Best Microphone Boom Arm 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Microphone Boom Arm 2023 Top Brands Review
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The best microphone boom arm, in my opinion, is the one that offers you a wide range of motion. This can be achieved by having flexible joints and an articulated system.

These features make it possible to achieve any position desired for recording sound from various angles with ease and without fussing about mic placement or extension cables.

There are many microphones available today, but most professionals will agree that this type of accessory is invaluable when getting high-quality recordings with multiple mics at once.

A boom arm is a must-have for any recording studio or sound booth. You can’t record anything without one!

However, many people don’t know what to look for in a quality boom arm. That’s why we’re here today with an informative blog post on the topic of picking out the perfect microphone boom arm.

Top Best Microphones Boom Arm

Rode PSA1
13,403 Reviews
NEEWER NW-7000 Microphone Boom...
1,030 Reviews
Microphone Arm Stand, TONOR...
11,631 Reviews
Blue Microphones Compass...
6,265 Reviews
Heil PL 2T Fully Articulating,...
388 Reviews


Yellowtec’s m! ka is a luxurious heavy-duty boom arm that feels and looks different from the rest.

Although it is smaller in size, the mic boom arm makes a great addition to any studio and has some unique features not available on other models.

One, the suspension boom arm has a red LED on-air signal. This is unlike any other microphone boom arm. It doesn’t matter if this affects your ability to create better music.

In contrast with other models, the sleek aluminum body is a striking contrast. This thing is very well-designed in terms of cable management. It comes with its native XLR cable, which adds to the price. This is a sign of quality.

This design gives you more space to work and is excellent for those who have limited space. However, the sleek design and fancy features come with a steep price.


  • Very strong
  • Super durable, all-metal
  • Spreader arm with three different positions. Easily adjustable
  • Quick-release and transfer of the microphone
  • Compatible with multiple microphones (with three different thread sizes)


  • No cable management on the studio stand
  • The mic clamp is not super tight; the microphone boom arm will wiggle if you touch it.

Heil Sound PL-2T 109

Heil PL 2T Fully Articulating,...
388 Reviews

Sometimes, it can be challenging to install outboard springs that are not stable. Heil PL-2T is a great boom arm to help with this problem.

You can make the product look beautiful by hiding the springs within.

This boom stand, like other products, features a standard C clamp mount that allows it to stick to a desk or table.

This equipment is compatible with industry-standard 5/8 inch threaded microphone clips. The product can be used with most mics, except for the blue yeti.

This mic boom arm can be used if you don’t have the time or desire to spend too much time with microphone cable threading. The top and back plates can be removed from the device. You can remove the top and back plates to thread the cables easily.


  • A standard C-clamp mount ensures a permanently installed.
  • Cable threading is made more accessible by the use of removable top and back plates
  • It can be used with different mics by using a 5/8″ threaded mic clip



  • The height adjustment knob is easily bumped from underneath, which can cause the arm to droop slightly.

Blue Compass Premium

Blue Microphones Compass...
6,265 Reviews

Blue Compass is a premium tube-style boom arm that can be used with all shock mount fittings. An internal spring mechanism supports the stand. It can hold a total of 2.4 lbs (including the mic and shock mount). This is a great microphone arm stand.

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This Blue Compass stand’s elegant, minimalist design is enhanced by its strength. This premium tube-style microphone is quick and easy to adjust due to friction hinges that are manually tightened.

The boom arm also has proper hidden channel cable management. The Blue Compass mic stand comes with a C-Clamp for easy installation and includes the standard 5/8 inch threading (and an adapter for 3/8 inch threading).

The 360 rotation feature is excellent for quickly switching between recording angles. This Blue Compass premium stand is great for podcasting or gaming.


  • For quiet adjustment
  • Simple, smart aesthetics
  • Friction hinges that can be manually or hand-tightened


  • Can only handle a single microphone


NEEWER NW-7000 Microphone Boom...
1,030 Reviews

RODE PSA-1 studio microphone boom arm, a high-quality desktop stand, is an ideal addition to any recording studio. Rode mics are durable and industry-standard.

The Rode PSA-1 looks and acts very similar to the Heil PL-2T. One of the differences is that cable management is external, although the Rode swivel mount studio microphone boom arm includes velcro bands to secure the cable to the arm.

It is designed to hold a microphone + a shock mount up to 2.4lbs. The dual suspension springs are internal though, which keeps everything quieter.

This microphone suspension boom arm has a unique feature: it can rotate 360 degrees, has two mounting options (clamp and flush mount), and has a vertical reach of 33″.

The suspension boom scissor arms can be placed in any position that you choose with the 2-axis swivel mount. The clamp can be used to mount the suspension boom scissor arm on your table.

Horizontal reach is 32.5 inches for the Rode PSA1 and 33 inches vertically. The RODE PSA1 swivel mount studio microphone boom arm supports most microphones weighing between 700g (1.5lb) and 1.1kg (2.4lb) when combined with a shock mount.


  • The two-axis swivel mount is highly efficient as it allows you quickly to turn the mic and receive sound from another source.
  • Included are adaptors for attachments 3/8″ and 5/8″ to fit most mics.
  • The desk mount and the recess hole mount are easy to mount on any desk attachment or other platform.


  • Expensive
  • Cannot hold two mics at once; cannot switch between them quickly.


On-Stage is a name synonymous with the audio industry because they produce high-quality, competitively priced gear.

The On-Stage MBS7500 boom arm, which is close to the median price on our list, has some great features.

The arm is sleek and modern out of the box. There are no tension knobs or ugly springs. On-Stage is a beautiful product.

You can position the arm on any three-axis point, which gives you a lot of flexibility. Most microphone stands under $100 have one problem – they squeak. However, we were surprised to discover that it was remarkably silent.

This hollowed-out arm allows you to run cables through the chamber while keeping cables out of view. We love this feature!

However, there is one caveat. The arm’s table mounting clamp can pose a problem despite all its benefits. Although the arm tends to swivel when connected to the clamp, it does limit its range slightly.


  • Super cheap
  • High standard, robust stand construction that can hold two mics at once


  • The studio stand is not adjustable; must unmount and remount each time you desire to use a different mic.

Samson MBA38

Samson MBA38 is a leading manufacturer of affordable recording equipment. This mighty boom arm is made of a high-quality steel frame and is an excellent choice for podcasting or narration videos.

The stand has internal springs. You can adjust the stand without worrying about background noise ruining your recording in live settings. The Samson MBA38 can help support microphones up to 5 lbs. It is best for silent microphone positioning.

The flange mount is a great option to secure the mic stand permanently. You can also leave the broadcast boom arm microphone in the same place if you need it.


  • Internal springs provide silent maneuvering
  • 38 inches total arm reach
  • You can choose between C-clamp and flange mount to secure the stand permanently or temporarily.


  • Cannot hold two mics at once.

Samson MBA28

The Samson MBA28 Microphone Boom arm comes with a flexible microphone suspension boom scissor arm made of solid springs and metal. It can be easily attached to a desk or tabletop with a sturdy C-clamp mount or fixed permanently to a surface with a flange mount

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Double-braced arms allow the mic stand to perform in multiple environments.

This studio microphone boom arm is much stronger than the other best microphone boom arms. It has an aluminum alloy structure that makes it more durable and sturdy than the others. However, you can’t attach your XLR cable to this frame. The cable will fall out.

This stand includes a 5/8-inch standard screw metal adapter that makes it compatible with Blue Yeti mic products. The 315-degree range of the screw adapter is impressive.

The suspension boom scissor arm can be rotatable to 360 degrees, and the microphone boom arms can also be bent to 180 degrees.

Internal springs provide effortless and silent and accurate positioning which is vital in live recording situations

It will therefore meet your expectations or requirements. Samson models have 28” of maximum reach giving users max microphone placement versatility this is great for larger home studio setups.

It can hold as much as the best microphone boom arms. Its maximum load weighs in at 5 lbs.


  • Very cheap
  • Cable management on the stand (compared to others in its price range)


  • Cannot hold two mics at once.

TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand

Microphone Arm Stand, TONOR...
11,631 Reviews

To prevent it from becoming difficult to clip a boom arm, you might consider the TONOR Microphone Arm Stand.

It can provide 700mm vertical distance and horizontal distance and a full 360° rotation. It is easy to control and can be used for a great pickup.

The microphone suspension boom scissor is lightweight and has a high bearing weight capacity. The maximum load weight capacity of the equipment is 4lbs.

This tool can be used with any standard 3/8″ to 5-/8″ adapter. It is compatible with different mics and standard shock mounts. The device will fit most mics. It is not compatible with the older Blue Yeti microphone.

The product is easy to use because it has an upgraded desk clamp that offers 4x more contact areas. This equipment can hold tablets up to 2″ thick. The device also features a headset hook to make it easier.


  • It has a remarkable bearing weight capacity.
  • It is compatible with many mics because of its compatibility
  • It can be used easily with the upgraded desk clamp


  • May require readjustment throughout the show due to slack on the cable
  • Heavy

Neewer Adjustable Suspension Boom Arm Stand

NEEWER NW-7000 Microphone Boom...
1,030 Reviews

NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand, another affordable option, is designed for maximum stability. This scissor arm stand can support up to 4 lbs of weight, so dynamic microphones or condensers shouldn’t be an issue.

The boom arms have a high-quality steel frame with a plastic mic clip and durable that that allows it to balance in any position within its range of motion. This makes it ideal to use with bulky, heavy-duty boom arm mics.

The aluminum alloy used in the construction of the stand is solid. It can be used for broadcasting and voice-over studios.

The upgraded Boom Arm will only be available to those who have a full-sized Blue Yeti microphone. The standard version does not support a full-sized Blue Microphone.

While some people claim that the Blue Yeti works well with the suspension boom arm, others say it is weak enough to support the weight. There have been reports of it breaking and falling. You can still use it with the Blue Yeti microphone.


  • Stability in any position is possible with a well-balanced design
  • Two suspension boom scissor arm stand measure 18 inches long


  • Heavy

Sywon Desktop Microphone Stand

The Sywon microphone suspension boom scissor is one for light mics. It doesn’t clamp onto your desk but instead holds the mic up through an adjustable weighted base.

This option is not suitable for condensers, but it’s an excellent choice for portability and quick setup if your mic is lighter (although we assume most podcasters won’t be using a vintage tube mic). This stand is mainly used on desktops, not suitable for heavier microphones.

This is the best boom arms for people who use USB mics and anyone who doesn’t want a permanent edition on their desk or use a recording device to create their content.


  • Durable, high-grade construction of steel and silicon rubber
  • Height adjustable
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  • No articulation or ability to tilt as compared with other boom arms
  • Cable coil is unreliable, will sometimes uncoil mid-performance

What are the Major Buying Considerations

The quality of your devices can be affected by several factors. These guidelines will help you choose the best microphone boom arm.


You need to be aware of the boom arm’s diameter, as mentioned previously. It is essential to verify that the boom arms work with your microphone. Different products have different diameter limitations.

You must ensure that your equipment is compatible with the other microphone boom arms. Some brands will indicate the right mic.

The NEEWER scissor Arm Stand cannot hold mics larger than 1.26 inches in diameter or 35.27 ounces. (Not suitable for Blue Yeti Microphones)


Microphones should be light, but the microphone suspension boom (scissor arm stand) must be solid and well-built. It should be strong enough to hold the microphone on the ground or clamp on your desk.


Your product will bend and wobble if it is too light. The microphones will not hold their shape if they are too light. It isn’t easy to transport a heavy device.

Solid steel is the best choice for the microphone boom arm. This will allow microphones to remain still. Solid metal can also be of reasonable weight.


There are many types of boom arm bases. Some boom arm bases have solid bases that allow them to stand on the ground, while others must be secured to a table mounting clamp.

You can also mount boom arms to clamp to the table mounting clamp or on the ground. You can choose which type of boom arm you prefer, depending on your specific needs.

Mic Stand Inter Cables

You may find it challenging to use the boom arm with all of the cables used with your micro. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where your studio is cluttered with cables, and you don’t know which ones attach to what instruments.

This is why you might need a pre-fitted mic stand with the XLR cable. You can conceal the cables within the microphone stands, which allows you to plug in and begin recording. This feature can help you get rid of clutter and save time.

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There are many prices available for these devices, ranging from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. Before you make a purchase, it is essential to set a tight budget.


You can choose to go with the best microphone boom arms that have fewer features if you are on a budget. However, if you have a lot to spend, you might be able to consider products with many unique features like the Heil Sound PL-2T.


Why Do I Need A Shock Mount?

The boom arms have springs that help with support. With your microphone mounted to the arm, anything you type on your keyboard, or if you hit your desk, you will hear it in your recording through the vibrations in the arm. So a shock mount is essential.

Is A Microphone Boom Arm Worthwhile?

You can also use mic boom arms to ensure perfect mic placement. However, quality can vary greatly, and some Bom arms mics (like Blue Yeti microphone) weigh more than others and will require a more robust boom. A standard mic will last a lifetime if you buy it well.

Microphone Boom Arm Worthwhile

Can You Attach An Arms Boom To A Microphone Stand?

It is the same process as attaching a mic or boom arm to a mic stand. Match the thread sizes of your boom and clip/mount, and place the mic in the clip/mount.

Boom Mic Be Placed On The Desk


The best microphone boom arms can differ for everyone, depending on how you intend to use your mic.

If you want to buy a new stand for your studio or live performance setup, it’s essential to consider what features will work the best with your own needs.

Different mics have different weight capacities and require varying levels of support from their stand arm.

You also want to get durable enough so that if anything does go wrong while using it, there won’t be any real damage done because the stand couldn’t hold up its end of the bargain!

Hooke Audio hopes this article has helped you find an excellent product perfect for meeting all your needs in terms of quality and price range.

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