Best Microphone For Zoom 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Microphone For Zoom 2021 Top Brands Review

If you’re looking for a new microphone to use with your Zoom recorder, this blog post will be helpful. It includes reviews of the best microphone for zoom and what you should look for in a good mic.

For more information on how to choose the right microphone, keep reading! Many different characters come into play when choosing which microphone is right for you. The most important one is noise canceling.

If it’s too quiet or too much noise, it won’t work well with your Zoom recorder. Sound standard is also essential since if the mic doesn’t sound straightforward enough, who cares about all those other qualities? You can find out more about these topics by clicking on our blog link below.

Buyer’s guide

When searching for the correct audio device to use for your online meetings, video conferencing there are some things you need to be aware of.

These are just a few of the essential things for you to keep in mind:


The connections are one of the critical differences between XLR and USB audio devices. The connections between XLR and USB devices are different.

An XLR device will connect to an interface with three prongs, while a USB device connects directly.

USB or XLR cable

XLR models are more complicated and require extra equipment, but they provide exceptional sound. The USB microphone models are a great price and can be plugged into any desktop with a USB port.

XLR devices are very popular with musicians who perform live. USB models are preferred by podcasters who require a quick, cost-effective solution.

What Polar Pattern is the Best for Zoom Meetings?

The three-dimensional space surrounding the microphone’s capsule is its polar pattern. This is where it is most sensitive to sound. The cardioid, figure-8, and omnidirectional are some of the most famous polar patterns. I’ll briefly describe these three polar patterns below.

Cardioid: This pattern of the microphone can be used with all recording applications to reduce background noises such as fan blowing or electrical noises from devices.

Figure 8: This pattern is best for people who speak directly into the microphone. This pattern is ideal for live recording. It is susceptible to wind noises and handling noises, even though it rejects the most side sounds.

Omnidirectional: This pattern is perfect for bass response and flat frequency responses. It also doesn’t react to wind noises or handling. An omnidirectional model won’t work in noisy rooms. It picks up lots of background noises.

Polar Pattern

These patterns would help if you aimed to improve your quality and reduce background noises. A professional microphone of high quality with a cardioid polar pattern would be a good choice.

This will ensure your voice is recorded accurately and crisply, as well as reducing background noise from the recording room.

When to Choose a Mic for a Smartphone?

The microphone for your smartphone is a must if you are often on the move or travel. A smartphone microphone will allow you to access your Zoom meetings even if you’re not near computers.

Choose a Mic for a Smartphone 1

There will be no need to worry or rush. You will only need to plug your device into your smartphone, and then you can start using the microphone.

Below is a list of several options that you can look at to help you choose the best microphone for Zoom for your needs.

Top Best Microphones For Zoom

Elgato Wave:3

The Elgato Wave:3 plugs directly into your computers and provides a great sound. This USB microphone model has a low price and will look great in any home.

Elgato Wave: 3 is an excellent choice for people who need the microphone frequently but don’t want something too complicated.


  • Condenser capsule featuring a tight, polarized cardioid pattern
  • A frequency range of 24-bit/96 kHz
  • Accessibility to WaveLength App for controlling the device


  • The mic captures speech perfectly thanks to its wide frequency range
  • High-ranking audio signal transmission
  • Natural sound diffusion
  • Great capsule protection


  • This device can pick up background noises, so you will need to be cautious.
  • Works best indoors
  • Recommends third-party software to reduce background noise

Ideal for: The Elgato Wave 3 is best for users who travel and need to access their office from anywhere. It is easy to connect the microphone to a computer and start using it.

This is an excellent microphone for people who work in a permanent office and want to amplify their voice while participating in Zoom meetings and video conferencing.

Blue Yeti USB

Blue Yeti is a brand you may have heard of. You’ll likely know that Yeti USB Microphones is the American company behind the popular USB microphones Snowball and Yeti.

Both the Blue Yeti and Snowball are beloved by YouTubers, Podcasters, and Streamers. You probably didn’t realize that the company was founded in 1995.

The Blue in its name stands for Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics. Logitech purchased the company in 2018.

They design and manufacture a variety of USB mics and other products.

The Blue Yeti USB mic, which is their most well-known model and the best USB condenser microphone anywhere globally, was released in 2009.

If you are searching for the best USB mic to use for video conferencing with Zoom, Skype, and other platforms? You’ve found it on your Windows or Mac. This USB microphone has not as high a price as a broadcast microphone.

When you receive the box, you will know you have bought something unique. The Blue Yeti’s steel construction makes it heavy and sturdy.

A USB microphone and stand weigh almost three and a quarter pounds each.

Blue Yeti USB mic is also huge. The Blue Yeti is 4.7″ x 4.9″ x 11.6″. It’s not very small but will make you sound and look professional.

After the USB condenser microphone has been removed from its box, you will see a volume knob and a mute switch on the front of the microphone.

The mute button blinks when the Mic’s powered on and lights up when the mic is muted.

The gain control knob adjusts the volume of your Blue Yeti. It is located on the back.

You don’t have to change the audio settings on your computer to adjust for Zoom calls. Turn the knob.

Below the gain control knob is a polar pattern.

The Blue Yeti has four microphones, all in one. The grill has three mic-capsules that allow you to switch between four different polar pattern microphone modes.

Three things will be visible if you look at the bottom of the USB microphones.

You can mount the Blue Yeti on your boom arm with a large 5/8″ threaded mounting hole. Although you may need a 5/8″ male to 3/8″ female adapter, they have a low price.

The USB socket is next to connect your microphone for Zoom to your computer.

A 3.5mm socket for headphones allows you to monitor your sound in real-time. This is a great addition, as it allows you to check your audio level and ensure that you sound good.

Once you are ready to go, connect your Blue Yeti with a USB port on either your laptop or desktop computer via the cable provided.

You may need a USB-A-to-USB-C cable if you have a newer MacBook Pro.

The condenser microphone should be recognized by your computer and set up so that you can control it. You don’t need drivers, plug it in, and your computer will be ready to use the Yeti audio source.

The screw knobs on each side of the stand can be loosened to adjust the angle and then tightened again.

To remove the Yeti from its desktop stand, the knobs can be obliterated. The Yeti can be mounted on a boom arm.

A USB microphone works with Zoom, Twitch, and YouTube. Use the Omnidirectional mode or Cardioid mode for best results.

The Blue Yeti microphone is a side-address mic. You will need to speak into the side, not the end of the Blue Yeti USB microphone like you would with a hand-held voice mic.

Blue Yeti microphone is a bit more expensive, but the USB mic has more characters, is more flexible, robust, and is easy to use for best Zoom calls. Am I biased? Only in the sense that I have one.


  • Professional sound
  • Construction in all metal
  • Excellent build standard
  • Included desktop stand
  • The body of the mic controls
  • Multiple pick-up modes
  • Simple Plug-and-Play configuration
  • Headphone monitoring without latency
  • Mounting point for Mic Stand on Base
  • Professional looking


  • Large desktop footprint
  • High price

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Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020 has a well-designed model that offers excellent sounds and consistency. It’s easy to control, and it records voice sounds with great accuracy.


  • Handling of high SPL and wide dynamic range
  • Noise level of 20dB SPL
  • Low mass custom-designed diaphragm with high frequency and transient response
  • The cardioid polar pattern helps to minimize background noise


  • This product is excellent in price and performance.
  • Larger dynamic range
  • This reduces background sound pickup and focuses on the main sound.


  • Indoor usage preferred
  • An XLR cable will be required.
  • It may be more challenging to use for beginners.

Best for: Zoom users who use Audio-Technica AT2020 are the best for a meeting. Anyone looking for a device that accurately captures and records voice would be well served by it.

HyperX SoloCast

The HyperX SoloCast is an excellent microphone for the best Zoom calls experience, especially for those who like streaming and gaming after work.

The model has a dedicated mute button and an LED indicator to ensure the microphone is muted or turned off as desired. The model can also be used with popular streaming platforms and PS4.

Heil Sound PR 40

The Heil Sound PR 40- a well-designed device that can provide a wide frequency range. Although this model has the highest price on the list, the mic does a great job.


  • Steel devise with flexible steel that absorbs vibrations
  • Included are a carrying case and a clip the mic stand


  • The natural sound was captured very well.
  • This product looks fantastic.
  • The headphone provides high performance and flexible support.


  • You may need to get rid of any sound-producing items
  • You may need to buy a preamp to amplify your voice
  • It is easy to break or cause damage because it is fragile.

Best for: The Heil Sound PR40 is an excellent microphone for those willing to spend more but still get a good quality product. This microphone will look great in any home office. It will also provide excellent quality while you speak into it.

Podcasting has a video of the Heil Sound PR 40 being tested. He explains why he believes this device is the best on the market.

Blue Snowball ICE

Blue Snowball is a USB microphone model that delivers a natural and clear sound. It can improve sound for many applications and tasks.

This condenser USB microphone is easy to plug into your computer, and you can control it immediately. A stand that can be adjusted is included as a bonus.


  • Custom condenser capsule
  • USB 2.0 device is plug-and-play from your Mac or PC.
  • Frequency range 40-18 kHz


  • The microphone is straightforward to set up and use.
  • Provides efficiency
  • The thumb switch allows you to test and assess the performance of the best budget model.


  • It may not be easy to resolve.
  • Large size
  • Sensitivity can be high, which allows for the detection of vibrations and thuds.

Ideal for: Individuals looking for an all-in-one, affordable model that can record their voice flawlessly will love the Blue Snowball Ice. You can use it at home or on the road.

Jason’s YouTube video explains more about Blue Snowball Ice. He also gives tips on how to set it up for the best sound.

Fifine K669B

The Fifine K669B is an excellent value for money, offering exceptional quality and flexibility. Fifine K669B will surprise you how clear it sounds for such a low price model.


  • Condenser microphone for metal cardioid mode and well-built design
  • Included: Sturdy tripod
  • To give users a louder sound, adjust the volume knob


  • It budget mic
  • When needed, it produces a louder sound.
  • Be sensitive to the places where your voice can be heard
  • Clear sound, no static


  • It may be sensitive to sound, making it pick up noises and interfere with other sounds.
  • Indoor use is preferred.
  • It may be fragile as it is susceptible to breaking or becoming damaged.

Ideal for: The Fifine K669B works best for those interested in voice-overs or just attending a Zoom meeting. It is easy to plug it into your computer, and you will get high-quality recordings.

Tom Buck’s YouTube video provides more information about the Fifine K669B. He shares his experience with the model, shows how to set it up, and gives you a good test.

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone

Steven Yang founded Anker Innovations in China in 2011. He had been a Google software engineer. AnkerOpens in the new tab.

It has its headquarters in San Francisco and subsidiaries in China, Germany, Japan, the UK, the USA, and China.

It is well-known as a global leader for charging technology with its best-selling wall and portable chargers.

The company is also a pioneer in Power Delivery technology, which can accelerate the charging of mobile.

Anker is not only known for its chargers but has expanded into other areas of consumer electronics. The PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone is an excellent example of this new product.

It is a square-shaped device measuring almost 5 inches on each side and about 1 inch high.

The top surface has five buttons that can be used to adjust the volume, answer calls, or muffle the built-in microphones.

The on/off button and the Bluetooth pairing button are located on one side. On the other side, you’ll find a USB A port to connect to your laptop and an Aux out socket. A USB-C port is for charging your mobile devices.

The PowerConf includes a hard case that can protect the device when it is not in use. A USB-A-to-USB-C cable, which can be used to charge or connect the PowerConf to a PC, is also included.

The PowerConf, which is two or three devices in one, is an intriguing device, to put it mildly. The device’s 6,700mAh lithium-ion battery is the reason for the PowerConf’s name.

The PowerConf can power mobile devices for up to 24 hours. However, it can only charge the phone for call time.

The Conf part of the name refers to the two additional ways the device can also be used. These mics are similar, but they are distinct enough to merit a separate mention.

For a highly stable connection, the first use is to pair your PowerCont with your phone via Bluetooth 5.0.

The PowerPoint can then be used to receive calls or dismiss them using Bluetooth 5.0.

You can also use the microphones and speaker built into the device to speak hands-free.

The PowerConf’s 360deg coverage makes it an excellent accessory for teleconferencing smartphones, accommodating eight people.

Connecting the PowerConf to a computer is the second way to use the PowerConf for video conferencing.

The device can be used as a speakerphone in any video-conferencing application.

These platforms include Skype, Google Hangout and Facetime, Zoom. WebEx. GotoMeeting. Chromebox. It allows up to 8 people to join you in a video c using your laptop’s camera or an external webcam.

The PowerConf can be used for video conferencing and teleconferencing. You can adjust the volume by simply tapping the buttons at the top.

Six internal microphones provide 360deg coverage for up to 8 people in huddle rooms.

The PowerConf’s brains, which are embedded in the PowerConf, improve the audio clarity of all participants in the room. This ensures that you can be heard clearly by everyone else on the call.

No matter where you are, speech levels can be automatically adjusted.

Digital signal processing allows for real-time background noise reduction of 20dB and echoes cancellation up to 70dB.

The Anker PowerConf allows you to conduct virtual professional meetings from anywhere, whether you’re working remotely, at home, or away from the business. It’s small enough to fit in your laptop bag.


  • Tele-conferencing via smartphone
  • Microphones for Zoom calls video
  • Bluetooth + USB connectivity
  • Call time 24 hours
  • Charges
  • Full duplex speakerphone


  • Zoom does not sync with Mute functionality.

Shure MV5

The Shure MV5 compact microphone is a sturdy, well-built unit. You can choose from three preset modes of Shure MV5: flat, instrument, and vocals. These preset modes provide the best quality, depending on your task.

For a lower profile, tabletop fit, the Shure MV5 microphone can be easily detached from its aluminum mount. The Shure MV5 microphone comes with the ShurePlus MOTIV App, allowing users to fine-tune and share their recordings more precisely.

Mackie EM-91CU

The Mackie EM91CU is one of the best microphones for Zoom call if you want studio-quality sound. This is the USB version of the EM-91C, a fan favorite.

Your voice is captured in detail by the large-diaphragm condenser cap. Onyx preamp circuitry provides a vast dynamic range and low self-noise. The shockmount and pop filter reduces rumbling and tapping from your desk.

Shure MV88

Shure MV88 is an excellent mic for on-the-go. It has top-quality stereo audio and can capture surprisingly clear sound. It can be plugged into user’s smartphones and does a great job of eliminating background noise while still allowing you the freedom to move about.


  • Digital condenser unit with lightning iOS connection
  • Compatible with Apple
  • It is small and can be carried in your pocket. You can also capture audio recordings.
  • Two free applications (ShurePlus Video & ShurePlus MotIV) are available to help you customize and set up your device to meet your needs.
  • To reduce wind noise, a black foam windscreen is included
  • Included carry case


  • High-quality audio sound for professionals
  • It can be easily stored and carried anywhere
  • Design and structure that is sturdy


  • It only works with the app.
  • You may have to wait until the app updates when an Apple device is released.
  • For beginners, it may be challenging to set up.

Ideal for: The Shure MV88 is an excellent choice for teachers and business professionals who need a portable model. Anyone who needs a microphone to record audio or attend classes or meetings while moving would benefit from this device.

Podcastage’s YouTube video looks at the ShureMV88 in action. He provides an informative overview of the model, shows all that is included, and tests its performance.


CAD Audio U37

The CAD Audio U37, a large device that reduces background noise and captures great voice sounds, fantastic choice. The extended frequency response makes it great for singing, speaking, and playing an instrument.


  • Large condenser microphone model
  • The cardioid pickup patterns reduce background noise and focus only on the prominent voice
  • Extended frequency response
  • Overload protection switch with 10dB that eliminates background noise
  • The bass-reduction switch reduces the noise


  • Extended frequency response improves singing, speech, and instrument playing.
  • The overload protection switch can reduce loud distortions
  • The bass-reduction switch reduces background noise


  • Large size
  • You may need to get rid of any items that might interfere with the recording
  • You may need to speak clearly while using the device.

Ideal for: The CAD Audio U37 is ideal for musicians, broadcast professionals, and individuals looking for a way to join their online meetings. This product will solve all your virtual communication problems.

Michael Dontigney’s YouTube Video gives a more detailed look at the CAD Audio U37. He provides a great explanation of how he views it.


A high-quality USB microphone may not be the best option for everyone. The JUNIVO USB microphone is a great no-frills model with many thoughtful design touches.

The flexible gooseneck body of the mic allows for easy maneuverability, and the noise-cancellation technology ensures clear audio.

The base features an LED-equipped central mute button that allows you to quickly and easily cut the microphone without having to search from the Zoom room digital button. This feature is ideal for pet owners who roam the home office.

The model measures just 4 inches in diameter and is ideal for small desktops.

Samson Meteorite

The Samson Meteorite can record high-quality voice recordings right from your computer. The Samson Meteorite is the answer to all of your office needs.


  • A portable device that can be taken with you anywhere
  • Magnetic base for positioning the device
  • Cardioid patterns that emphasize the main sound and minimizes background noise
  • Frequency response between 20 Hz and 20 kHz


  • It is portable and can be taken with you everywhere
  • It offers an extensive range of motion and flexibility
  • No installation required
  • Instead of focusing on background noises, focus on the main sound


  • It may be challenging to use for beginners
  • The cord can get in the way if it is too long.
  • If you start recording, you may need to get rid of any extra noise.

Samson Meteorite is the best choice for those who want to quickly and efficiently communicate with family, friends, and coworkers online. Its purpose is to enhance your audio quality and make virtual communication simpler.

Saramonic SmartMic Mini

The Saramonic SmartMic Mini, a compact and lightweight model, delivers impressive sound quality instantly. This tiny device can do big things. It will dramatically improve the audio quality of your online meetings, videos shoots, or audio recordings.


  • Condenser models that are small and easy to transport
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones
  • Flexible recording with an adjustable headphone output
  • The windscreen is included to reduce background noise
  • Amazing anti-interference functions


  • Significantly increases in levels.
  • This reduces background noise and makes your voice clearer
  • It is small and straightforward to use


  • It may be not easy to set-up
  • Works better indoors
  • It is considered to be fragile, which could cause it to break easily or get damaged.

Ideal for: The Saramonic SmartMic Mini works well for people who frequently travel and want to use a microphone while attending meetings. This device is recommended to anyone who uses a microphone and has access to a smartphone.

Rode VideoMic me

Rode VideoMic Me, another easy-to-use device, captures your voice clearly and is portable. This model can be used with smartphones. It plugs directly into your headphone port.


  • Compact cardioid patterns
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones
  • The frequency range 100 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Furry windshield available to reduce outside sound


  • Compact, lightweight device that can be carried anywhere
  • Enhances the audio quality of smartphones
  • Wind noise is reduced


  • You may experience distortions or inferences if you don’t go into Airplane Mode.
  • It may be challenging to connect the device
  • It works better with Apple products than Samsung

Ideal for: Rode VideoMic Me is best for anyone who needs to improve their sound quality quickly. This model is ideal for individuals who want to chat online with their family or attend lectures, meetings, or to have a quick fix in their sound quality.

Zoom iQ6

The iQ6 is a portable device with the incredible ability to capture sound perfectly. The iQ6 can capture audio of meetings, interviews, lectures, and other events. The model can be carried around in a small pocket.


  • The flexible, adjustable model can be moved from 90 to 120 degrees
  • Compatible with nearly all Apple devices
  • 44.1 kHz / 16-bit audio quality
  • Wide audio coverage
  • Included is an extended lightning connector


  • Great flexibility with an adjustable device
  • Use with cases and phones without cases
  • You can easily take it with you everywhere


  • The iPhone can cause interference.
  • It isn’t easy to attach an iPhone.
  • Sometimes, the software has issues.

Ideal for: The iQ6 is ideal for those who need to record interviews or attend meetings while on the move. You can easily take it with you, and you get excellent sound quality when you need it.


What can I do to improve the quality of my Zoom microphone?

  • These are some ways to enhance the sound quality of your Zoom calls.
  • Make sure you use a microphone of high quality. Use a high-quality microphone.
  • Optimize your microphone. Test and optimize your studio microphone.
  • Echo. Stamp out the echo.
  • It would help if you were not too close to the microphone. …
  • If sound processing is distracting, disable it. Disable sound processing if it’s distracting.
  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

Can I use Zoom with a microphone?

You can use multiple XLR microphones within a Zoom Room by downloading and installing the Audio Interface drivers for the Zoom Rooms PC/Mac.

The Audio Interface can be connected to power via USB and the Zoom Rooms PC/Mac via USB microphone. Connect the Audio Interface to the number of XLR microphones required.

use Zoom with mics

Why is Zoom’s sound quality so poor?

Your desktop might default to using a lower-quality microphone or speaker. To ensure that you have selected the studio microphone or speaker you wish to use, follow these steps: Click the arrow beside the audio/mute icon. Choose your preferred speakers and mics.

Zoom's sound

Can I use a Zoom microphone with a lavalier mic?

Because built-in microphones can pick up a lot more ambient noise than your voice, they are small and often sensitive. This is not ideal for Zoom calls or aspiring TikTok stars. A lavalier microphone is an inexpensive and straightforward solution that clips your clothes and isolates your voice better.

Use Zoom mic with a lavalier mic

Why does Zoom’s microphone not work?

A second reason a studio microphone might not work during Zoom calls is that your mobile device’s sound system hasn’t been connected. Try these steps: Tap on App permissions, and then find Microphone. Find Zoom in the list of apps that have access to your studio mic and toggle the toggle.


A good studio microphone will suit your needs and the needs of those you are speaking with. In this post, we’ll walk through some of the best microphones for Zoom calls and help you find a mic that’s right for you.

The first section will go over what to look for when buying a mic- price range, features, and more.

If none of these sound reasonable like they fit your need or budget? Contact Hooke Audio! We’re happy to talk about all our options so that together we can create an online presence tailored just for you.

There’s no reason everyone should struggle to find their perfect mics match on their own; let us do it instead!

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