Why Grammy Award Winning Producer Tchad Blake Loves Hooke Verse

Aside from being an incredible producer, Tchad Blake is one of kindest and most passionate people I have ever met. He has won a number of Grammy Awards, beginning with Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical and Best Rock Album for Sheryl Crow’s The Globe Sessions (1998) and has won two Grammys for his work with The Black Keys on 2010s Brothers.

He also happens to love his Hooke Verse (and no, we didn’t pay him to say this)…



I was first introduced to Tchad Blake through songwriter and producer Blake Mills (John Legend, Fiona Apple, Alabama Shakes). I had originally reached out to Blake as I was familiar with the binaural recordings he conducted on Perfume Genius’ 2018 LP “Reshaped”. During our call, Mills told me “Tchad Blake is the guy you really need to talk to. That man loves binaural.” Blake couldn’t have been more dead on. I reached out Tchad that week and he got back to me immediately.

Not only did Tchad buy a Hooke Verse WHILE I was on the call with him, but he took a considerable amount of time to chat with me about sound, production and mic technology in general. Here was a man working in the music industry for all the right reasons: a pure fascination and appreciation of quality sonic storytelling. Not only that, but a genuine interest in pushing the boundaries of what sound can do in music creation. Long before I met Tchad he had been finding unique ways to incorporate binaural audio into his mixes. In an interview with TapeOp magazine, Tchad talks about some of his early experiments in binaural recording.

I started putting binaural sound effects behind some things. I was always into the English progressive scene of the ’60s and early ’70s — like King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Pink Floyd. And they were doing all that. But it didn’t really come together for a long time. I loved distortion and I loved things recorded through mechanical filters; putting up papers, trash cans, boxes. But it didn’t seem to fly with most music.



For years, Tchad was using a sort of Frankenstein rig of wired in ear mics tethered to a field recorder. As he described it, it was clunky and pretty intrusive. It wasn’t capable of capturing that spur of the moment sound and required a lot work to just share the recordings. With his Hooke Verse, he can instantly capture binaural audio to his phone, listen back to it, edit it and share immediately to Google Drive, Dropbox or his studio desktop. The handsfree and wireless design allows Tchad to move freely with the Verse and get into areas where he might not otherwise be able to with a dummy head or wired setup. As Tchad says in the video above “It’s a dream come true. They haven’t disappointed, the mics sound amazing and I don’t feel like I need anything else. It’s convenient and portable, I love them.”

If you’re interested in recording your own binaural audio with Hooke Verse, you can grab a pair here.

Otherwise, check out the tutorials below to see how easy Hooke Verse makes capturing binaural 3D audio to ANY device.

How To Record Binaural 3D Audio to ANY Device (Android, iPhone, GoPro, DSLR, Field Recorder, Computer, 360Camera)

From One Ear To Another,

Anthony Mattana
Founder, Hooke Audio

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