Singers / Songwriters can record on the fly with Hooke Verse – featuring Nick Hames!

Nick Hames – Songwriting in Immersive Binaural 3D Audio

How do you record your song ideas for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook in the moment without losing the creative spark? Social media apps and websites give new musicians easy-to-upload video platforms for self promotion, but not everyone knows how to make a good quality video with great sounding guitar or vocals with their iPhone or Android phone. Most musicians write music without the ability to instantly record the idea, because they have to set up a microphone, turn on their recording software and/or find a spot to record if they’re not in their home studios. This process can also dampen or delay the creative experience, especially if they’re not close to their home studio, or won’t be able to record an idea for hours or days until they return. You can use the Hooke Verse to record song ideas for social media on the fly with your smartphone! And here are three reasons why the Hooke Verse recording system is ideal for all musicians and songwriters to capture their ideas:

  1. The Hooke Verse is a simple, wireless setup and will not interfere with anything in your recording environment. The Hooke Verse is a wireless recording system that you wear as earbuds, and it records dual-channel audio directly to your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth. So that means, if you have your smartphone with you, and you’re playing guitar and singing, or just walking around with or without an instrument, the Hooke Verse never ties up your hands, and all you have to do is make sure you’ve opened up the Hooke App, paired it with the Verse via Bluetooth on your smartphone, and have pressed the record button.
  2. The Hooke Verse records video and 3D (binaural), high-quality audio simultaneously, and syncs them together perfectly. This means that you will have a professional 3D recording of your music for your video, and also provide your fans with an immersive , 360-degree audio experience when they listen to your music and watch your video. Not only that, but you won’t have to record the audio separately, then use another program to sync, or combine the audio and video, saving a ton of time. The result is a high-quality video for instant upload to Instagram, Facebook or the social media platform of your choice.
  3. The Hooke Verse is a small pair of earbuds (with microphones on them), and can be taken anywhere you and your smartphone are going. Furthermore, it doesn’t “wire you” and your instrument to a specific space. So, if you want to record ideas at the beach, in a park or at the studio, you’re always ready to record with a professional recording setup!

In this video, singer/songwriter Nick Hames is recording his guitar and lyrics with his iPhone and the Hooke Verse – capturing his creative experience as it happens and is simultaneously recording the video to his smartphone. As you can see, he’s not in his home studio, and he’s singing acapella and playing his acoustic guitar, laying down the ideas for a song which he would later release and instantly have over 50K streams on Spotify, called “Closure“. His original ideas for this song were recorded with the Hooke Verse!

Learn more about recording your musical ideas and videos on the fly – in professional  binaural audio – for instant upload to your favorite social media platform with the “Hooke Verse“.

Check out the full version of Nick Hames song, “Closure” on iTunes, and learn more  about Nick Hames and his music by visiting his website:

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