Final Call – Get Hooke Lav for a Discounted Price from KickStater!

Final Call – Get Hooke Lav microphone on KickStarter!

The perfect lavalier microphone for Musicians, Podcasts, Video Creation, ASMR, LiveStreaming, Gaming, Zoom and more! Reserve your Hooke Lav today! Visit the Hooke Audio campaign on Kickstarter for more information.

Hooke Audio

Hooke Audio is proud to bring you the Hooke Lav: the first truly mobile, wireless, Bluetooth lavalier microphone that works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac/PC, DLSR, Go Pro and all professional camera equipment!

Since the announcement of the pre-order on KickStarter on Sept 22, 2020 – Hooke Audio has raised over $550,000 U.S. in orders/backers for the Hooke Lav! Help spread the news to your colleagues, audience and social community – and give more creators the opportunity to purchase the Hooke Lav at the discounted pricing now – before the campaign ends on October 22, 2020.

Capture drop-out proof, high-quality audio for broadcasts, vlogs, live-streaming, podcasting, field recording, interviews, music production, gaming and more with 24bit/48kHz audio to digital conversion, 8 GB of onboard storage and dual or mono channel audio recording over Bluetooth with zero-latency (.043 ms). Hooke Lav’s sleek and low-profile design delivers pro-audio with low-to-no background noise and seamless integration with all platforms.

Hooke Audio

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