Capture Life’s Most Amazing Moments in Every Dimension

Think of the most amazing thing you saw and how easy it was to capture and relive that moment right on your phone. Now think of the most amazing thing you’ve heard and how disappointing it sounded when you tried to capture and relive that moment. We hear the world in 3D, it’s time we start capturing and reliving it that way. No filters, no processing, just life as we hear it.

Why Record In 3D?

Technological advances in photo and video have enabled us to record our lives vividly through filters and advances in image processing. What about sound? Mobile phones cannot record stereo audio.

Currently we are recording our experiences in mono, when we actually experience them in stereo. Poor quality audio means that only half of the story is being told.

It’s time to enable our smartphones to record in stereo. Hooke Audio brings professional audio recording technologies to any mobile device.
3D audio recording has never been so affordable (and so much fun).

  • Binaural 3D audio can be experienced on any pair of headphones, meaning you can upload your binaural podcast straight to the web and have any one hear it in 3D.
  • Hooke Verse is synced to Dropbox and Google drive on your phone, allowing you to capture hours of content in the field and not worry about storage.
  • Hooke Verse can record binaural 3D audio to your field recorders and cameras too with its included recording wire, making it compatible on all of your podcast recorders.

What do you record with?

What Is Binaural 3D Audio?

Mimicking the way our ears hear naturally, 3D or spatial audio allows people to hear sounds all around them in more accurate detail than stereo. 3D audio creates a clear pinpoint to where sound is coming from in an acoustic space which enables better listening. We hear the world in 3D audio, we should be capturing it that way.

  • Binaural sound is not to be confused with conventional stereo sound. Stereo does not factor in the natural ear spacing or “head shadow” of the head and ears.
  • Dr. Who released an episode recorded completely in binaural audio in 2017.
  • The BBC rigged an binaural microphone array at the Royal Albert Hall this season and is using it to record concerts in three-dimensional sound.
  • Hooke Verse is the world’s first Bluetooth binaural 3d audio microphone.

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Hearing Is Believing

Imagine if you could hear a radio story about a coal mine and you could actually descend into the mine, hearing the 3D audio as you turn your head. Or a 3D Audio experience of a war zone.

It’s easy enough to start a podcast; the hard part is getting heard. Using a binaural mic as your podcast mic is a great way to separate your podcast from the pack. More importantly, it will likely inspire creative impulses that you didn’t even know you had. Until recently, binaural recorders were prohibitively expensive. But these days all you need to record in binaural is a pair of headphones designed to capture 3D audio. The Hooke Verse is the world’s first Bluetooth headphones with binaural mics incorporated into each earbud.