Top 5 Best Binaural Podcasts of 2023

Top 5 Best Binaural Podcasts of 2023
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The podcast explosion has given rise to a new generation of audio-based storytellers. As the medium grows, so do podcast microphones. There are a lot of experiential podcasts on the market, but few of them do a great job of making you feel like you’re there. However, some are bringing podcasting to a whole new level by recording in binaural audio.

What’s Binaural Audio? Put on headphones and listen to this:

We hear the world in 3D and we should be telling stories that way. This is why Binaural Podcasting is so important, now you can transport your audiences to new worlds using binaural audio. It’s time to experience a new type of podcasting. Here are some of the best binaural podcasts on the scene in 2019.

3D Audio Podcast Microphone – Hooke Verse Binaural Mic

1. Darkest Night

1. Darkest Night

Darkest Night is a binaural audio drama that places you, the listener, at the center of a recovered memory that sounds as though it’s happening around you in real time. Each chapter delves into the last memories of the recently deceased, slowly revealing a horrifying master plan. Who is weaving this master conspiracy, and what is their ultimate goal? Subscribe now to find out, and wear headphones for the best, most terrifying results. Darkest Night is narrated by Lee Pace (The Hobbit Films, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pushing Daisies. Halt & Catch Fire, etc). Darkest Night features acting performances from Denis O’Hare (American Horror Story), Maynard James Keenan, Missi Pyle (The Artist & Dodgeball), RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman.

2. Sleep Meditation Podcast – ASMR Sleep Triggers

2. Sleep Meditation Podcast – ASMR Sleep Triggers

Do you have problem with sleep, sleep deprivation or insomnia? Improve your life and sleep better with ASMR Sleep Triggers. This podcast provides relaxing sleep t

riggers of nature sounds, asmr sounds and relaxing music. This podcast is devoted to bringing you relaxing nature sounds for sleep meditation, yoga, baby sleep, tinnitus masking and background atmospheres. Getting a good night sleep is key to performing at your best during the day.

3. WDW-Memories: Relive That Walt Disney World Magic

3. WDW-Memories Relive That Walt Disney World Magic

Dedicated to helping you relive your favorite Walt Disney World Memories through the use of immersive binaural sound recorded live in the Disney Parks.

4. Sumeria


The Earth has been destroyed. For the crew of the Exodus, the planet Sumeria may be their last hope. This action-packed serial podcast is presented in 3-D, binaural sound. This is Sumeria.

5. Bennettarium

5. Bennettarium

This 28th episode of the podcast was recorded with binaural microphones. Make sure you listen to this episode with headphones on for maximum “you’re sitting in the room with The Bennettarium” immersion. On this episode, they talk about the new Wonder Woman movie, Kong Skull Island, cat calling, sexism, and relationships.”

6. The Owl Field

6. The Owl Field

Owl Field’s 3D audio dramas place you at the centre of the story in an immersive, 3D audio experience. From a first person perspective, the events, characters, sound effects, and music will surround you as the story unfolds.

You are the story’s central character. Characters will speak to you and involve you as part of the action. Unlike narrated audiobooks, Owl Field’s binaural audio stories come to life around you. As close to virtual reality audiobooks can get!

If there are binaural podcasts you feel we left out from this list, please drop in the comments section below. And if you’re interested in learning more about binaural podcasting, or how to podcast in binaural, check out our helpful articles below. Thanks for reading!

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