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How To Record 3D Audio On All Your Apps

Everyday we get emails from all around the World with people asking when and how they can record 3D Audio with their Hooke Verse on their other apps.

Hooke Verse is a groundbreaking technology. Not only is it the world’s first bluetooth microphone capable of capturing ambient audio to smartphones, but it’s the first 3D Audio bluetooth microphone. With this new tech comes a learning curve and adoption period from other apps.

See, we’ve developed a custom Bluetooth recording codec which allows Hooke Verse to capture wireless 3d audio to a smartphone. Why? Because it didn’t exist before. In order for this to work, our mobile app does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to receiving the wireless 3d audio codec. In order for a third party app to support Hooke Verse, they would need to support our wireless 3d audio recording codec. Why? Because it straight up did not exist before Hooke Verse.

However, there is a way to use Hooke Verse on 3rd party apps using the Hooke recording cable. It’s a bit of a hack, but it will do the trick. Many adapters allow you to convert your Micro USB (Android) or Lightning port (iPhone) into a 3.5mm stereo input. If you plug one of these adapters into your phone, then plug the Hooke recording cable into the adapter. The adapter will override your built in mic and allow you to use the Hooke Verse on that app via a wired connection. 

1. Buy An Adapter

In this case, we use the Blue Mikey Digital. The Mikey Digital is one of the few MFi (Made For iPhone) certified mics that ALSO has a stereo 3.5mm input. The MFi part is super important, as it is required by Apple. For info on MFi, check here: https://hookeaudio.com/blog/2016/12/12/how-to-acquiring-apple-mfi-certification-for-your-bluetooth-device/. There are similar adapters for Android which use a USB-C connector.


2. Plug It In and Connect The Verse

The minute you plug the Mikey Digital into your phone, it will over ride the built in microphone. This means every app will look to the Mikey Digital as the microphone source upon app launch. Now, plug the Hooke recording cable into the Verse, then plug the recording cable into the Mikey Digital 3.5mm jack.


3. Record On

Since the app is looking to the Mikey digital as the microphone and the Hooke Verse is plugged into the Mikey, you now have the ability to capture Hooke 3D Audio on any app from your iPhone.


As always, leave questions or comments in the section below. Thanks for reading!


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  • Juan Carlos Alicea says:

    Amazing. Although I don’t use the accessories you’ve mentioned, I prefer bluetooth and the app. Cannot wait to try out mine when I receive it in the mail.

  • Juan Carlos Alicea says:

    What are the recommended microphone game levels for, say, general talking/family gatherings, to loud concerts both inside and outside? I know that they are 11 recording game levels

  • Ben says:

    “There are similar adapters for Android which use a USB-C connector.” Any suggestions or directions to find such a connector for android? I’m struggling to find any options.

    Just picked up an LG V30, and am hoping to be able to record their 10-bit LOG video with my Hooke headphones as their stereo audio input.

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