Best Open Back Headphones Under 100 Dollars 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Open Back Headphones Under 100 Dollars 2022 Top Brands Review
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Are you in the market for a new pair of headphones that are stylish but also affordable? If so, then the best open back headphones under 100 are what you’re looking for.

What’s even better about this type of headphones is they give your ears plenty of breathing room! With these types of headphones, you can feel more comfortable and listen to music or watch a movie without any distractions. Keep reading this article; Hooke Audio will show you Factors To Consider when choosing the headphone.

Top Rated Best Open Back Headphone Under 100 Brands

Top Rated Best Open Back Headphone Under 100 Brands


1. Sennheiser HD 558 over ear Headphones

Best headphones of 2022

We’re down to the last two of our top 10 best open-back headphones under 100 dollars, and now we have the Sennheiser HD 558 wired headphones.

Given their expertise in headphones of all kinds, it’s not surprising that Sennheiser is on this list. These HD558 Sennheiser over ears are proof of their incredible work.

The Sennheiser brand is known for making unique products that never fail to impress. This brand has been around for many years and is still a significant competitor on the market. They are a great pair of headphones. The HD558 is the Best Headphones For Podcasting.

Let’s start with their looks. This is what will grab your attention. They are absolutely stunning. These headphones are an excellent match for the Sennheiser grey-black scheme.

It seems sturdy and well-made. The padding is also very luxurious and plentiful. Sennheiser employees seem to not care about how much fabric is used on their cups or self-adjusting headband. They are so comfortable.

It is luxuriously soft with large cups that can accommodate all ears. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes on our list. These headphones are lightweight but not too light to feel cheap.

They also have a strong clamping force that holds them securely on your head. They can be adjusted and rotate on pivots to ensure a secure fit. The cups can be removed and washed easily.

The box contains a quarter-inch gold-plated jack. It also comes with an adapter that can transform it into a standard 3.5mm head jack. Sennheiser has various cables and other options to make it easy for you to use the adapter for the head jack 3.5mm. Sennheiser offers an extensive headphone range of lengths, and the cable can be removed so that you don’t have to worry about how much you need.

The next thing we’re most excited about is the sound quality. The sound quality. First, let’s mention that these headphones have an open-back design. As such, the good quality of the sound is not a determining factor. Open-back headphones are not meant to produce insane bass. They are designed to give you the feeling of listening out of your body with great sound stages.

These over-ear headphones achieve precisely this. The over-ear headphones produce excellent mid-to-high tones, and each voice is heard. Although the audio more subtle bass reproduction is there, it isn’t in an overwhelming amount. This can be taken as a negative. However, it’s not. These headphones aren’t designed for crazy bass.

Its neutral sound profile is a great job. The sound is brighter and more vibrant than other headphones, and the mid-tones provide an excellent foundation for the rest.

These headphones have a very annoying sound leak. These headphones are loud and let a lot of sound out of the earpieces. This can be not very pleasant to others, especially if you’re traveling on public transport or planes.

Even though you may wonder if you are annoying anyone, you will still enjoy the best sound experience while traveling. Despite this, the soundstage is fantastic.

This makes the headphones great for watching movies or gaming. You can pinpoint the exact location of the sound source and distance. This is a truly fantastic feature.

You might think that this will cost a lot. You will pay around 57.00 USD for the headphones, plus a small shipping charge. It is absurd, considering the headphones work and look great for the price. These headphones are jaw-droppingly good and even more jaw-droppingly affordable. Your jaw will be dragging on the floor.

These headphones aren’t just funny; they are truly remarkable. Sennheiser has done this again. We are astonished by their performance and remain so. These headphones are worth the investment.


  • Look great
  • Feel expensive
  • Great sound
  • Loud enough to satisfy anyone


  • Sound leakage can be pretty noticeable.

2. AKG K240 Semi

Let’s now take a look at our second pair, the AKG K 240 Semi over ear headphones under 100. These headphones’ historical importance is something we need to remember. These headphones have been around for a long time.

They’ve had a significant impact on the market, and they have not lost their appeal as affordable and good-sounding. They’ve been in production since the seventies. They are certainly a sign of their quality. Headphones that weren’t good would be thrown out of stock. They are still going strong.

The price of this pair of headphones is quite affordable, so you can’t expect to get the same build quality and sound quality as the more expensive models.

These wired or wireless headphones are fabulous in certain situations. First the comfort. They’re incredibly comfortable. The lightweight doesn’t press too hard on your ears, although they feel a little fragile when held.

The auto-adjusting strap to your head provides maximum comfort. Although they are mostly made of plastic, they feel soft and smooth.

AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over Ear, Semi headphone also looks great and is not as expensive as they seem. The cups are well-designed and don’t often catch on to your ears, which reduces irritation.

The cups fit perfectly around your ears and are soft. The cups feel a bit cheap and can get warm after prolonged use. This is not an issue we should be concerned about.

When shopping for headphones, you need to consider their strengths and weaknesses and where they excel in accurate sound reproduction. Semi headphones under 100 can muffle the treble if you’re trying to hear someone or something nearby.

Open-back headphones can’t cancel all external noise, but semi headphones have a more significant impact on the listening experience than open headphones. These headphones don’t perform well in areas where the bass is a considerable influence.

They don’t capture the full range of mid-bass and other headphones, and they tend to miss the mid to low frequencies. This is a significant flaw. However, they have a unique sound that you won’t find in other headphones.

This is a sound that you’ll enjoy. These headphones stand out when you listen to classical music or metal music. This is a huge difference, and the sound quality is fantastic.

They should not be overlooked for their low bass. You can get a pair of headphones at a very affordable price if you like to listen to metal and play guitar.

The cable is 10 feet long, making it easy to reach any device or PC. It also leaves you plenty of space to move around in the room while you are using them. The cable can be irritating and a little bit annoying when you’re walking around.

Overall, these headphones are an excellent value for money and provide the entertainment you need to enjoy a relaxing evening listening to soothing jazz or some heavy metal.

These headphones cost around 58.00 USD, which is laughable at best. This pair of headphones was selected for their affordability and good sound quality, despite some minor quirks. This pair of headphones is among the Best open back headphones under 100.

We will review the AKG K240 MK II Stereo studio headphones, which are more expensive if you decide to buy them later. These headphones are perfect for listening to metal or acoustic music.


  • Meager prices
  • Unique sound
  • This is an excellent instrument for acoustic music and folk music.
  • They are not cheap
  • Good build quality


  • Poor bass
  • They aren’t cheap, but they don’t feel cheap.

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3. Samson SR850

Another semi-headphone, the Samson SR850 over-ear headphone, is among the Best open-back headphones under 100. This headphone is intended to be an affordable option for musicians, sound engineers, and all music lovers.

50mm dynamic drivers feature neodymium magnets. They reproduce sound with an extensive dynamic range and a frequency response that is beyond human hearing.

Semi gives the great headset an impressive stereo field and keeps noise out.

The headphones come with a 1/8″ to 1/4″ gold-plated adapter. This allows you to plug into 3.5mm headphone sockets and most other outputs on audio equipment.

The SR850’s fit comfortably over the listener’s ear. The self-adjusting headband gives the SR850s a natural fit and provides a secure, extremely comfortable environment for extended studio sessions. The headphone’s comfort is further enhanced by the velour cushioning in the earcups.


  • Amazing sound, they make an extraordinary sound stage
  • Good Construction
  • Great response
  • Spacious sound


  • No fun color

4. AKG K240 Pro

The AKG K240 Pro, an over-ear open-back headphone designed for professional monitoring, is among the best headphones under 100. This headphone is of great value and deserves to be on this list.

The K240 Pro over-ear headphone is a powerful instrument that can produce high levels of accuracy and an impressive dynamic range at all frequencies. The K240 Pro over-ear headphone uses the Varimotion 30mmXXL transducers, which are patented. It delivers powerful sound between the 15 and 25,000 Hz frequency response ( a good frequency response measure). The open-back housing has been tuned to eliminate resonances and create a natural soundstage.

The K240 over ear headphone includes a 3-meter detachable cord. It has a mini XLR professional at one end and a 3-pin 3.5mm TRS on the other.

The headphone’s nominal impedance rating of 55 ohms means it can be easily connected to both consumer-grade and mobile audio equipment. An adapter for 3.5mm to 6.35mm (or 1/4”) is also included.

The K240 over-ear headphone includes a 3-meter detachable cable. It has a mini XLR professional at one end and a 3-pin 3.5mm TRS on the other.

The headphone’s nominal impedance rating of 55 ohms means it can be easily connected to both consumer-grade and mobile audio equipment. An adapter for 3.5mm to 6.35mm (or 1/4”) is also included.


  • Amazing accuracy
  • Extremely durable and comfortable
  • Great audio quality
  • Good build quality


  • No rumbling bass

5. Philips SHP9500

The Philips SHP9500 headphone is among the very professional studio headphones at very affordable price ranges.

These headphones have a 50mm neodymium speaker driver and an acoustically precise earcup. This creates a Hi-Fi sound.

These drivers produce powerful sound at a headphone range between 12 Hz and 35,000 Hz. The driver’s open-back design allows for air pressure to escape, allowing them to shine. This results in sonic transparency as well as a naturally large stereo image.

The earcups have been designed to channel the sound from the transducers directly into the ears. This creates a dynamic, authentic listening experience.

The 3-meter long detachable cable included with the SHP9500 is attached to the left earcup. It ends with a stereo plug connector of 3.5mm size, but it does come with a headphone.

For easy connection to 1/4″ (6.35mm) headphone jacks, this adapter is gold-plated and 3.5mm to 6.35mm in length.

These headphones can be driven with great success by even low-powered headphone amplifiers/DACs.

The SHP9500’s headband is made from steel and has soft cushioning to provide comfort. The breathable earpads give a snug fit and heat dissipation to help keep listeners cool for long listening sessions. It is among the best headphones under 100 on the market now.


  • For an authentic sound, this earphone has an elegant open-back design and is over-the-ear.
  • 50mm neodymium speakers deliver the full range of sound
  • Perfect alignment of angled drivers and your ear
  • For longer-lasting comfort, a breathable ear cushion provides greater comfort.
  • Headband made of steel for strength and durability
  • Double layered comfort headband cushion


  • Memory foam earpads that are not replaceable; slightly uneven treble response

6. Grado SR80e

Grado SR80e on-ear headphones are among the very professional studio headphones, high-quality option.

The headphone reproduces audio with precise detail, from the bass to the top-end, over its frequency response of 20Hz -20,000Hz (corresponds to the audible frequency response range for humans).

The SR80e has moving-coil dynamic speakers that produce a precise sound. They are matched to 0.1 dB. These drivers provide a fantastic stereo field and a wide dynamic range.

The SR80e’s open-back housing enhances stereo images even further. It is designed to remove transient distortions and allow the SR80e an accurate reproduction of the audio.

Each earcup is connected to an audio cable. The 4-pin cable has a 3.5mm gold-plated plug. It carries audio without noticeable degradation. This ensures that the headphones receive and reproduce audio sent to them. An adapter with gold plating is available in sizes 3.5mm to 6.35mm.

The Grado SR80e headphone has a 32 ohm rated nominal impedance and can be driven easily by professional equipment or mobile devices.

These headphones are light and comfortable on the head. They don’t put too much pressure on your ears, even though they do sit securely. S cushions provide additional comfort by softening the fit. The surface of supra-aural headphones is notoriously uncomfortable. Grado defies this stereotype with the SR80e.


  • Well built
  • Amazing sound
  • Cable proprietary
  • Comfortable
  • Natural sound experience
  • A good frequency range measures


  • Pricy

7. Superlux HD 681

The Superlux HD 681 over ear headphone is well below the $100 threshold. This open-back headphone is the best headphones at good price range!

The headphone sounds impressive, especially considering their price. High-quality audio components, including 50mm dynamic neodymium speakers, deliver a balanced sound and excellent stereo imaging.

The Superlux HD 681 headphone is described as semiopen, which technically means that it’s open. The headphone can passively isolate noise by combining the semi-open headphone principle and an over-ear fit. It won’t be as effective as a closed-back design, but it is still worth mentioning.

The frequency response for the HD 681 frequency response from 10 Hz to 30,000 Hz (which coincides with the audible frequency range of humans). This extends into ultrasound and infrasound. These Superlux headphones are affordable and offer a solid bass response as well as a clear top-end.

This fixed, single-sided straight cable measures 8.2 feet in length and terminates with a stereo 3-pin 3.5mm stereo connector. The adapter for 3.5mm to 6.35mm headphones that come with the headphone can connect to 1/4″ (6.35mm).

The headphones have a headband that automatically adjusts thick cushions around the ears to provide a secure and comfortable fit.


  • Sound quality
  • Quality is key
  • Very comfortable
  • Reasonable price
  • A Well balanced sound
  • A good frequency range


  • Expensive

8. Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

These headphones are why? Good question. These headphones’ main selling point would be their low price. These headphones are highly affordable. They are the very best headphones at only 40.00 USD.

Few competitors can match this price. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants all-around headphones but is tight on budget. These headphones are low-cost professional headphones.

The Superlux HD668B Dynamic semi-open headphones are more than just a great price. These headphones are excellent for voice reproduction and editing. Although they aren’t the best for gaming, they can do the job. Because they are semi-open, you can see where the sound comes from in playing video games and real life.

Even though the sound is still muffled, you can still hear your voice. This is precisely what you would expect if you wanted semi-open construction. These don’t have the best bass, but it isn’t impossible to expect some.

These headphones are still quite decent. However, the bass isn’t what makes them stand out. They are still a great pair of headphones. These headphones will work well for editing, listening to music, and playing games.

However, they are not the best. These headphones are still relatively affordable, especially considering their price. The headphones are available in a range of 10 to 30 kilohertz and 56 ohms.

They feel very cheap and light in the hands, likely because of their lightweight construction. Although they look cheap, the headphones are not as uncomfortable as they feel.

It feels good and looks great. Adjustable head straps can be used to fit any head. Two cushions can be used to secure the lead around your head. Because the clamps are invisible, they don’t cause any interference. This is an excellent thing because it makes their flaw of being light weightless annoying.

The cups are very comfortable and allow for a lot of room. There is also a tiny piece of foam inside the headphones to prevent any irritation. The cups are soft enough and made from some leather material. They are very comfortable, but they feel cheap. They are not very durable, and sweat can get in the way of them being comfortable.

Two detachable cords are included with the headphones. They can be of different lengths. The shorter cord is approximately 3 feet long, and the longer one is slightly longer.

You have the option to extend the line if necessary or keep it down when you’re not using the headphones. This pair of headphones has a unique design that is unlike any other.

The headphones have a cord that connects to the 3.5mm headphone jacks. With other headsets, this is done in reverse. A small clip is included with the pair of headphones. It holds the detachable cable and the 3.5mm headphone jack together, so they won’t fall out while you wear them. This is a valuable extra.

While there are many things to be concerned about with these headphones, we must remember that the price is very fair. They can meet all our basic needs, and we don’t need to spend a lot. Although they may not be the most high-quality, they are still perfect and can easily be ranked at number 10 on our top 10 list of best open-back headphones under 100.


  • Very affordable
  • Good audio reproduction
  • Decent at editing
  • Full sound range
  • Cheap headphones


  • They feel and look very cheap.

9. Semi-Open-back Headphones HFI-15G

You’ll notice a significant price difference when you first look at this pair of headphones. These headphones are slightly more expensive than other products. As you’ll soon discover, this is for a good reason.

These headphones have been around for over nine years, which is more than enough evidence of their durability and quality. They may not be as standard, but if you do your research, you will still be able to find them online at places like Amazon and e-bay.

Semi-open headphones, as the title suggests, don’t allow you to hear everything around you. This is a good thing. It will enable you to be in both places metaphorically. The headphones will enable you to focus on the music and, if necessary, divert your attention from the other without causing any interference.

This pair of headphones has a better sound quality that is far superior to the ones mentioned before. The good quality is excellent, with the bass being more prominent and the music sounding great.

These are excellent for editing and listening to music. It is also seen as the best gaming headset, but this is not what they were intended to do.

Although the build quality is quite good, it feels fragile in the hands. However, there have been reports of people who have owned such pairs for extended periods with no severe damage to their integrity.

It is important to note that these pairs feel lightweight. Our primary concern is whether they will stand the test of time. They are fragile because they feel light and fragile.

These headphones are known for their comfort. These headphones are very comfortable and can be worn for hours without causing any irritation.

They don’t have the cups that cover your ears. Instead, they come with the foam of the earpiece. Poorly made cups can be worse. You can remove the foam covers for cleaning and rinsing to make them look new again.

It is simple and effective. The leather headband is comfortable and fits comfortably over your head. To ensure a snug fit, the headphones can be adjusted in length along the sides. However, it is not too tight. The headphones are nearly entirely black and feel very smooth.

The cable length is another prominent feature of these headphones. The cable length on previous models was excessively long. This is no longer true.

The cord can be extended to a maximum height of 8 feet and is approximately 4 feet in length. This cord is longer than you’ll ever use, but it allows you to roll comfortably from your desk onto a wheeled chair and still have enough distance.

Several factors influence the price of headphones. Although it may be more expensive, it is also more affordable in terms of what it provides. Although it may seem fragile, this product will surprise you.

It has excellent sound quality and is comfortable. Editing professionals can use them for hours of battery life. We can now see what to expect from the 78.96 USD cost and better assess what we are getting. Think about what is most important to you.

If comfort is more important than the pair, but the balanced sound is more important than that, wait for the following models to arrive if you are willing to pay a higher price.


  • Audio quality is quite good for the price.
  • Good sound isolation
  • Sound great


  • Feel fragile

10. Beyerdynamic Stereo Headphones DTX 910

This pair of headphones is among the top ten best open-back headphones under USD 100. It is because of its price. The governing factor in many things in life is price. Generally, the rule is to get the best for your money. This is an example of such a purchase. This product is the best value for money.

This product is of poor quality and looks cheap. It feels fragile. The headband can be adjusted, and the earpieces rotate on pivots at both ends.

It’s flexible and fits nicely on the. It works well and is not as uncomfortable as it seems. The cups don’t cause any irritation over time. The headphones are a dark metallic gray color.

Semi-open headphones can be used. This is a significant difference and will change the way you use these headphones. Semi-open back headphones do not active noise cancelling and can not trap music between your ears and the cups.

The headphones have tiny holes at the ends that allow for air to flow out. This allows for audio leakage, which means that some audio can be transmitted to your environment.

This idea has the purpose and nature to create a more 3D environment or sound stage that makes the sound appear to be coming from your surroundings rather than the earpieces.

These headphones also produce a more authentic sound. The bass is dimmer, and the higher tones are heard most. Higher tones and more powerful bass are not heard as often.

These headphones are fabulous for listening to classical music, rock, and metal music. The Beyerdynamic DTX910 follows this principle. It has a great soundstage and a tremendous audio background for mid-to-high-tone acoustics. This pair is unique because of its exceptional audio quality. This, along with the low price point, make this item an attractive purchase.

The cord is 10 feet long, making it easy to reach your computer from far away. The features include a dynamic transducer variant with an available operating principle, a 15-23000 hertz frequency, and a 32-ohm nominal impedance.

There is also a power handling capability of 100 mW, a 3.5mm head jack, and a power handling potential of 100 mW. You can use the headphones with your tablet or smartphone because they have a lower impendence.

The headphones provide a great listening experience, with clear audio feedback that brings out the mid-to-high tones and bass. The point is to get more bang for your bucks, and these headphones cost only 50.00 USD.

This will be enough to start your open-back headphone journey. If you’re beginning, you don’t want to invest in expensive headphones. This set is more affordable and will suit studio monitoring and audio mixing. The only problem is the low price.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Good sound


  • They look cheap
  • They feel fragile

Factors To Consider When Buying An Open Back Headphone

Factors To Consider When Buying An Open Back Headphone


A good pair of open-back headphones should have many different sizes and types of ear gels. This way, they can easily fit around your ears significantly if they rotate in a full circle.

No matter what size you are, there will be a pair of earphones that fits comfortably on your ears. So when choosing the right open-back headphone, make sure that they are comfortable and hold your head correctly.

Impedance/device compatibility

Open-back headphones lack noise cancellation and isolation because of the design choice for open-back ear cups. This means you will have to turn up the volume higher on portable devices or pair it with a more expensive DAC/AMP to power the headphones accurately. Most open-back headphones are compatible with mobile devices, but some may not be compatible or require a special adaptor for compatibility issues.

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Frequency response

There is no standard frequency response curve as many factors can change the overall sound (size and type of ear gel, the material of the plush ear cups, etc.).

However, some headphones have a very flat response curve and allow you to hear each song as if it were being played live. If you’re looking for more bass, definitely check out the frequency response curve before making your purchase.


Open-back headphone ear cups may be made of different materials with normal closed-back headphones. This can tell you how well the headphones are built, and you should look for a lightweight material but still sturdy.

Open-back headphones with aluminum ear cups may be slightly more expensive than those made of plastic, but they will last longer as they tend to be more durable overall.


There are many different types of open-back headphones that you can choose from when it comes to style. They all have their unique style and design, but they will still consist of the same type of ear cup.

The most common methods include minimalism, with a simple white or boxy black look; others include over ear headphones, an around-the-neck kind of design, and even some that have a DJ-style to them.


In conclusion, the best open-back headphones under 100 dollars will be the ones that fit your lifestyle. Make sure to choose a pair of open-back headphones based on style as well as comfort and durability.

Purchasing high-quality headphones at an affordable price is always good for your wallet while maintaining excellent quality sound! We highly recommend Sennheiser HD 558 and AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones; those are received a lot of feedback from users.


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