For all of our blind VoiceOver and Talkback users who are interested in Hooke Audio, or for any blind users who have recently purchased Hooke Verse and are having trouble using the app, please listen to this tutorial put together by our accessibility team member Drew Weber.

Inside you’ll find helpful tips on everything from putting the Verse on to pairing it with your phone to using it with the app.


For more information, please check this tutorial put together by Darren Duff.


For our Hooke Verse FAQ which can be found here:


To learn more about how Hooke Audio aims to be the most accessible recording app ever:

My Journey Making The First 3D Audio Recording App For The Blind

How Hooke Audio Has Readied Its Device to Work as a Camcorder for the Blind


And please, don’t hesitate to comment below with any additional questions. We are here to help!


From One Ear To Another,

Anthony Mattana
Hooke Audio Founder, CEO

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