Best Microphone For Gaming 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Microphone For Gaming 2021 Top Brands Review

Many people are interested in what type of best microphone to use for gaming. You want a microphone that will pick up your voice clearly and not be too sensitive. A good-quality microphone should also have a long cord so you can sit back while playing the game.

Some microphones come with built-in noise cancellation technology, which has a pop filter that can filter out background noise like fan sound or even traffic noise outside, resulting in an excellent audio experience for gamers.

If you’re looking for the best microphone for gaming and streaming, there are plenty of choices among different brands and at varied prices to suit any budget!

Quick Shopping Tips

What is Your Budget?


One of the first things that many people consider is how much they want to spend. Gaming microphones can vary considerably, from as low as $10 up to hundreds of dollars for internal and external models.

You need to decide how much you are willing to invest in your microphone and whether or not you want the cheapest option that will get the job done or if you would instead break the bank by buying a top-of-the-line model.

The latter is something only serious gamers who emphasized their performance should do because cheaper gaming mics tend to have more inferior sound quality, hurting your overall reputation within the gaming community.

What Platform Do You Play On?


Another thing that you should consider before buying a gaming microphone is the platform (s) you will be playing on. If you plan to play games on your computer solely, purchasing an external microphone that connects via USB or FireWire is straightforward.

However, if you want something small enough to bring with you everywhere and plug into your PS4 controller or mobile phone, you’ll need a different type of microphone that can easily fit within your setup.

Headset vs. Standalone Mic?

Headset vs. Standalone

There are two types of gaming microphones: headsets and standalone microphones. What kind you choose depends largely upon how serious a gamer you are and the setup where it will be used (e.g., console versus PC).

For starters, headset microphones generally provide higher quality sound than their standalone counterparts. This is because they can employ background noise-canceling technology and echo cancellation software that gives you crisp, clear audio no matter what type of environment you are in.

A headset microphone also provides a greater degree of mobility for those gamers who prefer to move around while playing or streaming their games online.

However, the only downside to buying a headset microphone is that it must be used with a compatible gaming headphone and therefore cannot be used in all instances, such as when staying at home watching TV.

Top 15 Best Microphones for Gaming

1. HyperX Quadcast

Best Gaming Microphone

We found the HyperX Quadcast by HyperX to be the best USB mic we tested. Because it has excellent vocal warmth, clarity, and distinction, the HyperX QuadCast gaming microphone is the best for gamers.

HyperX Quadcast does this with the most prominent gaming aesthetic on the market. A strikingly bright red light illuminates(RGB lighting) the mic when it’s activated behind the cradle. Tap the mic’s top to silence it and turn the light off instantly.

HyperX QuadCast mic also comes with a sturdy shock mount and pop filter so that you can relax and enjoy your game without worrying about damaging the stand or deafening Discord friends.

HyperX Quadcast is a unique 3-diaphragm design that allows for four different polar patterns. It also offers a stereo arrangement. This is best used for gaming and to provide a comprehensive sound source or two sources (as in a live recording environment or home). When used this way, the Quadcast sounds warm and inviting with a touch of roominess.


  • Simple controls
  • Four polar patterns
  • Amazing clarity
  • Boom stands adapted, shock mount and pop filter


  • USB interface limits audio to 48KHz / 16-bit frequency response
  • May result in a hugely expensive headphone purchase

2. Blue Yeti USB

Best Gaming Microphone for Streaming and Podcasting

Blue Yeti, the venerable Blue Yeti, was present at the dawn of streaming and is still a ubiquitous desktop feature on Twitch. It’s a good thing. This mic is one of the most intuitive on the market. It excels at picking up just one vocal signal at once.

The Blue Yeti, priced at $115 and currently in our mix with other picks, here is Logitech’s best-selling product. It is made to a high standard and will remain where you place it on the sturdy stand.

This microphone is stylish and sleek thanks to its stand design and the retro-inspired mic capsule. That’s important when streaming yourself for a group of people. Razer Seiren mini-series is an excellent option if you love RGB and want to sync your peripherals to the same beat.

The controls are easy to use when streaming and podcasting. The only controls you need are volume control and a mute switch on the mic’s front. It’s unlikely that you will accidentally hit the wrong thing halfway through.

Blue Yeti’s four Polar Patterns give it great versatility. If you want to do streaming and podcasting, there are no restrictions on the patterns cardioid.


  • Stable stand
  • Crystal clear vocals
  • Layout for easy control


  • Competitors outperform in sound quality
  • Recording options are not available for hire
  • Crunchy audio characteristics

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3. Elgato Wave:3

Best Gaming Microphone for High-End Streaming

The Elgato Wave:3 gaming mic is a more sophisticated option than the Blue Yeti. This mic works with the Elgato Stream Deck and features Elgato’s Clipguard, reducing audio volume during testing.

The Wave:3’s mic compact build makes it easy to transport and is suitable for streaming on Twitch, YouTube compression, and audio recording at high resolution.

The Blue Yeti X is similar in price to this mic. However, Elgato’s streaming microphone only has one polar pattern type, making it less versatile than the Blue Yeti X. The Blue Yeti X is better for mics that can handle a broader range of situations. The Wave could also provide more bass.

The Wave:3 mic is highly capable of streaming and podcasting microphone specifications because of its extensive software and hardware features, such as a pop shield.


  • Anti-distortion technology
  • Portable and small
  • Builtin pop shield


  • End of muted color
  • Mute can be touched accidentally
  • Only Cardioid

4. Razer Seiren Mini

Best Gaming Microphones for Budget

Some people don’t need multiple patterns cardioid or a lot of features. The Razer Seiren Mini is one budget-friendly gaming microphone that will add fun to your setup. It is the best tiny microphone specifications.

The Razer Seiren Mini costs $50 and has sound quality comparable to its $50 close rival, the Blue Snowball iCE. Razer’s budget gaming microphone sounds more natural and less artificial, which is what customers who prefer a cleaner sounding output will appreciate. At this price, you won’t find better sound quality.

However, you will be limited to a super-cardioid polar pattern, while other options on this list offer many choices. These features are virtually non-existent. The HyperX SoloCast has a headphone jack and a mute button, but there isn’t one.

The Seiren Mini is still cute and portable, but it offers high-quality audio.


  • Snowball Ice has a sound quality that rivals Snowball Ice
  • Available in a variety of colors, including pink


  • Feature-light
  • Only one polar pattern

5. Beyerdynamic FOX

Best Gaming Microphone for Recording Music

This music-centric microphone is excellent for crooning tunes in between Twitch streams. Beyerdynamic is a well-respected name in professional audio, and their expertise in studios shows in this small, easy-to-use USB microphone.

Unlike many other USB interfaces, the FOX offers high-res recording quality at 96 kHz/24-bit frequency response. This is a remarkable feat for a microphone that you plug into via USB and hit record.

Although you might not use the extra quality on sites that compress audio or videos like YouTube and Twitch, if you are into streaming and podcasting or music creation, you will be happy for the ability to go beyond CD-quality 44KHz/16-bit frequency response.

Mix and volume controls are located on the mic. There is also an input for monitoring in-line via the minijack. We found that the preamp that outputs the monitoring signal is a bit too hot, causing distortions well before the mic. However, this feature can still be helpful if the gain’s rolled off.

The mic also has mute and high-low gain toggles (essentially a pad) at its rear. Beyerdynamic includes a strong metallic pop shield, which clips on easily and allows you to angle the mic on the stand.

Although the Beyerdynamic FOX has many features, FOX’s superior recording quality and usability make it our choice for home studios.


  • Frequency response: 96 kHz/24-bit quality
  • The pop shield design is great
  • Studio microphone capability


  • Easy to break the preamp on headphones
  • Only cardioid Polar Pattern available
  • Streaming platforms don’t need a higher-quality bit/sample rate.

6. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Best Gaming Microphone for Podcasts

Audio-Technica, like Beyerdynamic, is a respected name in the pro-audio industry. The AT2020USB+ brings decades of experience to the table. It is a condenser of the medium diaphragm with only a cardioid polar pattern, making it a bit specialized for single vocal recordings, but it is brilliant at it.

The AT2020UBS+ is incredibly close to the FOX in warmth and detail, but it falls short of the FOX in a straight shootout. The Audio-Technica’s unique characteristics — breathiness, really pleasant high-end, and a delightful sound — make it ideal for spoken vocals.

A boom arm and a pop shield are two additional items we recommend for this mic. The latter is not included in the package, which is surprising considering they’re pretty affordable.

The tripod design was a bit shaky in our testing, so we preferred to mount it on a sturdy boom above us before pressing the record button. This allowed us to be relaxed and not worry about bumping into the desk or scratching the waveform. It is suitable for streaming and podcasting.


  • Nearly the best USB microphone we have ever heard
  • Monitors that are easy to use and lag-free
  • At a distance, it brings in pleasant-sounding rooms


  • A tripod stand is a balancing act
  • It is not quite as good as the Beyerdynamic FOX in terms of sound quality
  • Keyboard clicks picked up

7. Blue Yeti X

Best Gaming Microphones for High-End Gaming

The Blue Yeti X- The best gaming microphone available for streamers. However, the Yeti X takes things to the next level regarding price, performance, and features. The Yeti X is an excellent option for those who already have a Yeti.

However, if you have the funds and are looking for a desktop microphone, the Yeti X can be a great choice. Although the Yeti X comes at a higher price, it is still a much more affordable option than many multi-polar studio microphones.

The standard Yeti has a smaller number of condenser caps, which results in a smoother sound and better sensitivity. We also noticed an improvement in recording quality compared with the Yeti. According to our testing, the Yeti X had a more excellent dynamic range and sounded a little more fuller.

The Yeti X also offers a dial that can switch between stereo polar, cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and omnidirectional polar patterns. This dial is much easier to use than the Yeti and is a joy to look at. We wish the Yeti X’s dials felt premium for this price.

The Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition is available for a small additional cost if you are willing to spend a bit more. This edition is currently on sale for $15 more and features a new design, voice modulation, and voice morphing to sound like characters from Warcraft, including Shadowlands.


  • Sound fundamentally excellent
  • Useful multi-function dial
  • It is versatile because it has four polar patterns


  • Existing Yeti owners have not much to be excited about
  • Feeling a bit lose and plastic in the dials
  • Attracts smudges

8. V-MODA BoomPro Microphone

The mic’s unidirectional pickup polar pattern is excellent for rejecting off-axis sounds. However, you may need to be more careful about where it is placed to ensure it picks your voice up.

If your headphones do not have them, it has in-line controls that include a dial for volume or a mute microphone switch. This is a simple solution for a fundamental problem. To work with it, headphones must have a removable 3.5mm.


  • plugs into an open 3.5mm TRS jack
  • Compact
  • Easy attachment to any headphones


  • Clunky, yet functional adapter

9. Zalman ZM-MIC1

You should expect static if you do pick it up. This will depend on the internal preamp of your computer. The Zalman is not a USB model. It plugs into your microphone port, and the mic clips onto your headphones’ cables.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it works! While I have seen people use zip ties and gaffers tape to keep wires in check, I would prefer a standalone microphone.

10. Blue Snowball Ice

Have you spent all of your money on a gaming computer? You don’t have to pay a lot on a gaming PC. The Blue Snowball Ice is still available for a very affordable price. The rotund USB microphone is a copy of its Blue stablemates like a plug-and-play simplicity or a stand mount. You don’t have to settle.

The sound quality is good, although not as good as the Yeti and Jlab Talk. Gaming is accessible with only patterns cardioid mode. While many other microphones offer stereo, cardioid omnidirectional, and bidirectional recording polar patterns, this mic is best for gaming. Polar Patterns Cardioid is the only mic you will need.


  • High-quality audio for the price
  • USB plug and play operation
  • There are no additional features or physical controls


Using an XLR mic requires a high-quality audio interface to provide phantom power. TC-Helicon’s GoXLR Series offers the best value for money. The full-sized model costs $399/PS330 MSRP and includes a preamp, mixer, sampler, and soundboard. The GoXLR Mini is smaller at $248/PS142.

The devices feature a Midas preamp with a low-noise gain of up to 72db. This allows them to power the ShureSM7B and other demanding microphones. They can only be used with one microphone setup and one XLR input.

The preamps are too dependent on software and won’t work without it running. However, the software is intuitive enough to allow new users to set up the devices and customize RGB lighting, equalizers, and compressors to eliminate awkward hisses.

You can set up different applications on separate channels with four independent faders. This allows you to adjust volume independently for each speaker. The full-sized GoXLR has been our primary device for over a year.

We have never had to switch channels, and it has proven invaluable in turning Discord up or down the system sound when the game gets loud. The GoXLR Mini is the show’s real star, and it’s worth every penny, provided that you don’t mind giving up streamer-specific features.

12. Antlion Audio ModMic USB

Tech insiders have long recommended the Antlion ModMic. After testing the ModMic Uni and ModMic Ubi, it is clear why. This family of microphones sounds better than any headset microphone. You can attach them to any pair of headphones with a little adhesive.

You can remove the bulk of the microphone as you need it, leaving only the magnetic base. There are also a few replacement pieces of adhesive in the box if you want to transfer the mic to another headset.

The way the best microphones connect to your computer or console is where they differ. ModMic Uni has a 3.5mm connector, just like ModMic 4 or ModMic 5, while ModMic wireless uses Bluetooth Low Latency Bluetooth AptX.

The ModMic Uni can be charged for approximately twelve hours. The ModMic, Antlion’s most advanced model, has a USB connection that can be used for PC and PS4 to allow them to add their sound processing to enhance acoustic performance.

ModMic Uni, a lower-cost option, provides superior audio quality than any other headset microphone we have tested. It is also recommended for Xbox users and PC users who have advanced sound cards or headphone amplifiers.

The ModMic superior sound quality makes it an excellent upgrade for PCs and PS4s with onboard audio. The ModMic Wireless works best with wireless headsets.

It allows you to charge both your headset and microphone together while still retaining a completely cable-free connection for gaming.


  • High-quality audio quality in wireless, USB, and 3.5mm versions
  • You can add it to virtually any gaming headset.
  • It takes a little bit of setup.

13. JLab Talk

The JLab Talk is an excellent alternative if you don’t have the budget for the Blue Yeti. It can pick up the speech with warmth, depth, and it works as soon as the USB cable is plugged in. However, a little extra gain is always a good idea.

The holding tripod stand is also adjustable to allow for height adjustments, which even the Blue Yeti does not have. The tripod stand requires a bit more space on your desk, so be aware if you plan to use it as a keyboard rest. You can attach it to an arm-style standing instead.

14. Blue Yeti Nano

The Blue Yeti Nano is somewhere in between the Blue Snowball Ice and the Blue Yeti standard. It offers the same recording quality, but in a smaller package and at a lower price.

The Blue Yeti Nano is a great-sounding device and still very affordable. Although the JLab Talk has slightly better audio and has a few more directional polar patterns, as well as an adjustable stand, the Nano is still a decent alternative.

The patterns cardioid mode is excellent for streaming and gaming, and the omnidirectional mode allows for podcasts with multiple speakers.

15. EPOS B20

The Elgato Wave 3: 3 is similar to the B20, which bills itself as a streaming mic. The B20 isn’t as focused, but it’s still easy to use privately. You can find something to suit everyone with functional buttons and dials and an easy setup via USB.

There is also optional software called EPOS Gaming Suite for advanced tweaks. If you are interested in experimenting with background noise gate or reverb controls, this is worth a look.

If you don’t like the QuadCast, the B20 could be a good choice. Although it is pretty expensive, the sound quality is decent but not outstanding.


What MIC do streamers use?

MIC streamers

Top microphone for streaming:

  • Rode NT-USB
  • Rode Procaster
  • Blue Yeti Snowball
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 USB

Streamers recommend the best microphones: condenser microphones. Because they are more sensitive to picking up voices than dynamic ones. This is especially true when the microphone is nearby (1 inch or less) with the streamer’s mouth.

Condenser mics also have a more comprehensive frequency response, meaning they pick up frequencies that other types of microphones fail to capture. They are ideal for streaming and gaming!

Is it better to use USB or XLR?


There are mixed reviews on this topic. Generally, streaming mics are USB microphones because they can be plugged into any computer via a single USB port and don’t require any other equipment or software to operate (XLR requires an audio interface).

XLR recording interfaces provide a cleaner sound source due to the condenser mic being isolated from the streaming machine’s low-frequency noise created by the fans/cooling system.

Some streamers use XLR while streaming, and others use USB mic; it depends on what you’re looking for in terms of input quality.

Which platforms can I use these mics on?

platforms can I use these mics on

The following streaming and gaming platforms support streaming with various types of microphones:

  •  Youtube (USB microphones only)
  • Twitch (USB mics+ XLR)
  • Beam (USB + XLR)
  • Hitbox (USB only)
  • Mixer (XLR only)

Is Blue Yeti good for gaming?

Blue Yeti good for gaming

You need the best microphones with high audio quality to capture every detail of your game. The Blue Yeti is great because it not only has an excellent sound but also comes equipped with all sorts of features like mute buttons or different pickup patterns.


When it comes to gaming mics, there are many different options of the best microphones for you. You might find that a great mic is not necessary if all you need is the ability to voice chat with your friends while playing games online.

Suppose you’re doing YouTube videos about video game walkthroughs or love talking into a microphone when you play games. In that case, finding the best mic possible will be more important than anything else because quality sound matters in this case.

Hooke Audio hopes we’ve helped by outlining some of the most popular types and their pros/cons so that one day soon, gamers everywhere can enjoy better-sounding gameplay moments thanks to these handy tips!

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