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Ever been in the room with a musician or band when they’re performing? There’s nothing quite like it.When you’re in the room, you can hear sounds in front of you, behind you, above you. You feel wrapped within the sound as if it’s breathing right beside you. Unfortunately, when you listen to a band’s album on Spotify or CD, you’re listening in stereo, which means the sound is only being panned to the left and right. It’s not at all what it sounds like to be in the room with the group.

Cover photo courtesy of BBC

Thankfully there is a way to record music as if you WERE in the room with the group, letting you listen back on Spotify or CD and actually feeling like you’re there. It’s called binaural audio and it’s audio captured identically to the way we hear sound. Famous musicians like Lou Reed, Can, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam and Art Tatum have all recorded albums in binaural. Take a listen for yourself below (with headphones on):

Binaural Audio brings you right there into concert, even when you’re not. But it can also bring you into the studio…


 Into the amphitheater…


 Into the Festival…

Or in the backyard…


Check out this YouTube playlist dedicated entirely to showcasing music videos in Binaural Audio

Check out this YouTube playlist dedicated entirely to showcasing live concerts in Binaural Audio


And if you’re interested in capturing your own music in Binaural Audio, here’s some helpful videos on how to do it.

Record on!

Anthony Mattana

Founder, CEO Hooke Audio