Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50 in 2022: Top Brands Review

Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50 2022 Top Brands Review
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If you’ve been looking for the Best Wireless Earbuds under 50 dollars, then look no further. This blog post will talk about the top 12 options available on Amazon and have a price bracket under $50.

The reviews include links to both the pros and cons and pricing information for you to have all of the information necessary when deciding what type of best headphones would work secure fit for you.

HookeAudio will also discuss what to consider when buying these types of earbuds, as well as some other tips for using them.

Best wireless headphones under 50: Buying Guide

How to choose the True Wireless Earbuds Under 50$?

Many will also talk directly about how much they paid for their choice – which can be helpful in terms of figuring out how much you should be willing to save up.

This is especially true if you’re going to need something with excellent ambient noise or a variety of customization options – basically, anything higher than around $50 because this is when things start getting extremely expensive (although not always).

In other words, if you want some basic earbuds that will do a decent job but also be very affordable at the same time so that they won’t break your bank account in case of an emergency, then true wireless earbuds under 50 would be ideal.

However, suppose all you’re looking for is just something simple to listen to podcasts and other content on your device.

Best wireless headphones under 50: Buying Guide

Bluetooth codecs

Bluetooth wireless technology is used to make true wireless earbuds. The Bluetooth codec is what determines how data will be transmitted from your source device into your headphones. All Bluetooth products support the SBC codec.

True wireless earphones are small and difficult to pack in additional circuitry. You’ll usually only have one or two codecs. Android users should pay attention to earphones that support the aptX codec.

If you own an iPhone, the AAC codec will be necessary. These codes can be used to reduce audio-visual lag, stream high-quality audio, and provide streaming audio.

IP ratings

IP ratings (or Ingress Protection ratings) are a way to measure how resistant a piece of technology is to dust and water. These ratings are formatted IPXX.

The first X is a placeholder for dust resistance, and the second X is a placeholder to indicate water resistance. It’s a good idea to check for water resistance if you plan to use your true wireless earbuds to work out.

Sound quality and Passive isolation

You want your earbuds to sound great when you shop for them. The frequency response and passive isolation of your headphones are both essential aspects of their sound quality. Passive isolation not only helps to cancel out any annoying ambient sounds but also significantly improves the quality and enjoyment of the music.

Passive isolation is the ability of your earbuds to block external noise. Passive isolation is not possible if your buds do not have active noise cancellation technology. It will almost always depend on how the earpieces fit into your ears. Earbuds that create suction in your ear canal will block more external noise than those that don’t.

How different frequencies are reproduced will depend on the frequency response of your headphones. The frequency response of genuinely true wireless earbuds below $50 is at least slightly bassy. This means that lower tones will be amplified relative to higher techniques.

How to choose the Best Earbuds Under $50

Most wireless earbuds are not very long-lasting

Rarely will you find true wireless earbuds capable of supporting an entire day of online learning? A pair of true wireless headphones can last for 4 to 5 hours of battery on an average charge. This is because the earbuds are too small to store more power.

However, Earbuds can hold an extra cost in their cases and support quick charging. You can use them for up to an hour after being charged for between 5 and 15 minutes.

Top 12 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

1. Earfun Air

Best bluetooth earbuds under 50

  • OS app support: Android/iOS
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Battery life: seven hours, 35 hours when charged with a case


  • Punchy, expansive sound
  • Amazing feature set
  • Beautiful build.


  • Treble requires more refinement

Although these buds are pretty affordable, they have many great features. Although you don’t get any active noise cancelling (the Earfun Air Pro does), the Earfun Air provides excellent ambient sound. They also feel comfortable in your ears.

They are also IPX7-waterproof (submersible for up to 30 minutes in 1m of water), can support virtual voice assistants, and offer fast charging if you have a suitable charger.

The better battery life of the buds is 7 hours battery life, and the case holds it for 28 hours. It all feels very premium. Bluetooth 5.0 is stable and reliable, calls sound clear, and they make lively and spacious audio for the price.


2. Beats Flex

  • Connector N/A
  • Cable length: N/A
  • Mic and remote control in-line
  • OS support: Android/iOS
  • Yes: Bluetooth
  • Noise cancelling: No


  • Good price
  • Additional features for iOS users


  • None
Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds -...
44,524 Reviews

Beats Flex is a step above Apple’s standard Lightning port wired buds. You can get them in a variety of colors. They charge via USB-C and have 12-hour battery life.

Audio products allow you to share sounds with nearby Beats headphones, AirPods; provided you have an iPhone 8 or older running iOS 14. They are also very affordable.

There are four ear tip options, so you have an excellent chance to find a fit. The cable is flat like a strand tagliatelle. When not in use, magnets hold the earbuds together.

Pairing is easy, even more so if you have an Apple device. They don’t support iOS 14 features such as automatic switching between devices or hands-free Siri support. There is no active noise cancelling. However, you can still get audio passive noise isolation with the proper tight seal.

3. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds II Wireless

  • OS support: Android/iOS
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Battery life: 7 Hours


  • Full, fun sound
  • Amazing price


  • Bass is a little slow

Skullcandy wireless earbuds are among the most affordable on the market. They also offer serious value. The audio is rich and enjoyable, which will not bother a premium pair of earbuds, but it is imposing for the price.

The flexible neckband can be taken off, and the battery life for 6-7 hours. The primary 3-button remote is located just below the left earpiece. A small plastic fastener also allows you to loop the cable when you aren’t listening to music but still wearing it.

The spec sheet does not include aptX Bluetooth, fast chargers, or NFC. These are the best cheap wireless earbuds, and they offer a fun and dynamic sound with a well-separated soundstage.

4. Tranya T10

Great for as low as $40

It has a longer decent battery life (8 hours), better water resistance (12mm graphene drivers), and the earbuds can support AAC or AptX codecs. It charges true wireless via USB-C.

Like most true-wireless earbuds sold through Amazon by Chinese brands, these earbuds have a generic appearance and feel. They may not fit all ears equally well. They have sound great if they are sealed tightly. You will get powerful, clear bass and excellent detail for true wireless.

These headsets are also great for calling, as they have decent noise reduction, which helps you have so that people can hear you better.

5. Anker Soundcore Life P2

Best budget Earbuds


Anker Soundcore Life P2 don’t have the same boost and their bass notes aren’t as defined. Anker Soundcore Life audio more like the original Liberty Air, but they are warmer and more flexible.

You should also note that they have physical buttons instead of touch controls. Anker Soundcore Life may be something some people prefer. They have four microphones like the Liberty Air 2.

Two of them are meant to reduce background noise when making calls in noisy environments. Although they do a good job that pleasant sound quality, my voice was not as clear as the Liberty Air 2.

Although there is no wireless charging, true wireless earphones can be charged via USB-C. The battery life is 7 hours. This good wireless earbuds option comes with an IPX7 water resistance rating. This is the best waterproof earbuds.

They can also be submerged in water up to 3 feet deep and still survive. These best earbuds are the most affordable in the Anker soundcore Life true wireless range.

6. EarFun Free

Best bluetooth earphones under 50


Although EarFun Free is a well-known product, it has seen some minor improvements over time. According to specs, EarFun Free has Bluetooth 5.0 and both USB-C. It’s also fully waterproof (IPX7).

These best Bluetooth earbuds don’t have high frequencies, but they do say good. It’s not just the noise coming from the Bluetooth speaker.

They have enough bass and audio detail to make it seem like you’ve got your money’s worth. They are good to make calls. The case has four charges and lasts for 6 hours battery life with moderate volume.

7. Tribit Flybuds 3

The Tribit Flybuds 3 audio average. They also have a decent amount of bass. They are look similar to the Buds Plus.

They are also IPX7-rated and can last 5 hours battery life on one charge. This is a significant improvement over some of the comparable models. The 2,600-mAh battery in the case can charge the buds up to 20 times.

It has both a USB C charging and a USB A-out port to charge other devices. The larger battery makes the case bulkier and heavier, but the buds themselves feel Light. They can be used for voice calls and have good touch controls.

8. Jlab Audio Jbuds Air

  • Bluetooth 5.0 for connection
  • Size of the driver: 8mm
  • Type: wireless earbuds
  • Battery life: 6h +18h in the case
  • Range wireless: 33ft (10m).
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Charging: Under two h – USB-A (attached)
  • Mic & Controls: Yes
  • SBC, AAC is the Bluetooth codecs
  • Water-resistance


  • Good water protection IP55
  • Sport-friendly, stable fit
  • User-friendly design
  • Higher tones sound quality at a reasonable price


  • Annoying physical controls (Air Icon has touch controls).

Jbuds Air wireless earbuds offer great value for money. For less than $50, you won’t find better frequency response or more audio clarity.

To ensure a snug fit, the truly wireless earbuds include three sets of ear tips.

These earbuds use a charging case and can be charged in between fast charging and continuous use for a maximum of 5.5 hours battery life. It will also set the device for an additional 15 hours.

They are suitable for exercise and can withstand a little rain or sweat and they can quickly adapt to an active lifestyle.

9. Aukey EP-T32

  • Bluetooth 5.0 for connection
  • Size of the driver: 12mm
  • Type: wireless earbuds
  • Battery life: 7h+28h in case
  • Range wireless: 33ft (10m).
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Charging time: 2h + Quick Charge – USB-C & Qi wireless charging
  • Mic & Controls: Yes
  • Bluetooth codecs: AAC, SBC, aptX
  • Water resistance
  • Features: Ear hooks, auto play/pause, mono mode (Monaural)


  • Ear hooks provide excellent comfort and stability
  • Reliable touch controls
  • Extreme water protection (IPX8)
  • Punchy, enjoyable sound
  • Excellent Bluetooth coverage and stability


  • Low-quality passive isolation

The sub-bass of wireless earbuds is richer thanks to its rumbling sound. These buds can be listened to for hours with smooth mids, treble, and no lag.

Earbuds have a hook wireless earbuds design that provides excellent stability. They can be worn on the treadmill or at the gym without worrying about falling out of your ear canal.

They are lightweight and highly comfortable, but their housing is solid. They can withstand complete submersion thanks to their IPX8 water resistance rating.

10. Edifier TWS1 Pro

Battery Life, Sounded And Comfortable

The Edifier TWS1 Pro is an excellent choice for the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds under 50. It has a good battery life, superb comfort, and all the controls you need.

The Edifier TWS1 Pro can last up to 11 hours battery life on one charge. They can last for up to 11 hours without needing to be charged.

The Edifier will provide you with comfort for hours. Although the cheap wireless earbuds might feel significant in the ear canal, their round shape ensures that they fit snugly.

These cheap wireless earbuds are safe to wear for running or exercise. They have an IP65 waterproof rating which allows them to withstand heavy rain, sweat, and dust.

The TWS1 Pro’s control is straightforward: the side panels have responsive touch panels that allow you to play/pause music, skip or turn a track or adjust the volume. You can watch videos without audio delays, and you can also make a call to them.

Although your volume might have been higher, background noise shouldn’t be too distracting.

The excellent sound quality completes this impressive package. The Edifier TWS1 Pro’s vivid treble presentation makes vocals sound clearer and brighter instruments sound more detailed.

The TWS1 Pro is a high-quality product that offers more bass than quantity. The bass is powerful and tight. It can thump hard, dive deep in songs that require it, and it will leave the rest of the songs alone. It is a clear, balanced sound that suits all genres.

11. Fiil T1 Lite

Best wireless earphones under 50

The Fiil T1 Lite is an excellent option for functionality. The Fiil T1 Lite cheap wireless earbuds can provide 6 hours battery life of listening time on one charge. They can also be charged quickly up to four times using the USB-C-powered charging bag.

They are IPX7 waterproof, meaning they can withstand heavy rain, sweat, and showers. They can even withstand a dip in the bath.

The earbuds are small and lightweight, but the rubber tips grip tightly in your ears. This makes them great for running and other activities. You can also enjoy watching videos with them. The audio syncs perfectly with the screen.

The T1 Lite wireless earbuds aren’t the most versatile, but they’re still affordable at $50. It is not recommended to make a call in quiet, indoor environments. The controls on the T1 Lite do not allow you to play/pause music or activate the voice assistant.

This earphone is not a bass-centric one. The music features both male and female vocals. The tonality of instruments like violins, pianos, and guitars is also remarkable. The T1 Lite’s soundstage is solid and allows you to place the tools around you.

It has excellent separation between them, from the lows to the highs. You can also adjust the volume level from very quiet to bed-proof.

12. SoundPEATS TrueAir2

Great Comfort, Quality Sound, And Decent Call Quality

There’s a 2022 model that will make wireless earbuds secure fit only halfway into your ears. SoundPEATS TrueAir2 is an excellent alternative to AirPods.

You can simply hang the SoundPEATS trueAir2 in your ears, just like the AirPods. These SoundPEATS can be worn for hours without discomfort.

They can also provide 4,5 hours of battery life of playing time on one charge, which is approximately an hour more than half-in ear headphones at this price.

All controls are available on the TrueAir2. Just a few taps and you can change the volume, play/pause, or change tracks directly from the earbuds. You can also pick up a phone call.

With them, calling is easy: you can speak loudly, and all other noises such as traffic or people talking are muted. They won’t interrupt your call quality.

You can also watch videos with them. Both on Android and iPhone, the audio syncs perfectly with what you see.

SoundPEATS’ strong mid-bass gives music energy. Vocals sound clear, and songs are prominent. Lower tones are amplified to provide the music a warm, complete, and pleasant character.

The best-sounding wireless earbuds under 50 better than AirPods, even though they are only a third the cost of Apple’s.


1. Are inexpensive Wireless Earbuds Good?

Are Cheap Wireless Earbuds Good

Sound quality

The answer to this question depends on two factors: the sound quality of the Bluetooth signal and the noise cancelling.

When using true wireless earbuds with no noise cancelling and have bad noise isolation, you will have a horrible audio experience due to poor sound loss.

Are you finding the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds under 50?

In this price tag, there has no product for noise cancelling. So, you can choose in a higher price range.

Battery life

The latest wireless headphones can charge fully in about 1-2 hours battery life or even less if it has a small capacity. Some devices can run for about 2-3 hours on a partial charge of 15-20 minutes. To know whether your device is fully charged, you can look at the led battery indicator.

2. What Devices Support My Bluetooth Earbuds?

To know which devices support your true wireless earbuds, please check their user manual or manufacturer website specifications.

As a helpful hint, if you are buying the best true wireless earbuds, I suggest that you look for products with multipoint (supporting two devices at once).

This way, your headset will be able to connect to 2 different gadgets rather than having to reconnect each time manually.

3. Does a Battery Lose Capacity Over Time?

It is essential to know that most of the best true wireless earbuds perform well in this area. In my experience, they last at least 4 – 5 hours when the battery is fully charged and can run for up to 8 – 10 hours (in some cases even more).

Read More: How Long Do Bluetooth Earbuds Last?


If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headphones under 50 that will provide you with sound quality and clarity. These best wireless earbuds under 50 under 50 produce high fidelity audio which is why they have become increasingly popular among consumers.

HookeAudio hopes our article can help you know which one to choose!

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