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Creating Music in Binaural

Recording tech and the way we listen to music has come a long way in the last few decades.

Professional level recording is no longer something restricted solely to those who have access to a studio or a big set up-anyone can do it. Cell phones have allowed for recording video and audio on the go anywhere, anytime and at professional quality. Social media and the Internet have also given us access to so much more content, connecting us to people all over the world. The next step? Music in binaural audio.


watch with headphones to hear in 3D audio, just like the drummer heard it when recording


Binaural audio, a technology on the rise is changing the way we record the world. It’s also changing the way we make music. Binaural audio is 3D sound, the sound in the space identical to the way we hear it, and is a great way for artists and storytellers to get their vision out there.

In the early days of binaural recording, musicians would need to be arranged around stationary microphones to get the desired effect. Depending on how complicated the song or the music was and the instruments being used, musicians would need to be re arranged, do separate takes, and edit it in post-production. Most recordings weren’t conducted in isolated studios, there would be a lot a lot of little things to pay attention to: air conditioners, traffic outside, doors opening and closing, etc.

The History of Binaural Audio, Part I: The First Experiments, 1881-1939

When video got involved, it advanced recording binaural to a whole new level. Binaural audio is totally encompassing the viewer in the space and the music, and adding video actually lets you be in the presence of the artists. Hooke Audio helps artists achieve this by making a microphone that works directly with a cell phone’s camera, letting the artists share their space with the viewer in its fullest form.

Check out this link to a song recorded in binaural!


Check out what it feels like to be river-side with the musicians of Great Caesar (with their dog) in a Live Session recorded with the Hooke Verse:


Binaural audio PLUS video opens the door for limitless opportunities to create new and exciting things, and there is so much more for us as artists and viewers to experience.