How Does A Binaural Audio App Work?

In Today’s Mobile World, Binaural Audio Is Rising.

Everyone has a smartphone. Everyone owns at least two pairs of headphones and everyone is a creator, or at least has the potential to become one. We are consuming more and creating more content on our mobile devices than ever before and the amount of content that is consumed on headphones rises every year. We now see a great opportunity for binaural audio working on mobile devices! But that leads to a big question, is there an app for that?

(Hint: of course there is.)

First, binaural audio is audio captured identically to the way we as humans naturally localize and hear sound. It is sound in the space that you hear it. Hard to write about, but easy to hear. Listen to the video below with headphones on and hear the difference:

Pretty amazing right?

What’s even more amazing is that Binaural audio has been around since the late 1800’s. We’ve outlined the history of binaural audio on this blog before, tracking the format as it’s risen and fallen in popularity amongst music professionals, film makers and storytellers for over a century.

But this is changing now that binaural audio has come to mobile.

Mobile phones hadn’t even been invented until 1973, and have taken enormous leaps since then–cult classics like the Razr Motorola flip phone and now the iPhone, which was first released in 2007. Since then, mobile devices have become a mandatory part of the every day person’s life. Our lives are literally in our pockets with these things, and that includes our music.

Apps seemingly run our lives. Whether its for emails, games, social media or music, they play a big part in our mobile devices and now how we get music and sound. There are tons of apps out there for music, like Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, and Apple Music. But these are all for consuming music, not creating. While it is a little limited nowadays, there are apps to record and edit music on your phone. Binaural was just the latest addition to come into the game.

So, how does a binaural audio app work?

You don’t need a special app to consume binaural audio. Any headphones will let you experience it, and take any video on our YouTube channel for example. Every video on this channel was captured in binaural 3D Audio using the Hooke Verse, yet all you need is a pair of headphones to feel like you’re there in the space.

But there’s more to binaural audio than just hearing it. That’s why we created the Hooke Audio Binaural Audio Apps for Android and iOS.

Here’s How The Hooke Audio Binaural Audio App Works On Android:

Here’s How The Hooke Audio Binaural Audio App Works On iOS:

Every Binaural Recording App Needs to Have the Following Features:


1. Capable of recording binaural audio direct to phone.

2. Capable of playing back binaural audio straight from phone.

3. Connected with file hosting services like Dropbox & Google Drive for easy cloud storage and sharing

4. Connected directly with social for easy sharing and accessibility

5. Accesses your phone’s camera to allow you to capture videos in binaural audio.


5. Changes the way you record the world not by adding gear to your life, but by upgrading it.

When you capture wireless binaural audio to the Hooke Audio apps using the Hooke Verse, you’re not just adding a piece of gear to your life, you’re enhancing it. The Hooke Verse are just headphones, but with this amazing new feature of being wireless and bluetooth.


Mobile devices have become a big part of our every day lives, and as there is more and more music out there every day, there are just as many more ways for us to experience the music. Binaural music is on the rise, and as more and more people learn about it, the more and more people who want to create it. Creating it is not just limited to experienced musicians–anyone with any level of experience can use binaural audio.

Apps are just another part of our lives where we don’t think that binaural can be a part of. And yet it is. Binaural apps are perfect for on-the-go action for our mobile devices and capturing the world on-the-go. They are easily accessible and can be transferred to other media forms, uploaded to our drives and saved for our viewing pleasure. Audio can be uploaded to the web for the world to see and for others around the world to enjoy. Binaural apps are just another step in this every-advancing technology that take audio to the next level.

From One Ear To Another,
Anthony Mattana
Hooke Audio Founder and CEO

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