Best In Wall Subwoofers 2023: Top Brand Reviews

Best In Wall Subwoofers 2023 Top Brand Reviews

An in-wall subwoofer will allow you to achieve a richer, more powerful sound. It can transform any room of your home theater with its rich, powerful audio. Choosing the best in wall subwoofers can be a tough task, but Hooke Audio will make it easy for you.

Top Rated Best In Wall Subwoofers

Top Rated Best In Wall Subwoofers

1. Acoustic Audio HDS10 10″ In-Wall Passive Subwoofer

Best In Wall Subwoofer

I will start with the cheapest in-wall subwoofer and then work my way up. Let’s find out how much it costs to buy a great-sounding speaker.

Acoustic Audio’s HDS10 Passive in-wall subwoofer is a great start. The speaker is a steal at just 50 pence and packs a big punch for the price. The speaker can handle 20 to 300 Amps. This is impressive for a cheap speaker. Of course, being a 10-inch cone doesn’t hurt.

Let’s take a look at the construction…

The cone is made of Kevlar-like fiber-reinforced woven construction and should withstand some heavy-hitting. It is protected by a butyl rubber surround that keeps it flexible. Although the mount is made of plastic, it is still quite sturdy. This is covered with a thin mesh grille made of metal.

Both the trim and grille can be painted white to match your wall. It is important to only give the grille a light coat of paint so that it doesn’t become clogged with paint.

It’s not the best speaker available. Although the manufacturer claims that the speaker has a frequency response range between 26Hz and 200Hz, I don’t believe you get much action in the lower frequencies. However, the sound you hear is clear and precise.

The speaker did have some internal rattle when I turned it up to high volumes. Another problem is that the grille can pop off if you let this speaker go rogue. You could probably fix it with some glue, but otherwise, it can be quite annoying.

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood...
56 Reviews

2. OSD 8″ in Wall Subwoofer 150W Easy Install, Paintable Grill IWS8

Best In-Wall Subwoofer

Optimum Speaker Designs is still looking for the perfect in-wall sub. For our listening pleasure, the IWS88 Dual In-Wall Subwoofer is available. Why is it called “Dual” This speaker has twin 8-inch drivers? This double-driver subwoofer is available for the same price as Monoprice Alpha.

Although OSD was a bit negligent with their ISW10, I believe they have done a lot better and are selling it at an affordable price. The construction is identical to the 10″ speaker, but the smaller size and rubber surround make them sound better.

The in-wall subwoofers are also connected to a reinforced back bridge plate. This must also be beneficial. Although this is not the same as having one 16-inch sub, the back bridge does add some power. It’s a lot more than what you’d expect from two 8″ subwoofers.

The mounting system is a little sloppy, however. This dog ear bracket system attaches the speaker to your sheetrock. They can be finicky and difficult to tighten without slipping. They don’t buzz when they are securely fastened, unlike the ISW10 model.

This is an excellent in-wall subwoofer at a reasonable price. The maximum power output is 350 Watts. It can also get loud and low adding some bass to your music. The Monoprice Alpha is more durable, but it may be less long-lasting. It will still get you a lot of mileage.

OSD 8' in Wall Subwoofer 150W...
105 Reviews

3. Monoprice in wall subwoofer

Monoprice also offers in-wall speakers. This wall speaker is 300W in power, which will allow you to enjoy a deep bass sound in any room. It is made from aramid fiber, which is strong. Polymers are less stable than aramid fiber. Aramid fiber has a higher quality and holds its form better than polymers.

It is very easy to install this in-wall subwoofer. The instructions are easy to follow. It has a depth of 3.6 inches so it can be placed on any wall, provided it is at least 3.6 inches deep.

Monoprice Fiber In-Wall...
407 Reviews

4. OSD In-Wall Subwoofer Speaker -IWS10

OSD also makes a sound system. This system is called IWS10 and features a polypropylene subwoofer. It also has butyl rubber that enhances the quality of sound. The in-wall subwoofer has a power of 200 watts and can produce great sound.

This in-wall subwoofer should be put in any room in your house that has a low-frequency reaction. It will improve the sound system and let you enjoy music or movies from anywhere in your home. It is also easy to mount. The easy-in mounting bracket system allows you to easily mount the subwoofer to a wall.

OSD 10' in Wall Subwoofer 200W...
105 Reviews

5. Pyle PDIWS10 In-Wall/Ceiling Subwoofer

The PDIWS10 offers reliability and affordability. There are many installation options so you can customize it to meet your needs. It can be mounted in the ceiling or wall and comes with a cutout template that simplifies installation. There are also easily accessible wall speaker terminals to simplify wiring.

The Pyle subwoofer weighs just over 6 lbs and can be installed flush to the wall. It has a simple exterior in white that can match any decor.

Although the 10-inch in-wall subwoofer is small, powerful, and loud. You can pair it with many types of amplifiers or receivers. It can also handle 180W RMS which is sufficient to fill small to medium-sized rooms. The unit can comfortably deliver frequencies between 40 Hz and 3 kHz. It also produces a powerful, punchy bass that will amaze you for this price.

The 2-inch high-temperature voice coils can handle high output without overheating and are dual 2 inches in size. The only problem is the grille that sometimes pops out under high pressure. This should be considered if you are looking to blast the Pyle subwoofer to full volume.

The PDIWS10 sub-wall sub is a great deal if you are looking for a reliable and diverse subwoofer.

Pyle Ceiling Wall Mount...
130 Reviews

6. Theater Solutions SUB8S 250 Watt Surround Sound HD

The SUB8S in-wall subwoofer is different than other models on this list in that it was not originally designed to be installed in a wall. It measures less than 5 inches wide and it not only save floor space but also saves wall area as well.

Mounting brackets are included if you wish to mount them on the wall. The slim design will not create a barrier to your space. It will all depend on your home entertainment system.

Theater Solutions units come with an amplifier built-in, which is a better option than the others on the list. This allows you to have a cheaper home cinema. The 8″ sub has a good frequency range of 35 to 150Hz. This allows it to produce some powerful low-frequency sounds from its small enclosure.

Multiple controls are a great feature for those who have more listening experience with in-wall subwoofers. You can adjust the gain, phase, crossover, and auto-off switches to improve efficiency.

The only problem with the Theater Solutions Sub8S in wall-sub is quality control. Users have complained about common problems like scratches or dents in the subwoofer. These issues are cosmetic and not important.

Theater Solutions SUB8S 250...
445 Reviews

7. Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer

Best In Wall Home Theater Subwoofer

The Polk PSW10 in-wall subwoofer is next. This subwoofer provides the overall sound quality you require. This subwoofer can be installed to create a movie theatre or music room at your home that provides entertainment and quality family time. This subwoofer produces powerful bass and gives movies and music a more realistic sound effect.

This in wall subwoofer can be installed anywhere you want it to, even in low-frequency areas. You can enjoy deep and clear sound effects, even at low frequencies. It is rated at 100 watts and will last a lifetime.


8. Klipsch Subwoofer – Best In-wall Subwoofers

Let’s look at another Klipsch subwoofer. The product is very well-received and has excellent sound effects. This wall is part of a subwoofer and can be hidden completely within your wall. It is an excellent option for any home. The in-wall subwoofer looks cleaner and cleaner than a speaker that hangs off the wall.

The product measures 14.3″ high (36.32cm), 9.3″ wide (23.62cm), and can be mounted to a wall at a depth of 3.75 inches (9.5cm). Klipsch’s subwoofer is flat and made of magnetic steel. It can be painted with the same color as your wall to make it more visible.

9. OSD Audio SL800D Sub

OSD stands for Optimal Speaker Design. The SL800D is a perfect example of this. The SL800D combines an 8-inch woofer and a 10-inch passive radiator. They work together to reduce vibrations, eliminate sound distortion, increase low-frequency response, and increase it from 40 Hz. The result is a smooth, accurate bass, evening out frequencies that are not covered by other speakers. This creates a more immersive home theater experience.

The SL800D is compact in design and has a depth of 3.9 inches. This allows you to mount it behind most walls. It comes in a sealed and tuned enclosure that maintains rigidity and a controlled vibration system to produce deep, rich bass. The enclosure is also timeless, so it fits flush against the wall. This makes the subwoofer disappear even if you choose to paint the grille to match your existing colors.

The OSD Audio is compact but has good power handling. It can be used with amplifiers up to 300W. The sub has an 8 Ohm impedance which improves efficiency. However, it is not designed to be used in conjunction with the amplifier of the same brand. We have one criticism about this sub: it can be expensive to purchase both.

It’s well worth the investment to get this high-quality addition to your Home Theater System. This optimizes your favorite movies and places you right inside them.

OSD Trimless in Wall Subwoofer...
36 Reviews

10. Polk Audio RC80i Premium In-Ceiling – In-wall Subwoofers

Best in wall subwoofer

Polk Audio has another speaker that is ideal for mounting on your ceiling. This speaker will deliver excellent stereo quality and quality. This wall speaker has a higher sound quality, which allows for richer music. You can also add a tweeter and dynamic balance woofer to get more detail and depth to your music. You can also use the composite driver baskets and the mineral-filled polymer cones on the wall subwoofer to increase the dispersion of the speaker.

These ceiling speakers is easy to assemble. The instructions are easy to follow with just 3 steps. Rubber seals protect the speaker against moisture and water, so they can be placed in your bathroom or on your patio.

Polk Audio RC55i 2-Way Premium...
1,945 Reviews

11. Definitive Technology In-Wall Sub

Definitive Technology came up with a Stealth Sound Solution for the problem of bulky home entertainment equipment. This is possible with the Definitive Architectural loudspeakers. The in-Wall Sub is one of their proud members.

The ceiling speakers’s installation is simplified thanks to a precision template with a locking arm mounting system. These clamps to your walls stiffen the baffle and eliminate resonance.

This subwoofer has a superior audio design, which includes a 10″ excursion woofer and a 10-inch infrasonic radiator. They work together to produce audiophile-quality sound at a wide range of frequencies, from 16 to 200Hz. This powerful, deep bass can transform your home cinema experience into something extraordinary.

The driver is placed in an aerodynamically designed high-definition cast basket that eliminates resonance while preserving the stability and integrity of the sub. The enclosure is sealed with medite anti-resonance to further enhance the bass quality.

The only thing we have to criticize about the DT Subwoofer? It’s the price. It’s expensive at more than $1000 so it’s not something you could buy in a hurry. If you have the money, this wall subwoofer is well worth it.

Definitive Technology in-Wall...
8 Reviews

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Which kind of space do you work in?

What size is your home entertainment area? How big is the space behind your walls? This will help you choose the right in-wall subwoofer for you.

Each of the subs in this list can be mounted on the wall. Some have a width of 3 inches, while others have a width closer to 5 inches. You should assess the space behind your wall and decide if you are more suitable for one of the subs that can either be mounted on walls or in the ceilings.

A subwoofer that is larger than 10″ should be used in larger rooms. You should also consider the amplification capabilities and wattage of the sub to ensure that you have enough bass to fill your room.

What’s your experience level with in-wall subwoofers?

There are in-wall subwoofers for every level of audio expertise, whether you’re a novice or an expert.

A subwoofer with streamlined, simple installation options is something everyone will appreciate. These in wall subs are some of the best on the market. They include installation tools such as a template and cut-out templates that will help you properly install the unit.

They may be sealed or ported to improve the high-quality sound. Some even have anti-vibration or insulation features to improve the bass’s smoothness.

It is also crucial to match your sub’s impedance to your amplifier. You should not choose a powered subwoofer by an amplifier unless it has an integrated amplifier. This improves efficiency and decreases the chance of the fuses blowing out or shorting.

A subwoofer with adjustable sound controls is a great option if you enjoy experimenting with sound quality. You can adjust the gain, crossover, phase settings to find the quality bass for your space.

How much do you have to spend?

One of the most significant considerations when buying an in-wall subwoofer is your budget.

You have the option of smaller units with smaller drivers if you are looking for a low-cost unit. These compact units can fill your room with sound, but they won’t shake the walls with their bass.

You will get a better audio design if you spend more on a premium unit. This optimizes sound quality and eliminates distortion. It also creates a 3D audio experience. You can also get a more powerful audio with these subs.

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In Wall Subwoofers FAQs

How far from the wall should a subwoofer be?

Your subwoofer should be at least 2 to 3 feet from a wall. If your subwoofer is 6 inches in diameter, it should be placed between 6-12 inches from a wall.

Which subwoofer is better, front-firing or down-firing?

Subwoofers that are down-firing push soundwaves towards the floor space, where they are reflected back and give them a richer sound to create a “rumble” effect when playing movies or games. … Frontfiring Subwoofers distribute sound just like traditional loudspeakers. They can be aimed either from the side or directly from the front.

Read more our full post: Down Firing Vs Front Firing Subwoofer: Which Is Better?

What number of watts are required for subwoofers?

You won’t need more power for the bass if you have a factory radio. You might need 200 to 300 watts of RMS power for an aftermarket receiver. Amplified speakers that produce between 50 and 500 watts per channel are a good start.

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