headphones with a microphone to pick up and retransmit your environment’s voice.

Headphones and headsets are great because they allow us to block out background noise, focus, and communicate.

Watch this video to learn How to make your gaming headset microphone voice better for free:


You have just seen our list of Best Headphones Mic Combo. They each offer a different set of features, so you may want to consider which is best for your needs when deciding on the model that would be right for you.

Do they have the sound and microphone capability you need? Do comfort levels vital to you? Is price an issue? These questions will help narrow down your options as these models vary in their ability to meet those criteria! No matter what product from our list appeals most, it won’t disappoint.

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