Best Soundbar For PS5 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Soundbar For PS5 2023 Top Brands Review

It is a rule of the universe that better sound systems equate to a superior movie-watching experience. That being said, if you have a PS5, it might be time to invest in a soundbar.

Soundbars might seem unnecessary, but they create a more immersive sound field for your games. A soundbar is essential for all PS5 owners who want to take their cinematic experience to the next level.

This article will provide the best soundbar for PS5 which will cover all of the important details of each product.

Top Best Soundbars For PS5 2023

Top Best Soundbars For PS5 2023

Razer Leviathan – Dolby 5.1

The Leviathan soundbar and subwoofer combination is far more than your typical soundbar and speaker combo. Razer built this sound system, making some of the best soundbars for PS5 available for next-generation consoles. The sound quality is excellent, the design is sleek, and the price is reasonable.

Let’s begin with the fantastic sound that this PS5 soundbar can produce. Two 2.5″ and two 0.74 inch drivers are included in the chassis. These drivers will handle mid-to-high frequency frequencies. They have a clear sound that can be heard at frequencies ranging from 180 Hz to 20 kHz.

The centerpiece is a trapezoid, 5.25″ firing subwoofer. This is vital to provide bass. It is designed with a downward-facing angle to maximize power. When this speaker begins to go bonkers, don’t be surprised to see dust flying from beneath it!

This speaker combination is effortless to set up. It can be connected via Bluetooth (with a PS5 adapter), 3.5mm auxiliary connections to your TV, or traditional cable wires. It’s a great speaker system that produces high-quality sound for its size.


  • Affordable
  • Small package with big bass
  • Clear dialogue


  • True 5.1
  • A remote is not necessary

Panasonic SoundSlayer

Panasonic has found its groove with its audio equipment. This is evident when you look at the SoundSlayer’s smooth lines. This unit is small and compact, so it can be placed under your TV or on a media player without taking up too much space.

This audio hardware is small, but don’t let it fool you. To enhance your gaming experience, it still uses Dolby atmos technology. It delivers a rich, spatial, immersive, and responsive audio experience. You will never hear your games sound so detailed.

You have complete control over your sound equipment with excellent remote control. It can be used to switch between input options, bounce between 4 different audio presets, and control almost every aspect of the system’s hardware.

Dedicated audio presets make the soundbar ideal for consoles such as the PS5. For narrative games, the RPG mode, which is excellent for various genres, and the FPS mode, which provides precise spatial audio feedback for competitive online shooters, are both perfect. It’s game-changing stuff!


  • Sound is rich and powerful
  • Portable and small
  • Good gaming equalization (EQs)


  • It could be even more affordable
  • High volumes can make it sound harsh
  • Remote control at a low price

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana

BlasterX Katana, a multi-channel gaming soundbar with 23.6 inches of the resolution, is the BlasterX Katana. It is designed to fit under large monitors and TVs. The monocoque chassis houses a robust set of speakers. Two 2.5″ up-firing midbass drivers are included, as well as two 1.3″ high-excursion tweeters.

The package includes a 5.25″-wide sub-woofer to hit the low frequencies. The combination produces an incredible 7.1 surround sound experience when paired with the Katana soundbar. This is possible due to the Dolby Digital5.1 decoder and 24-bit acoustic engine.

The Katana offers total control with both wireless and non-wireless capabilities. The Katana comes with a dedicated infrared remote, which has all the necessary buttons.

You can also control it using Bluetooth 4.2 (using your smartphone), PC apps, or by hand by turning any dials and knobs.

The Katana also features an Aurora reactive lighting system. It features 49 programmable LED lights that can be programmed along the base’s edge, allowing for complete customization. You can create RGB profiles or select from 16.8 million color options to achieve the ambiance you desire.

It’s easy to see why the soundbar is so highly-rated for PS5 gaming.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Soundbar design
  • The lighting is subtle and can be turned off
  • Delightful connection options


  • The subwoofer may be significant, but the quality is lower
  • AAC is the only Bluetooth codec that’s available
Sound BlasterX Katana...
893 Reviews

Samsung HW-A650

The Samsung HW650 configuration is light, compact, and wireless. It produces stunning surround audio with a 38.6″ soundbar and a dedicated 7.1-inch center channel speaker. You also get a free remote that allows you to control your audio system.

Samsung is a great design company. The build of Samsung soundbar is made from aluminum and plastic with a vented front fabric to distribute sound evenly. The sub is tall and boxy, but its slim form blends seamlessly into the background.

In terms of audio features, both Dolby Digital DTS Virtual and Adaptive Sound Lite technology are fully integrated. DTS uses psychoacoustic processing to create phantom surround-sound experiences. SoundLite improves Bass Boost dialogue and makes even cleaner sounds.

The HW-A650’s Game Mode Pro is another excellent audio feature. It enhances the sound quality in games by moving with the screen. This reduces unwanted effects that can occur when one audio channel crosses another.

It’s the outstanding audio features and neutral sound profiles, which make this device stand apart.


  • Beautiful design and excellent build quality
  • Perform well on the front stage
  • Expandable to full 5.1 channel system
  • Use it quickly


  • No Wi-Fi
  • No virtual assistant
SAMSUNG HW-A650 3.1CH Soundbar...
172 Reviews

Klipsch Cinema 600

This Klipsch option is an excellent choice for those looking for a PS5 soundbar with a unique design. The Cinema 600’s exposed dual-color speakers on either side give it an industrial look while still delivering top-quality sound quality.

The 45-inch length allows for several midsized speakers. A wireless (8-inch) subwoofer is also available to provide virtual surround. The onboard decoding handles all the heavy lifting and makes 5.1 sound possible.

HDMI ARC capabilities can also be found in the product. This allows you to connect your PS5 to other media players using one cable. You will get good sound quality and minimal interference. The sub will automatically synchronize once it is plugged into, making the gaming setup extremely simple.

This speaker is capable of delivering 600W peak power, which is the best in its class. You won’t be worried about it sounding timid or weak. It has plenty of power to go around. You can therefore expect high-end audio quality that serious gamers demand.

Another great soundbar for movies, music, and PS5 games.


  • Powerful audio performance
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Virtual surround mode sounds great
  • It can be extended to a true5.1 system


  • There is no user-adjustable

Sony HT-G700

No one should be surprised that Sony has created a beautiful soundbar for entertainment and movies. The HT-G700 is super-sleek and minimalistic, almost invisible until you turn up the volume.

It is easy to get this system up and running because Sony makes the hardware. This soundbar can have multiple connections. This means that you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

You can also assign different sound profiles to each input. You can set various soundstages to each information, such as your PS5 and your TV streaming stick. The speaker also has a wireless Bluetooth signal, which makes it easy to install.

Bluetooth allows you to connect all your hardware, including your PS5, via an adapter to create a solid and stable connection capable of transmitting great sound. You can also plug your PS5 into the soundbar and connect the soundbar to the TV with the HDMI cable.

Sony HT-G700: 3.1CH Dolby...
1,435 Reviews


  • 7.1.2 Channel soundbar
  • 400W powerful speakers
  • It comes from the same manufacturer (Sony) as PS5.
  • Supports Dolby Atmos DTS:X
  • Compatible with many media devices
  • Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity


  • The price is higher
  • Sometimes, disconnections occur without any explanation.
  • Bass could be better.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 7.1

Shockwafe Ultra 7.1 is the best surround sound system for PS5 is robust and all-in-one. The package is inspired by the audio systems found in theaters and cinemas. It includes an 8-inch subwoofer, two rear speakers, and a 45″ soundbar. They produce a room-filling sound of 105dB.

This speaker system is for those who are looking for more than just a soundbar. The satellite speakers provide high audio frequencies, and the dedicated subwoofer, which faces downwards, includes plenty of basses. Both units can sync together to produce incredible sounds like gunfire and explosions.

The clever Game Mode equalizer that PS5 gamers will appreciate this soundbar offers. It is tuned for one-button optimization. It lowers the volume of the sub and increases the high frequencies of satellite speakers. This is ideal for amplifying footsteps and other fine details during FPS games.

The all-in-one soundbar is an intelligent hub for the entire setup. It can be connected to the rest of your speaker components and allows you to center your new equipment easily. It can be plugged directly into your TV via HDMI ARC inputs or optical coax inputs. It is not necessary to have a receiver.

The Shockwafe Ultra 7.1 channel system is an excellent choice for a mid-sized gaming room. It is an excellent value for the money, thanks to the satellite and sub speakers included.


  • Amazing surround sound simulation
  • Powerful audio output
  • Supports the most recent sound standards
  • Dolby Vision and 4K HDR pass-through
  • Remote control with backlit display


  • Stereo content and warm sound quality create a pleasant listening experience.
  • Maximum compression
Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra...
4,140 Reviews

Sonos Arc Soundbar

The Sonos Arc sound bar is sleek and compact, offering a superior sound experience without the need to add any additional speakers. It is super elegant and minimalistic, packed with the latest audio equipment, and will add a lot of value to any interior space.

You get the highest quality audio from this product. The box delivers rich, complete sound waves. Enhanced Trueplay, a Sonos Arc feature under the hood, can tune your room intelligently by analyzing all-acoustic factors.

The latest version of Dolby Atmos is integrated. Atmos creates a movie-theater experience with its inclusion of overhead effects. When you pair this soundbar with your smart TV, streaming player, PS5 console, or smart TV, you’ll immediately notice the difference.

It’s easy to expand the setup, just like any other Sonos sound equipment. You can add a few more Sonos speakers or subwoofers to your design. You can also connect them through the Android and iOS apps. You can also control the sound in your home with these apps.

This versatile piece of kit will appeal to those who value wireless connectivity and a 5.1 setup. Sonus is about achieving maximum performance while remaining simple.


  • Supports Atmos
  • Low audio latency
  • Stereo soundstage with excellent quality
  • You don’t even need a subwoofer


  • Atmos, single HMDI eARC port limit
  • No Bluetooth streaming

JBL Bar 9.1

It has a unique, modular design that makes it a cutting-edge powerhouse. It is one of the most versatile home audio soundbars with two detachable surround speakers available today. You can set it up as a single unit or with two satellite speakers. Or a soundbar and subwoofer. You can do whatever you want!

The sound quality is excellent, thanks to the use of the latest audio technology. The soundbar delivers movie-theater quality audio in a compact package thanks to Dolby Atmos decoding and DTSX decoding. It is easy to create a rich, authentic sound.

This system is modular so that you can create unique soundscapes with it. For the best 3D audio experience, place the satellite speakers on either side of the gaming chair. The main bar should be in front and the sub in the middle.

This arrangement is perfect for gamers who want to hear subtle transitions and differences during online competitions. You will listen to a video game’s essential sounds, including pinging bullets and sneaking footsteps.

The ultra HD, 4K pass-through technology, which works with Dolby vision, makes it ridiculously easy to connect this setup. You can click using optical input via the wireless components or the traditional auxiliary or composite connections if you need to.

The best thing about the soundbar? It features two separate surround speakers and Dolby Atmos or DTS:X 3D sound. The soundbar, two wireless speakers, a wireless subwoofer, and power cords are included in the purchase.

This best soundbar on Amazon will bring your PS5 gaming sessions to life if it is placed correctly.


  • Powerful audio with powerful bass
  • Dolby Atmos drivers
  • Wireless rear channel speakers
  • Simple setup


  • Expensive
  • Large

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar

Sennheiser’s audio equipment has always been a well-respected brand. This 50-inch soundbar is a testament to this. It houses thirteen high-end drivers under the hood, resulting in a fantastic 5.1.4 channel, 3D sound quality.

The chassis is 40.7 lbs in weight and is constructed like a tank. It has three different speakers drivers—six 4” long-throw subwoofers output 30 Hz of bass and five high-fidelity tweeters. Two 2.5” top-firing full-range drivers provide a vertical audio field.

AMBEO technology is responsible for the authentic, deep, and rich audio quality of this soundbar. Sennheiser’s sound engineering technology creates an immersive soundscape that can be heard on multiple planes.

The Sennheiser AMBEO can rock and roll straight out of the box. This is a significant selling point. To achieve excellent results, you don’t need to mess with many settings. You can switch between 3D or 5.1 sound by pressing a button.

Another great feature is connecting to your console or any other media device via various connections. You have the option to connect via Bluetooth, WIFI, or over a wire. This gives you a lot more freedom. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use.

You won’t find a better soundbar for PS5 gaming. This monster device doesn’t even require an external sub.


  • Rich, natural sound
  • Dynamic and detail-oriented
  • Convincing surround effect


  • Large
  • Expensive
109 Reviews

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar

Do you want to stream video in theater-style from your living room TV? This Yamaha high-end model will allow you to do all of the above. Yamaha yas109 wall mount comes with an integrated Alexa technology to help users manage all sound-related tasks.

You can set your alarms and take calls. You can also view your video streaming or watch it on any other device at home. The soundbar includes a piece of music that can adjust sound volume and sound modes and personalize the settings.

Yamaha yas109 is the perfect solution for all your home theater needs. You get a complete package. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The subwoofer box produces a rich sound with booming and metallic bass. The virtual DTX creates a virtual room-filling sound environment. The virtual DTX allows the user to have a theatre-like, spacious, and joyful experience in their room.

Yamaha yas109 is a soundbar with superior audio quality that will make it an excellent choice for PlayStation 5. Because of its simple and ergonomic design, the Yamaha soundbar can be synchronized with PlayStation 5.

You can easily pair your PlayStation 5 with this music app. This soundbar can be used to satisfy your emotional needs for music and beats.

This slim and minimalist soundbar allows you to make wireless connections in many different ways. With the help of an impeccable Spotify connection, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, you can connect to audios and podcasts.

Alexa’s built-in is another highlight of this soundbar. This feature gives you personalized, adaptive control over your audio and video content.

You will be able to hear the rich bass and clear sound with audio resolution.

This Yamaha package offers the best audio imaging and resolution system. A robust, lag-free transmission is possible thanks to the availability of HDMI input and fiber optic cables.

The system’s output power is 120 W and will not let you down when streaming. The soundbar’s craftsmanship supports batteries, which provide a consistent and ongoing experience.


  • This versatile soundbar is perfect for PS5
  • Two built-in subwoofers
  • Wider soundstage and deeper bass
  • Clear 3D surround sound with crystal-clear clarity
  • Virtual DTS: Support for X
  • HDMI connection and 4K HD pass-through
  • Bluetooth and Wifi support
  • Simple connection to multiple devices
  • Alexa voice control built-in
  • Low lag and high-frequency response
  • An excellent choice for home theater setup


  • The Alexa volume cannot be adjusted independently of the soundbar
  • Bluetooth transmission is inefficient
  • It cannot be enjoyable if LED lights blink.
Yamaha Audio YAS-109 Sound Bar...
4,689 Reviews

Polk Audio React Soundbar

Polk soundbar is another slim soundbar for PS5. It provides a 3D virtual surround. This version has many new features.

It features a 6-driver array with two drivers and two tweeters. There are also two passive radiators. This soundbar supports Dolby True Surround Sound and DTS Virtual Surround Sound.

A wider soundstage allows for a more immersive experience. Gamers will love the bass and treble. The sound is balanced and neutral.

It has a high-definition sound, even though it does not have a subwoofer.

You can, however, attach a subwoofer. It is a beautiful design.

This soundbar has built-in Alexa voice control, which is a great advantage. You can use voice commands to perform many functions.

You can also use Alexa’s call and messaging capabilities to make international calls using your soundbar.

Voice adjustment technology synchronizes audio with the content types. You can choose to play music, movies, or night mode. This feature maximizes your gaming and listening to music.

It is compatible with TV and other media devices, in addition to PS5. It can be used in a home theater. You get a cinematic sound and complete dialogue enhancement with this great soundbar.

There are many connectivity options. It has HDMI ARC. It has optical audio input and USB type A. It allows for easy connectivity to your smartphone. You can stream music and movies via Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn.

It is effortless and straightforward to set up. It takes only a few seconds for your devices to be connected automatically.

It is an excellent product for the price. It offers all modern features for a very affordable price.


  • Soundbar for six-drivers
  • Dolby surround sound and DTS surround sound support
  • Compatible with TVs and other devices
  • Allows streaming via various apps
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Version 2023: The latest version
  • Compact and smart design


  • An annoying LED light blinking on the front panel could be irritating
  • Remote is not enough
  • No subwoofer

Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Bose is a legend in the world’s home theater speaker industry. This soundbar continues its legacy. The soundbar features six full-range transducers and custom-engineered, up-firing dipoles. Consoles will never have sounded so good.

This kit will ensure that you don’t have to worry about any quality issues. The materials used are top-quality. A metal grille protects the front. A reinforced layer of glass with cutouts for the speakers up-firing above it sits. It has an elegant yet understated aesthetic.

This soundbar isn’t tiny, but its compact size prepares you for what it can produce. It can fill large rooms quickly, thanks to its maximum volume of 95.5dB. The default bass is quite heavy, but it’s still great for most games.

You can download the Bose Music app to get your soundbar working just how you want. You can adjust the equalizers or increase the treble if desired. You also get access to many additional features that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Voice4Video technology is one of these features. It’s exceptionally well implemented. Voice assistants used to take many steps to execute voice control. This feature streamlines the process. It makes it easy to control the soundbar using your voice.

The Bose 900 soundbar is excellent for general gaming and PS5 gaming.



  • Sleek design
  • Best audio quality
  • HDMI eARC is easy to use
  • Calibration of ADAPTiQ rooms


  • Remote basic
  • Reflective glass is used on the top of glasses
  • Pricy

Sony HT-A7000

Our second-place pick is the HT-A7000, Sony’s flagship soundbar. A few things distinguish this unit. First, nine speakers were added by the engineers. Sony’s new Sound Field Optimization (Audio Enhancement) technology is also featured.

This option is an excellent choice from a design perspective. It’s very elegant and blends well into any interior. Additional speakers are not required because the subwoofer provides deep bass, and the two up-firing speakers provide overhead sound.

This Sony soundbar offers a 7.1.2 channel soundstage. This soundbar is more realistic than other soundbars’ “virtual surround sound” reproductions. It even surpasses the Sonus ARC 5.0.2 channels and JBL Bar 5.1.4 channels!

The HT-A7000’s performance is outstanding considering the Sound Field Optimization, Audio Enhancements, and Dolby Atmos DTS:X capabilities. The HT-A7000 delivers an immersive and far-reaching soundstage that will elevate any TV’s audio output.

It is essential to mention easy accessibility and connectivity outputs. It’s possible to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to Spotify Connect, Chromecast, and many other services. It also features two HDMI 2.0 eARC ports and an optical-out connecting to Sony TVs.

Sony has you covered, just like Sonos. You can add two subwoofer options (two rear speakers) to your setup. This allows you to create the ultimate PS5 sound system beyond the soundbar.

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2 Channel...
3 Reviews


  • Stylish design
  • Great virtual surround
  • High-quality soundstage
  • Two HDMI 2.1 inputs
  • Feature-rich


  • Subwoofer not included
  • It is quite large

Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is next. You should also check this soundbar out for your PS5. This mountable soundbar is known for its powerful bass and ability to transmit it from wall to wall.

This one will give you crisp dialogue and fantastic sound quality. This would make gaming a whole new experience.

It was even tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to highlight the sound of the human voice. You will certainly enjoy a premium sound.

The best thing about the soundbar? It automatically tunes for the best sound regardless of where it is placed.

It also features nine amplified speakers. You can also add speakers to increase the number of channels to 3.1 and 5.1. It also comes with six mid-woofers, which offer various sound effects.

What’s more? The soundbar comes in a sleek and premium design. Because of its slim profile, the soundbar won’t take up much space.

The soundbar can be set up in a few minutes. The mobile app for Android and iOS allows you to set it up. It does come at a high price.


Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Bose Soundbar Gaming PS5 console. Bose Soundbars are versatile and powerful audio systems that cost from just a few hundred to thousands. They also offer a rich, clear sound experience.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is one of these stereo systems, with built-in Alexa Voice Control or Google Assistant. It is compact and designed to be used for endless Gaming, Movies, and Movies.

Many connectivity options are available, including Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, WiFi Network, and Bluetooth. This makes it possible to enjoy to music while on the move, even after you’ve finished gaming.

You can also add another compatible Bose Bass module to increase the volume if you have more money in the future.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300,...
2,535 Reviews

Best Soundbar for PS5 Buyer’s Guide

Best Soundbar for PS5 Buyer’s Guide

You can’t find the perfect option among the ones above. There are still many soundbars for PS5 on the market. Keep calm and take a look around.

We have created this detailed and comprehensive guide to help you choose the best soundbar for PS5. Continue reading!

The Dimensions

Soundbars are generally long, thin, and perfectly cuboid. These soundbars look great next to the PS5. Some models have rounded edges or thicker builds.

While the overall look of the best soundbar for PS5 is subjective to user opinions, it’s essential to pay attention to the dimensions. The only thing that matters when describing the dimensions of a soundbar is its width.

Technically, the soundbar should not be wider than the display for PS5 or TV. Note that TV width measurements are diagonal, and soundbars are measured in length.

While some soundbars claim to have more drivers and better stereo quality, others can only make your gaming station look awkward. It would be unattractive to use a soundbar that is larger than the width of your monitor or TV.

Active VS. Passive

When you purchase the best budget soundbars for PS5, there are two types of soundbars: passive and active. These soundbars have different audio qualities.

The active soundbars include a built-in power amplifier. You don’t need any additional receivers, components, or wires. All of the details can be powered by built-in amps.

These active soundbars are also affordable. What is the compromise? The active soundbars can be used to minimize hassle and make your experience more enjoyable.

These soundbars don’t have the same quality speakers as their passive counterparts. Passive soundbars don’t have built-in amps, so they require a receiver.

To unlock the full potential soundbars, you must connect multiple components, such as the subwoofer. Passive soundbars cost more and are harder to install.

The passive speakers are the best if you’re looking for a dynamic, full-bodied listening experience. These speakers allow you to immerse yourself in the game entirely.


Buyer’s Guide for Soundbar for PS5

You will have seen the terms 2-channels and 5-channels when you were looking for the PS5 soundbar. Sometimes the numeric value may even contain decimals. You are not the only one who doesn’t get it.

After hours of research, we have come up with the simplest definition for a channel in soundbars: transmitting sounds to a specific point/direction. Speakers usually determine these directions. (Center, Left, and Right, Front Rear, Front Rear, Left Rear, etc.

A 2-channel, for example, could send sounds to two speakers with different audio outputs.

Some channels and speakers include:

  • 2-channel (2-speakers, left and right)
  • 3-channel (3-speakers, center, right, and left).
  • 5-channels (5-speakers; center left, right, and rear)
  • 7-channels (7 speakers; center, went and right, and two rear ones) This is because the information from the rear speakers gets divided into four channels.

Experts recommend that you only use the soundbars to alter the sound system for entertainment purposes. For PS5 gamers, however, it is a good idea to choose the most channels possible.

You will experience a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience if you have more soundbar channels.

You should also look at the second digit that is written with channels such as 5.2 and 3.2. This value is the number of subwoofers that are included. These subwoofers are usually used to boost bass.

Audio Formats

Aside from the channels, it is essential to consider the audio format and the audio technologies used in the soundbar. Soundbars used stereo and surround modes in the past.

In recent years, however, high-end technology has entered the market. These include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. These are either surround sound formats or object-based audio technologies.

They transmit sounds almost anywhere, creating the illusion that things are there. You might hear planes passing overhead or things passing you while watching Netflix.

These illusions make you feel like you are part of the movie. There are also notable differences between these audio technologies.


DTS:X formats things at a high level so you can feel the things moving. You can also adjust the volume of your video/game so that difficult-to hear dialogues are audible.

This system is not compatible with Dolby Atmos and does not require height speakers. It functions according to how many channels are available in the soundbar. DTS:X is, therefore, more affordable and easier to use.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos

It is the leader in every audio format. This technology was initially developed for cinemas. It makes listening to a pleasure. The details, highs, and lows are crystal-clear audio.

The dynamic surround sound brings the gameplay to life. You can hear gunshots, chatter, and the footsteps of your enemy. This gives you an advantage over other players and allows you to control the game.

Dolby Atmos, however, makes this possible thanks to the use of heightened speakers, as mentioned above. The speakers are up-firing to achieve audio realism. Sounds bounce off surfaces before reaching your ears.

The speakers would bounce sound from ceilings to create the illusion of aircraft flying overhead. Dolby Atmos soundbars work best in rooms with flat ceilings at least 11 feet high made from reflective material.

You can check the title to determine if your soundbar has DTS: X or Dolby Atmos support. It has three-digit numbers for the number of channels.

Instead of 5.1-channels or 7.2-channels, the value will be either 5.1.3 or 7.1.2. The last digit will indicate the number of speakers. DTS:X keeps the two-digit standard value.


Usability refers to the ease and simplicity of the device’s operation.

You want to enjoy high-end audio experiences as a PS5 player. Is that to say you have to be a techie to control the soundbar? No!

Many professional-grade soundbars can be pretty complicated with many wires and controls. You can still make these soundbars simple and easy with a bit of work.

These soundbars are easy to use and provide a simple remote control with buttons for each operation. You can also program your TV remote to control the soundbar using a few simple steps.

The latest soundbars include a mobile app that allows you to control the device using smart devices.

A soundbar with an LED display on the front is also a good option. This provides visual feedback on volume and connections. This makes it even easier to use.

WiFi or Bluetooth

WiFi or Bluetooth

The soundbar may only be purchased for PS5 gaming. What if you want to play mobile games, listen to music, or watch movies? These activities can be done with the soundbar.

This is perhaps why it is essential to get a soundbar with wireless streaming. Wireless streaming can open up a variety of gaming options!

Soundbars generally offer either Bluetooth or WiFi wireless connection. Sometimes the soundbar might offer both.

Bluetooth allows you to transfer audio from any device to the soundbar. You can also dance to your favorite songs even when you’re not gaming.

NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection quickly, may be available on some soundbars. Some soundbars may also offer a two-way relationship that will enable you to transfer audio from the soundbar onto other devices.

However, all gadgets and devices have built-in WiFi. To access streaming services and music apps online, you can use the built-in WiFi of your soundbar.

WiFi can sometimes be slow in some PS5 soundbar models depending on the network strength and area. Manufacturers offer an Ethernet jack to allow wired connections.

Built-in Voice Assistants

Built-in Voice Assistants

Thanks to modern advancements, innovative technology, also known as smart homes, is now a part of every household. Voice assistants are one example.

They are available in many forms. There are separate voice assistants such as Alexa and Echo. You will also find gadgets that have built-in voice assistants, such as Siri on the iPhone.

Intelligent voice assistants are a standard tool in our daily household and business tasks. Examples include changing the temperature in the room, answering questions, playing music, and switching on/off lights.

It is not surprising that soundbars now come with voice assistants built-in. Imagine how cool it would be to ask your soundbar’s virtual assistant to adjust the lighting while you play on PS5. You and your team will be amazed!

Soundbars usually come with Google or Echo as a built-in voice assistant. You can also use the wake word while gaming to do your day-to-day chores peacefully. This feature is also a space-saver!

Most soundbars enable the virtual assistant, but it causes them to pause. It will not complete the audio production until it is finished, which can cause problems during gaming sessions. The convenience provided is well worth the inconvenience.


We have previously evaluated the PS5’s connectivity in terms of wireless technologies. It is not the end of a soundbar’s connectivity compatibilities.

If you choose a soundbar with more inputs and outputs, it can be the best of both worlds. The soundbar may be intended to be used for PS5 only. However, upgrades might become necessary.

You should always be ready for the future. This is why your perfect soundbar for PS5 needs to have these connectivity options.


Soundbars are usually compact and easy to install. Its cuboidal shape allows for space conservation and minimalistic decor.

The soundbars can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall, depending on installation. For added convenience, some soundbars offer both.

A majority of these soundbars also come with detailed instructions and DIY installation kits. The soundbar is easy to install on the PS5!

The soundbar’s position can have an impact on audio production. As sounds travel in specific directions and are reflected off surfaces, you may notice a difference in the performance of your soundbar.

It is essential to evaluate the relevance of the placement to your gaming position. An expert may be able to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about connect my ps5 to a soundbar

How do I connect my ps5 to a soundbar or TV?

There are many ways to connect PS5 and soundbar or TV. The HDMI ports on both devices can be used to join them.

Or you can use Bluetooth or WiFi. An optical cable can be used to connect TV and computer via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Soundbar or speakers for console gaming? Which one is better?

Both speakers and soundbars have their pros and cons. Soundbars can enhance stereo quality without having to compromise on appearance or arrange extra desk space.

Separate speakers provide superior sound quality. It surpasses all premium standards.

Which one is best for your gaming console? We’d suggest soundbars.

Soundbars are a great way to enhance the audio quality and make no compromises in terms of looks. These audio devices offer a balanced look and sound that is both enhanced.

What is the best PS5 soundbar setting you have found?

It is recommended that you set up the soundbar as an amplifier when connecting it to PS5. This applies regardless of whether the soundbar is 5.1 or 7.1. You can adjust the soundbar’s position digitally according to its physical location.

Finally, select a proper format that suits your needs. Dolby and DTS technology can be used for consoles that are connected directly to the TV. HDMI cables can be used to connect consoles directly to the soundbar.

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With the gaming community increasing, it is vital to invest in a premium quality soundbar for PS5 to make your gaming experience last longer. Your friends and family will appreciate the added immersion.

A soundbar for PS5 will improve your gaming experience. Get the excellent soundbar for PS5, and you won’t regret it.

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