Great situations to be recording in 3D Audio

The Great Wall of China in 3D Audio - Hooke Verse

What are some of the best situations or places to be recording binaurally, or in 3D Audio?

Concerts and live music – the smartphone microphone vs. 3D audio

If you are in possession of a smartphone with a camera, chances are high that you have recorded live music or a concert before in video and posted it to any one of your social media accounts. Recording live music sessions and concerts in binaural audio would not only enhance the video for your social media followers, but heighten the intimacy of the recording while simultaneously widening the frequency spectrum to a 360-degree audio experience for the viewer/listener. Usually, the sound recorded with the built-in microphone from your smartphone will pale in comparison to anything recorded with a professional microphone, but having a 3D audio recording of the band in a concert or live music setting would be superior to any aforementioned option. Here is a video example of a concert recording with the smartphone mic vs. a binaural, or 3D audio, recording of a concert using the Hooke Audio Verse.

Visit the Hooke Audio YouTube playlist to hear / see more concerts in 3D audio recorded with the Hooke Verse.

Vocals for R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and ASMR – 3D audio innovation for recording artists

Add something new to the mix: Recording vocals binaurally will not only add new and creative spatial elements to the mix of the song, but also create more intimacy from the perspective of the recording. Recording vocals in 3D audio from the singer’s or voice-over artist’s perspective is quite rare in professional audio recordings (even more rare is to have a professional vocal recording in anything other than mono). Also, when recording multiple vocal artists (as seen in the video below with the Hooke Verse), it can create quite an interesting 360-degree experience for the listener. 

Rap, spoken word, ASMR, and singer/songwriters looking for a way to easily record vocals in a hands-free environment could benefit from recording with the Hooke Verse, featured above.

POV Videos – upgrading to an immersive experience

“Point of View” videos (POV) are very popular on the YouTube platform for travel, tech, beauty, ASMR and video game play. These videos are usually recorded with the camera placed in the viewer’s natural line of eyesight. As new POV cameras increase in popularity and imaging – be it a 4K capture smartphone camera, Go Pro or HD video capture sunglasses – what these cameras and videos usually lack is an honest perspective of sound to match the perspective of the camera. A binaural film will give your listeners the sensation of being in the same exact place where you made the recording, transporting your audiences into the environment.

Some obvious examples of POV captured videos are like the one featured  – tourists walking through China (recorded in 3D, binaural audio with the Hooke Verse) or a snowboarder with a Go Pro strapped to his helmet.

ASMR – the ever-evolving demand for intimacy through sight and sound

As popularity increases for ASMR videos on the internet, so does the demand for new subject content and triggers. Because repetitive viewing of the same content will diminish the  “tingle feelings” for the viewers over time, ASMR video creators need to keep improvising their content to keep their video channels relevant. A simple way to upgrade the stimuli content for your ASMR videos is to record the content binaurally, offering your intimate and personal perspective.  Introducing 3D audio to your ASMR videos is a technological advancement that could greatly enhance your content by providing a true, binaural sonic perspective and bringing a whole new level of immersion to the experience. Your viewers will literally “feel” the difference.

Learn more about recording 3D audio for video with the Hooke Verse.

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