Best Kicker Subwoofers: Top Brand Reviews 2022

Best Kicker Subwoofers: Top Brand Reviews 2022

Easily find the best kicker subwoofers for your needs by checking out the product reviews of different models on this site! Here, you can find out what the best brands are or how to choose the most suitable product for you. 

Top Rated Best Kicker Subwoofers 2022

Top Rated Best Kicker Subwoofer 2022

Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 12-Inch...
261 Reviews
KICKER Solo-Baric L7S 1500W...
57 Reviews
Kicker 10' 600 Watt 4 Ohm...
747 Reviews

1. Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 12”

Best kicker subwoofer

This Kicker subwoofer is the real thing. This beast is truly amazing. When this sub turns on, be ready to stretch your roof and windows.

Look no further if you are looking for potent and loud bass. Even though I’m a veteran of the audio industry, I was stunned when I felt the bass in me. After the first session, I had to verify that all my organs were in the correct place.

The best part is that this Kicker sub can be used with any type of music. This subwoofer 12-inch will work with any music, no matter what kind.

It was almost like two silverback gorillas fighting each other in the back when I first powered up this sub. This is no joke. This beast is so powerful. It’s a beast, as I prefer to call it. Each of the subs measuring 12 inches has a rating of 1000 watts RMS.

It not only delivers perfect music without distortions but it’s also very easy to set up. It’s easy to install and there is no need for any technical knowledge. It’s simple to set up and the box comes pre-configured.

These are the top reasons this Kicker sub took the number one spot.

  • Hard-hitting bass: The Kicker sub will provide you with a unique bass experience you’ll never forget. It will be felt in your chest
  • It’s perfect for any music: I have gone through my songs and found this sub to be heavenly.
  • True Bass: I felt like the bass drum was at my back when it let loose.
  • It’s simple to install: despite being heavy and bulky, this sub can be set up and configured in no time. Anyone can do it, provided they have a few cables.

It wouldn’t be a true review if I didn’t mention some of the drawbacks I found.

The biggest surprise about this sub was the fact that it isn’t refundable, even though I am a prime member. This may change in the future.

This sub is huge, so make sure you have plenty of room. It also weighs in at 80 pounds.

You will need to use extra screws to fix the box. It will come apart.

Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 12-Inch...
261 Reviews


  • This sub is huge. It’s almost like two silverback gorillas fighting in the back when it’s on.
  • It can be used with any kind of music and is heavenly loud without any distortions
  • This subwoofer is the most responsive and hard-hitting you can find. It can flex your roof and windows.


  • You must add screws to the box regularly, as it is so powerful. Otherwise, it will break down.
  • It is huge and will take up a lot of space. The 80-pound weight makes it heavy.

2. Kicker Solo-Baric L7S 1500W 12″ 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer

Best Kicker subwoofers

Solo-Baric L7S 1500W 12’’ 4-Ohm Dual Vocal Call Square Subwoofer is one of the best subs on the market. Solo-Baric L7 1500W DVC square sub draws inspiration from its pioneering square-shaped predecessor. This sub is potent and delivers 1500W peak power handling. It also has a larger cone area which allows for more bass and displaces more air.

Solo-Baric L 7S’s USP is its revolutionary cone design that makes use of SoloKon injection-molding technology. The L7S is a sub that embraces SoloKon(TM), with its ribbed corners and back. The L7 Santoprene perimeter’s signature ribbed corners keep distortion at bay while improving bass control and crispness.

UniPlate backplate and Solo-Baric’s pole have been combined to create a compact unit that facilitates heat dispersal from the motor. The mesh’s intuitive venting allows for better heat dissipation and more air circulation. All of the component speakers are made from high-quality materials such as forged aluminum baskets and ceramic magnets.

It’s no surprise that the Solo-Baric L 7S sub is extremely durable and performance-oriented thanks to its heavy-duty construction.


  • Unique square and polypropylene con design for increased performance and durability
  • For superior delivery of bass, use a cone made from rigid injection-molded cone polypropylene that is flexible and resistant to tearing
  • The heat dissipation mechanism with its unique cone profile and excellent peak power handling ensures that you have great power handling
  • The sub is made from durable materials and performs well for many years.
  • Motor made with extraordinary care to improve performance


  • This sub is about 11Kgs in weight.
  • Customers found the sub to be a bit too expensive.

3. Kicker 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

This sub is the ideal fit for vehicles that don’t have enough space but still want rich sound for your car audio system.

This Kicker subwoofer is 8 inches in length and delivers plenty of basses to meet your needs. The reason I love this subwoofer is simple. It packs a punch but doesn’t make your ears bleed. The best part is that you won’t have to be the sophisticated audiophile (aka the dick) at stoplights rattling cars.

The lows are great so if you love hip-hop and rock, then look no further. This is the right match for you. This sub can also be used to maintain a factory-like appearance.

The Kicker 8-inch sub runs at 150 watts RMS and is therefore not very power-hungry.

It’s serious noise, but you don’t have to pay a fine. This little device delivers more than enough bass and people won’t be able to hear any sound when they open the windows.

This compact sub will provide rich audio and minimal space requirements. While you can still keep the stock look, you will get decent sound and punchy bass.

This Kicker subwoofer is crystal clear and delivers the perfect lows for hip hop and rock.

There are some drawbacks to this subwoofer, as with all other subwoofers.

It’s obvious that dialing takes a lot of your time. So it’s a smart idea to hire a professional to help you dial.

They make such a short-distance wire! It was difficult to access, so I tried it out.

This sub has been tested in many vehicles, the list is extensive: Jeep Wranglers, Hyundai Tucson, Ford f150s, Tacomas, Honda Accords, Honda Accords, Dodge Falcon (yes this was made in 1964), Lexus, and Toyota Hilux. The Kicker sub performed admirably in old cars, even without distortions.

If you are in need of this sub, it is important to act quickly. Only a few units remain in stock. You don’t want it to go off the shelves and be out of stock for weeks.



  • This compact, small-sized sub has all the features you need.
  • The perfect sub will give you a rich audio experience. It can play any type of music, including hip-hop and rock.
  • It is the perfect sub. It’s loud enough to be heard even when the windows are open, and it’s very punchy in the interior.


  • The sub comes with a very short-distance wire. You will need to upgrade.
  • Dialing can take some time to remove distortions

4. Kicker 10″ Profile Subwoofer Enclosure 44TCWC104

Best Kicker subwoofer

One glance at the Kicker 10’’ 600W 4 Ohm subwoofer 44TCWC104 will make you fall in love with it. The CompC 10’’ Subwoofer Enclosure is slim and fits perfectly under the seat. It has a single 4-Ohm terminal. Your car’s interior will reverberate with loud bass thanks to its maximum throughput of 600W, and RMS output of only 300W.

For strength and flexibility, the slim-fit enclosure for subwoofers has been made from heavy MDF (medium density fireboard) and dense, black fabric. The subwoofer’s 10″ corral is flawless with a 600W peak power rating. This makes it ideal for rap and rumble bass. If you are looking for resounding bass within a small space such as your car’s interiors then you need not look further.

The rugged design of the portable box matches perfectly the sub’s, making it very hardy and performance-driven. The Kicker 10″ vented, thin profile sub features a flexible polypropylene cone that is resistant to bending. Ribbed foam surrounds the cone for low distortion and resonant lows. A durable steel basket provides the ideal conditions for bass and the all-encompassing venting ensures consistent performance.

Side ports are carefully designed to ease pressure inside the enclosure. This allows the sub to move more freely, increasing bass production. The sub is compatible with many amplifiers thanks to its 4-ohm impedance.

Kicker 10' 600 Watt 4 Ohm...
747 Reviews


  • The sub can be installed easily behind or under the car seat thanks to its slim-fit design
  • Includes the following accessories: 4 mounting brackets, 4 1′ pan-head screws, and 8 5/8’’ flat-head screws
  • Heavy-duty steel basket
  • 3/4″ MDF construction with chunky, black carpet.
  • Power handling capability: 600W peak power, 300W RMS to create a powerful bass effect
  • A wide frequency response range: 30-500 Hz
  • The sub-well is compatible with many amps because it has a 4 Ohm impedance


  • A three-way speaker is not possible

5. Kicker CVR 124 12” Dual 4-ohm CompVR Series Car Subwoofer

The Kicker CVR124 12″ CompVR Series sub is a great option for boosting your car audio system. The CVR 124 was carefully designed to meet the needs of both audiophiles as well as those who are looking for an upgrade. The CVR 124’s superior construction and top-notch performance will be a delight.

Focus on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the frequency range. The CVR124’s frequency range is 25Hz-500Hz, which means that your car’s interior will throb when you play loud music. The 500Hz peak frequency will provide a boost to high-mid and low notes, while the 25Hz will produce the lowest bass frequencies.

You can enjoy high-decibel music with no worries thanks to the CVR124 subwoofer’s high sensitivity rating. The CVR124 has a sensitivity rating of 86.9dB. This is enough to keep the coils energized while you listen to high volumes. A sensitivity of 88dB would have been acceptable, providing you with complete peace of mind.

This Kicker subwoofer’s dual 4-ohm voice coil has been described as one of its most versatile features. You can hook the sub up with various types of car audio to reproduce the best quality bass.


  • The speaker’s durability is assured by its high-quality construction.
  • Given the speaker’s power handling capability, the speaker’s sensitivity rating (86.9 decibels) is sufficient to reflect top-quality audio.
  • The frequency response range from 25Hz to 500Hz allows for the reproduction of loud bass.
  • You can connect the speaker to different car audio systems using a dual 4-ohm voice coil


  • Many customers have complained about the poor quality of the product’s construction.

6. Kicker 10C124 Comp 12-inch Subwoofer 4SVC

Best car subwoofers Kicker

The Kicker 10C124 Comp Subwoofer 12″ is not only eye-catching but also delivers on the performance front. The 10C124 was designed with great care. It can handle all levels of bass, including low-mid and high-decibel. Every component is made with quality construction, from the surround sound case to the basket to the voice coil to tweeter to the basket.

The basket made from industrial-grade steel is very durable and has cooling vents around the perimeter to prevent overheating of the voice coil. Vents allow for maximum heat dispersal and provide supreme protection for the voice coil. The cone throbs more effectively thanks to its flexibility.

The cone is light and rigid which contributes greatly to good bass reflection. The 360 degrees back bracing enclosure keeps the bass perfect, even when it gets loud. With 88dB sensitivity and a peak power output of 300w, the RMS response range is between 50-150w and 300w respectively. This allows for a booming bass to be reproduced.

You can enjoy loud, consistent audio without having to sacrifice mids. The audio frequency range is between 27Hz and 500Hz. The sub is held in place by dual spiral tinsel leads, which ensures a steady performance over the long term.

Kicker Comp 12' Loaded Truck...
220 Reviews


  • Each component made from premium components: is serviceable for a long period
  • The basket is cooled by cooling vents that allow for heat dispersal.
  • 360 degree back bracing enclosure for high-level performance with rigid, injection-molded cone
  • Great quality sound reproduction is possible due to the excellent frequency range, RMS, peak power output ratings, and sensitivity.


  • It does not accurately reflect the full sound spectrum as well as hi-tech speakers.

7. Kicker 40VCWR122 12” Loaded Car Audio Subwoofer

The Kicker 40VCWR122 12′ 1000W is a great option if you are looking for an affordable Kicker sub. This 12″ Kicker sub comes in a sturdy, ported casing. The sub is 17.5x16x14.5 inches in size so it will fit comfortably inside your car.

This sub will draw attention to passengers in your car and other drivers. The 40VCWR122 speaker has a frequency rating between 25Hz and 500Hz. It effectively reproduces the mids and lows. You will experience some audio warping if you increase the volume.

You can connect it to a 500W amplifier to get around this issue. The sub will let you enjoy music while driving for many years.


  • Heavy-duty construction: Built to last and perform beyond expectations
  • The superb bass quality can be reproduced by using the frequency response range 25Hz to 500Hz
  • 500W RMS rating translates to pulsating bass
  • For commendable power handling, 2-ohm resistance is a great option


  • This Kicker sub is 30 pounds and can be quite heavy.
  • Its large size means that it will take up a lot of space to install.
  • When you increase the volume, the audio becomes distorted

8. Kicker CompRT Single 6.75″ Max 2 Ohm Shallow Slim Car Subwoofer

Kicker’s CompRT Single 6.75’’ 300W Max 2Ohm Shallow Car Audio Subwoofer is an all-weather sub that’s extremely versatile and reinforced with a pair of 2Ohm voice coils. CompRT’s Single subwoofer class includes the 300W max shallow sub. This sub is the longest possible mounting depth. CompRT 6.75’s hero has a single voice coil that measures less than 3 inches deep. This makes it extremely easy to install even in tight spaces.

The Kicker CompRT 3-1/4″ sub works well with a hermetically sealed pen and 150W peak power. The subwoofer’s mounting depth and diameter are 5.625″ and 2.75″, respectively, which allows for a steady, shallow installation. The 300W Max 2-Ohm shallow, slim car is designed to fit in sealed enclosures measuring between 0.2-1 cubic feet.

Kicker subwoofers deliver powerful bass echoes throughout your car thanks to its 2-Ohm rating and 150W RMS output. The sub’s injection-molded, flex-resistant, polypropylene cone and high-temperature voice coil are key components in reproducing booming bass. Weatherproof rubberized covers also help to deliver high-decibel bass when you’re on-roading and cruising along the highway.

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A subwoofer that has a lower electrical resistance produces louder sounds than one with higher electrical resistance. This means that 2ohm subwoofers sound louder than 4ohm. Kicker Subwoofers with 2 ohms are louder but produce a lower quality sound because of their power consumption.

KICKER CompRT 6.75'(165mm)...
51 Reviews


  • The rubber shell protects the unit from weather damage and allows it to perform well when off-roading.
  • The juice flows perfectly thanks to the high-temperature voice coil and injection-molded polypropylene cone
  • Mounting depth and diameter are ideal for low mounts
  • In tight spaces, delivers thunderous bass that is powerful and clear


  • Turning up the volume can cause audio distortion or warping.
  • Owners of vehicles may need to modify their vehicle’s sub-console sub enclosure to make it fit the sub.

9. Kicker 43CWR84 Compr 8″ 4 Ohm Dual Voice Coil Car Audio Subwoofer

Best kicker subwoofer for bass

Even the most passionate car enthusiasts will be fooled by this small 8″ Kicker sub. They’ll think you have a 12 inch or 10 inches back. This sub requires a lot of power, so don’t let them fool you. You will need an amp to make the sub’s 300 Watts RMS rating work.

This sub is not for you? This sub is for mature people over 30 years old. The 8-inch Kicker is a great budget sub, but it’s also a very high output sub.

You will be able to hit all lows with this Kicker subwoofer. I had no problems with the Kicker subwoofer.

Here are the reasons it is a must-have in my book:

This sub will amaze your friends and family. It can sound like a 10″-12″ computer monitor, without you having to spend extra space or a lot of money.

You will feel the subwoofer’s deep bass and control thanks to its 300 watts peak power RMS.

This Kicker sub is perfect for music that has a lot of lows.

These are the main problems with this sub-sub:

This isn’t Kickers fault. People don’t buy 8-inch Kicker subwoofers because they feel bad about getting such a small item. This will make you very happy and the 12″ or 10″ subs are unnecessary.

It was the first Kicker I smelled after a new installation. The smell disappeared after a few hours. This is what happens during the breaking-in period.

This sub has been tested with the following cars and trucks: Lexus and Subaru Forester, Jeep, and Crown Victoria. Tundra and F150. It delivered in all of them

Do not let your 8″ be a problem. Most people will believe it to be a 10″. You should also get it as soon as possible, as they are nearly sold out and the next shipment will be in a few weeks.

Kicker 43CWR84 CompR 8 Inch 4...
141 Reviews


  • These subs are so good that many people believe they have 10 or 12 of them in the back.
  • This sub has a high output, excellent quality, and a great price.
  • This baby will make all the difference.


  • This tiny thing is power-hungry
  • It had a burning smell for me. After a few hours, it went away.

10. Kicker 40CWR122 CompR Series 12-inch Subwoofer 2-Ohm

Another sub from Kicker that’s worth pairing with your car stereo system is the 40CWR122 CompR Series 12″. This sub is 13.5x132x7 inches in size and will fit comfortably into your car without taking up much space. The subwoofer weighs 11 pounds and is therefore not light.

The Kicker sub has one the highest power thresholds of any sub that can be classified under its category. In that order, the 40CWR 122 Compr sub’s peak and RMS power ratings are 800W and 1600W respectively. This output power rating combined with the 2-ohm resistance will produce audio waves that will make your car vibrate.

Its low impedance means that the sub will be able to make the most of its power handling capabilities. It is safe to assume that the bass notes will sound clear, crisp, deep, and powerful. Durable material is used to create the rigid surround shell. This keeps the tweeter in place and aids in sound wave dissemination.


  • Made from well-quality materials to ensure that the sub lasts for many years
  • Effective power handling is possible with a lower impedance rating
  • Excellent RMS and peak power HANDLING threshold
  • It can be used with a variety of car stereo system


  • The sub is very heavy
  • Voice coil wires of a lower quality are not available

11. Kicker 44CWCS124 CompC series Car Subwoofer 12”

Best Kicker subwoofers

It’s game over when you get this Kicker sub.

No matter where you are driving, you will hear deep bass. It’s compact and can fit into smaller cars, even though it is a 12-inch subwoofer.

You won’t be able to hear a single sound from the system. It’s easy to pull up at red lights and tell the person in front of you what type of sound system it is. This is childish, but it’s not for me.

After a 4-5 hour break-in period, the sound quality is excellent. You can enjoy all subsonic sounds with these subs, which are rated at 300 WPM each.

Because Boss has lost so much ground to them, I don’t know what Kicker did.

This is why I fell in love with the sub

  • You can play any music: It is the perfect sub for playing all kinds of music.
  • It shakes all cars. Get ready to hear some powerful bass that shakes your trunk, mirrors, and even your heart

These are the cons that you need to be aware of before purchasing:

The subwoofer’s lack of a grill is one of its biggest problems. A friend of mine has done it. He accidentally placed a bag on top and it was all gone.

Kicker provides a sticker that you can stick on your windows. However, this is at your own risk as it will expose your system to potential thieves.

This sub has been tested in PT Cruisers, Mustangs, Cadillac DTS, 4Runners, Silverado, and I have had excellent results.

This subwoofer is the loudest 12-inch sub. The last time I checked, stocks were low. Buy it immediately or wait for weeks until the supply comes back.

KICKER 44CWCS124 CompC 12 Inch...
171 Reviews


  • This is the best choice if you want to feel every vibration and sub-sonic sound.
  • It’s easy to let the guy at the stoplight see you and feel the thump.
  • This sub is powerful, clear, and loud.


  • Stick the sticker to your windows and it will make you a thief magnet
  • It doesn’t have a protection grill so it’s very fragile

Buying Guide

Buyer's Guide best kicker subwoofers

Size and Weight

Bluetooth speakers are portable, which is the main attraction. It is not worth buying a unit that is too large or too heavy. Devices that feel too bulky are a common entry-level product in a market that lacks the sophistication of premium products.

It all boils down to your willingness to carry as much weight and size as you can.

The best Bluetooth speaker for under $20 should be no larger than 6×3 inches and no heavier than 19 ounces.

However, I prefer a better quality unit and a louder unit than the ones that are available.

The Sensitivity Level of The Speaker

The quality of the sound produced by an amplifier is called speaker sensitivity. This depends on the power rating of your car’s stereo. If the RMS rating of your speakers is less than 15 watts, then you should choose speakers with a higher sensitivity range (upwards of 90dB). If your car’s audio system is powerful, you will need to purchase low-sensitivity speakers.

You want to listen to music and songs as much as possible with your car audio. To do this, ensure that the speaker sensitivity matches the car stereo’s power rating.

Battery Life

Battery life, aside from the output quality, is the most important feature a Bluetooth speaker can have.

It’s absurd to say that great sound can’t be enjoyed on the go.

Over the past few years, cheap speakers have seen a leap in battery life. Even budget speakers can deliver 7-10 hours of continuous performance.

These numbers are a reasonable standard for the price range. Any Bluetooth speaker with less than 5 hours’ performance is not worth it.

Sound and Power

These two features have a major impact on “speaker output.”

Power is the easiest to grasp of all the properties. It is measured in Watts. This property boils down to the “the more you have it, the louder is it” philosophy.

The sound quality is far more complex. Pay attention to these two things:

  • Audio accuracy – The speaker’s ability to reproduce recorded sounds accurately. Speakers that are refined can produce crisp, precise sounds that match the record’s quality.
  • Frequency range – The speaker’s ability to reproduce sounds from a wide range of frequencies. Your speaker should be capable of hitting low frequencies if you want good bass.
  • 360-degree output – Although this feature is largely dependent on the speaker’s design it’s worth mentioning. Speakers with tube-shaped bodies can disperse sound better than those without. That’s it.

Water Resistance

This issue again highlights the portability and bread-and-butter of Bluetooth speakers below 50 dollars. You should ensure that your unit can withstand light rain and a typical pool party before you take it out.

You shouldn’t expect much more in this price range (full submersion is usually out of reach), but it’s better than nothing.

You can, however, reduce the price of the unit to a more manageable 30 dollars if you don’t want to crank up the volume on your laptop or plan to use the speaker in the apartment.


Which Is Better Kicker Comp C or R?

Kicker’s CompC line starts at 200 watts RMS for 8 inches, 250 watts RMS for the 10 inch, 300 watts for the 12 inches, and 600 watts for 15-inch sub. … The CompR is going to give you more output than the CompC because it handles more power, but you need to make sure that you have an amp that will give it the power it wants.

Which Is Better, 4ohm or 2ohm?

A subwoofer that has a lower electrical resistance produces louder sounds than one with higher electrical resistance. This means that 2ohm subwoofers sound louder than 4ohm. Subwoofers with 2 ohms are louder but produce a lower quality sound because of their power consumption.

Read full our post: 2 Ohm Vs 4 Ohm Subwoofer: Which Is Better?

Is A New Car Audio System Really Better Than Your Existing Car Audio System?

Your car’s current car audio system is often outdated and does not produce high-quality sound. When you sell your car, a new car audio system will increase its value. If sound quality is what you want, your vehicle’s audio quality will be better. The best sound quality in your car is possible with a loaded subwoofer system. It’s definitely worth the investment.


The best kicker subs may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to provide powerful and clear bass with every tune. Whether you’re into heavy metal or classic country, these speakers work well in any setting. Picking the right subwoofer is no easy task. Take your time and choose carefully.

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