Best Underseat Subwoofer: Top Brand Reviews 2023

Best Underseat Subwoofer Top Brand Reviews 2023

Drivers who want to get the best possible sound quality from their music but aren’t willing to sacrifice passengers’ comfort should look for underseat subwoofers. These devices can be installed under the seats and generally give you a better sound, while also providing more legroom for passengers in front of it. This article examines the top best underseat subwoofer to help you make the right choice.

Top Rated Best Underseat Subwoofer

Top Rated Best Underseat Subwoofer

1. Pioneer TS-SWX2502

Best Underseat Subwoofers

Without Pioneer’s car sound system, this list of the top subwoofers under the seat would not be complete. Their products are outstanding, and they have been in business for many years.

The TS-SWX2502 subwoofer is a great product that shows Pioneer’s best work. It is, in fact, the ideal definition of a powered sub-seat mount.

This sub has a remarkable bass output, thanks to its top-of-the-line technology. The sub has an extra-large cone. Your sub will have a larger size, which allows it to pack a punch, unlike most subs.

The cone is made of MICA injection-molded resin and is strong and durable. Your sub will provide you with great music for many years.

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch...
1,170 Reviews


  • Cones with large diameters produce great music
  • Beautiful and accurate bass
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and scratch-resistant


  • The sound output could have been higher

2. Rockford Fosgate PS-8- Built for Maximum Efficiency

The PS-8 has been designed for maximum efficiency. The built-in 150-watt amplifier ensures it not only works efficiently but also produces the highest quality sound.

The build quality is also superior to any other model in this price range. This woofer has a front metal grille protecting it from the elements. The enclosure is strong.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, it maintains a compact profile and is still very lightweight. It has an all-inclusive design that means you won’t need to run any wiring. Signal, power, and ground are all you need.

The PS-8 is a versatile subwoofer that can be tuned to your preferences and outputs many different tunes.

The woofer features a quick-connect system that makes it easy to connect or disconnect input cables. It is easy to set up and use for beginners.

This model is more expensive than other models. However, its build quality and overall performance will ensure that you get the most for your money.


  • Low heat and sound distortion.
  • A durable enclosure made of industrial-grade vinyl
  • You can customize the sound and volume of your sound system.
  • Thermal protection circuits and reverse polarity


  • A bit pricey

3. Infinity BassLink SM

Best under-seat subwoofers

You are looking for one of the most impressive under seat car subwoofers. To make your driving experience even more enjoyable, you will need Infinity BassLinkSM.

The 8-inch width allows it to fit under your seat car without clogging your trunk or other areas that could easily take up a lot of space.

It is not advisable to do this if you don’t have a larger car. Instead, get on with your hatchback. You would lose the valuable space you used to store your stuff for long road trips.

The RMS wattage power of 125w and the maximum rated power of 250w make them the best in their field to deliver an exceptional car audio experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Classic Class D amplifier with the ABS enclosure. It is made of 100% real ABS material and has a thicker construction. This subwoofer will not easily break like other ABS materials.

The car subwoofer is safe to use for hours without worrying about overheating.

Infinity Basslink SM2-...
18 Reviews


  • Good car stereo system
  • ABS hard-formed enclosure
  • 250 watts of power


  • Average bass quality

4. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 240w Restyle Compact Powered

Best Underseat Powered Subwoofer

Alpine is a pioneer in the speaker industry. We were trying our best to offer the best subwoofer under the seat made from them.

This Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 car audio-powered subwoofer is sleek and simple. It can be placed under your car’s seat and will let you know what your music tastes like.

The maximum power output of 240w, and power RMS of 120w (half the max). You will feel like you are dancing in your car with the amazing audio experience. The 120w power is sufficient to power the car subwoofer for hours without any noticeable bumps. It is also handled by the maximum supply of 240w for the PWE-S8 subwoofer.

The subwoofer’s powerful frequency response ranges from 32Hz to well above 150Hz, and the RCA voltage of 0.1 4v combined with reliable speaker input of 1.5 30v make it a great piece to provide you with high-quality audio. You can just start driving the car to see how it works for you.

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This PWE-S8 is a car subwoofer 8 inches in size, powered by a 120w amplifier, and enclosed in a cast aluminum lid.


  • Amplifier powered by 120 watts
  • Sizes up to 8 inches & aluminum enclosure
  • 120w Power RMS and good sound system


  • It is quite expensive, but it produces remarkable results.

5. JBL BassPro SL Underseat subwoofer

JBL BassPro SL is one of the easiest subwoofers for beginners to installing because the connectors at its back are clearly marked.

The JBL BassPros features many outputs that allow the user to personalize the bass according to their preferences.

This woofer’s efficient design means that it will stay cool to the touch, even at high volume. This compact model is very safe and reduces the chance of it setting fire to itself.

The inside of the car subwoofer still features a regular 8-inch cone. It is loud and clear, even though it is smaller than other models reviewed in this review.

This car subwoofer is a great value for money. It has sound clarity but should have more bass. It should work fine for you unless you need a very high kick.

JBL BassPro SL 8-inch 125W RMS...
657 Reviews


  • Simple installation
  • Absolute beginners can install and use this product easily
  • Uses a wired remote bass speaker level control
  • Construction of high quality, premium-quality buildings
  • There are many outputs in the back that can be used for audio tuning
  • Even at high volumes, it remains cool


  • Too little bass


Best Compact Powered Subwoofer

Cerwin-Vega was founded in the early 195s and has since perfected the art of making top-quality subs.

We’ve reviewed Cerwin Vega’s top-powered subwoofers and it is included in this list. A powered sub has a shallow-mount compact design and is lightweight, with a built-in amplifier.

The Vega VPAS10 is slimmer than most under-seat subs (2.6 inches). It is one of the smallest under-seat subwoofers on the car audio market.

It also comes with a cast aluminum enclosure to provide excellent subcooling. The 10-inch slim subwoofer measures 13.6 inches x 9.6 inches x 2.6 inches and has an 80-watt RMS power rating.

Additional great features include a remote bass boost control knob, phase switch, adjustable input sensitivity, and many more.

It is, however, not very powerful for such a small sub. It has a frequency response range of 75 to 159Hz.


  • Subs are smaller than many under-seat seats
  • High quality, loud and clear sound output
  • Convenient wired remote control crossover


  • Bass could be even better

7. Kenwood KSC-PSW8 250w

Best underseat subwoofer with built in amp

This Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is the best choice if you are looking for the most durable subwoofers.

The maximum power rating of 250 watts is achieved with the RMS dividing half and up to 125 Watts. This will provide the best stereo quality you can expect.

It comes in a size of 8 inches, so it won’t be difficult to adjust your seat car subwoofer.

Keep delivering outclass bass at a high volume level with the adjustable input sensitivity of 81dB and frequency response that ranges between 35Hz and 150Hz.

You can control everything with the stylish remote. It has the volume knob, frequency range, and phase controls. This allows you to set the bass level to suit your mood and would provide a soothing sound that will keep your mind alert and charged.

You don’t have to set up the amp yourself, and it comes with powered subwoofers.

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  • 8 inch with RMS of 175 watts
  • Built-in amplifier
  • It is easy to install


  • A little expensive

8. Kenwood KSC-SW11 150w 10″

Best Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

This Kenwood KSCSW11 is compact and measures 10 inches in size. It also has a stylish design to be added to your car in the form of a subwoofer.

It is designed to produce the maximum power and peak power of a 150w subwoofer. You can set it up with your car’s stereo system in minutes. This doubles the energy available from standard and built-in speakers.

It is lightweight and shock-free when placed under its cast aluminum enclosure. It is also small, measuring only 10 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.75 inches. This makes it compact and easy to store.

The remote is exclusive and stylish. It can be used wirelessly or remotely from anywhere.


  • 150 watts peak power RMS
  • Style-rich subwoofer
  • Wired remote control system
  • Highly trusted brand


  • Installing requires professional assistance.

9. Sound Storm LOPRO10

Best Under-seat Subwoofer With Built-in Amplifier

Here’s our final pick of the best under-seat subwoofer. It measures 10 inches and is ready to be placed under your seat car. You will experience a new level of bass when you turn this beast on.

This Sound Storm LOPRO10 amplified vehicle subwoofer is powerful and affordable. It emits outstanding bass because it has the peak power or maximum power of 1,200 Watts. This is not something you would find with other subwoofers around the globe.

The built-in amplifier is interconnected with PWM MOSFET power supply technology to deliver beyond your expectations.

I came up with the adjustable low pass filter to enhance performance. It was also included with the lower RCA inputs and high level inputs in order to make sure it worked flawlessly with older stereo sets.

This functionality, which is also used to increase the bass boost quality allows you to adjust it to the speaker level that you prefer this subwoofer to beat at.


  • Lower RCA inputs
  • Maximum power audio system: 1,200 watts
  • Protects against shorts
  • Remote Subwoofer Control and Phase Control


  • It’s not loud enough

10. Rockville SS8P 400w

Best under-seat subwoofers

We bring you the other best under-seat subwoofer from Rockville. We cannot believe the subwoofers on the market are of lower quality.

There are still certain Rockville products that you can rely on, even amongst the vast array of stock available.

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We also have this under seat car Subwoofer 400w ready to fit under your car seat. It measures only 8 inches in width so it is easy to position.

The enclosure’s outer body is made entirely with high-graded, cast aluminum. This ensures that it remains cool and ice cold for hours. It doesn’t heat up and won’t cause damage to the mat or carpet under the truck seat.

The PWM MOSFET power supply can be used to deliver low or RCA inputs with the auto turn on technology. This will allow you to start the system even at the current level.

The 100w RMS and peak power of 400 watts are sufficient to produce high-end audio. However, the increased volume may cause the bass to lose its intensity.

The unit includes a bass boost of 0-12dB @ 45Hz, a low pass filter of 50Hz to 150Hz, and a subsonic filter (20Hz). This all adds up to a powerful bass that will allow you to insert the finder into your ears.

The frequency range from 20Hz to 150Hz, and the ratio signal to noise keep it well above 90dB level. This ensures that no electrical appliances interfere with the sound system and that everything is audible.

It can be integrated with all circuits, including short, thermal, and overload. This would gladly deal with unfortunate events by frying the loops and not causing damage to the subwoofer.

Rockville SS8P 400w 8' Slim...
2,625 Reviews


  • 8″ with 400w maximum power
  • Keep signal to noise ratio at 90dB
  • Built-in Subsonic Filter


  • We could do with more bass

11. Rockville RW10CA 800w

Top Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

The Under-seat subwoofer Rockville RW10CA’s 800 watts power handling is what makes it our top overall subwoofer. It is also more powerful than other models.

The design is great, but there are some amazing things under the box. This package includes all the accessories you need to install the powerful subwoofer from Rockville under your vehicle seat. You will then be amazed at the audio quality.

The device measures 10 inches and has a high peak power rating of well over 800w. It also provides 200 watts RMS, which is enough to power heavy beats of 200w for hours. If the beats require more power than the 200 WRM limit, this would not be an issue as the 800 Watt peak power can handle all the intermittent jerks.

It is included in the protection circuits from thermal, short, and overload for safety precautions. This would prevent any damage to the subwoofer, but it would cause the circuits to burn.

To ensure long-lasting efficiency, it is powered by a MOSFET power source to provide high motor performance.

It includes the following technicalities: A bass boost of 0 to 18dB @ 45Hz with a frequency response of 20Hz up to 150Hz and sensitivity of 90dB via the variable low pass filter (50Hz to 150Hz).

It comes with an installation kit that includes char amplifier wiring, one copper RCA cable, and one bright speaker wire. This will allow you to set it up with your car stereo systems and beat the hard and heavy bass!

Rockville RW10CA 10' 800 Watt...
4,258 Reviews


  • 800w max power and 200w RMS
  • Power supply with PWM MOSFETs
  • Only 10 inches wide
  • Remote control included
  • Thermal Protection Circuit


  • Installation can be tricky

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12. YaeCCC 480W 8″ Subwoofer

Best under-seat subwoofers

The good news is that budget constraints are not a problem when it comes to purchasing an underseat subwoofer for the amazing bass-generating stuff.

This one is from YaeCCC. It has a maximum wattage of 480W. The combination of RMS capacity of 150 Watts and static power of 150 Watts allows you to run the device continuously for hours while using the microphone to increase the volume to 150 watts and close to 480W (labeled as the full power).

The 8-inch size is placed under the ultra-thin, lightweight box. It is a perfect all-in-one solution to creating great-sounding bass in your car without giving up on too much space.

The high-quality MDF board is wrapped around the seat car subwoofers to deliver the best audio system available. It’s hard to find a better subwoofer than this one. The high-powered tubes have reverse short circuit protection to prevent the box from becoming too hot or catching on fire after hours of use.

This paper subwoofer is designed to emit a more powerful bass while maintaining stable performance. Enjoy listening to your favorite music from YaeCCC’s underseat subwoofer.

The signal-to-noise (SNR) is approximately 91dB. This ensures that you don’t hear any sound and does not cause the subwoofer to lose its performance. The frequency response also enhances the bass quality you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


  • The maximum power output of 480 watts
  • SNR of 91dB
  • MDF board of the highest quality used for the enclosure
  • Very affordable


  • It doesn’t produce the best sound, but it works well.

13. BLAUPUNKT GTHS131 200W Best Underseat Subwoofer For Bass

Best underseat active subwoofer

Super-active, flat subwoofer with maximum 200w with built-in MOSFET. Powered by a monaural amplifier that beats up the great beats, you can enjoy the better-quality bass to break your glasses.

This 10″ subwoofer features a variable crossover frequency response from 50Hz to 150Hz and a compact hideaway measuring 2.5 inches high. It is equipped with the most recent technology to keep up with newer, bass-based music.

It saves you a lot of space by not requiring much to place the entire BLAUPUNKT HTML131 without having to adjust or sacrifice any items that are already under the seats.

You can adjust the bass enhancement to 0-12dB to make the music more lively and to keep your travel companions interested in the beats.

It won’t be affected by hours of continuous operation, so don’t worry.

Blaupunkt GTHS131 GTHS131...
428 Reviews


  • MOSFET-powered battery
  • Bass boosting up to 0 and 12dB
  • 10-inch subwoofer


  • You may feel the noise distortion

14. Lanzar 1000w

Best Waterproof Underseat Subwoofer

The greater the significance, the better. Maximum power of 1000 watts. This is enough to create a unique sound. The Lanzar 1000w subwoofer and 8-inch Lanzar subwoofer are designed to bring excellent audio to listeners and keep them entertained along the way.

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It is cleaner and more powerful than the previous model. You can converse with others to use the space and get the other types of equipment placed side by so you don’t have to adjust or compromise the items due to tight spaces.

The terminals are nickel-plated RCA speaker connections. They provide great context between amplifiers and speakers so they can all work in any condition.

These circuits are included with the thermal protection circuit from short and overload as well as the thermal to provide the highest safety measure to handle any unfortunate events.

The amplifier has a power output of 100 watts, which will provide you with exceptional sound quality and a buffer of 1000 watts for powerful, deep bass. Turn the volume up to maximum and you will hear the sound quality you desire.

It is compact enough to fit in the car seat without any problems. The design of the Lanzar subwoofer is what you should be praising. It has a waterproof feature that will keep it from getting wet. If water is drawn into your car, you can relax knowing it won’t affect the subwoofer.

Lanzar 15in Car Subwoofer...
81 Reviews


  • 1000 watts max compact subwoofer
  • 8 inches does not require a lot of space
  • Connectors for RCA are nickel-plated
  • Waterproof design


  • Average sound quality

Buying Guide For The Best Under Seat Subwoofer

Buying Guide For The Best Under Seat Subwoofer

You can make many improvements to your car’s stereo system. You can add speakers to surround sound, an amplifier for better quality output, or an under-seat subwoofer to boost the low-end frequency output (or, more commonly, bass).

speakers will still provide a good amount of bass but the frequency response is only 60-70 Hz.

A subwoofer, on the other hand, can reach as low as 20Hz which exposes a lot more low-end notes than would be possible in an original system. We have already mentioned the frequency response in each of our top picks for the best under-seat car subwoofers. These features will be briefly discussed in our buying guide.

Size of the Subwoofer

A subwoofer’s cone size is not only its physical size but also how sound can be produced. It is therefore the most important thing to consider when choosing an under-seat Subwoofer.

You may be familiar with the movement of the subwoofer’s driver to produce the output. A larger driver can push more volume than a smaller one. The subwoofers come in sizes ranging from 8 to 12 inches. It is important that you get a subwoofer that fits your car.

Frequency Response

The subwoofer must be capable of distinguishing between different notes and providing distinct output for each. This can only be achieved if the subwoofer has a high-quality input source and supports a broad frequency band.

The music you play will be more compressed, and it will contain a wider range of notes than could be played with a subwoofer. In this instance, the lower value is more important because it represents the bass. It would be great to have an under-seat subwoofer that can output the lowest frequency.

Peak and RMS Power Capacity

Peak and RMS Power Capacity

There are two types of power ratings for almost all sound output devices, such as a subwoofer and a home theatre system. This can be confusing to casual users.

Each unit will have an RMS and peak power capacities. These values, which indicate the unit’s power capacity, are both present in the watts unit.

There is a significant difference between them. RMS capacity refers to the speaker’s ability to produce continuous output. Peak capacity, on the other hand, is the value that is temporarily available on the subwoofer. Both of these factors should be carefully considered.

Subwoofer Size

There are size concerns when installing any equipment in your car. A car isn’t like your office or home. There’s not much space, especially after you have installed all the peripherals.

It is a good idea to verify the dimensions of any subwoofer you’re considering before purchasing. It will fit under the seat, but it can cause problems in your car. The subwoofers with a bigger driver tend to be larger.

Built-in Amplifier

Subwoofers need a lot of power to work. To power a subwoofer, you’ll need a good amplifier. An amplifier will ensure that the subwoofer receives enough power to perform at high volumes.

It would be much easier to choose an amplifier with built-in power. Built-in amps have been tested on subwoofers so you don’t have to worry about it. You can also bundle an external amplifier with your subwoofer to get a greater return on your investment.


FAQs about Under-seat Subwoofers

Are Under-seat Subwoofers Any Good?

Underseat subwoofers produce a unique sound—low-frequency bass. … When the subwoofers are paired with other speakers that output higher frequencies, the result is an amazing blend of sound. Low power consumption. Underseat subwoofers don’t need an amount of power to put out sound.

Where Should An Under-seat Subwoofer Be Placed?

Often they will not be in phase and your bass will not be as loud or tight as it should be. Putting the sub against the rear seats facing toward the back of the car means that most of the bass reflects off the hatch and goes forward. This minimizes phase issues and should improve bass response.

How Do I Tune My Under-seat Subwoofer?

Just follow these simple steps for loud bass:

  • Remove the distortion.
  • Flatten the signal, open the lowpass filter.
  • Adjust the subwoofer gain and low-pass filter.
  • Adjust the bass boost and subsonic filter.
  • Match the subwoofer level to the receiver volume.

Are Active Or Passive Subwoofers Better?

The passive subwoofer is generally a better bet if you’re going to be using it in a small room, where space is a concern and where you don’t need a more powerful sound. The passive subwoofer is usually smaller and less bulky than the active subwoofer, although it produces a less intense sound.


With the top-rated underseat subwoofer, you can eliminate those awful vibrations that come from the ground and up into your vehicle. Bring better quality and clearer sound to your ride by installing this clever little device on the floor of your car. This is a small and lightweight cylindrical item that is placed underneath your car seats and absorbs vibration and noise.

Hope that this article can help you choose the best answer for your need.

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