Top 10 YouTube Channels For Binaural 3D Audio

YouTube Channels For Binaural 3D Audio

Perhaps the coolest thing about binaural audio is that you don’t need any special gear to experience it. just a regular pair of headphones and a way to access the sound. It can be recorded anywhere in the world and by anyone, and then be viewed by anyone around the world, thanks to the access to the world wide web and sites like Soundcloud and youtube.

There are lots of ways to create binaural audio, to share it and spread it around the world for everyone to be able to experience it. And it doesn’t just have to be music! it can be tutorials, lessons, talks and speeches, relaxation videos, travel blogs–anything you can think of! just make sure you wear headphones to fully experience the magic.

If you’re interested in recording your own binaural 3d audio videos, pick up a binaural microphone.

Top 10 YouTube Channels For 3d binaural audio


1. The Sound Traveler

Curated by expert YouTuber and SmarterEveryDay Founder Destin Sandlin, The Sound Traveler takes you around the world, letting you see and hear from Destin’s perspective as he travels to South America, Munich and beyond! The binaural audio will make you feel like you’re there, experiencing the sights, the culture and sound as if you’re walking right along with him.

2. Winding Road Magazine

Winding Road’s YouTube channel features weekly car videos that let the cars speak for themselves. Many of their videos feature no music and no talking, just the experience from the driver’s seat. Their spoken POV reviews give further insight into the driving experience of the test cars, with a range from great classics and high-end newer vehicles. Winding Road TV specializes in POV driving videos recorded with high quality in-ear binaural audio.

3. Heather Feather

No Binaural YouTube list would be complete without a callout to the top ASMR artists! For those of you who don’t know, ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). It’s a term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.

Binaural microphones are always used to capture ASMR content and help the viewer relax and reach a sense of calm mindset. On Heather Feather’s channel, you’ll find 50+ role plays, Sound Assortments, Guided Meditations, original stories, Pure Sounds, Tingle Blitzes, & Sound Slices. According to Heather, “I love experimenting with my content, & don’t believe in creative boundaries when it comes to eliciting ASMR.”

4. Hooke Audio

Hooke Audio ( makes Hooke Verse: The world’s first Bluetooth headphones that can capture binaural 3D audio to any device. Hooke Audio’s YouTube channel is chalk full of videos all captured in binaural 3D Audio with the Verse. From travel videos, to music videos, to live music, to weddings to sports games. Hooke Audio records it all and then uploads it for the world’s viewing pleasure. Just make sure to wear headphones to fully experience the magic.

5. ImmersAV

ImmersAV Technology is a group of audio and video techniques for creating recordings that are true to the original performance and exciting to experience. Their YouTube channel showcases their product as well!

6. Binaulab Audio 3D

The only channel in the WORLD specialized in producing binaural audio (3D) in Portuguese language! They have lots of cool videos up, like remixes on songs from Journey, Linkin Park and Alanis Morrissette, instructional videos and stories so be sure to check them out!

7. Sozo 3D

Sozo is a production studio that specializes in transforming audio into 3D sound. They’ve produced demos and sound for competitions, and even edited The Ghostbusters theme song. Their channel is filled with great stories, reviews and videos all captured in immersive audio!

8. Ears4d

Ears4D is all about investigating, experimenting & creating virtual environments using binaural recording (and more), to bring a more immersive experience to the world of Music and Sound.

BBC Radio

BBC Radio has long used binaural recordings to capture live music and studio sessions. They’re also responsible for the Dr. Who binaural audio episode.

10. Binaural Experience

10. Binaural Experience

Not much to say here, all in Japanese. But AWESOME!

There is so much content to be made and heard with binaural audio, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed some of the content that we’ve listed above. While there sure is more out there in the world, it’s hard to track it all down and list in an article. If you have any great audio or video tracks done in binaural, be sure to spread the word and let us know!

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