Best Surface Mount Car Speakers 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Surface Mount Car Speakers 2023: Top Brands Review

If you’re looking for car speakers that can fit inside your car’s dashboard, then look no further than the best surface mount car speakers. Surface mount car speakers are great because they take up less space and are powered by the vehicle’s battery, so no additional power source is needed. They are also more affordable than traditional car speakers.

Top Rated Best Car Surface Mount Speakers Brands in 2023

Top Rated Best Car Surface Mount Speakers Brands in 2023

1. Pioneer TS-X150 Surface Mount 3-Way Speakers

Pioneer TS-150 speakers are the best choice for cars that have no rear speakers. Are you looking for a powerful and blended sound? This would be your best choice.

This brand is known for providing qualified and standard maintenance on its products. These 3-way Bass Reflex speakers are made with fantastic technology.

The cabinet features a robust bass reflex cabinet with a frequency response from 70 to 20000 hertz. Its design, different sizes, and shape are so impressive that you can set it anywhere you don’t want large holes.

Its solid appearance might appeal to you. You will find everything you need to attach this product, including mounting plates, hardware, and accessories.

Three drivers are included in the Pioneer TS X150 car surface mounted speakers. They reproduce different sound levels. A mid-range driver with a woofer, tweeter, and speaker divides the sound into low, medium, and high capacities.

This feature allows you to get a very pure sound at all volumes. This level of purity is not possible with a 2-way speaker.

Take a Civic GX, for instance. It has no speaker grilles on the rear duct design. The Pioneer TS-X150 is a great option, as it has a back deck design.

These can be easily mounted in a rear deck car on an older pickup truck without any cutouts. They can be mounted inside a trailer, on a wall, or even in a corner.

Pioneer rates these speakers at 20 watts peak power each. They can also handle 120 watts peak power.

It preserves balance and equally distributes voltages to all channels. This is why you can have a great voice coil with no distortion.

A good sensitivity level will allow you to hear all the minimal details in the music.

The Pioneer model has a sensory level of 89dB. This is a much better match for the 20 watts RMS power and provides excellent sound quality. Even in loud weather, it produces clear voice coils.

It is a remarkable fact that speakers’ material design can determine their sound quality and durability, particularly for the tweeter material design.

Pioneer TS 150 surface-mounted speakers have a ceramic horn midrange. This ceramic horn tweeter will give you a clear sound, with highs that are bright and snappy.

You also get a mica-injected polypropylene cone woofer that provides quality bass-boost songs. It can be enjoyed continuously. It is seen as one of the very best car speakers for bass in 2023.


  • Solid and beautiful
  • All in one speaker, for any location
  • It can produce enough volume to be heard even in noisy environments
  • Available in pairs
  • Has rear deck design
  • A bit expensive


  • They do not have a Bluetooth option.

2. Jensen HDS3000 Dual Cone Surface-Mount Speakers

The HDS3000 Speakers by Jensen is our third choice. It features a dual cone design. These outdoor speakers project sound from your TV onto a boat or camper.

They can only handle 60 watts peak power. It’s not too high, and it quickly adjusts to the sensitivity rating.

This allows speakers to produce a clear, heavy-duty sound in continuous mode.

They can be mounted anywhere with their completely waterproof black plastic case and grille. With its 60-watt peak power, it will provide steady heavy-duty performance.

This 2-way speaker with a Whizzer cone and polypropylene woofer cone is more efficient at producing high frequencies and internal damping.

The installation process is so simple that it can be fixed anywhere you want.

Jensen HDS3000 powerful and blended sound speaker is available in a dual cone design that can be used with a Mylar Whizzer cone or a polypropylene woofer cone.

These materials enable the speakers to produce a long-lasting sound quality. This design can be used to match music boxes on any flat surface.

The durable plastic construction makes these tiny speakers completely waterproof.

It can be used in your car, boat, or on the beach without worrying about water leaking. You will find a new voice coil wherever you are.

To set it up, you will need to use the mounting hardware and bolts. The package also includes the hardware. You can remove the plastic casing from the grills to make a flash mount.

It has two mounting holes in its backside, each measuring 3-1/8 inches in length. You can mount them in any corner, and they will look perfect.

These surface-mount speakers have a level of 89dB, which is comparable to the 30 watts power.

Jensen HDS3000 60 Watts...
30 Reviews


  • Fully waterproof
  • It is easy to use
  • Simple bolt-on installation and easily remove
  • Available in pairs
  • Provide car audio for heavy-duty applications
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Stylish look good


  • It is not as compact as a speaker housing.

3. Hero HS-61B 4 Inches surface-mount speaker

The Hero HS61B is one of the best 4-inch car speakers if you’re looking for a small but powerful speaker that can fit in a car’s limited space.

This waterproof, heavy-duty box can be used for universal mounting regardless of how noisy or moist the area is. You can mount it here even if there isn’t enough space.

It is also notable for its material quality. The sound boxes include PEI dome tweeters, which can increase the frequency response of the music to a great level.

These tiny speakers will now let you know which features they offer.

These small speakers are water-resistant so that they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They also have rustproof grills so that you can clean them whenever necessary.

It is made of heavy-duty plastic and can withstand extreme humidity.

These boxes are compact enough to handle 100 watts of peak power. You can listen to a piece of captivating, distortion-free music for hours on a long trip.

It can produce a clear and high-quality sound between 80 and 20000Hz.

These boxes-shaped audio players are available with bolts and mounting brackets so you can mount them in almost any space.

These products measure 4.4 inches in total, 4.4 inches in height, and 4 inches in depth. You can see how compact these products are and how easy they are to fit in any space.

You can use the mini pod speakers for multiple purposes. These can be played in your car or truck, boat, van, or vehicle.


  • Get a marine-grade waterproof construction
  • It is easy to install in any space
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Rustproof grille
  • Solid product with good sound
  • Easily clean


  • This is not how you rock the house

4. Rockford Fosgate Fosgate R165X3

The R165X3 is a great speaker by Rockford Fosgate. It has a good sound quality and is affordable. The features power output of this 6.50-inch full-range 3-way speaker is either 90W or 45W RMS.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 has polypropylene cones and a silk dome Piezo Tweeter. The speaker has an integrated high-pass crossover and a sensitivity of 91dB.

These full-range speakers are easy to install due to their standard size and mounting hardware and grilles. Although the sound quality is excellent, it could be better. It is the exact choice for your car.

GUZARE Boat Marine Speakers...
18 Reviews


  • Good sound
  • Beautifully designed
  • Excellent value


  • Bass sound is not the best

5. Pyle PLMR51B

The dual marine speaker by Pyle is very affordable and of the great peak value. The speaker system can output 100W at 50 watts RMS and has a circuit magnet that allows for full-range audio and a complete stereo system.

This speaker has a great waterproof feature. It can withstand heavy rain splashes and other outdoor conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for off-road cars and motorcycles. It can withstand the elements.

It is easy to install due to its tiny size, complete wiring, and mounting hardware. Although the Pyle PLMR51B is stylish, the sound quality is not the best if you have too much volume. It’s still a good deal for the price, and you can’t complain when it’s less than $20.

Pyle 5.25 Inch Dual Marine...
542 Reviews


  • Great value
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Fashionable
  • Fantastic voice


  • Higher volumes produce a better sound quality

6. Pyle PLMR652W

Pyle’s 6.5-inch speakers are another excellent choice for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. They are waterproof and come with an IP-X4 rating, which means that they can withstand water splashes of up to 4 inches.

They are also weather-resistant because they are made from durable materials.

The Pyle PLMR652W stereo sound system has a 300W RMS power output and 600W peak. The sensitivity is 90dB. They are small and easy to install.

These speakers were designed for boats, but they can also be used in cars.

Pioneer TS 44  Car...
610 Reviews


  • Excellent value
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Easy installation and design


  • In some cases, the sound is not loud enough

7. JVC CSJ620

This 2-way JVC speaker is another affordable option. It has a power output of either 300W or 30W RMS (each speaker). This 2-way speaker has a mica cone with a hybrid surround built on a steel-stamped frame.

This, along with a dome tweeter, ensures a reasonable range that should suffice for most users. However, it makes lacks bass sound. The sensitivity of the speaker is 92dB.

The JVC CS-J620’s frame is small and 1-26/32 inches wide. This makes it easy to install. It also has a pre-arranged hole pattern, which reduces the likelihood of modifying the speaker for fit.

If you have any modifications to make, the good news is that the purchase includes the mounting screws and tabs.

JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5' CS...
8,048 Reviews


  • Affordable
  • Solid sound
  • It is easy to install


  • The low-end sound isn’t excellent.

8. Pyle PLMR24B Marine Grade Mount 3-way Speaker

The FBA_PLMR24B stereo system is waterproof and can be used anywhere.

This speaker can also be used in a coaxial system as a 3-way speaker. The mini-box houses all the high-powered drives that provide heavy audio music. It’s incredible level.

The size and features of the device are ideal for both open and closed use, whether it is on the beach or in a vehicle. It has self-protecting features that allow you to use it anywhere without hesitation.

Its durable and robust design will ensure that you have all the entertainment you desire as a music lover.

Pyle’s product is waterproof. It is also resistant to corrosion and staining. It doesn’t require extra effort to clean.

If there’s a possibility of water leaking, the waterproof features can be used alongside a pool, beach, or lake in your vehicle.

These speakers are kept in a cabinet made of butyl rubber and ABS. These features allow you to mount the speakers quickly on a frame, wall, tubing, or support bar.

Mesh custom grills are available. You can place them in your car and then remove them. You can keep your speakers safe and stylish by using this grill.

Each driver’s design and materials allow for a superior sound. The sound range is significantly increased by the 175″ dispersion cone’s midrange and the 10″ dome tweeter.

The 35-inch aluminum injection cone woofer produces a powerful bass that makes bass-boosted musing so much more enjoyable.

The mini speakers weigh only 2.63 lb and are easy to transport. Its 5.25″ complete body allows you to hang it vertically on any wall.

Installation is simple, as the kit wires and mounting bracket are included.

These 3.5-inch speakers can handle a peak power output of 200 watts and a 100 watts RMS.

You can see its potential power-proving ability. This allows you to enjoy high-quality car audio on a dock or boat or in any other open space you choose. If you are looking for the best cheap speakers for car, it is for you. 

4 Inches Heavy Duty Waterproof...
1,780 Reviews


  • Water- and stain-resistant properties
  • Installation is simple
  • Lightweight and small size
  • The universal mounting system is simple and easy.


  • It cannot be connected to an MP3 player.
  • It won’t work in noisy, significant places.

9. BOSS Audio Systems CH4220 Car Speakers

The CH4220 surface-mounted speakers from BOSS are a cheap unit that can fit almost all vehicles. It is durable and performs well in all conditions.

This speaker is reliable and decent, with a frequency range of 100 Hz to 18 kHz, because the combination of RMS power peak value and sensory level has a high power handling capacity.

The materials used are highly efficient, making the audio player able to withstand extreme conditions and humidity. With its 1.7″ mounting depth, it can be placed anywhere.

This BOSS Audio System speaker comes with a 3-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty.

The BOSS CH4220 surface-mounted speakers feature voice coils that provide this product with higher temperatures and fatigue properties.

These speakers can withstand heavy use, even at a lighter weight. The surrounding foam provides stability and a long life span.

The cone is made from Polyurethane which is classified as a polymer to ensure maximum flexibility. This durable and robust material produces great sound quality with a long-lasting speaker.

To hold the components in place, the body of the stamped baskets is rigid.

Most speakers from BOSS will have rubber surrounds. You won’t see any damage, even after you’ve tortured it. It is ideal for heavy and daily use.

This feature also allows the woofer cones to emit a more robust bass and move freely.

The tweeter is made from Piezoelectric and can be used without a crossover due to its electrical properties. It makes the tweeter less susceptible to overload.

The material of a tweeter has an impact on how it produces sound. This affects the sound system of your car as well as the original.

Yes, driver speakers with more power handling capability have more excellent power handling capabilities. However, 2-way speakers work best for coaxial speaker systems such as this.

It is difficult to tell the difference between a 2-way vs a 3-way speaker. Why not go for a 2-way coaxial speaker that is cheaper?

If you are looking for the best car speakers under 100, it is for you.

JENSEN JXHD35 Heavy Duty 3.5'...
86 Reviews


  • Rubber-encased body
  • Power handling capacity
  • Includes wires, screws, and mounting clips
  • Sound quality for a low price
  • Less expensive


  • You might need to modify the vehicle to make it fit perfectly.
  • It is not waterproof.

10. Vectorcom Trd550

It is hard to find a speaker for this price, but we found one. And it doesn’t have a bad sound. It sounds okay, not great, but it’s adequate for the price and does the job well, especially if you don’t want to spend too much.

The speaker’s power is 5W. You can turn the volume up to make them sound louder, but it can cause distortion.

VECTORCOM’s TRD550 surface-mounted speakers are lightweight so that it can fit into most cars. However, depending on the shape of your vehicle, you might need to rearrange your vehicle. It comes with a 3.5mm jack and a 3-inch cord.

A decent speaker for the price, It is seen as one of the very Best Surface Mount Car Speakers.

VECTORCOM Rectangular 3.5mm...
1,406 Reviews


  • Very affordable
  • It sounds good for the price
  • Small size


  • High volumes can distort sound

Before purchasing a new car speaker, you should measure its location carefully: 

How To Measure Car Speakers

Facts and Figures about Best Surface Mount speakers

Facts and Figures about Best Surface Mount speakers

The speakers are superior to regular car speakers for many reasons. These are the facts and figures that choose the right car speaker for your vehicle.


Water-resistant speakers for surface mount cars are available. They were not damaged or fused by water. These speakers are superior to regular car speakers because of their surface-mount design.

Weather Resistant

Weather-resistant, the surface mount car speakers can be used in all weather conditions. They are highly reliable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Extreme climate conditions can damage regular speakers.

Removable Grilles

Surface-mount speakers come with removable grilles. These grilles can be easily removed and cleaned whenever you wish. Regular speakers do not have removable grilles.

Great Sound Quality

The sound quality of surface mount car speakers is excellent. High volume did not distort the sound. Regular car speakers can sometimes experience glitches at high volumes and produce a distorted sound.


The car surface-mounted speaker can be affordable. These speakers are cheap and can be purchased from most retailers. These speakers won’t break your budget, while regular car speakers can be pretty expensive. They will cost you more.


Surface mount speakers can be used with any radio, phone, or Bluetooth. These speakers can be used for multiple purposes, while regular car speakers cannot.

Noise Cancellation

These speakers can be mounted on surfaces and produce great sound quality. These speakers eliminate the background noise and provide a refined sound without distortion.


Surface mount speakers are often lightweight. They are very well-designed and weigh in at a minimum. Because they are light, they are easy to transport and install. The regular car speakers, however, are heavy and difficult to transport.

Easy Installation

Mount Speakers Easy Installation

Because they are lightweight, surface mount car speakers make them easy to install. These speakers are lightweight and easy to transport and install. On the other hand, regular car speakers are heavy and more challenging to install than surface-mount speakers.

If you are looking for a way to install a car speaker at home, let us show you step by step that: 

How To Install Car Speakers 2023: Top Full Guide


Surface mount speakers for cars are small and can be fixed in a short time. This makes them more compact than regular speakers. The average car speaker is not as dense.

Includes mounting and hardware

Surface mount car speakers can be installed quickly and come with mounting and hardware equipment. Standard car speakers do not have support or hardware equipment.

Included is Wiring

These excellent surface mount car speakers can be installed easily. They don’t require additional installation. However, regular car speakers don’t have wiring. To fix them, you will need to add wiring and adjust the settings.

Compatible With Aftermarket Equipment

These car speakers are very well-designed and feature excellent specifications. They can be used with aftermarket equipment. However, they are not compatible for use with aftermarket equipment.

It Is Small In Size

Surface mount car speakers are typically small and easy to transport and install. On the other hand, standard car speakers are more prominent and can be challenging to transport and install.

Powerful and Clear

Surface mount speakers for cars are strong and can produce clear sound, despite being small in size. On the other hand, Standard car speakers are less convincing and can cause distortions in the music.

Read more:

Best Buy Surface Mount Car Speakers: FAQs

Best Buy Surface Mount Car Speakers

Are 2-way or 3-way Speakers More Effective?

There are differences in the sound quality of different speakers.
For pure sound, 3-way speakers are more effective. This is also true if your sound system has either a coaxial or component design.
If you have a coaxial feature where all drivers are in the same box, it may be better to choose a 2-way speaker than 3.

Because 3-way speakers can be expensive, there is no difference in the sound quality of coaxial speakers regardless of whether they are 2-way or 3-way.

For component features where multiple drives require different boxes, 3-way speakers work well.

How Much Power Do Outdoor Speakers Need?

You will need more power to cover more space. Look for speakers with at least 60 watts of energy if you plan to cover an area less than 300 square feet.

So, how much continuous power a speaker can handle a pair of 80-100 watts speakers can provide a clear music sound for 300 to 500 square feet. High-powered speakers with 150-175 watts of power can cover approximately 800 square feet.

How Do I Improve The Sound Quality of My Car Speakers?

You can have a better car sound system by looking for better ways. You can replace the factory speakers if they stop working. You can, for example, replace the coaxial speaker with a component one.

If the audio system is too complex, you can add amplifiers, signal processors, or equalizers. To reduce road noise, dampening materials can be used if your car is prone to excessive noise.


Technology has made great strides over the past decade, and with it, the quality of speakers has increased. With this in mind, some quality speakers on the market are surface mount car speakers. Some of the most popular surface mount car speakers brands are Sound-Off, Audio-Technica, Kicker, JBL, and Power Acoustik.

There are many speakers on the market, and it can be challenging to choose the best one. Hooekeaudio hopes that this guide will help you narrow down the options and select the best of the best.

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