Enhancing ASMR Videos on YouTube with 3D / Binaural Audio – featuring Minee Eats

Minee Eats Kelp noodles recorded in 3D audio

ASMR = Binaural 3D Audio

How would introducing 3D audio / binaural recordings enhance the intimacy and bonding experience for the ASMR viewers? A feeling of direct intimacy is clearly the desired goal for most of the ASMR YouTube viewers.  ASMR video producers and creators recording with 3D Audio, or binaural audio microphones, like the Hooke Verse, in their videos would help to elicit the desired physical response to the to the auditory stimuli by placing the viewer/listener as close to the exact environment they are showing from the perspective of the creator. At the present time, most ASMR YouTube video recordings are done in mono or stereo, but if they were recorded in the 3D audio space (binaurally), they would not only bridge the “sonic gap” that exists between the video and the video viewers /listeners to connect and feel more intimacy, but would also heighten the auditory response to the stimuli. For example, the viewer would feel as if he or she were “right there” in the video, as if he or she was also “chewing kelp noodles” like Minee Eats – a 3D audio YouTube creator who used the Hooke Verse to record her video.

From Wikipedia on binaural audio: “For the listener this experience is characterized by two perceptions. Firstly, the listener perceives being in close proximity to the performers and location of the sound source. Secondly, the listener perceives what is often reported as a three-dimensional sound. This means the listener can perceive both the position and distance of the source of sound relative to them.” 

In recent years, ASMR videos have become one of the fastest growing trends on YouTube for creators and viewers alike.

What is ASMR? The acronym stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response”, and to put it bluntly – it has been described as triggering feelings akin to chills and euphoric relaxation. How? The sounds and visuals combined in the ASMR videos evoke a physical response from the viewer, and in some cases,  create an actual tingling sensation from the scalp to the spine of the viewer. To achieve the desired physical response, it’s more about the subject of the video’s audio and visual stimulation – and less about the “control” over the viewer/listener from the creator’s perspective. For example, in an ASMR video produced to feel a tingling sensation, you’ll see a creator lightly scratching the surface of a plastic dummy’s head to induce the viewer/listener to hear, “see and feel” like their own head and hair are being lightly scratched. But this is just one example of the 13 million+ videos available on YouTube for this trending phenomenon.

How to record an ASMR video in 3D Audio without having to buy multiple microphones and sync the audio to the video in post-production? The easiest way for an ASMR YouTube or video creator to simultaneously record in binaural audio while recording their videos is to use the Hooke Verse wireless, binaural / 3D audio recording recording system. The Hooke Verse is the most affordable, easy-to-use, binaural recording setup there is on the market right now. With the combined ability to record video and binaural audio with the Hooke Audio app, and to connect wirelessly (or wired) to any iPhone, Android phone, DLSR, Go Pro or computer via Bluetooth, it gives creators the edge on “connecting with their viewers/listeners” in the most intimate way possible, while also costing much less than a pair of high-quality microphones at $159.99.

Here is an example of one YouTube ASMR creator who uses the Hooke Verse to deliver more intimacy in her ASMR videos enhanced with binaural / 3D Audio , called Minee Eats. If you put your headphones on to listen to this video as you watch, you will hear the sound as if you are chewing and eating crunchy kelp noodles and pickles too!

Learn more about recording with the Hooke Verse for your ASMR videos on YouTube and Instagram.

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