Best Wireless Subwoofers: Top Brand Reviews 2022

Best Wireless Subwoofers: Top Brand Reviews 2022

Wireless subwoofers are great for those who don’t want to be chained to a fixed installation and who want the freedom to move about as they please. However, choosing the best wireless subwoofers available in the market is challenging for starters. Thus, this article will help you resolve this problem. Let’s get started.

Top Rated Best Wireless Subwoofers Brands

Top Rated Best Wireless Subwoofers Brands

Echo Sub - Powerful subwoofer...
11,842 Reviews
Klipsch 12' 400 Watts Wireless...
1,066 Reviews
Audioengine S8 250W Powered...
480 Reviews
Polk Audio DSWPRO 550WI...
52 Reviews

1. Amazon Echo Sub

Amazon Echo Sub is an excellent idea for improving and getting better sound. The Echo Sub is an excellent addition for smart-home owners with Echo speakers. It brings out the bass from the system. It is, however, limited to Amazon speakers, just like the Sonos Sub. It has many positives that Echo speaker owners will love, despite this drawback.

The sub is cylindrical in shape with a flat top and bottom, not a cube- or large box as you would expect from a subwoofer. It is very similar to the Amazon Echo speaker line. It has curved edges and a black mesh grille on the sides. It is not available in black, as the Echo speakers are.

To allow the sub to breathe, the sub is slightly raised at the bottom. The pairing button and power connector ports are located in a small hole on the lower side.

The sub’s connectivity options are limited. You can only use the sub with Echo speakers. It cannot be connected to your TV, soundbar, or third-party speakers. The Echo Studio, Echo Plus (2nd Gen), Echo 2nd Gen), Echo 3rd Gen, Echo Dot (3rd Generation), and Echo Plus (2nd Gen) can all be paired with the sub.

The setup is intended to be simple and fast. The setup is not easy and took us several times to complete before we were able to pair the sub with the Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation). The Alexa voice control app is used to set up everything. Before you attach the sub, unpair any echo speakers you have.

The sound quality is good on the Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) smart speakers. However, the Echo Sub adds bass to the mix and improves the overall sound quality. The bass is well-controlled, and the sound is louder in a medium-sized room. The Echo Sub is a great option for Echo speakers. It’s cheaper and enhances sound reproduction.

Echo Sub - Powerful subwoofer...
11,842 Reviews

2. Klipsch R-12SWi Wireless subwoofer

Best 12 inch wireless subwoofers

Klipsch is known for its wide range of home audio products. Their products are well-known in the market. They offer everything from speakers to headphones and amps to subwoofers. The Klipsch R-12swi subwoofer is among the most powerful. The sub is great and wireless connectivity is superb. Continue reading below.

The Klipsch R-12SWi is packaged in a box like most subwoofers. The speaker is a Klipsch R-12SWi and has a spun copper woofer. A 12” sub-driver is featured in the sub. It is a front-firing subwoofer. The grille covers the driver to give it a minimalist appearance.

The subwoofer is very well built and executed. The subwoofer’s back features a port design. You will also find control knobs, switches, and ports. Its All-digital amplifier will ensure that the sound reproduction is very accurate.

The Klipsch R-12SWi includes the KlipschWA-2 wireless subwoofer set to enable wireless connectivity. You can also purchase the WA-2 separately to add the wireless capability for an existing subwoofer. You get the sub with the kit, so you just need to plug it in to power and connect it to your receiver.

The Klipsch 12SWi is suitable for moderate-sized homes. The subwoofer sounds amazing, is powerful, and shakes the house with a lot of basses. The sub was able to reproduce the low notes well for music and movies. The sub’s bass response is crisp and clear. It thumps with authority. The sub’s bass quality was excellent.

The Klipsch R-12SWi is easy to set up, has no delay in the sound signal, and has a great bass response. With the wireless transmitter included, the sub should work with any receiver. Although it may not be the most powerful, this sub is a great investment. The subwoofer also features a phase control and low pass crossover that allow it to mix its low-frequency notes with other speakers from Klipsch.

3. Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer

Best powered wireless subwoofers

Audioengine, an American-owned company, is well-known for its desktop speakers, DACs, and amplifiers. The A5+ Wireless is one of their most loved speakers. It is widely regarded as one of the finest bookshelf speakers available. Let’s now see how the S8 subwoofer performed after we have reviewed some of their amplifiers and speakers.

This wireless subwoofer has dual line-level inputs, mini-jack, and RCA. It also features low-frequency LFE and an auto-sleep power-saving mode.

The strong MDF cabinet is front-ported and has magnetic shielding. This ensures that you won’t experience any distortion. The Audioengine S8 is a perfect device for LCD or Plasma TVs. You’d be able to get excellent results with these gadgets using the Audioengine S8.

A linear port and down-firing design are also included. This allows for precise support of the front surround systems as well as the micro component systems. The magnet shield housing will keep distortion and other sounds at bay.

There is also an Output current limiter with Thermal over-temperature protection and Power on/off transient safety. These functions are vital in keeping distortion at bay and ensuring a clean, well-defined sound production.

You can place the Airport Express from Apple with the optional Audioengine W1 wireless adapter. It can be kept away from powered speakers and stereo receivers.

The amplifier is also powerful and has a 250W Class D power amp that will deliver great sound quality even in difficult situations.

The device can also produce a powerful, tight bass. It won’t take up much space in your home. The device is small and can be moved around easily.

Overall, the Audioengine S8 is compact in size and has a wireless connection option that makes it an ideal partner. The sub is expensive. Although we didn’t test the sub with Audioengine speakers we know that it works well with them. The sub does a great job in a small, but not too large area.

Audioengine S8 250W Powered...
480 Reviews

4. Polk Audio DSWPRO 550WI Subwoofer

Best wireless subwoofer

The subwoofers from Polk offer a powerful and deep bass response. The Polk wireless subwoofer DSWPRO-550wi, which goes by the name Polk, is well-known for its deep and musical bass response.

The Polk Room Optimizer technology (PRO) is also included. This allows you to place your sub wherever you like in your room. You can place it even in cabinets and cupboards.

The amplifier is also extremely strong and a smart digital amplifier that takes this 10-inch subwoofer to a mammoth 400 watts of continuous rms power.

This will enable your subwoofers to produce high-quality sound and will give you the best experience while you watch your favorite TV and movie shows. You can also enjoy the same high-quality performance while playing video games.

You can also use the smart Polk Room Optimizer (TM), which allows you to place subs in any corner, in-cabinet, or mid-room. Then, balance your answer to make sure your sub is neat and tidy.

The innovative Feed Forward (TM), which delivers the highest level of enjoyment through its incredible sound quality and perfect volume, gives it the edge over all others.

The remote control allows for fine-tuning as well as access to certain apps from any listening position. The PRO 550wi also has removable feet that can be used for either front-firing or down-fire. This device is a great choice for those who want deep bass quality.

Polk Audio DSWPRO 550WI...
52 Reviews

5. Orb Audio: subMINI Subwoofer – 9” Cube

The Orb Audio best wireless subwoofer, a small subwoofer with a name like Orb Audio, is quite powerful and comes in a complete package. It includes front and satellite speakers as well as an AV receiver.

You can create a sense of entertainment in your home by using this stereo system.

This subwoofer is not referred to as a mini, but it has some impressive features that allow it to produce exceptional results despite being small.

The frequency response is approximately 32Hz, which is about the same as what you get with premium subwoofers. Its compact design and pleasant appearance will provide you with an amazing feeling. The device also features dual-ports and a powerful class D amplifier with a custom driver.

This subwoofer is small and compact, measuring 9 inches in diameter. It has a height of 11.5 inches.

The adjustable crossover is between 50-180Hz, and the device comes with LFE settings. It can be used in any country thanks to its auto voltage sensing. Because of its small size, it is best to use in a small living area or bedroom.

6. REL Acoustics HT/1003 Subwoofer

Best wireless subwoofer for budget

REL is a manufacturer of subwoofers. The company has made great strides in subwoofer design and is now a leader in its field.

REL subwoofers will complement your high-end audio system over a long time. REL Acoustics is well-known for its versatile and dynamic subwoofers. Today, we will be discussing the REL Acoustics 1003 subwoofer.

The HT/1003 subwoofers have a stunning design that keeps the aesthetics alive.

The price is very affordable for consumers who are looking to upgrade their home theatre or engage in lengthy gaming sessions. It is very impressive in terms of audio quality.

Two low-level stereo outputs and inputs can be used for dual purposes. The lower end is equipped with a narrow cabinet and a high depth.

It has REL’s HT Air system, which is supported by a closed box of HT/1003 and zero compression. A 300Watt Class-D power amplifier is attached to a 10-inch travel CarbonGlas, resulting in extraordinary output.

This wireless subwoofer is a great option for anyone looking to update their bedroom with entertainment items. This is a great option for small spaces, and it’s very affordable.

REL Acoustics HT/1003...
34 Reviews

7. MartinLogan Dynamo 700W

The Dynamo 700W wireless subwoofer, 10-inch in size, has a pleasant design and delivers amazing results. The subwoofer is very affordable and has a great sound quality.

The integrated IME filtering allows for excellent bass quality with little or no distortion. You will be amazed at the consistent low-end response.

It would be amazing to see the subwoofer’s two sides. You’d be amazed to see the subwoofer has both a front-firing and bottom-firing mode when you remove the feet.

If you plan to use it in front-firing mode, the cloth grille can be used as a cover. These ragged edges add a unique look to the black box.

An SWT-2 wireless transmitter and wireless installation for phase reversal would be included. The tunable crossover also provides excellent auto-signal sensing.

8. Bose Bass Module 700

Best subwoofers in the audio market

Bose Bass Module 700 can be a significant investment but is well worth it due to its superior design. The module includes a 10″ driver that produces rich sound at the lowest frequencies. It also has a large, recessed port. Port design helps minimize distortion and turbulent noise, allowing for cleaner bass.

The quality of the sound is our favorite aspect of the Bass Module 700. Many users report that it is more a feeling than a sound. The immersive sound effects are so real that they can transport you to the middle of the movie with the feeling that you can touch the skin.

Bose’s subwoofer can be integrated into your home theater system seamlessly and will pair seamlessly with Bose soundbars at up to 30 feet. You have the option to display the compact unit or hide it. The sleek black design with a stunning glass top makes it easy to move.

The installation is simple with just one cable to power the unit and a quick connection to the Bose soundbar. The app allows you to control the wireless subwoofer from your chair.

The Bose Bass Module 700 unit is heavy. This could pose a problem for those with mobility issues, or who anticipate that they will have to move it. It’s an excellent option for connectivity and full immersion sound.

Bose Bass Module 700 - Black-...
1,551 Reviews

9. Sonos Wireless Subwoofer

Best wireless subwoofer for performance

Sonos is the most well-known and loved company in this industry. They are known for creating some of the most innovative multi-room music systems in the world. They’ve been doing this for many decades, and their experience is quite impressive.

Their new Sonos Sub is also in the spotlight immediately after it was released. Although the Sonos Sub was released recently, it already has the attention of critics and reviews around the globe.

It features two force canceling drivers, 2 D-class digital amps, and 2 acoustic ports in a solid cabinet. This stunning piece by Sonos is extremely attractive. This design is simply stunning.

The speaker’s bass frequencies are not directional so you don’t need to be concerned about them.

It doesn’t need to be placed in an open area. You can still enjoy its powerful performance in small spaces. Because Sonos is a well-respected company, it will deliver amazing results wherever you place it.

This amazing piece of engineering includes a power port and an Ethernet port to allow for a connection to your home network. You can also use it as a wireless connector to a Sonos mesh network.

Sonos Sub will protect your floors and furniture. It also has rubber on its bottom so you don’t need to worry about it. This Sonos sub is easy to set up. Simply fire up a Sonos controller on your iPhone, iPad, or Android computer, Windows Desktop, Mac Laptop, or Windows Desktop, and select the Sonos part option. Then press the Sub button.

The Sonos controller will introduce the subnetwork and guide you through the process of installing it. It can be used with almost any equipment provided or paired with.

The tiny sound system will not be considered small. It will make your sound system sound better and produce clean bass without any interruptions. It is a remarkable performer that comes at a very affordable price. If requested, it will also provide a 1-year warranty to its customers. We don’t believe it will ever be required.

Sonos Sub - The Wireless...
1,542 Reviews

How To Choose Best Wireless Subwoofer

How To Choose Best Wireless Subwoofer

How Do Wireless Subwoofers Work?

Wireless subwoofers can be used to eliminate wires from your home theater system. Traditional wired subwoofers transmit sound and power via wire connections. To receive audio signals from a transmitter, a wireless subwoofer must have an integrated wireless receiver. The transmitter can either be integrated or physically connected to preamp outputs on a receiver.

A wireless subwoofer cannot transmit power wirelessly. Therefore, it must be physically connected to a power source or amplifier. For convenience, the amplifier can be used as a powered subwoofer.

What Type of Home Audio System Are You Using?

You should consider the type of system it will fit into when you are choosing a wireless subwoofer.

It’s worthwhile to consider subwoofers from the same brand if you have an existing setup with brands like Samsung and Bose.

These subwoofers are easy to pair and can be integrated with your soundbar for balanced, powerful bass.

Wireless subwoofers are available for those who are building their own systems or using a variety of brands. However, you might lose full wireless capabilities.

A subwoofer should be able to integrate with existing speakers and soundbars on a pure sound level. You can blend the bass and the highs with different crossover options and phase control. This creates a natural sound that is both immersive and natural.

Which Kind of Space Do You Work in?

No matter how small or large your living room is, you will need a wireless subwoofer.

A subwoofer with a smaller driver size like 8 inches can be used if you have a small space. A compact subwoofer that can be concealed under a couch or in a corner will work well.

A wireless subwoofer that has a minimum of a 10″ driver and a powerful amplifier is recommended for larger rooms. Although you can get away with a heavier and larger subwoofer, aesthetics may be more important. You want your subwoofer to be visible and match the rest of your entertainment system.

How Experienced Are You With Subwoofers?

You don’t need to be overwhelmed by the many controls and complicated installation if you are new to subwoofers. A unit that is easy to install, quick pairing with the receiver, and room optimization features that automatically adjust levels can be a great option.

If you are more skilled and prefer a more hands-on approach to bass tuning, you may be able to benefit from a manual equalizer or other sound control options to find your perfect bass sound.

No matter your level of experience, it is important to select a subwoofer with a durable construction that minimizes vibrations, rattling and an intelligent port design that produces a natural sound.

How Much Do You Have To Spend?

When choosing a wireless subwoofer, you should consider how much money you can afford.

There are excellent options for those with limited budgets. These units have simple controls and a streamlined design that will fill a small to medium-sized room.

You can select subwoofers in the mid-range with larger drivers, which can fill a larger room with sound and offer superior wireless connectivity.

If you are looking to make a long-term investment, you can opt for a premium Subwoofer. It has superior construction and quality sound that will immerse your ears in your favorite movies.

EQ Processing

Subwoofers have an EQ processor that generates an equalizer that is specific to the room. This is done by listening to the speaker’s tones.

This helps to level out notes that are too emphasized or favored. This feature does not guarantee that a cheaper wireless subwoofer, which may be less powerful than a subwoofer of comparable quality, will sound as good as a premium subwoofer.

It does not have any counter-effect properties that can cancel the negative effects of poorly placed wireless subwoofers. They are nevertheless functional and worth looking for in a subwoofer.

It’s not as difficult as you might think. All you have to do is conduct quality research. We have done that for you.

Regardless of which type of subwoofer is chosen, whether it’s powered (for bigger rooms, cinemas, shops, etc.) or passive (for smaller rooms and cars), this information will assist you in making your decision.

After you’ve chosen the one that suits you and matches your room acoustics and position, you can relax and enjoy bass as never before.


FAQs - best wireless subwoofer

Should I Get A Wireless Sub?

Wireless subwoofers will suit those who don’t like to deal with a lot. There is less hassle and there is less stress. A wired subwoofer might be for you if you are an audiophile who doesn’t mind doing some work.

Do Wireless Subs Interfere With WIFI?

Even if the wireless woofer were to interfere with the router, would not be affected. Unchanging magnetic fields don’t affect electronics. WiFi has it set up so different networks don’t interfere with one another.

Can I Place A Subwoofer Beside A Couch?

Absolutely. This is a popular spot for many people. In a corner near your armrest on your couch, would be a good spot for the subwoofer.

Also read: Where to put subwoofer in room?

Wire or Wireless Subs?

Because it has a closed transmission line, it is less vulnerable to interference. Although Wi-Fi and infrared transmissions can be reliable, they are not as well insulated from interference as wires. The signal quality for a wired subwoofer, however, is superior.

How Far Can A Wireless Subwoofer Work?

You can place your wireless sub as far as you like if it’s wireless. For best sound, however, it is a good idea to put them close together, especially for 3.1 and 2.1 setups. The range of most wireless subs is around 30 feet.


Wireless subwoofers make home theatre sound like it is coming right out of the screen and give listeners a feeling of complete immersion. Hopefully, this blog can help you choose the most wonderful product for your needs.

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