Recording Every Instrument in 3D Audio on iPhone, featuring composer Matthew Wang

Recording Instruments in 3D Audio, featuring film and TV composer – Matthew Wang

Hooke Audio met with film and TV composer, Matthew Wang, in his Los Angeles, California, USA recording studio to record an entire song in 3D Audio. While Matthew wears the Hooke Verse microphone system (wireless earbuds), he shows how to record binaural audio to an iPhone with the Hooke Audio app – by playing his acoustic and electric guitars, bass, violin and drums. The result is a beautiful song recorded in binaural, immersive, 360-degree audio.

“When it comes to sound design, recording 3D Audio is a great tool for capturing depth and space. When it comes to making sounds, I think in terms of dark or bright, low-to-high, deep to shrill, front to back, etc. The Hooke Verse allows me to capture some of these sonic relationships without the need for crazy panning or reverb tricks. It’s a natural recording medium that captures similarly to the way we hear, and then we can mangle that natural perception with our favorite studio tools!”

Matthew Wang, composer – Manic Winter Productions


Matthew Wang is an Asian American film and television composer who blends natural organic soundscapes with live instruments and electronic textures, creating atmospheres unique to each project. He has written music for shows including New Amsterdam (NBC), Shrill (HULU) – featuring Aidy Bryant from SNL, and the 3rd season of Glow (Netflix). Matthew Wang also composed music for the Netflix Original Kids Show – Brainchild, produced by Pharrell Williams.

The audio for this video was recorded with Hooke Verse,  wireless headphones with built in binaural microphones that record mobile 3D audio and can be played back on any device.


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